Why Bitcoin BTC WILL Crush Altcoins In 2019!

coin will possibly crush all coins here
in 2019 we’re gonna be looking at Satoshi values of all coins as you can
see I have this double chart pulled up here with Bitcoin on the left and
aetherium – Bitcoin on the right and you can see we have a lot of a smarter
market and a smarter investor you know influx coming into this market we’re in
2017 you can see as Bitcoin rose we saw a theory in rise as well in satoshi
value but with this new bull market you can see as we’ve seen Bitcoin rise
aetherium has stayed at these all-time lows in satoshi value and is not seeing
any movement and we’re seeing that across the board with almost every
single altcoin so this is the big elephant in the room and we’re gonna be
discussing this and taking questions from our live audience today and going
over some deep fundamental analysis so make sure you guys like this video if
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about what’s happening here with Bitcoin and alt coins and why we may see a shift
in dominance where Bitcoin may start to have back towards its eighty percent
dominance range and as you can see when we pull up the market dominance chart
you can see we’re starting to see this orange which is bitcoins representation
starting to head back towards these highs and I’m gonna talk about exactly
why this is happening and why I believe more and more investors are going to
come to this market a lot smarter and put their money in asset classes that
actually have intrinsic value like Bitcoin where it’s limited in quantity
and the demand continues to increase as it becomes more and
a storage of value not a currency I saw somebody on the forum today arguing with
somebody talking about how Bitcoin has all these crazy transaction times
there’s 46,000 transactions right now there unconfirmed and all of this bla
bla bla and at the end of the day you have to realize it’s not a currency to
storage of value and it was meant for a recession and once again we may be
approaching this next recession here with traditional markets and we’re gonna
talk about that and look at that as well but first and foremost I want to talk
about bitcoins overall technical analysis and overview and then we will
take some questions at the end of this as we finish covering headlines
including one Satoshi now being worth more than seven national currencies
we’re gonna talk about future contracts for Bitcoin hitting all-time highs on
Thursday netflix launching a documentary V chain and some other awesome news but
first and foremost this is the analysis we had on Wednesday I talked about
waiting for this daily candle to close above 13:5 for us to see confirmation
that we’re gonna go ahead and head towards our next target of six three and
then 19,000 but you can see we failed to break that resistance level with the
body of our candle and we only saw wick pierce right through which is a very
bullish sign but we’re gonna talk about where we see Bitcoin headed here very
soon now I want you to realize that what we saw here on the daily with this
correction was very healthy because you can see not only did we bounce on this
EMA which is the exponential moving average but we were able to go ahead and
close all of these Long’s and if you guys understand how institutions work
the institutions are not gonna allow everyone to have leveraged Long’s and
continue to see price action to the upside that’s why you see this big sell
volume these are brokers that are trying to go
ahead and liquidate all these long positions and that’s why you can see it
always ends up going back to market structure consolidation this is where
we’ve previously found consolidation and if you don’t understand what I’m saying
what I’m basically saying is when people are setting up their Long’s here they’re
entering here they’re entering here they’re entering here and now they’re on
500x leverage for example you just see price action to the upside if these
brokers allowed Bitcoin to just continue to see upside momentum they
would lose a lot of money that’s why you’re always gonna periodically see
these Corrections along the way as we see price action to the upside but
overall bitcoin is still very bullish that’s why you see it corrected all the
way back down on this consolidation area liquidate it any long that was here and
now it’s starting to head back up and it’s just gonna continue those type of
patterns as we see higher and higher price levels now please note as we start
to head back towards this $13,500 resistance we have a lot more buyer
momentum being the fact that we saw this initial short-term correction and so
that’s the biggest thing I’d be watching for right now in this market bitcoin is
still on the move and therefore altcoins are still very undetermined and as we
wanted to talk about from the start of this video other altcoins compared to
Bitcoin right now when you look at satoshi value this is BTT this is one of
the long-term holds that I talked about recently you know I talked about this
months ago you can see all-time lows in Bitcoin value even being be a coin that
has withstood the bear market and saw amazing growth in 2018 if you guys also
don’t remember if you guys keep up with our YouTube channel subscribe if you
haven’t already we talked about the B&B coin in January of 2018 being the number
one coin invested in this market and obviously you can see we saw tremendous
growth with that but now as Bitcoin starts to head back into its bull run
investors are getting smarter you can see we’re seeing even low satoshi values
