Why Bitcoin Can't Break $6,000 – Price Discovery Revealed – Breaking Bitcoin Market Update

hey what's going on everybody hope you're doing fantastic today on this I'd say fair weather it's Saturday of course today is of course April 13th 2019 failure of our Lord so a full disclaimer guys unfortunately we're not going to be able to do the livestream obviously tonight that's why you're watching this pre-recorded video and here's the straight facts we've been attempting to resolve this issue with our Internet service provider for quite some time this has been an ongoing issue sometimes it's great very rarely is it bad but unfortunately at the level of production that we are performing at currently we're just not able to deal with sometimes not okay so as you guys know last week we did contact the only other provider in our area for them to come out and run fiber to our to the place where I record from to my office now this was a costly expenditure but well worth it because again I take this seriously I'm here every day for you individuals just as you're here every day for me so I appreciate the continued support I take this very seriously so beginning Wednesday we will begin resuming the regular live streams could we have a live stream prior to that an impromptu hey guess what guys amazing we could it just depends on the service that we received from our regular Internet service provider however that fiber will be installed by Wednesday I won't be able to do the show on Tuesday anyways due to some personal family medical things that I do have going on that I've made arrangements for however Wednesday we should be up live and broadcasting with the same quality and the same technical analysis that you guys have come to know and love and we will be here for you guys if you have any questions of course we're going to continue to be active in our discord as we always are so if you have any questions or comments please leave them in the section down below I will do my best to address them during the next show that I'll do but until then I will be still coming to you with our daily shows they will be pre-recorded so we won't have the community engagement that we typically have them this honestly one of the best parts of these shows I'm really one of the great reasons that I started doing the show in the first place but we will be back to doing the live streams Wednesday so thank you so much for your patience and to show that appreciation let's break down some technical analysis for you guys let's go take a look at the markets honestly in my opinion nothing's changed for the long-term perspective I'll continue to bring down my positions as I talked about yesterday and I'll continue to tell you where the important levels are that you should be looking to go long or where you should looking to be going short from and we'll also have a brief dive into what should you be doing during the weekends do you go out obviously you can take this time to spend time with your family I love to spend time with my family on the weekends to develop your social life to network just to enjoy your life as a trader because it can be a stressful and hectic occupation typically the weekends are more bullish than bearish they're filled with the retail traders that aren't able to trade Monday through Friday and they're really looking for a sustained movement we did see a little bit of a deviation in the market over the last few months where we did get significant movements on Saturday we're not obviously seeing that today and we're kind of past that time where that would generally happen so looking for continued consolidation throughout the day there have been maybe two decent intraday scalps obviously we've just been focusing on a long-term positional short and I've already taken profits on the long term scalp that we pointed out two days ago that bid setting resting beds between 49 thirty and forty nine fifty great trade great opportunity and getting our bids filled at 50 130 wasn't was a great opportunity Kantar trade scalp on our on our alternative account for a bit max as we continue to take the positional short to the downside so we're gonna break those levels down hopefully you guys watched yesterday's video where I explain the psychology behind why we do have to initially reject from the 6,000 region to to hopefully help you understand why I'm in the same situation that I'm in I'm gonna break down another technical reason why we do need to retest the breakout zone at the very least around the 40 to $4,000 area and why and I can't give you the eye although I went over the technical reasons why we will likely go lower than that I'll point out that an additional technical reason why we do at least need to retest that zone based on inefficiency in the market again if you missed yesterday's video go check out yesterday's pre record and you'll be able to see me break down the psychology of individuals that actually have enough capital to move the crypto currency market the total market cap and Bitcoin in particular and why they will be exiting the market on the first significant retest of the 6,000 dollar floor that was previous support and is now currently the ceiling overhead resistance so with that being said guys let's head to the charts so let's look at the technicals we can see right now that on the weekly timeframe we're gonna be looking at the bitstamp chart today so I do like to mix this up for you guys so you guys can get a good feel not only for our long term levels but also for the actual tradable levels on bit mechs as well because we do see a slight divergence that's why I recommend in advance using the tensor charts order books or an alternative form of lower timeframe technical analysis using those lower timeframes to help refine your higher timeframe levels but if you start on the lower timeframes and work your way up to develop your critical levels you're gonna have a bad time so looking at the weekly chart we do see continuing the weekly 100 exponential moving average and the weekly 55 exponential moving average continuing to act as overhead resistance on the weekly