30 thoughts on “Why Bubbles are GOOD for Cryptocurrency Adoption”

  1. I am over it, there is a certain element of pure greed an legal manipulation that will indeed set the everyday investor down the merry path of getting rekt, we concentrate too much on cowboy hat wearing in crowds rather than reality.

    I own some crypto but no bitcoin, I also own no gold as I believe these investments are more based on a feeling that nothing is indeed worth something as long as the bankers give it the green light, in reality water is worth far more than gold.

  2. Louis, just caught up on a bunch of your recent videos (been away for a couple months). Youre on fire man, loving the content, and knowledge dropped. Keep up the good work. One of my favorite reasonable, and honest channels.

  3. Every week i see lot of scammers phishing you in telegram.. they must really envy you and your work. By the way, every artist or a streamer will be able soon to monetize his legions of loyal fans, in other platform for sharing content apart this great youtube.. For exmaplie, earning @BeatzCoin
    with the new platform #vibravid. Much better that just waiting for donations !

  4. Bitcoin staying down, for now, is better for longterm strength. Thanks for being so confident and your hard work 🙂 We will win.

  5. Need to sort out the scammers/spammers in the comment sections asap. Looks very bad for this channel to have their crap around imo.

  6. Bubbles are good, a yodeling video trailer from the old days of your channel even better! Yodeling will help!

  7. People love their comfort … so more volatility, less acceptance.
    Volatility = early investor & risk takers.
    Slow guaranteed growth = Regular investors & Life Savings

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  9. I think the recent (2016-2019) boom and bust will be great for bringing in new people. It has been a very public event and most average people have seen it crash spectacularly. Wait until they see it rise from the ashes as it will inevitability will, it will contradict everything they think they know about it. The next bull run will see fomo like never before.

  10. Yep! Now that the ‘hash wars’ are over we maybe heading back to pre ‘hash- war’ levels of BTC $6K and ŁTC $100+

  11. TodayI bought 500 Gram coins on gramwiki.website/tokens I really believe in it! But I am already disappointed about Bitcoin, it seems to me that it will not make such many X-es as earlier…

  12. I bought 650 GRAM tokens on gram-coin.fun/telegram today they are just obliged to grow up in price now 🙂

  13. Now there is an open round of ICO Telegram! They have 200 million active users. Can you imagine what a big growth can be after the start of tokens' floatation? I advise everyone to have this token in your investment portfolio gram-ton.site

  14. Crypto kitties, hash puppies, Bitcoin please go to moon, and lambos make us look like ritarded scammers. The type of people who get attracted by shiny objects will come (and go) no matter what, but we fail to attract the real hodlers who can bring real ideas. Anything would be better than the system we have today, but I would prefer a Bitcoin future–not a Tron future. I'm sure this will play out the same way no matter what anybody says, but at least we'll have fewer disgusting songs along the way.

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