23 thoughts on “Why Bitcoin Didn't DUMP after ETF Withdraw – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News”

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  2. Thank you for the livestream! Wanna see your review on DeepOnion cryptocurrency. I heard it's very perspective project based on TOR, PoS and PoW mining systems and it's very high privacy coin which is definitely cool 🙂 What do you think about it?

  3. Own ($CHX), end to end STO platform, is already profitable business and the floodgates opens after the main net in Q1 2019. They actually plan long term.

  4. it's always funny how desperate george tries to justify his bullish bias even when it was wrong every time 😀

  5. We've likely hit bottom… 30-40% of supply of BTC are bad longs locked in from 10-20k. Another 10% is forever gone b/c the keys have been lost. Another 25% are ultra longs that will never sell until BTC is 100k… that leaves 25% of float trading… not a whole lot for demand to change the picture as Bakkt is literally less than 60 days from starting up likely…. the river beneath us is starting to fill up.

  6. https://www.nasdaq.com/press-release/south-koreas-icon-to-back-velic-which-aims-to-become-the-jp-morgan-of-the-digital-currency-world–20190121-00284

  7. To put another take on this. I believe this was done on purpose by VanEck due to the fact that this would compete with thier gold ETF which currently is doing well.

  8. lol, 6 months later, we hear you again calling for a bottom… already forgot the last time Georges?

  9. CryptosRv no one entity is enough to pull down Crypto including the ETF. ALTs such as #scriv I just discovered are also good. ALTs will do slot more this year

  10. The only way to get any ETFs approved is if we can offer them a great safe entry point.
    A 1K BTC $600-700 OTC is what we all have to dump to, it's a good fair entry point that we can achieve for them.
    It's going to take another year or more of the bear market until we just give them what they want. Sooner we can show them 1k BTC sooner the bull market can start.

  11. Yes, it was already incorporated in the price ("it" meaning anticipation).As you said.
    Even if not, non-ground-shaking news like this happening during an accumulation phase wouldn't have an effect anyway.

    I do not think anyone has tried to drop BTC "hard"… there's only baby volume right now. Use the volume indicator(s), both volume AND volatility must skyrocket to have found bottom. We didn't see it, so it's 95% likely not bottom. There is that 5% chance, though.

  12. First of all I love your videos. I just got a question what do you think about ZRX.ox ? After binance announced decentralized exchange..?

  13. I used cryptopia but only for trading and buying always removed my coins right after trade or for a hour or two.

  14. Good stuff today, George ! It's good to see you getting your energy back after the last two months plus of being sick ! Keep up the great work ! Thank you !

  15. 26:09 Yeah, I'm the guy. I just got paid today and I see no reason to change my usual routine. I buy 1000 usd worth of bitcoin every payday. At these prices I accumulate more than a half a bitcoin every month. Just like with the bitcoins I bought in 2015 (some of which I used to payoff my house) I expect them to be quite a bit of money someday.

    It looks to me like we're headed into another 2008 style recession now. Over the next 2 or 3 years we should see a lot of layoffs, forclosures, and custodians that hold assets such as comodities, stocks and crypto going bankrupt (taking a lot of customer funds with them). And when that happens people tend to lose confidence in trusted 3rd parties who hold your wealth for you and they start wanting to store their wealth in a form they themselves can hold and control. That means Bitcoin and precious metals. And that should drive the price of those assets up nicely.

    During the 2008 recession, sometime after MF Global ran off with everyone's money, people started getting more into precious metals. That caused my gold to go up 70% and my silver to go up 260%. Some of those gains became the down payment on my house (which I bought at the bottom of the market in early 2012). During these recessions stocks and real estate get pushed down while alternitaves like precious metals and bitcoin tend to get pushed up. That's just one of many forces that should bring tremendous gains to anyone who's holding Bitcoin, alts and precious metals.

    If you're going to buy precious metals going into a recession like this, I recommend silver over gold. And when we're climbing out of a recession (if you must own metals) I recomend gold over silver. Silver both gains faster and crashes harder than gold. It's much like the difference between sht coins like xrp and Bitcoin. Going into a bear market I'd stay in Bitcoin, and coming out of a bear market I'd consider adding some alts to your holdings. I can't stomach xrp myself but there are plenty of less horribly userous alts out there to choose from. When I know for sure we've bottomed I plan to start buying some alts. I'm not selling my bitcoins though. I have no desire to have the irs show up at my door demanding money. I prefer to just file the EZ form and give a big middle finger to the IRS.

  16. ​I doubt this is bottom. We wer 20 billion lower at one point. The whales may be providing a false security but will soon pull out the rug. This is what it seems this market has become

  17. Absolutely correct assessment. The ETF and SEC are the Boys who cried Wolf. It will happen when it happens. If you really want them to get active is if we tell them to take a flying leap and that we, as the Crypto Community reject them being involved with us. We are so close to bottom, The whales can't get into the silt and need to stay at a level where they can eat krill.

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