for a coin like B&B and that in comparison to what we’re seeing in
Bitcoin is astonishing because with Bitcoin you can see we’re seeing these
major Spurs of growth while we’re not necessarily seeing that with some of
these other strong coins like B&B and I’m looking at satoshi value here if we
were to pull up the USD chart it would look completely different but the point
is sometimes you have to realize that holding Bitcoin is sometimes better than
holding alt coins because if satoshi value stays the same for that altcoin or
isn’t necessarily moving there’s going to the downside like B&B
then there’s no point of losing Bitcoin to hold an altcoin
unless you have that in your trading strategy I’ve seen strategies where
people will use some more coins as hedges against Bitcoin bitcoin is seeing
downside action and that’s definitely a possibility and it definitely something
you can do but for the most part you don’t want to be losing satoshis right
now because the most valuable thing in this market right now is Bitcoin and
that’s proven here by this global chart here so to move on to total
cryptocurrency health I want you to look at this top 100 chart here by coin
market cap when we look at USD value of these coins a lot of them are seeing
amazing gains but then as soon as you pull up Satoshi values you can see the
majority of them are seeing astonishing a downside price action in comparison to
the amazing Bitcoin boron that we’re seeing right now and so I believe the
reason for this is investors are getting a lot smarter and they’re realizing that
if they’re gonna put liquidity and capital into an asset that asset has to
have some sort of intrinsic value and we talked about this in the 2017 boron I
personally believe the majority of these all coins will not be around five to ten
years from now because it’s just a representation of what happened in the
dot-com bubble in 2000 when you had all of these websites you had companies
saying hey we just launched a website and the next day they’re stocked rising
ten thousand percent most of those companies are gone the ones that
withstood that are some of the behemoths like Yahoo Facebook Google Apple and
things or companies like those and so I think that’s why it’s gonna be very
important in this bull market cycle when investing in all coins to get your
information from legitimate sources a lot of you guys if you guys are in the
live chat by the way say I if you guys have seen in the past or have seen news
articles like ripple and money Graham’s partnership I’m sorry it seems that the
stream is going a little bit berserk here is this working properly I hope
this stream is streaming right do you guys see everything correctly or is this
stream not working correctly I hope it is working
correctly but anyways to get back to the point I want you guys to realize that
there is something big happening around the big elephant in the room is what is
happening to these altcoins as we start to see them head towards these major
lows when we look at all of these altcoins against Bitcoin right now on a
weekly chart they’re all in downtrend or they are hitting all-time lows you can
see even XRP broke a major support level here in regards to satoshi value and
it’s continuing to head down here somebody said I Dave Hubner monster
hippy waggons and Vinnie Aref dusty in the house Stacy in the
house so hopefully the stream is working right
I don’t know why it’s saying that there is no bit rates going through but
hopefully it’s working so to go ahead and move on we want to talk about gold
so if you look at Gold’s chart what’s very interesting is if you look at
Bitcoin versus gold we’re seeing very very big similarities now the thing with
gold is the gold has been around for decades and decades and decades and and
and and Bitcoin obviously has not been around that long Bitcoin has been around
since 2008 really you couldn’t really even obtain it until 2009 2010 because
it was so hard to obtain there weren’t wallets there weren’t exchanges and
things like that but what we’re seeing with gold which is
a og asset is new all-time highs a break-in resistance that we saw since
2013 we haven’t seen it break these levels since 2013 and the craziest thing
about all of this is Bitcoin is the digital representation of gold and
they’re both very similar when it comes to fundamentals where Bitcoin and gold
are limited in quantity and I believe the reason we’re seeing price action to
the upside and sorry guys I’m just reading the chat somebody said stream is
fine RF said stream is smooth alright good so I personally be the the reason
we’re seeing gold breaking these all-time
heis since 2013 we’re seeing Bitcoin out of every other cryptocurrency seeing
major major price action is because we are seeing a down side we are starting
the next recession when it comes to where the world economy
I personally believe we’re gonna start to see currencies go to all-time lows
and we’re gonna see more and more liquidity flow in to assets that
actually have intrinsic value and an asset that’s limited in quantity
typically have typically has the most intrinsic value such as gold and so
there’s really two scenarios here in my opinion bitcoin is either gonna continue
to go to the upside break new all-time highs and the majority of all coins are
either gonna crash or consolidate and the other scenario would be Bitcoin
consolidates either at all-time highs either at these higher levels maybe it
drops back find support around 10,000 I don’t believe that this is the gonna be
