Why Bitcoin Has a Huge Future! John McAfee Explains!

I had I attempted to go I would have been picked up by Interpol and carted off back to America to face charges for tax evasion it is true I have not paid taxes in eight years I have not filed taxes in eight years I will not file taxes again I paid tens of millions of dollars for services that I don't think I received that much the only thing I received was the disrespect of civil servants when I stood in line to get driver's licenses or government services and and to me that was enough so I decided eight years ago no more pain now when the IRS convened a grand jury I went to the Bahamas why the mames has no income tax and you cannot be extradited according to international law unless the crime that they are charging you with is also a crime in the country are staying and since obamas had no income tax well there was no crime so the US very recently filed not formally but with the Bahamian government charges of racketeering money laundering murder all of which are extraditable in any common country that has a treaty now I am NOT a money launderer I'm Way too busy for such things and I do not know what racketeering means I hang out with tough customers because they're my security why would I need security because people are after me because I tell the truth but in any case I am now in Cuba the war has begun I warned you of this 2 years ago that at some point those of us who speak out about how wonderful cryptocurrency will be to free ourselves from governments from banks financial institutions and others now that will free us how governments if we are using privacy coins will not be able to collect income taxes because they will have no clue what our income is which is the way it should be the way it should be to me it is slavery to work for one quarter or more of the year for the government that is taking your wages your right to earn a living but in any case that is neither here nor there I have been advocating cryptocurrency free ourselves from government control for ourselves from excessive taxation get financial control into the hands of the individual why is this important because the financial system the currency that you use is the foundation of everything else you cannot pay your rent send your children to school buy food get medical attention buy clothes the necessities of life without accepting and using the currency controlled by your governments who can change at any point the value of that currency print more remove less so until you have control of your own currency not yours by yourself but a currency which is controlled by no one then you will never be free so I've been preaching this everywhere that I can keynotes twice on on these cruises and yet again today every keynote that I've given on my Twitter account for anyone who will listen I have been preaching freedom for the individual and for the first time at least in my experience and my knowledge freedom true financial freedom is possible with crypto currencies if we have the common sense to use them appropriately what does appropriate mean well an inappropriate use is to collect as much as you can and wait until the price goes up and then sell or buy when it's high and have to sell when it's low and then cry about it this is other nonsense we will never free ourselves if this is our goal currencies true value is not based on an exchange with some other currency in most cases it is based on the cost of goods and services in the currency that you are using please God it is so simple and yet we're not doing that not much but we could be if you truly believe in cryptocurrency not for its potential increase in value but for its potential to free your ass from slavery controlled by your governments then you would have a different attitude and I am standing pretty much alone right now but I promise you those are view who are saying similar things to me are going to be in my position soon you will be exiled you will be on the run and at some point there will be nowhere to run to I am willing to do this because I'm doing this for my children and grandchildren and for your children and grandchildren because I have no choice I'm 73 what the do I have to live for other than the future of this planet and my species humans and this is why I'm doing this and this is why you also have to stand tall I'm not expecting you to stand on the front lines with me but you damn well better stand up and you had better raise your voices and you had better let governments know you will not take this anymore because you now have the tool to free ourselves from them governments must become smaller they will have less to govern think about it a truly free society needs little government so I stand here now Cuba having no idea where I will go next and hoping that I can get in touch with at least some high-level official within the government to explain my position to tell them the truth that these charges are trumped up that they are desperate to get me because if America did extradite me on these trumped-up charges they would be dropped instantly and then the IRS would come back with hey your having paid taxes well I'm sorry I'm not putting up with that I will not be silenced by the triviality of corrupt conspiracies against me and neither should you and again I am NOT saying stand on this line with a target painted on your chest but for God's sake stand behind me stand up and speak and see the foolishness of how you are now treating cryptocurrencies the goose that lays the golden egg the key not in terms of Bitcoin is going to reach a million dollars market of building there no but in terms of use it for what it was intended take this key turn the lock and exit your cage that isn't asking much and then you can still go ahead and invest and do what you want but for God's sake first and foremost free your cells do not let your greed bring you back into the world you are trying to escape the world of power lust for money other there's anything wrong but that can't be the prime purpose of your existence please I did not mean to lecture tonight I came across the sea yesterday my boat caught fire we made it into Cuba on staying in a hotel because the boat is being repaired the people with me are brave people knowing the risk that they were taking yet we are happy and content that we are able to stand up now and speak and I am speaking now to you

2 thoughts on “Why Bitcoin Has a Huge Future! John McAfee Explains!”

  1. Love John's libertarian stance. His ideology. His philosophy. His ability to think outside the box and his perseverance in staving off the IRS which is the (unconstitutional) strong arm of the Federal Reserve (which has nothing to do with the United States Government). Godspeed John McAfee and fellow tax protestors. Think your taxes contribute to our infrastructure…look up the Grace Commission by President Ronald Reagan in 1984.

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