Why cryptocurrency blog? Dublin travelvlog MoneyConf 2018

[Music] people often ask me why I chose scripture as a main topic of my blog and for me answer is very simple for me krypter is a freedom I’m very happy that I made it do this money con conference in Dublin it has been two very awesome days I met a lot of people and made some interviews with some of them so I hope you will really like them [Music] it has been very productive and I can say that this conference is very well organized and also I like the networking parties they are very nice and I will show you some of this but I’ve just found that like really legit I will show you one second so you can see this one and this is their real traffic sign showing the direction where you can find the conference so it’s kind of in five kilometers from the conference and they managed to set this in the whole city I [Music] actually get to the Museum of Irish immigration to come here in time and buy the ticket last minute and fear is it when I have this map of the museum and I have to stamp it so let’s try to do that there are views for a really great people told that it’s one of the best museums they’ve ever visited [Music] conference were keen to is silent tomorrow so we decided to go to the countryside and go on our way there we found this beautiful historic and we’re all pup Johnny’s folks about one of the oldest and the highest pubs in Ireland [Music] so now we are in Johnny folks pub which also has a museum inside and I want to check it out with you so this is a very old bed of some lady Hollingsworth which was presented as a wedding gift and it’s funny to know that and here we can see one of the first copper washing machine so actually you can wash your clothes is there of course we still need more time to adopt this technology but I believe there is a future for all of us where we don’t depend on governments or banks so in the first museum to show the reason why Irish people actually have their home so some of them left for some medical aid work others spread their religion and education I just truly believe that learning new things makes our future better and in fact all the centralized technology is our future if you do agree with me please make sure that you follow this channel and now I’m broaching Japanese part of this beautiful garden and it’s breathtaking and it’s kind of really like in Japan [Music] just look at this it’s very beautiful I’m just surprised to find a place like this in Ireland a lot of people think that creature is something about trading mining or making money straight away but I believe if you learn more about this technology and implement it for example into your business it will benefit even more than trying to make money of it straight away like this [Music] and the theme is a part of shop shelves where they sold biscuits here is another resume room with some gardening instrument in tools and this very ancient old like two people on it [Music] but here we can ascend it Irish people are very generous just look at this portion of reaps here is my hand and here is like super big question and this is my cocktail shrimp cocktail salad is very big – I started tired fond I just bloke more than a year ago since then I’ve already visited more than 10 or even 15 conferences and meetups about blockchain cryptocurrencies and financial technologists in general and I see that people try to spread more information about it they try to educate others learn something themselves and I see how much information is spreading on these conferences and within those professional circles can say dubbing has a lot of saints in places so here is Dublin Castle some nice gardens but I would say that the main thing you can do in Dublin it’s a deterrent Irish pubs [Applause] [Music] for the same treats mainstream street in public so why my thing is love to do it themselves [Music] and they see how much information is spreading within those highly professional circles I think that spreading information move freely to the average crowd will help us to introduce these technologists to the modern world and make all the benefits for all of us I’m approaching three into a famous treaty college right now and I will try to show you how it works like because a lot of famous people studied here [Music] I decided to go for a small walking tour around Trinity College and I might get to know more about it so this is what krypter is all about for me it’s travelling freely it’s working from wherever you are it’s getting money on whatever account you want and not dependent on anybody except yourself [Music] so tarpon digests channel is all about having fun learning new things about crypto and blockchain technologies and also interviews with interesting people and leaders of this industry if you like this idea please subscribe to this channel and hit that notification bell to get to know when the new videos are posted

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  1. Hi, Inna. Two question, if you don´t mind. Did you get an invitation to the conference or could anyone go to it? How do you know when and where the next conference is? I agree with you about banks so I am trying to learn as much as possible about cryptocurrencies and you are a great help. Thank you so much.

  2. !!! ВКЛЮЧАЙТЕ СУБТИТРЫ НА РУССКОМ и не стесняйтесь оставлять комментарии!!!!
    This is just a note for my Russian – speaking audience for them to turn on Russian subtitles 🙂 By the way, where are you from and how is your day?

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