the most likely scenario but this is a possibility we see Bitcoin consolidate
whether it’s at all-time highs not at all time highs I don’t think it’s
gonna see any sort of downside anytime soon it is in a very strong bull market
you can see on this weekly chart just tons and tons of volume and what’s very
interesting is a lot of people are asking the question is this
institutional volume or is this retail investor volume well if you look at how
these volume spikes come they’re very similar right every single time there’s
liquidity a little spike of by volume comes in and for the most part it’s
similar in size right the allocations are very similar every single time we’re
seeing capital come to this market and that’s how institutions will come into
this market they will not be the big elephant the big focus they’re not just
gonna put all of their liquidity all their capital in the market they’re
gonna slowly insert capital see how retail investors react insert more
capital see how retail investors react and so forth and if you guys are
subscribed to our YouTube channel or part of our premium group you guys know
I talked about cambers analytics they have the reference points for 300
billion dollars in managed assets in the for the first time ever in March they
announced to all of these institutions that they recommend 30 points in
blockchain and crypto and those institutions will at least take a year
for their full compliance to be completed in order for them to see any
sort of their capital built into an asset class like Bitcoin and therefore
if we pull up this next article by Mike Novogratz a billionaire you can see here
he says Bitcoin at $10,000 expects Visa and MasterCard to accept Bitcoin in 18
months and then he talks about exactly the topic that we have here and he says
first this is a step function first they’re gonna accept Libre coin I would
bet you within 18 months Visa MasterCard accept Bitcoin as payment as well
novigrad Novogratz affirms that institutional investors are getting more
comfortable blockchain as the foundational technology for a new global
financial infrastructure emerges and then he says we’re seeing institutions
moving into this space and this run wasn’t institution its people front
running them and then it goes into more depth into the article talks about how
China is investing in this market and I actually have personal sources once
again I just started advising a new company I’m about advising now 10
blockchain companies and from being in the behind the scenes we’re seeing a lot
of interest from Dubai the Middle East as well as China South Korea of course
the majority of volume that comes from South Korea is because South Korea is so
used to digital currencies like you know they were really where the gaming spur
was created and that’s why because they were so used to gaming digital
currencies was just something that they were already used to and then you see
places like China that are already using digital currencies as their primary
currency because if you guys go to China and you don’t know this the majority of
them are using WeChat they’re also realizing okay Bitcoin makes sense it’s
limited in quantity it’s digital our world has been interconnected in the
last decade because of the internet but I’ve sat alongside Brock Pierce who’s
the founder of Yeo’s and I’ve heard him say this multiple times the current
internet in its current state is broken it’s built on a weak foundation and must
be rebuilt on a blockchain in order for full security and for full
efficiency of having a interconnected web across the world the internet as it
is right now according to Brock Pierce a billionaire in this space he said and
I’ve heard him say this in person the current foundation of our Internet is
completely weak and it is not stable enough for future growth and so with all
of that being said it would only make sense for not only a digital currency to
reside but also for the majority of companies to start moving towards
blockchain infrastructure rather than traditional infrastructure and that’s
why you see Facebook announcing the Libre coin what’s interesting about that
well understand this if facebook is gonna announce the Libre coin and give
people digital wallets do you believe that they’re gonna allow Bitcoin in
their digital wallets yes or no say in the chat let’s see maybe we’ll give away
a book during this live stream but I want to go through some more points
before we take user questions and do more technical analysis and we’ll take
some requests as well but the point is overall we’re in a bull market there’s
no point of doing technical analysis on a short timeframe right now at the end
of the day bitcoin is going long it’s continuing its rally up there’s a major
volume coming in right now and we have not yet seen the most of it this is just
the start remember during this whole upward cycle look how high the RSI
stayed at these overbought levels for how long they stayed at these over about
levels we have just entered these levels these bullish RSI levels on the weekly
so very very interesting very excited here but cardi man says fix your stream
offline I do apologize I I do see here that the stream is seeing a little bit
of difficulties here but hopefully we can fight through it and hopefully
things get better here so to continue moving on with our live stream and let
me know if this is still not working well and I will reset the stream if
needed but let’s into some articles that I believe are
extremely important for you guys to see here beyond the mic Novogratz article
