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morning block last night I was recruiting a guy for Vayner sports so I had to set an alarm because I was in an event in Chattanooga and and then I didn't realize it was still on p.m. so I set my alarm so this morning I woke up just randomly I actually think it was a skip in my sound machine from a call potentially that I like woke up and I look at my fat knew I was in trouble cuz the alarm didn't go off and I grabbed my phone it was 509 I have a 6:00 a.m. flight and and made it Chattanooga Airport no it's crazy I got I I was in the car by like 5:15 yeah and it's 15 minutes 5:30 and I was like okay I can get through it in four minutes and I'll be good because I as long as you're there ten minutes before I got there and the line was massive and like literally four people were like this the longest I've ever seen in the history and the Chattanooga are partners I cut people it was very nice of people was like please and uh and then still it took forever but then I got there and was like five fifty and they slam the board to the plane good we made it Alex how do we we may need to create a separate situation where it's hotter I don't know what to do maybe in here you know something to think about can you investigate yeah yeah I'm also under to potentially getting sick rica chuja I'm kidding little mental by the way I was a hundred should be super sick right now my mental breakthrough I haven't slept like six hours in two days I'm a mess right now and I I woke up in like this should have been dead I can't believe how I feel right now the brain is so underrated right this like mentality get their team's to think more small and start products on their own so I think there would be value in like eating almost like auric structure and I was like exactly I want to make I want to make I want to make a video rant today about this intrapreneur subject and I wanted to start with Kim just saying that naturally and I'm gonna segue into my rant I've been wanting to talk about this and I'll be cool and it's just time because I'll just make my rant right now which is there is no fucking intrapreneurs in these companies they don't create the framework for an intrapreneur it's like being a CFO at vaynermedia there's no framework for it like it sucks they're like be an entrepreneur but then all your bonuses are predicated on the internal mmm hitting the $4 CPM on programming oh yeah anyway episode 262 Ryan holiday you guys were talking about marketing talking about all my new apartment and painting my new apartment and you said something about documenting versus creating that was like BAM I was like this guy's on to something so on confidence just just as an encouragement to when you talk like how people react and what they listen what they do about it I was like I'm gonna work there for whatever time is gonna be I'm gonna work there and that was August 10th August 22nd I was on the phone with Cecilia just like it was one of those things I was like good pretty brother it's awesome talking about let's do something you know encouragement to you that people think you are listening the other thing I wanted to talk about is parenting yes I think I'm onto something when it comes to dads and fitness interesting I have an idea that I want to start pretty soon from your perspective I know the tools that I need I know the end then I want to put it out what's the best how do you choose the best platform to start can you do a podcast yes I can the answer is 100% that there's nothing to say brother yeah can I tell you why it's passive consumption yeah and it's still you know how I think about all this stuff like real estate sure podcast is on the third street off the beach right now social media is on the other slide 29 streets in yeah right yeah and they are or crypto are on the beach right now you understand yeah I like the third because the problem with being on the beach is you're pumped when it's Malibu yeah but you lose a fuckload of money when it's Malibu got it do you understand yeah yeah podcasting yeah it's very meeting your man such a pleasure vlog I'm going to do something fun right now I can get in here Justin to blog leave a comment and say I want the book and you will get one of the proof copies I'm gonna put it here until we send it and that's that yeah oke I'm doing doubles no seem around me want deep I gotta I'm being notice I see so my nose its duty so it's either talking to the quick take this is gonna be my quick opinions and things on the blog right now just coming through the wire Facebook Ads a snooze button which lets you I guess news people out Facebook ads a snooze button for muting people groups and pages for 30 days today's launching a new feature designed to give users more control I've been saying it forever everyone's like Facebook makes me do this Facebook screws me that Facebook's only value is your attention and they will always make the best product for you and they will continue to do things for you for you to stay inside of Facebook and Instagram your attention is Facebook's product that they sell they're very smart and don't take it for granted and actually give a shit about you from a macro because it's in it for them and that's why that product will continue to be awesome Facebook and Amazon do things for you that are then for them it's kind of like how I think about it nonetheless a very interesting feature that once again proves it's for Facebook to do the things that you want and that's how they'll win and that is the always that is always the best strategy which is be consumer centric and you will have the leverage good job Facebook