Why Binance and Coinbase are Betting BIG #Matic Hidden Gem

I like to welcome everybody to ckj TV and the token of one of my top picks on the hidden gem Network is going to be Matic Matic is a coin base and ventures seed investment project which I do believe it has huge potential for a major run-up I'm gonna explain to you guys why I'm really interested in mattock I mean it's no secret on this hidden gem Channel I'm actually looking for the next you know hidden gem like you know show potential like Bitcoin had you know potential XRP showed basically coin based ventures empowering the open financial system coinbase ventures investing companies building the open financial system so pretty much coin based ventures is trying to grow the ecosystem around digital assets digital currencies and so what I did guys is I've went through all the projects trying to find projects at the birth and the one we're gonna be talking about tonight is mattock mattock and I'm going to show you guys why I'm investing the mattock I'm not a financial advisor you know maybe just want to take a serious look at it one thing that caught my attention guys is Maddux scalable and instant blockchain transactions why Matic Matic architect but me personally I like to go down to the teens who's involved now you got Orlando founder and CTO of the central and so he taught at the central and previously software engineer at bit Bay okay so bit pay a bit a bit pay which were very familiar with bit pay also and actually was a ripple relationship with bitpay head of engine next one we have Peter Kim head of engineering while at at coinbase so works at coinbase seed investment into this project from coinbase me personally i always say the proof is in the partnerships next we got a mere project lead at the central and the proof is in the partnerships previously co-founder at been shire so if we go a little bit deeper really quick guys now now i did look up the team right here we will check them out one second but this is mattock network right here they looks like they have a total supply of 10 this is on market cap circulating supply around 2 billion a little over two billion historical data it looks like it did hit around three cents and May 21st and actually guys right now could not be a better time to purchase somatic it's a penny a penny so that's amazing right there guys just imagine you know this running up to you know for me this is gonna be you know I'm gonna put these in the bag and forget about it you know it could be six months could be a year but I easily see the potential automatical in what five ten bucks 20 bucks who knows who knows we could go look at who knows what could happen in the future and it is you can get you can get additional information from here if you like the guys the website the market cap volume circulating supply total supply the price related Kryptos now diplomatically on twitter ten days of Maddock right here now this is kind of interesting right here we are honored to have been mentioned by co chief investment officer at been terre capital Joey Krug during latest event on Unchained podcast so I guess Joey discusses Matic is one of the most promising scaling solutions in the market so basically guys make a long story short what they're saying is the theorem is having major scaling problems and what they're saying with Matic add-on and sidechain you know far as the technicals of it you know I don't really go too deep in that aspect of it but they're saying this scales much better than at the area now Matic proposal submit it to buy nasty eggs to be listed on there there's also a little contest or doing I'll leave a link in all the descriptions for these you know this is what really caught my attention this is Peter kimray here if you guys are called Peter Kim had an engineering wallet at coinbase now if you go to Peter Kim right here another showing coinbase employees using the coinbase while and coinbase commerce to buy donuts on office coffee day basically now there's something really interesting in here Bryan Armstrong got this recently thought it was great passing along imagine where you want to be in five years then think through what that requires to get done requires you get that done this year and then don't spend any time during the year on activities that don't point you in that direction that I like the way that sounds now remember guys she works at coinbase while at very excited to announce coin based ventures as an investor into mattock now it's going to get interesting down here are you an experienced Android engineer passion about cryptocurrencies blockchain checking the centralized web the building and building great user experience we should talk guys you can get a job easily a coin base if you have passion passion now this is what's really interesting don't forget Peter Kim works at coinbase wallet now he's also the adviser to mattock now if you look at this right here more coins coming soon I wonder what coin could possibly be coming soon maybe mattock I would love to see what the coin base effect could do formatic at one penny we're excited to launch Bitcoin BTC support on coinbase more coins coming soon this is from February so Peter Kim spotted near coin base while it seemed us we should ask something like this during the area have various snacks drops Peter Kim had an engineering a coin base wallet Wow we are very excited to announce Peter Kim from coin base while as an advisor his expertise will help us build better products and vibrant developer ecosystem Wow now it gets kind of more interesting guys really quick to another one I kind of looked at but that'll be a different video harmony and Matic team-up sets a to set new industry standards and blockchain scalability and the abbe delville developments now also okay this is the other advisor on the team area I think project Li at the sensor land okay it's just him right here I don't think I really got anything too interesting off his page someone's essentially and stuff no this is kind of interesting magic network to obtain seed investment from coin based of interests Matic Network provides scalability secure an instant aetherium transactions Matic wallet will enable users to interact easily with Matic Network why having simplified user experience to make it faster transactions so basically they're saying I'm going to speed up at their iam the key the key aim is to change the decentralize transaction by leveraging a combination of blockchain scaling developer platform and tools and a rapid focus on user experience coin base is one of the best and most trusted exchange platforms for crypto in the world Matic network is elated to announce coin based ventures as their investor in their seed round Wow so we got coinbase ventures of mattock I'm definitely gonna now if you look at this right here guys to enable real world commerce Matic will be integrating us DC on its side chains coinbase wallet users can leverage Matic network to transfer and trade assets instantly the apps deployed o matic can easily access from coinbase wallet so pretty much guys it looks like they're working on some serious integration with mattock and the coin based wallet I can only imagine what the future holds on this one companies not competitors and supporting good projects and grow like grow the ecosystem together mattock is proud to announce coinbase ventures as our seed investor and we're statics that point based team supporting us and aim to work towards realizing mutual network effects now the reason it's easiest we do this because I got the project launched on Finance but its invested in by coinbase that's two reasons coin based ventures to back mattock network who will integrate us DC and d8 ice table coins coin base wanna leading crypto in platforms has decided to fund another blockchain network Matic network through its coinbase ventures and like I said guys uh we're pleased announced coinbase Matic Network looking to integrate stable coins so pretty much it looks like this Matic is going to help coinbase with their stable coin adventure they have going on Maddock network is also planning to integrate a couple of stable coins like circles USD coin USD and da I in order to improve the networks payment system and avoid the price volatility with crypto tokens so what's really good about this is this looks like Matic is going to be tossed a coin base circle you know there's a circle relationship with coin Basin circle with the circles USD coin Dai Dharma Labs coinbase up mafia there's this so many connections here coinbase Ventures has invested around 50 blockchain cryptocurrency projects some on of the notable names include ether scan the block in Dharma here's thermal laps actually a ripples and clean base is invested into that coin based ventures plasmatic I think I pretty much covered everything on this one right here now this is a really good one prepare for the launch it launched in April so this is why guys you know I'm really excited that it's at the birth you know April just happened binding stones pragmatic why finance and coinbase are betting on this Indian startup Matic is a Mumbai based starlet which was funded founded in November 2017 my mom's birthday another good sign November anyway research efforts of CEO whose team have been working in looking for a scaling solution mattock seems to offer an efficient way to fix etherium the world's most popular blockchain platform for decentralized applications Wow so if this unfolds the way they presented it it looks like we could have a very bright future that's for sure so I like to thank everybody for tuning in to the hidden gem Channel pretty much guys there's a quite a few hidden gems that I really like I'll be dropping them on here you know I'm not a financial advisor what do you guys think about Matt please mash some thumbs up hit that ckj logo that will come down subscribe to the channel I really appreciate your time much love Mahalo

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