that we just pulled up so the next article here once Satoshi is now worth
more than 700 sorry seven national currencies you can see the iranian
vietnamese indonesian guy amy and sierra whatever i can’t even pronounce most of
these bitcoin is now worth more than seven national currencies what did we
just talk about we’re gonna transition into a digital currency the same way
that over the last decade AI world our world has become more and more
interconnected with social media and the internet i believe a digital currency is
necessary i think bitcoin is gonna be that currency another article here
bitcoin futures trading volumes break all records 1.7 billion dollars worth of
bitcoin contrast exchange hands-on CM e is it a good thing that we’re breaking
all-time highs or is it a bad thing it’s a good thing right
fundamentally this is showing a lot of optimism in this market and it’s showing
that will potentially see a trillion dollar market here soon netflix
launching an altcoin documentary is that bullish in a fundamental sense 100% let
me tell you guys exactly what’s happening here and then we’re gonna talk
about some alt coins and which ones to watch and how to properly analyze them
but everything that we’re talking about here summarizes in this graph and then
we’ll move on to alt coins right innovation adopts in like adoption life
cycle this is one of my first charts that III live streamed on youtube back
in 2016 i believe and i talked about this and i told everyone we were still
in the early adopter phase and that the early majority has an outcome I’ve been
in this street for almost ten years I remember the innovators the innovators
that walk through they did their thing by talib uterine Brock Pierce Roger ver
you saw all of these oh geez they walked the walk
those were the innovators the early adopters came in that’s what we saw in
2017 people that were exposed to Bitcoin at one point in their life were the ones
that most likely invested during that cycle but now that people are aware the
innovators have already proven the concept the early majority phase is here
to come and you can see this is the major phase this is the phase that you
want to be at the forefront of not end of because this is where you see the
most growth as an investor or as somebody participating in this space so
very important that you guys realize where we’re at right now in the
technology adoption cycle and now to move on and talk about some alt coins so
I want you guys to remember I don’t believe a lot of these alt coins will be
here five to ten years from now I’m gonna talk about why here’s one example
right here the V chain platform if you guys are familiar with V chain you can
see here just over took a therians daily transaction volume with real world
valuable transactions here’s one of the comments here this is amazing I would
add one more detail with the same amount of transactions V chain is on point zero
four of capacity while ETH is at 100% that article alone shows you that some
of these coins like maybe etherium for example are not built on advanced
blockchain systems and models and what that means is we may see some of these
coins vanish what’s aetherium primary use case well in 2017 it was to fund
icos we saw billions of dollars of funding in this new ball cycle and this
new Bowron were not seeing I SEOs and guess what that makes a hundred percent
sense when we look at satoshi value of some of these alt coins they’re not
seeing growth aetherium in my opinion has lost its intrinsic value in the fact
that it’s not being used to raise funds anymore and then number two what’s the
most like the most the primary uses or the the biggest use case of aetherium
crypto Kitty’s a stupid game sorry for my language but that’s not good use case
right that’s not like Bitcoin where it’s a limited asset that has worldwide
access and was supposed to quote unquote be a currency but now is becoming
storage of value that’s intrinsic value it’s just like gold but when it comes to
aetherium and we realize okay well they every year
they have inflationary systems in place where there’s more aetherium that’s
created and blah blah blah is that fundamentally a good
business model for a coin probably not why because we’re so ignorant right now
in this phase of the market because we haven’t even entered early majority so
it’s just like being in the dot-com bubble around 2000 and not necessarily
having me full grasp of what’s about to happen in five to ten years because in
2000 I bet each and every one of you guys none of you guys would have guessed
social media was going to become a thing none of you guys guess that YouTube was
gonna become a thing none of you guys would have guessed that Facebook and
Instagram would have become behemoths right none of you would have guessed
that those are all new concepts that came from the underlying technology that
was created in 2000 or was created in the 90s or whatever it had to be and the
same thing is happening now people are still ignorant they don’t know what is
the best use for blockchain what is the best use for these coins what is the
best use for digital assets but what we do know is fundamentals will never lie
and so you always have to get your information from the right people and so
that’s why I’m highly highly motivated to continue to grow traders profit Club
as we are currently the largest cryptocurrency educational group in the
world and we will continue to have more and more features more education and
more resources for each and every one of you guys let’s take some questions from