timeframe now I do want to point out the significance of this doji structure the current candlestick formation that we have at the top of an uptrend we have the weekly candle closing tomorrow evening so it is time for us to analyze it again as I've said before whenever you're using any technical system or you're going to look at candlestick analysis or the effect that ohlc which is open high/low close has on your technical indicators you need to look at a candle very close to when it closes if you don't if you try to look at a fresh candle so if you try to look at an hourly candle it's in the first 5 or 10 minutes that it's opened up it's not gonna give you through a back-tested if this than that strategy or any technical strategy good results you have to wait until a candle is just about to close that's why when I trade the daily candles I laid between 6 & 7 p.m. my time because the daily candle closes at 7 p.m. so when there's only an hour left and even better only a half hour left of the of the daily candle I have about all the data that I need for that day's trading activity and I can use I can now use the new readings from my technical indicators and from the candlestick analysis that I can do on that candle to further benefit my technical strategy now what is the significance of this doji candle of this weekly doji well it represents instability and indecision in the market prior to this if we look closely here prior to this weekly candle right here every weekly candle looked quite bullish and represented on their lows amazing by the pullback opportunities however what what this candle would do to the psychology of tray of investors is let them know that we are at a turning point this was significant selling and the first bearish hike annachi candle that we have seen pretty much during the entire uptrend the entire movement to the upside here up until this it's pretty much been exuberant buying and disbelief that we'd go lower however now that we've printed this candle and unless a dramatic change occurs over the next 24 hours we will close this candle in a weekly formation in a weekly structure now what that means is that psychologically positioned buyers whose only role in the market now is as a potential seller it means they're feeling indecisive now of course they're hoping and wishing or a continue to rally to the upside but trading on the institutional level is no different a game of follow-the-leader than trading on the retail level position buyers have seen a large swath of profit taking and a huge gouge taken out of the total crypto market cap those who haven't sold yet are asking themselves did I miss the top should I just sell now I mean I really hope we go higher and things seem bullish but I don't know this is a it's a psychological event that I call confidence loss now what I mean here by confidence loss is slightly different than when I refer to it in the realm of retail traders psychology for a retail trader confidence loss is when he or she loses faith in their technical strategy this occurs for a number of reasons and in the best case scenario it follows a string of losing trades following a well-disciplined and back-tested technical strategy now that's the best case scenario and the reason I say that is because more often than not most retail traders never adopt a well-disciplined back-tested technical strategy so they're half assed following a technical strategy you know they chose their indicators they've chosen their entry and exit signals but in general they choose to follow their feelings they follow the signals that their system gives them based on how they feel about the system at any given point in time you know they'll get a buy signal when the market is moving down and second-guess their strategy and choose not to take that buy signal and then price will start appreciating and then they'll try to grab at the trade when prices already you know at a higher level you know only to in a right at a local top and then you know price retraces back to support they sell on that retracement and then they miss the real movement it just happens over and over and over again to most retail traders that choose to based off subjectivity and not in if this then that strategy if you devise a strategy and you know it to be profitable you take every signal even if it's a losing trade that's the point of a system takes all the guesswork out man that's the point you know there are so many ways that I could give examples we're not following your system and following your feelings instead lead you into a lot of trouble indeed the entire reason as I said for developing this if this then that strategy is in the first place is to remove all guesswork from your trading technical analysis is often referred to as advanced guesswork or or subjective and the way that it is used by most retail traders those definitions do become accurate because excuse me however as a professional trader technical analysis is only useful or I should say most useful for and if this then that strategy I know I hammer this concept all the time but that's because most traders come into my mentorship program because they've generally incurred a significant loss or they want to do better in the market and when I asked them what is your strategy when I get back nine out of ten times is a word salad of subjectivity well I'll use this indicator to give me a general idea of this and that and and sometimes when these lines cross it's a good signal and and this thing over here you know sometimes I look at it just look into your own conversations is that how you respond when people ask you what your trading strategy is if so are you on average at the end of the year making money or losing money what level of confidence do you have in yourself as a trader I would I would go out on a limb here with my answers if you're answering if your responses to what is your strategy look like if they're similar to what I just dub Erica tchard there so anyways getting back into an investor's loss of confidence this refers to large position holders so traders in the market that have capital and