another little micro headline little feature that may not be understood in the macro which is do it for the consumer and the consumers admiration spend attention they give you the leverage for what you're trying to accomplish you want some real advice like real you if you guys understood that you could accomplish nothing for the next eight years and I mean zero and still be young as fuck and like dominate life you would get on a plane and spend the next two years going everywhere cuz there's no downside and there's nothing but upside yeah I mean everybody's got every but everybody is playing their 20s backwards everybody's got such a chip on their shoulder between debt or to prove to somebody that they've got something that they go right into dumb shit to start getting short money and like do the right thing or prove something they need to Punk everybody should fucking the 22 to 30 year old play should be even more ridiculous than 18 to 22 and one day I think it will be I think 22 to 30 is gonna get real fucking fun I'm pissed that I'm gonna miss it I think people should fucking punt it I think you guys should fucking go around the world as a horde living shitty place and like learn takes play a hundred percent I just want to show you something happy cause do you like magic yeah I mean I've been getting magic Don like by all these Instagram and you dive at you know what's funny it was funny I really like magic I now really understand what the fuck people are doing it's actually what I do which is what I'd like about magic is its manipulation of attention like I did not know what how you what you're about to do I did not know how you did it a year ago I know exactly what you're about to do and now what's happening is when people do magic on me I'm looking at nothing that they want me to look at and I'm trying to guess what they're actually doing and the last time dude did magic on me that's like this big Instagrammer it was shit for me because I could see everything he was doing though a year ago I would have been like what the fuck not Julian I mean David Blaine's a good friend of mine right and so like that shit was like when I didn't know what the magician's were doing and he's so good it was like fuck me right but now I'm actually well I'm actually gonna get drinks with him soon because now I'm excited to see how good he is at his craft because I will it's so crazy you probably the first guy that's tried to do this to me since I've completely cemented the last time dude did magic I mean Oh at the soccer thing yes I it was the craziest thing now again this guy who's really considered a good because I looked into it and I and I could see what he was doing and it's interesting because it's what I I think I do as a person I live my life the way magicians were in the world which is it seems like I'm doing something to you but I'm doing something else and I'm trying to teach everybody that's what I'm doing so that you guys can do it too wish you could see the good I'm getting I'm getting goosebumps right now the last time the time before that I sight it clicked so when he came dude in London or over lose a hamster in Sweden I was like ready and the result telling you is now I'm so ready it was crazy I could have really blew up dude spot and I held off because I'm like I want to respect the game now it's gonna be a funny game when magicians try to do shit to me of how fast and good are they at that thing because I'm not looking at the thing that they want me to look at anymore with all that's it it's finally just good have fun he's one of the top guys of the Magic Castle I believe you I I just thought I would I just really wanted to tell him that because in my mind it's interesting right it's an interesting way to articulate it right sure it was really interesting and now I'm like into it all right good so okay all right deck of cards yes I want you you're gonna stop me at any card you like save every card you say stop it yep scar do you take okay go for it stop yeah good we're gonna put that card let's put it right there you're not gonna look at it I'm not gonna look at it we're gonna put this bottle right my job is to find every card that's related to that okay for example if you had like a three of diamonds three of hearts clubs and spades is my job to get out okay without you knowing the card that's what we're to do let's do I don't think any of those are your card actually the first one comes to the top like that just yeah I know you saw mm-hmm there's a hearts which is interesting we put that down right there can you hold your hands out because the magics gonna happen in your hands right here how'd it go like like that right there now let's take a look the next card goes on top let's take a look at it is that another ace insurance'll is that this okay so it's not that one it said was the first one was that harder than your heart it was the heart okay put that one down there hold your hands up okay we'll go one two three let's see so I have to kind of I kind of have to look in assess the situation see what I got here let's give it a few shuffles like that remember I said stop at the beginning yes gonna say stop again whenever you like stop right there take a look at that card right there the ace of clubs I love it you're the magician not me but what's interesting is what first of all ninety percent of what's happened so far I have no fucking idea that what I understood I never would have before because I was looking at something it's super cool it's super cool it's suck it in action you'll find this interesting I actually now want to have this talent wears before ID need to think about