our live audience we’ll do some technical analysis and then we’re gonna
go ahead and wrap up this live stream and sorry if the bandwidth isn’t right
we’re gonna go ahead and get that fixed by our next live stream before we go in
to questions from our live audience I want you to pay attention to this chart
total crypto currency market cap chart all of this new volume coming in way
more by volume a lot more aggressive a lot faster very very positive for our
market here when we see this type of volume and this type of price action and
this is the total crypto currency market cap chart and I’m very very positive and
I’m confident just like I was in 2016 and 17 that we will see a trillion
dollar market cap here very soon and Bitcoin does have the potential to be
the majority of this market and I would not be surprised for Bitcoin to once
again gain back its dominance as 80% as stood past since 2000 and that
13 it’s stayed at that level there’s no reason for it not to stay because
remember everything that happened here was uneducated investing everything
that’s gonna happen here moving forward is educated investing that’s the biggest
difference right now guys in 2017 people weren’t educated then I started traders
profit club and now the bull run has started I’m just messing with you
but I’m sure we have had some small impact in educating people on crypto
right I’ve had people come to me in conferences when I’ve spoken all around
the world thank you so much for posting videos thank you for going live every
single night in 2017 for six hours straight for us that helped me so much
blah blah blah so I’m not saying it’s us but I’m saying as a community as the
other youtubers that you guys watch as we see more and more like documentaries
by Netflix more rappers like Big Sean rapping about Bitcoin right those are
the things that are gonna allow us to hit the early majority phase in this
cycle and it’s not gonna be hard in my opinion because of the fact that this is
a worldwide movement this isn’t restricted towards any sort of country
this isn’t restricted towards any sort of demographic it doesn’t matter where
you come from how much you have you are able to have a Bitcoin so let’s go ahead
and talk about some user or some some questions here from our live audience
and then we’ll wrap this baby up after some analysis Andrew Fisher here on the
youtube live says name do you see Bitcoin cash catching up to its
historical equivalents with Bitcoin for instance you always see Bitcoin cash lag
behind BTC and catch up soon after do you see this happening Andrew Fisher so
for those of you that don’t know a Bitcoin cash is a fork of Bitcoin and it
was created by Roger River as quote unquote
a way to make Bitcoin quote-unquote better but here’s what I want you to
realize if we pull up the Bitcoin cash chart so we pull up beat bch against BTC
let’s just pull up a coin based chart here we’re seeing exactly what we’re
seeing with all these other altcoins we’re seeing Bitcoin smash the value of
all these other altcoins huge huge cell volume coming in for Bitcoin cash
in a complete downtrend on the weekly I don’t I would not say that Bitcoin cash
has any sort of protection against what’s about to happen right now as
Bitcoin continues to see more and more liquidity flow into it
say I in the live chat if you guys are holding alt coins in your buy net and
you see your Bitcoin value just continuing to drop say I in the chat I
want you guys to realize something here for those of you that have experienced
that what’s happening is you’re holding this alt coin and literally as Bitcoin
continues to go up your people there are investors taking Bitcoin away from you
that’s pretty much what’s happening in your buy Nantz account when you’re
holding all coins and you’re seeing your Satoshi value drop now there are
strategies that can be implemented when trading that allow you to not only
preserve u.s. value but also Satoshi I’ll give you an example this recent
downturn where Bitcoin saw that 20% or 14% correction as it started to head
towards the 13 thousand dollar range in my portfolio my Bitcoin went up as
Bitcoin went down and it was because I wasn’t holding Bitcoin as Bitcoin was
heading down my Bitcoin was sold and then when Bitcoin saw downward momentum
all coins actually saw upward momentum and I’ll show you exactly what I mean by
that if we were to pull up a one-hour chart here and this is a little bit more
advanced strategies and we actually we just launched our 30 video course for
all of our premium members for those of you that haven’t already gotten that
make sure to get that but we may be launching in an advanced crypto course
soon where I go over more of these specifics but I will go over a little
bit of it right now so if I were to pull up a double chart here with Bitcoin and
then also pull up a double chart here with litecoin I’ll show you exactly what
I mean so as Bitcoin on let’s go on a one-hour chart here for both of these
charts so on the Left we’ve got Bitcoin to the US dollar on the right we’ve got
litecoin to Bitcoin so when Bitcoin as you can see started to head down that so
we saw this top here at 13 and then you can see
soon as we saw that major crash what happened here with litecoin it saw that
movement up right so if you were to liquidate Bitcoin here and go into
litecoin instead of waiting to have Bitcoin recover then what would have
happened is not only would have you preserved your Bitcoin value but you’ll
have the opportunity to reenter Bitcoin and then gain more satoshis as the