position holdings to move the market significantly should they make a move so people with a lot of Bitcoin that when they sell are gonna move the market and people with a lot of capital that if they buy or buy back they're going to significantly move the market this I'm talking about their confidence in they're already put in the positions that they're already in they're positioned their position settles they're holding on because there's a part of them that feels that their original investment thesis is still intact and in the case of Bitcoin that means that price will continue to push higher however they've seen other larger positions exit the market we hadn't really seen that during this uptrend until now not on the weekly timeframe as I said this is significant selling that perma Buhl's will have to contend with again refer to my video yesterday if you haven't already seen it from an explanation of why we physically have to reject more psychologically but in general physically have to reject from the initial test of the six thousand dollar zone when we reach it not if but when so let's cage everything that we discussed today with that notion and investors loss of confidence so we have talked about the purpose of drawing lines on your chart they're not there to tell you what price will go they're there to tell you where to set limit orders whether that ends up being a long term bottom or top depends on the market activity that follows that test of that level however I have found that using these higher timeframe levels to guide my limit buys and limits sells is a good system it's not the only part of my strategy I don't reveal my full strategy it's taken me a long time to develop it the purpose of this channel is to help you develop your strategy that I hope is as good or better than mine and I closely work with all the members of the premium group to help them develop their if this than that strategy um now let's see here now there are better ways to guide your limit bison cells than just using higher timeframe levels that I talked about here but this strategy is a damn good one and as I've said many times damn good is better than not good now where have we rejected from 5500 is $5,500 the area where I said I would stop looking for long trades know where was that area that area is 57 80 the current ceiling of bitcoins price is 61 53 as we can see right here we have 55 sorry let's zoom out here a little bit we have 57 80 current level of resistance on my chart and then we have 61 53 you can see the difference between the dotted and the solid dotted means weaker it means a different thing in my analysis in my legend key and solid lines means significant levels of resistance so also on the way down you can see dotted green lines this blue line is going to represent to take profit on a short but dotted lines our dashed lines represent areas where limit buys can be set for scalp trades – in a counter direction solid green lines represent areas of significant support you let's see err okay the current ceiling of bitcoins price being 61 53 this is the zone between 57 80 and 61 53 that is the zone where I only begin looking for short orders because I fully believe that we will retest 4,000 after initially testing 6000 firmly believe that for the reasons I laid out in yesterday's video so I will make it very clear that there is a possibility that we do continue to push higher from here I don't see it right now we again have that steep investors a loss of confidence to get over however it would only take a few large buyers to restore that confidence and set price up for a third wave which would be that test of 6,000 I'm going to talk about that more in just a few seconds I do believe that the strongest case right now and the most likely scenario is consolidation after a large and decision candle like that typically almost always we get sideways movement for a prolonged period of time then as price action develops we can begin to see if price is going to be moving into the earth prices is developing in a reoccur mule a ssin pattern or a run to 6,000 or distributing and we're heading back down now now ranges are beautiful and this is what I'm talking about we're gonna be range trading and while most people are scared of ranges because they get whipsawed that's because they're trying to use trend trading indicators you need to know when to switch right and what and some people gonna say well you never know when pairs gonna range a patient's gonna trend you have a pretty good idea if you look for significant volume movements in the market right so what follows significant volume movements right ranging activity right after it after a long uptrend and you get a large cell activity you typically see sideways consolidation and then the beginning of a powerful downtrend or riah cumulation and price continues to turn to the upside right it doesn't take a whole lot of time that's the only situation where the well if we break this level we're bullish if we break this level we're bearish that's when that can play out right not every time you have a range right because there are many times that you have a range where where again like I said trading a range is beautiful if you have the right technical strategy because you only break out of a range one time you only break out or break down one time and the rest of the time you buy oversold and you sell overbought you set your bids below range lows and look to take advantage of liquidity grabs and you look to set your asks above range highs and look to take advantage of liquidity grabs I'm specifically talking about the perpetual swap contracts and features contracts on bit max right now and other futures platforms however this is also true on your larger cap coins as well but more poignant lis on our futures platforms let's see here so ranges are beautiful man and while most people are scared of them there are my favorite trading zone liquidity pools become very evident where I want to set my bids in my asks in advance become very evident a time transformation works amazing and we're able to catch tops and bottoms all day long