it because it's a real skill it's it's there's two different things going on the skill of like being able to maneuver shit and then the skill of storytelling and all the other stuff yeah like I know exactly what that is you know and like to me that's the ace of spades you know like oh oh shit oh shit to me that will forever honestly that is so fucking gangster I've so much respect for that and I'm so grateful that that is what I'm actually doing in life with my life that was so badass that was so good that's so good and I I made it so much better by talking stuff right it's so much better I gotta go see the rough all right guys take care yourself easier thank you hello New York and welcome to the very first episode of New York City Falls a brand new show that dives deep into the mindset of New Yorkers with the relentless Drive in pursuit of their ambition and our very first guest today absolutely exemplifies this description the man sitting next to me here is the one and only Gary Vaynerchuk I know you have siblings you yes me younger son yes right um so with your father's absence yes most of the time that's forced you to step up at home a hundred percent like a leadership hundred percent I think it's a good observation that don't people don't I'm already optimistic for your show because I think that's a good observation that I don't remember a lot of people ask me that's exactly right I mean me and my mom are only twenty years apart hmm so when I was 14 she was 34 like Justin how old are you Justin's 21 I'm 42 my mom was um older than my mom like our gap is bigger than me and my mom and we I don't I feel like we're contemporaries he doesn't feel like we're contemporaries but he doesn't think I'm as old as I actually am compared to him given like my by but like that's how my mom was right like now she was my mom but we were like yeah she was 34 I was 14 and we were like my dad wasn't around so like you know I babysat the kids and I like set the tone and like I was a leader in my house from the gate for sure and that definitely paved the road for you to be an effective leader a hundred percent a hundred thousand percent I think that's a very astute observation that a lot of people have not made I listen by watching what people do like I already know what sneakers he's wearing right I'm paying attention to how you're wearing your hair yeah what do you think I think it's different okay I think and I think I think it's kind of like from the 70s show I think it's a throwback and I mean and honestly I took I took note of that I'm like what does that mean mm-hmm I like that shit so I'm I've learned how to listen without talking excuse me I've learned how to listen without the other person talking my whole life that's how you do sales you know I used to do baseball card shows I would stand by our table he would walk table to table to table and he would look at my cards he would not say anything because he's a shopper can I help you I'd say can I help you and he'd say no well I could have checked out and been lazy but I wasn't I would then spend my time looking at him without being creepy I'm like kind of like look and be like let me know if I can help you with anything I would watch and watch what he would look at what made him buy why who then I'd watch him in the table if you went to left and right see what he did there I learned how to then I did retailers to behind a register all day and just would watch people so I watch right that's in person sales but now you're leading a much bigger company and you're not you don't have that ability to watch other people yeah but once guess what once you have that seed you understand how to scale it got it here's the part that I have Dennis I figured out as a magic magic no expectation of others I do great by him I do great by him I do great by him I eat this shit I do great I do great I do great then he goes does something something good happens he can help me and he doesn't for some weird reason I don't give a fuck and so many people get crippled when they so many people do nothing and expect like you know most people give with expectation yes the fuck am I getting out of this nothing thank you for doing this I mean this is your first fucking show nine people are gonna watch that's right but now us but now you're gonna have do you know what your guests are gonna look like now mm-hmm you're gonna go and fucking say Gary Vaynerchuk was my first fucking guess you really had 10 times the quality guests you would have gotten you everything a guess number 4 of this show is the quality of the guests that would have been guests 147 just by me allocating these 15 minutes hmm and that's again an example of giving without expecting in return that's right and if you go on to become Larry King and I need to promote some shit in 21 years and who has you or not and this is the key that'd be great and I hope so and surely I think about that but if you said no through your Booker I would never say I would I would say that the Tyler I would say to my admin I would say that's some shit I'd be like fucking motherfucker like you know but I would never be done that would be the extent of it would be like that fucking kid that fucking kid would be nowhere if I didn't do the first fucking that which I wouldn't believe by the way because if somebody gets somewhere you might have been part of their path but I don't you know accelerated it but we all accelerate each other maybe I wouldn't be where I was if Justin didn't make a video like there's a million what-ifs here's what I would say for some reason after about a minute of being like fuck that kid I hope his show gets canceled