litecoin satoshi value receives right so you have to understand this markets not
like forex it’s not like stocks it’s not like commodities it’s not like futures
this market is the crypto market and it’s very different market than all
these other markets because you have to consider the Satoshi value of every
asset in this market not just the USD value yes you can trade based on US
dollars but when you understand the Satoshi comparison or the Satoshi the
the Satoshi the so I would call the the the man I just lost the word the the
best way to put it is you have to understand the dynamics of both if you
understand the way all coins will act and react towards Bitcoin you will make
better trading decisions because you are not just trading based on US value
you’re also trading based on Satoshi value and so we can go into that but I
want to wrap this baby up let’s take another question and we’ll continue to
move on I do have a meeting coming up here very soon I just had my alarm go
off and then I know we have technical difficulties so any other questions I
think we’ve covered quite a bit and I hope you guys have enjoyed this make
sure to LIKE the video if you guys have let’s see here what do you think about
Mason says what do you think about Trump’s comments on digital trade and
e-commerce at g20 I don’t believe Trump will be in office for much longer so I
don’t believe his opinion matters he has very little control over the growth of
this market the u.s. can do whatever they want the end of the day they have
not banned Bitcoin they have not been the use of digital current
season I believe the reason is because they realize that it’s not something
they can stop and if they were to make a move like that it would jeopardize their
own national currency in their own economy and I think that they’re just
allowing it to be and that is a very good thing and I think that’s why the
United States is one of the greatest countries in the world the reason you’re
seeing them very very strict with exchanges and that’s why by Nantz has
left the u.s. from its main platform and creating this new platform is because
the u.s. cares about its citizens and it does not want investors in a market
that’s extremely volatile and could allow these investors that don’t
necessarily have a lot of income to lose their capital that’s why there’s a lot
of strict rules in place like accredited investors can be the only ones to invest
in crypto hedge funds right now for example or things of that nature but
there’s always gray areas around all this like forming an LLP structure with
an investor so forth and we can go into more of that but I don’t believe what
Trump has to say is gonna really do anything at the end of the day what
we’re seeing right now is a shift in our world economy and the reason we see that
is when you look at Gold’s chart and you look at bitcoins chart they are very
similar and the only reason we would be seeing growth in a limited asset is
because we see liquidity coming from other markets as a hedge of a possible
market correction I believe the smart investors are realizing that this is a
new era and it’s not 2008 it’s not 2000 there’s a new asset class here and it’s
called Bitcoin and it’s just like gold but it’s better and I know that sounds
like a sales pitch but at the end of the day I can’t send gold to the Philippines
I can’t send gold to Russia I can’t send gold to Australia but I can
send you Bitcoin right and they’re both limited in quantity they both have
intrinsic value and that’s why bitcoin is such a beautiful asset class in my
opinion and I am super excited to be at the forefront of this with all of you
guys Mitch says hey do you have an idea if this Bitcoin pump has anything to do
with printing more tether understand that I know a lot of people talk about
what’s happening with tether and how that it’s
complete market manipulation I personally believe since the US Justice
Department subpoenaed BitFenix based on possibly printing tether and
artificially creating volume that now that they are actually going through the
logistics and going through more of the actual documentation of what has
occurred that they’re gonna protect investors and they’re gonna make sure
that we are aware if there are any sort of discrepancies with kono coat tether
being printed causing fake market volume now of course it’s a theory that a lot
of people talk about but as long as the US Justice Department is already
researching and analyzing that specific scenario or that case I believe will be
fine I’d rather have them do it than for us to try to come up with all these new
theories and talk about something that doesn’t necessarily change the direction
of our futures you know at the end of the day if there’s fake volume come from
tether it’s obviously working right now and there’s a lot of retail investors
coming to this market there’s a lot of institutions they’re gonna follow that
tether but I just don’t believe the you know the this the the justice system is
gonna let us down so I’d rather let them handle that than for us to talk about it
and handle it when we just can’t necessarily do anything about it right
but they can definitely do that so Andrew Fisher we talked about that RF
dusties is 19 but the successful people you hang out with what are some good
coins you see people talking about most you know one coin I heard from one of my
really close friends is one of the largest influencers in the conference
space and LinkedIn he mentioned a coin Adam that I have not necessarily done