now let's go down to the 3-day chart and start refining our levels just a little bit more looking to the three day what this is the most tradable higher timeframe that I've ever encountered and that I do look at every time the three day candle closes now we have confluence here again with our three day 200 exponential moving average in our 55 weekly exponential moving average what is the 3 day doing right now well as I said looking at the current 3 day is useless because it just opened last night it's not going to be valid looking at it in the light of price action as the candle hasn't closed and it's fresh activity is going to give an accurate reads on our indicators until it closes so let's look at this 3 day close that occurred last night again it's the first bearish hike annachi three daily candle that we've seen in a while closing basis was being suppressed by our 3 day 100 exponential moving average that we can see right here until we traded above it as you can see right here just before getting rejected from the 200 exponential moving average now price is back testing that area right now as I said I didn't want to look at the current three daily candle but I wouldn't be remiss if I didn't point it out prices currently back testing that area for to confirm another support resistance flip overall price is consolidating between these two critical higher timeframe levels the 3 day 100 exponential moving average and our weekly horizontal level of previous liquidity which is right here so 51 10 249 79 we look closely here at wadda it's hard what is the three day doing what's it's been doing for a while the three day wada ATAR continues to wane and it's gonna be difficult to see so just look up top here at our times transformation actually let me yep you can see that clearly right there you can see our three day for the first time we are flashing our three day time transformation cell signal or the first time since December of 2017 now we've already tested our horizontal again that level but I just pointed out the dotted horizontal right there for filling bids again what is the purpose of having those lines on your chart for filling bids all right that's the purpose of them and we talked about that level in the video from two days ago we use the order book from tensor charts to refine that level down to 49 30 49 50 got filled beautifully that trade worked out like butter the next area to set resting bids would be our three-day key gym in the realm of 48 33 right here again refer as I said earlier refer to your tensor charts order book or lower timeframes to refine those levels a bit for greater accuracy we have another long scalp set up at 47 63 that's our 3 day 8 exponential moving average and 4606 which is the previous weekly horizontal that I've been talking about for some time right here all right um so looking for significant levels of support however our eyes are drawn down to our 3-day tenkan that is forming a nice cluster right here three day t'ankin for coming in right around here it's forming a nice cluster with our 3 day 55 exponential moving average and our 3 day 13 exponential moving average you don't have to hear me talk about the 13 but it just came up where it came up and it would be remiss of me if I didn't point it out I think we'll see consolidation there in a slowdown of the bleeding at that level going down to our daily now let's go down to the daily this is going to be important we can see the next significant daily level is also that 4606 zone where we have our daily tank and our daily 200 exponential moving average now here on the daily we can present the argument for bullishness okay we have a bearish order block in an inefficiency in the market so as we can see right here I've charted the bearish order block right here and as you can see on this daily candle an inefficiency in the market and efficiency in the market being a large candle that rips through a lot of orders without natural growth and progression typically just like gaps on a futures chart the market does not like that the market likes to back test those areas and confirm them as weakness before moving down whether that happens immediately or very quickly it doesn't really matter the point is is that when price retraces to those levels anybody that was trapped as a buyer at those levels is going to take the opportunity to sell conversely buyers or excuse me sellers to buy if we're talking about bullishness all right as I talked about asks on our 4950 bids that we that we filled could be set at 5150 after already taking some profit at 50 130 I do expect us to retest this inefficiency in the market before heading down you can see the bearish daily block right here what would be our first target the swing low right here swing low that helped form this parish order block so we're looking for the lowest swing low the forum before a bearish order block and a shift in market structure occurs okay the next targets following that so just for clarity that's forty seven seventy nine if you wanted to be more conservative you can target this swing low right here forty nine seventeen what's the actual louver that came out forty nine twelve excuse me I would be good initial take profit targets I go over this in more detail for the premium subscribers so let's see her and just to finish up here to simplify your long scalp can still be in play of the bid that we filled at forty nine fifty can still be in play partial in the group the partial profits we already took at 51 thirty looking to exit fully around fifty one fifty two fifty two hundred but once we hit that bearish order block the best risk to reward is in the short trade again we don't have to risk much on that trade to be invalidated if we are invalidated that is another break in market structure and pull backs into the OB can then be bought so breaking this to the upside then pull backs can be bought it's still too early to tell it's not as simple as if we break resistance we're going to the moon however initially I would expect that breaking that bearish order block after such a significant weekly candle would mean that