you know like competitive shit I'd be like maybe he's in a bad place maybe he's going through a divorce maybe he forgot maybe maybe he thinks about it differently than I did I have empathy man mmm empathy is a powerful drug mmm so at 19 you probably had some vision of what your life would look like at 42 right yeah so how does what has actually happened compared to that vision that you had when you were 19 are you there did you meet it I don't list I don't live in the suburbs I thought that uh I can't see anything else I knew I'd be successful like really successful what will be though the fact that I was already successful in 19 son toys and baseball cards and like I was dude I wish I was documenting my whole life mmm you know like like people don't know my true story meaning people hear the story I went into my dad's business and did 3 million immediately when you hear that stamen you're like dad put him on mmm people don't know that I you know built my dad's business for him and left Wine Library at 34 with nothing in equity in that company right people don't know that like I never paid myself that much money so I had not that much money people don't know what it looks like to have no money and make $3,000 a weekend pre-internet as a 15 year old in 1990 that's what I did with no fucking money motherfuckers I went traded with kids made good trades went to Facebook on a show sold some saved my 80 bucks bought more stuff there like it takes talent to make the wreath out you know me 99% your audience is know how to make 30 now mm-hmm I did that 15 with no fucking money so I knew I was fucking all-time from the get from the fucking get you know what I was doing in nineteen I was calling my mom at college crying saying I don't want to go into the family business even though I want to help because one day everybody will hold that over me and say that I was given something that's why I don't own anything in wine library ultimately I never wanted anything because I don't want anybody have any excuse not to chase their dream and work fucking hard because I knew I'd be the greatest example of it of all time and I didn't want them to have something on me I want people understand like if you're good enough you will win you have to be patient you have to put in the work if this show is gonna be big it will be big you just got to put in the work and put deploy the patience let's go rapid fire round rapid fire round okay go fast I'll try to be killed yes let's talk legacy yes okay death scares of shit in there yes I don't want to die you don't want to talk about it I'll talk about it I definitely don't want to die so look you seem like the type of person who wants to be in control of everything yes so now if you had the luxury of being able to control yes when you'd go yes in a perfect world yes when would that be when you nine do you accomplish something when you I can go tomorrow from no no no no it's not about it's not about putting points on the board that's already done when I made a hundred thousand dollars a year that was my only weird thing on the board yes I want to buy this jet on one yeah yes I want to buy the Jets but I want to try to buy the Jets more than getting it you know the thrill of the chase more than that right I just want to live forever it's fun the fuck do I want to die for her gonna be immortal yeah yeah but if you had to put a number on I don't know 9 billion fine maybe I'll get mad when I get up there and said I wish I did 88 billion but like 9 billions fine final question Gary fill in this blank Gary Vaynerchuk is the greatest the greatest and with that we wrap off I have to talk to deficit cuz Muhammad Ali actually took it and he deserves it and should stay there Gary Vaynerchuk was the disproportionate best entrepreneur of a generation in in helping the other entrepreneurs while he was getting his got it Gary Vaynerchuk was the best entrepreneur in helping other entrepreneurs while getting his so doesn't mean I'm gonna make the most money doesn't mean I'm gonna be Elon Musk or you know sucks or you know Bezos the most right or the most iconic and change the game Elon things like that doesn't mean that I was like open like like just like an author that helped a lot of people or you know or Oprah or Tony Robbins right I was the best at building the biggest thing and trying to drag everybody with me hmm because I didn't think any of their success came at my expense this nobody that will look like me ever would ever do this interview right ever it's all I can see that you're after ever ever ever ever you understand yeah nobody who's gonna end up as big of a winner as I am would have ever done this interview that is my legacy so what's cooking yep and Joshes is really starting to he's been following you forever but we're doing your playlist uh and I gotta tell you this it matters it shit is working no shit and but and when you're smart enough to hire somebody who is following my stuff it speeds up the learning curve a lot of people gonna go out right we're watching right now and go higher just a video kid and they're gonna say go watch Gary B I gave him every buck how long did you consume my stuff before right it was big like Justin was like further because cuz there's nuances in my shit and it's way more nuanced than you can think you can ask him it's even crazier enough it's crazy good no it's not about not that it's uh it's not about like success or skills or scale it's about doing the right thing I think my whole thing is so fundamentally strong because it's not selfish yeah that's fuckin awesome but you got something somebody has to step up in this company where we have to