enough research to vouch for yet but I have heard Adam I personally have
vouched for the bittorrent token because BitTorrent is a already established
platform with an all are already established user base is almost like
Facebook right and then the Libra coin obviously that’s coming out Facebook is
one of the most tied companies to the government and so the Libra coin for me
isn’t necessarily the best place or the the you know the most optimistic thing
for me I it’s more of like ripple in a way where
ripple is quote-unquote not decentralized and I think the Libra coin
is gonna be very similar where it’s going to be very controlled and at the
end of the day Facebook has access to it the government has access to it so there
really isn’t much privacy there there’s not really much decentralization there I
think it kind of ruins a lot of the the reasons for you to use a digital
currency I think it kind of puts it back into a centralized control system and
therefore I’m not so fond of of coins like Libra versus coins like Bitcoin
where it’s not the case right um you know one thing that has always stayed in
the back of my mind you know and this is something I think some of you guys will
find funny is what if out of nowhere somebody comes out as Satoshi Nakamoto
which he has wallets that have insane amounts of Bitcoin and what if he comes
out of nowhere and starts to manipulate the market right like that’s for me
always something that’s in the back of my head but I just don’t see that
happening because I think that that would be insane but I think that’s
something that I think it’s a big elephant in the room that nobody talks
about it’s like all right well at the end of the day somebody created this and
who is it you know so I think that’s the one one uncertain thing about Bitcoin
but other than that I think whoever was the one to create it is not going to
allow it to be degraded like that and therefore they’re gonna maintain
standards such as not touching those wallets that have a ton of Bitcoin in
them you know and manipulate the market or whatever that might be um you know I
just believe whoever is behind Bitcoin because once again nobody knows you can
ask anyone nobody in the world knows it at least isn’t mentioned it publicly and
whoever has there’s never been verification but I believe that whoever
is behind it is not going to necessarily make bad decisions because for the past
ten years they haven’t and so why would they make a bad decision now so let’s go
ahead and continue on to take some questions here from the live audience
Ricardo says I’m in games already over eight times the money I invested by
eltis you didn’t rallied so far I’m glad that you’re making
in our premium group that’s awesome we did post a light coin signal recently
Dita charrisse’s if I could get anything of importance to the crypto community
it’s that if we want people to buy Bitcoin stay in Bitcoin it needs to be
used as cash I don’t believe that’s true d gold does not have to be used like
cash right and it’s the same thing with Bitcoin Bitcoin is not a currency stop
thinking it’s a currency bitcoin is a storage of value I don’t care how many
unconfirmed transactions there are I don’t care I don’t care how hard the
mining difficulty is at the end of the day it’s an asset that’s limited in
quantity and no matter you know matter of fact in my opinion the reason that it
has values because it’s so hard to mine because it costs so much to mine because
it doesn’t have such a stable Network I think those are all reasons for people
to hold it versus spend it and exchange it and therefore I see it as a currency
you know here’s really my perspective and this might be a fanatical
perspective or opinion but I personally believe and and you know we can go to my
past predictions and you guys can watch some my videos I’ve been very very
accurate with a lot of things but I think Bitcoin is gonna be the underlying
world currency that we base all other currencies on the same way that we’re
basing all these altcoins on Satoshi values I think we’re gonna start looking
at currencies in Satoshi value right I think that bitcoin is gonna be used as
that representation for people to value a currency I think every currency will
eventually be digital I think we’ll see a lot more digital currencies come about
right now I believe that there are only very few that will stay around I think
the ones that will stay around are the ones that have consistent use case have
good leadership and those are typically ones coming from big behemoths like
Facebook or BitTorrent or by Nance right those are coins those are companies that
we can be confident in but then when you look at something like aetherium and
you’re like okay we had what an 18 year old kid code this 10 years ago and v
chain Thor just passed daily transactions and it’s not even a percent
of what it could be while three names running at 100
right now its primary use cases crypto kitties give me a break
a theorem will most likely go down with a lot of these other altcoins
if that’s the case unless use case comes about its major use case ICO is okay
great no more ICO just billions of dollars in
2017 and very little this year right I think there was several million raised
in I cos this year everyone’s doing an IO now why they stopped being become
about and say oh whoa well that makes sense by Nance’s in exchange they’re the
ones making the most money right now they’re coin is the number one
performing coin of 2018 during a bear cycle that’s probably a good place to
start venturing and that’s why u s– now see b and b i ce o–‘s right or IE OS so