the Bulls can't be stopped right now at these levels and that it would take the immense market pressure of selling that will come in at the $6,100 levels to quash price more significantly now we're going to diverge today during this pre-recorded to not break down the extremely low timeframe structures of Bitcoin on bit max as we normally do the reason why for that is because the previous the previous call is still in place so there are lots of opportunities there's been maybe two potential trades that you could have taken the day but I think that the more profitable are in the swing trades at this point in time right now looking at total crypto market cap we can find further we can find further argumentation or further confluence for our position to the downside or for our retest of the downside the reason why obviously is just rejection after our initial retest of resistance if we look at the total market cap on the daily we can see that we did form a nice range high we did wick directly above that tapping in the liquidity and pushing our way to the downside currently back testing that weekly level of horizontal support and resistance that we did chart out here currently back testing it for an SR flip at the very minimum before we can see before we can see a local bottom form 151 to 145 billion on the total market cap looking at the altcoin market cap we see a very similar structure we did get some nice bullish activity over the last couple of days in the intraday giving you as I said a good opportunity to exit out of your positions at less of a loss if you got trapped in some altcoin positions or at break-even which i think is the best case scenario there are again as with any market decline there are going to be a few that outperform the market but right now the entire market is suffering so I'd be very careful with your altcoin positions and be looking to definitely trade with a well-respected stop-loss this is really not an opportunity in my mind where you want to be scaling down into your positions because I do think that the market takes as a as a path as I've talked about here at length now in this video let's go take a look at a few other data metrics here we're gonna go look at USD te tether dominance tether dominance continues to rise now we did form an inefficiency in the market here we did gap I would expect this gap to be filled so I would expect tether dominance to fall off a little bit I think the you are still gonna have opportunities because again what is the strongest case right now consolidation in consolidation things are going to range high and range low so if you have not taken this opportunity to exit out of your trap altcoin positions you're still gonna get another chance why because tether dominance is likely to drop from here and revisit this gap area where we club where we close here and we open here so I think that we are likely to fill that gap and also you can see that USD T tether dominance is at resistance so just a realistic just a realistic place to look for a healthy pullback into other dominance before we continues to the upside the the daily is not overbought yet we did actually get a very nice beautiful buy signal right here on this candle right here tether dominance telling you to be out of the altcoin marketplace again I don't hear anybody else talking about this chart but it's one of the most important to talk about looking at Bitcoin dominance what do we see broke cleanly we broke out of that descending triangle we need to pull back and back test this level to make sure that it is gonna be confirmed this is another bearish indicator for the old coins remember we were potentially bullish on the old coins while we were consolidating in this descending triangle but no longer guys especially with the total crypto market cap and the other crypto market cap excluding Bitcoin putting in its technical behavior right now you have to be very very very careful about the old coin positions that you put on I still think that we have yet to see a surge through some of the low sach coins so we're talking about things like kun DX we're talking about things like halogen we're talking about anything like poet for example PO there are gonna be your low sach coins that typically do perform well in this market behavior coins like that typically get capital flown into them again there is another in particularly a fault coin that I am very bullish on right now for for a very good technical reasons I'm gonna keep that for the premium members right now they're well aware of what it is once that puts on some bullish activity and behavior I will likely talk about it here in the show as well looking at Bitcoin volatility over the last 24 hours we can see it on really over the last uh few days has been on the decline after that big nice jump up after April first just been on the Klein and obviously been able to been able to catch trades a lot better with volatility dropping looking at CMU futures we can see that the gap that was caused right here has been back tested and filled we are now currently consolidating and closing above that level right here forming a doji candle at the bottom of a downtrend again an indecision candle on the daily here for cm e futures I'll we'll see how this closes but or excuse me not see how this closest we'll see how it opens but now that the gap has been filled as I said I think this leads confluence to the fact that I do see that bearish order block get tested we can see the bearish order block right here on the CMA futures as well I do expect us to test that and that to be the optimum level for shorting if you miss the short entry on the local top looking at GBD cg PDC has a little bit of ways to go down to finish closing the gap we have the gap down here so I would expect gpgc to continue on the decline a little bit I expect this to go down as the rest of the market to need continues to move sideways in its level of consolidation I do want to take this opportunity since we're not doing the livestream to engage with some of the YouTube comments so I apologize if this is a little boring for you but if you