hire somebody to do that shit 24/7 the I'm so fired up I've now started what we're doing doesn't work what we're gonna do is whether Justin decides he wants to do source at or we hire somebody the call to action is very simple your fucking life for next year is to be great at that prove it to it like we're gonna actually we just did it fucking chop this up I want to tweet it you guys see the shit like fuckin you'll I want you to edit it cuz you understand what I'm saying if you can make these things show the six or seven Network if you have the fucking discipline to fucking eat shit for two years of my team for dick shit money and look through all my fucking content over the last two years especially in the last year because there's nothing but fuckin jewels and fucking facts everywhere that you've never seen cuz we cut we can't fucking find them we fucking let them go like fuck like now we got something from no jumper no when we come back people working on daily beating the set but you fucking think it's great to watch 18 fucking hours of footage seven hours of footage you limp for you live for watching that content and finding the seven little fucking minutes and making this micro fucking content for snapchat and Twitter and Facebook and Instagram these one-minute fucking memes that fucking are straight fire that are so magic if you want to eat shit and you think you're great at it submit right here I have no idea what we're gonna call it you're gonna make a Google Form it's gonna be LinkedIn all the things there's the URL Gary Vee slash I can do it that's what it is Gary Vee comm slash I can do it go make the Google form now submit your version of it fucking script the videos off the fucking youtubes and shit go to viddler if you're a gangster do your thing make the fucking video and submit it don't waste your time if your dog shit cuz D rocks got grow up on it if you've got this fucking skill go fucking make one and I'll see you February 1st at vaynermedia I'm gonna hire 2 or 3 of you fuckers if you could actually do it no question for me the thought of entering the Chinese market in a meaningful way around my thoughts my dreams my aspirations the content obviously you're aware of it but I agree 99.999999% of people don't in China and obviously for me you know China you know is such a big part of my future over the next 50 years and so as you know a couple you know about a year and a half ago I started converting some of my content into Mandarin and things of that nature I've you know I produce profiles on some of the bigger platforms Weibo and things of that nature obviously you know I've spent no time in Asia prior to 2017 I've been in Singapore and Hong Kong next year I'll be in mainland China twice I think 28 2019 2020 I think I'm gonna come very hard and so and this is part of that and so I'm very excited I can't wait to meet so many of you whether in New York or London or China or Beijing so I can't wait that's a great question um Larry King Larry King interviewed me he's 80-something years old I was blown away by how good he was blown away Larry King is very high up for me who I've met uh Nipsey Hussle the rapper he's so thoughtful about the way he produces his songs and he paints such a clear picture of his truth he stands out for me I think Tim Ferriss is an incredibly strong communicator I think he's very self-aware about what he's good at uh and I think he does a very good job of communicating in his way Joe Rogan I think Joe Rogan's podcast is very successful because he's such a good communicator the mix between the way he interviews and talks I'm not as good at that because I talk over my guests he has the right balance of letting them breathe but also getting in his so those are some people that stand out listen he was right here's my advice for men women and everything in between the truth is undefeated I've been saying it for a very long time there's no hiding the gig is up and that's my advice for everybody about everything forever so that's my advice for a dirty old man in America that's my advice long term for China around Tiananmen Square that's my advice about everything the truth in the long term is undefeated if you do the wrong thing you will lose you know I know I'm American but it's the same way I think about an african-american or a female or a Latino Gerlich I just think it's meritocracy and capitalism and playing the game like I would never of course I think women are gonna be a bigger impact it's because the old rules didn't let them get the fair amount of impact they're a hundred percent equal they have different dynamics a lot of women you know men don't give birth to children so they don't have that variable so we are different but we're the same you know so yeah I you know I don't even think of it that way I'm excited that the world is getting transparent I think a lot of people are not and I think a lot of people are scared of a transparent world including America including China and Russia like China Russian America are not gonna let blockchain get too big patience everybody's so impatient especially in the Asian markets you have to prove something to your parents so much they just go so fast and so hard just to get that chip off your shoulder either to pay them back and you want to do good for them or because you're actually mad at them and you want to stick it to them and so you start making fast short-term decisions in your 20s of what you're supposed to do and it screws you up for the long term thank you so much you did a great job of course great job heading out voices shot good day [Applause]

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