we’re gonna see the herd follow success that always oh it’s always what happened
the herd follows success so they see okay exchanges are where money is that
let’s go make iOS at the time i cos where to make the money now that’s gone
so you gotta understand that this is a dynamic market it’s more complex than
every other market there is because in my opinion the satoshi comparison or the
satoshi aspect of this market where you’ve got bitcoin here that is in my
opinion the main driver and the main force to be reckoned with here vipul
says your faithfulness doesn’t matter to me or to most people in this planet can
you agree on that um i don’t know how faithfulness has anything to do with
this and your username is quite disturbing vipul my nipple interesting
haha SG says name would you so just holding alts at these lows or selling
into BTC like i said you have to have a strategy in place if you’re going to be
coming into alts you know really the question is are you a part of a group
that is educating you properly i post all of my crypto signals i post all of
my bit mech signals in our premium group you guys can see all the results here
these are all of our results on their free signals here you can see we hit a
Forex signal in profits to eth bit mechs long in profits we had a bitcoin finance
call in profits is all today 22% to days forty percent in one day you know
so you know really where we in our premium who have seen the majority of
profits recently is these etherium Bitcoin longs right you can see X BT
target eight one of our other analysts fifty percent call yesterday I did
another fifty percent call yesterday we had two of those yesterday another forty
five percent call thirty percent call the day before twenty two point five
percent on Bitcoin right so a lot of our recent gains have come from Bitcoin in
theory ‘im longs with leverage you know I recommend for portfolios that are
under ten thousand US dollars to be in the leveraged market once you have
proper education and proper proper know-how not leveraging too much we’re
leveraging 3 X 2 X 5 X at most you know that’s how you can very much take
advantage of this market and make the most amount of money the other way is if
you have larger amounts of capital it’s doing swing trades allowing those to
completely automate themselves by setting yourself up on those higher time
frames and we also send those signals out that’s why we had our Bitcoin signal
from what the sixteenth we had our Bitcoin entry at eighty seven hundred
and we told everyone the target was gonna be eleven and twelve and both of
those targets hit and then we reset a new call in Bitcoin drop yesterday that
already hit both of its targets so you know that’s 20% 50% 40% 50% back to back
to back and that’s why it’s not a surprise that our students are doing
three hundred percent a month you know this is a beautiful market it’s less
than a trillion dollars here’s the one thing I’ll leave you guys with
understand this when this market goes above a trillion it’s not gonna be the
opportunity that it is right now there’s gonna be a lot less volatility a lot
less percentage gains and you’re going to look it’s like the stock market you
go to the stock market look at the stock market today right type into stock
market today let’s see let’s see the fifteen percent gains in the stock
market right so we go to stock market today we look at stock market and this
is because it’s a sixty plus trillion dollar market right it’s already seen
it’s early majority its early okay two percent gains one percent gains 0.55
percent gains point said I’d rather give my
grandmother money until there start a business and get more ROI on that right
so it’s not what we see with crypto and it’s only gonna last as we see
institutions come into this market once they’re in there volume matters a lot
more than ours and that’s coming very soon and and and that’s you know and
that’s something you guys have to understand we’ve been preaching this for
a long time and Hassan says Nayeem appreciate these live streams thanks for
devoting your time thank you mike says last year you liked Yost you still feel
the same you know in my long-term portfolio if somebody were to ask me
like if I just wanted I have $100,000 I just want to put it into this market
never touch it ever again Yost would definitely be in that long-term
portfolio I’ll tell you right now you know the majority and the way I’d
allocate a long-term portfolio right now is I’d put over 50% in Bitcoin I put
about 10 percent in etherium I’d put about another 10 percent in ripple and
then I put about 7 to 8 percent in iOS and then everything that I named after
iOS I would put between one to five percent that’s Bitcoin cash
litecoin Manero dash Z cash those are the coins that have the most confidence
when you pull up dominance charts here and I’ll tell you exactly why my
portfolio is allocated in that way is when you look at what’s happening right
now with altcoin dominance the top ten are pretty much doing fine Bitcoin is
rising but when you look at others which is everything beyond the past over the
top 10 it’s going from 22% dominance and it’s already hit 15% so it’s just
dropping astronomy cailli exponentially I’m sorry
while Bitcoin is increasing

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  1. As Bitcoin BTC moves up altcoins are staying stagnant and losing dominance. Let's talk about why BTC may reach 80% dominance causing some altcoins to disappear & some to thrive.

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