guys want to listen up for the YouTube comments I'm going to talk about and then we're going to talk about some exciting stuff here in just a few minutes so Mr ether did comment that is a million dollar bit of advice price disrespecting a certain level I hope everyone really pays attention in every video thank you so much my man it's good to see you in here I always appreciate your support you're one of the good ones and one of our longest supporters man thank you k7 GSXR I approve of that you're fine to have that link in there man it's all good Bob the Builder says sorry about the isp issues but thank you for the upload Justin you're very welcome Paul thank you so much k7 GSXR says order book trading can help gauge where to place in order to catch a wick and I have a direction absolutely that's why tensor charts is such a powerful tool um cuca Kula says would love if you can change your chart colors it's not a good contrast it hard to see so again that's that's something that that I've gone through I know that I've gotten some responses like that but overall like strategically this is the best contrast for individuals who are hard of eyesight to see i know when i zoom out sometimes it can be more difficult but having them in red and green wouldn't make that any better so for example like when we get really zoomed out like that like yeah it does become difficult to see but when you zoom in this actually does look much cleaner and much better than red and green it's something that I continually continue to question I really this is how I trade this is my setup because it's very calming to me I like the blue calming it you know white and black candlesticks they keep me away from the emotional impulses of red and green which are very emotionally charged colors but I appreciate the comment man and I hope you keep coming back and if you can think of anything if you could show me some examples of something that might be better I'd love to look at the man thank you block chain Gaines asks when fiber connection as I said in the beginning of the video I should we're gonna be up and running by Wednesday man thank you so much jörgen Earth's much-loved brother thank you so much man turd Ferguson says that was quite possibly the best straight no-nonsense forty five minute video ever perfectly done Justin much appreciated Thank You Man much much appreciated to you on Amash and you go chill chime in thank you guys so much for your support Floyd I digress I do digress quite a lot man Brandon says the last 20 minutes was spot-on great explanation of the core value of fundamentals thank you so much man Light Yagami says stop the thumbnails you're a grown man hey at the end of the day YouTube is its own unique platform and there just is Scott Scott's doing a great job with the thumbnails I really like them here's the thing there is just a certain thing that that YouTube likes to see there are certain images and thumbnails that people do like to click on and if you go take a look at our old thumbnails that were basically just random caps of me during a live stream this is much much better so big big shout out to Scott he's he's doing a great job of the thumbnails and I appreciate him from doing that and I'm sorry I don't like him like I haven't seen you back in a while like wanted to come in the live chat to get to chat with you anomaly 1 2 3 says great trading advice in every episode thank you so much exposed or sorry man um and uh not a moose that was tensor charts calm that I was looking at tensor charts calm p.m. Darien says if you pizza when you should french fry you're gonna have a bad time you're gonna have a bad time and Rick Deckard says oh this was on TD sequential but says great video man thanks I'm sure there's a lot more to it than this seems too simple but looking forward to the more in depth video got a lot of requests for that second TD sequential video it is on the docket I've just been so busy I did not expect the YouTube channel to take off like it did and of course we're trying to get them every day try every week trying to get more in depth with the premium subscribers so thank you so much for your support ma'am alright guys thank you so much for joining me today for the pre-recorded video again very sorry about the interruption in our local service but we will be back on Wednesday with our new fiber connection fingers crossed everything is gonna go fantastic when bad things don't happen to us only good things happen so knock on wood and again thank you so much for the continued support if this is your first time to the channel and you really appreciate and enjoy the content because we are trying to express trading psychology trading strategy and discipline that I do not see on any other channel it's all when moon bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla and if you can see and spot the difference and are an individual that wants to improve your personal strategy with real no-nonsense information please please please subscribe to the channel hit that Bell because the YouTube algorithm doesn't really like crypto currency traders sometimes and we'd highly appreciate it if you give the thumbs up button a little smash guys we're trying to hit 100 likes on every video minimum and after that we will most likely raise the minimum to 200 so I highly appreciate anybody who's hitting that button if you want to come over and support us on Twitch crap excuse me it's twitch dot cracking cryptocurrency comm if you want to come over there give us a follower subscription of course if you would like to be a member of the premium trading group and have access to our trade setups and signals are private discord community my indicators and strategies as well as our webinar course and the resource database library you can of course check out the link at the top of the screen premium dot crack and cryptocurrency comm I'd love to see in the mentorship program and work more with you if you are an interested trader until then guys make sure that you're trading safely and I will catch you guys in the next video

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