WHY BITCOIN WILL EXPLODE IN 2-5 YEARS!!! [Cryptocurrency Perspective]

all right a lot of people ask me where I see Bitcoin in two to five years what's the future what's the price gonna be what's the market gonna look like how different are things gonna get I think things will be very different you know you may not realize this this is this is not something we think about every day but we've already made a lot of progress in cryptocurrency within the last ten years and the thing with technologies is progress compounds it accelerates it increases exponentially cryptocurrency is a technology and you can see the way you buy it the way you spend it the way you store it these are all getting better these are all getting easier you know in cryptocurrency the days go by real slow but the years go by fast and this technology as it begins to penetrate our society and the innovations compound on itself all of a sudden one day you're gonna wake up and boom it's ubiquitous it's everywhere I can think of countless examples of this you know where progress started off slow but as innovation compounded you know so did adoption adoption increased you know radio TV credit cards the Internet now I realize a counter-argument to this is yes technology is always improving but new technology replaces old technology all the time how do you know something won't come along and replace cryptocurrency think about it like this a lot of people compare where we are today in crypto to the internet back in 1994 or the early days you know back then when this internet technology was beginning to gain traction did somebody invent something that replaced it no in fact you know what we did see was tens of thousands of companies employing hundreds of thousands of developers and in an effort to turn a profit building on it adding to it making it better we saw this technology explode in use case and value at an exponential rate and that's what I foresee happening with cryptocurrency within the next several years you know things are going to innovate at an exponential rate in between now and mass adoption we're going to be seeing a lot of intermediary solutions for instance I've been thinking a lot about this a problem right now is that nobody wants to spend their Bitcoin nobody wants to spend their altcoins you know we're all holding on to our coins for these massive gains but you're never going to have massive gains unless mass adoption happens but adoption is not going to happen unless spending happens but you're not spending because we want massive gains but massive gains won't happen until spending happens you know it's a real catch-22 as they say so what's the solution well I think the intermediary solution maybe maybe something is going to be developed by someone in the next couple years that automatically replaces your Bitcoin when you spend it so as soon as you spend or as soon as you pay for something with Bitcoin or or litecoin or XRP or electro Neum a bot automatically buys more and deposits it in your account so you're not losing your investment but you are spurring adoption that's a win-win I think this would solve a lot of pain points in crypto this is just one idea you know we'll be seeing innovation like this continue and in one day you'll be paying with cryptocurrency it's going to be as easy as using a debit card by the way if you want to stay up to date on everything going on with cryptocurrency join our team subscribe to our channel subscribing to altcoin daily using our channel as a starting off point to stay in tune with the cryptocurrency market on a daily basis is a great idea as you know I follow the market every day and my goal for this channel is where you can have a place it's like where you and I can come and have a chat about this whole thing you know the future chat about the different altcoins it's like is it's a few and I were having a beer right out meeting at a bar talking about cryptocurrency you know I like Dos Equis personally that's what I'd be ordering what's your favorite beer post your favorite beer in the comments so we can all judge you I'm gonna say if you say your favorite beers like an IPA I would bet your biggest holding would be card on oh if you say you like Bud Light I'm thinking that your biggest holding is litecoin and what else okay if you say your favorite beer is Leinenkugel's summer Shandy I can only bet your biggest holding is Doge let me know your favorite beer in the comments anyways for the next two to five years at least I think the name of the game is to accumulate Bitcoin just be under no delusion most of these alt coins are going to fail actually some of these alt coins will succeed maybe four years and then they're gonna fail you just don't know and that's why it's important to take profits along the way and reassess your portfolio regularly like we're in a down market right now obviously I can't take any profits but I can reassess my portfolio and say what we're near bottom probably gonna fall more I pointed that out to you the other day but now would be a great time to start cost averaging on whatever projects you think will see big gains and even though I think for the next two to five years if not decades the name of the game is to accumulate Bitcoin nothing lasts forever you know there will be a day hopefully in the far future were the fundamentals that I point out to you all the time are gonna change and I might think to myself at that time I think it might be a good idea to move my Bitcoin position into a different position and if and when that day comes you are going to be the first to know now when I do videos like this a lot of times I get mixed reviews you know a lot of people like it a lot of people like to support our channel by smashing the like button smashing the like button it's a small thing you can do it really does help us grow a lot but sometimes when I do these videos you know unfortunately some people get angry because you know my long-term positions don't exactly match up with what's been happening in the short term I get it you know we've had a rough year especially right now lowest point we've been at all year so I get why people are mad and you know Mike Novogratz gave a really great interview to Bloomberg the other day and they asked him the tough questions and I loved his answers I'm gonna leave a link in the description so you can read this whole thing but I like what Mike Novogratz said about the crash this year where is it it is okay so they asked him this they asked him if this downmarket changes anything if his strategy going forward is going to be any difference and he said this I keep telling my team the same thing we're surfers getting ourselves in shape for when the next wave comes and when the next wave comest we'd better be the Laird Hamilton of crypto now Laird Hamilton is one of the best surfers who ever lived FYI anyways that's my plan to you know I'm a tiny fish swimming in an ocean filled with whales I see some huge swells coming up you better believe I'll be riding those waves right to the top all right that is it for me my friends once again if you're new to the channel feel free to subscribe and if you liked today's video feel free to like it I'll be looking forward to your favorite beers in the comments if you have any jokes like I was saying before feel free to post them like maybe you know if your favorite beer is Oh duals I would bet your biggest portfolio position would be in tether or something like that let's take a quick look at the market if you want to stick around we'll just be chatting it up but earlier today we saw a little bit more of a dip but you know you can see that here on coin market capcom the whole markets down by 3 for 1% Bitcoin cash dropping like crazy but we're still really around the same place you can see we're still holding on to that base that we formed all the way back in September and August of last year and once again if and when we fall again I'm no expert I'm just a normal guy you and me are having a beer you know our next pretty good level of support is around two thousand eight hundred and then after that we have a lot of support around the $2,500 price point and you know there's little bits of support going down but after that our next if we get below you know 2,500 2,400 you know really the next level that I'm looking for is 1800 because you can see we hit that for about a week back in May of last year and July last year we touched it briefly now of course the future is not necessarily a great indication of the past it only tells us very little in fact and I really can't I've no way of knowing what's gonna happen in the short term that's way that that's why really what we focus on here at the channel is fundamentals the green flags that gives us the pretty accurate predictions for the long term and that's why I have a long term bullish opinion anyways that's it for me my friends I hope you find value in this video

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  1. I think it is very hard to name a price for 2-5 years. I agree that it compounds and yeah it's going to be massive. Everyone in the space right now is going to be very happy.

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  3. Mann u guys sleeping on the crypto currency that's called KBC its actually backed gold and has a working product and over 500000 affiliates you'll better get with it KBC is the way to go

  4. I like Dos XX Amber and Electroneum. haha Thank you for making us feel like part of the team. You create a community that is friendly, laid back, and informative. Keep it up! You're doing great!

  5. TOBET is just the hottest dapp thats running on EOS for sure, the dividends are 10x better than Dice even…


  6. This is so stupid. I can spend, and a bot will automatically replace it? Then I will just keep spending millions every second, and get replaced. And every user can do the thing? Are you serious? You are an idiot!

  7. The debt bubble, and subsequent dollar collapse is why i am in crypto. I can easily see a future where i can buy a nice house for 1 LTC. The value of everyrying in the world is counter valued to the dollar. What happens when there is no dollar? Silver and gold will likely be used to some degree, but you cant run modern commerce off of that. Build it, they wil come….. once the other ball field blows up

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