16 thoughts on “Why Cryptocurrencies Will Boom in 2018”

  1. Cool, as a whole I agree) Now I need to buy young coins) I, ve bought the GPT from the TokenGo project. Perspective projec. I advise) https://t.me/TokenGo_Cn

  2. Dude I love your channel. So appreciative of your knowledge. You've helped me, and now my Dad is starting to watch. Thanks for sharing bro

  3. MD won't accept btc when it can take hours or potentially days for a transaction to go through and the cost to the customer could be 10 times the cost of the meal in fees.

  4. crypto going to crash then go sideways for 2 years mark these words, follow me on stocktwits crackpanda 😉

  5. When it’s time to cash out on ripple for whatever reason, what site is best? It would have to be converted and then transferred to a USA bank institution. Like many new jabronis, I started looking into this a few months ago.

  6. Great video brother! Future is looking bright, I think 2018 will be a game-changing year for a lot of people!

  7. I don't see the gains bitcoin is making slowing, not until 21mil has been mined. I wonder if a hard fork will occur at this point in time. Interesting times ahead!

  8. so what 2018 boom? 2020/2021 crash?, then steady uphill trend for years after seems about realistic? good to see this discussion.

  9. Good vid im 50 years old i own ripple 1 bitcoin lightcoin osimygo stratis iota etherium thinking about buying some other cryptos just doing my home work on them now i like coins with a good team behind them.

  10. Did anyone else hear the Santander bank commercial mention they are using block chain for fraud prevention. Coincidence? maybe not. It was during The Big Bang Theory show that aired tonight.

  11. Became a subscriber after your Ripple Videos. From one long term investor to another, wanted to say keep up the good work man! Really enjoy your enthusiasm and intelligent insight and analysis. I trade futures for a living, but long term Ripple and several other coins. Great work brother!

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