Why Australia's largest precious metals event has expanded to include digital assets

hi I'm Fred sure Vesta the co-founder of fine about Kandra I'm here with Keri Stevenson she's the managing director of symposium which holds the golden alternative investments conference now we just want to understand Carey what is this conference all about well Fred thanks for having me here today nice to see you what's the conference all about well you know I really believe we're at a tipping point in the financial world right now there's a lot of printing of money there's a lot of tension in the Middle East there's tension with China what this event is all about is to get people to wake up and realize that gold should be a part of everybody's wealth preservation strategy breathing okay how did you get involved what how did this event start well I guess I could if I go back a number of years I got without giving away too much with my personal details I got divorced and realized I had to be I had to own my own wealth strategy so I started to get myself educated about what was going on came back to Australia in 2003 and realized that we had a very vibrant mining industry and gold was what built this country and wasn't built just off the back of sheep I mean if you look at Melbourne that Melbourne the gold rush in Victoria that helped build lots of parts of Australia and I thought well where does gold fit as part of wealth preservation strategy started to educate myself 10 years ago I set up the gold conference and it's grown from there and more recently with we've expanded it well sure we'll talk about that a little bit later but I really believe that most people are not awake to some of the challenges that will be facing us look at you could go to sleep tonight wake up tomorrow and the world could be a different place I'm not trying to be a scare monger I'm just saying that I believe people need to educate themselves brilliant now now who should come along to this event this is obviously is it just people in the industry or is it gold bugs who should come along every single person in Australia needs to come to this event why because this is how you'll understand a lot more about historically what's what's happened with the economies over the years I mean you just have to look back in history and we always repeat ourselves and you know it's not an industry event this is actually an event for everyday mum and dad's it's an event for people who stockbrokers bankers everybody here that lives in Australia and elsewhere because we bought together some incredible speakers and understand some of the challenges you know tell us at a high level sort of you know what's happening in the conference each day what can people learn well we've got as I said we've got some amazing keynote speakers coming from across the world people like egon von Gray is from Matterhorn asset management he's coming over from Switzerland he really understands some of the challenges facing the world when you continue to print money out of thin air you know one of the things you can't print is gold so that relationship between what we call the fiat currency and the physical gold people don't understand where that sits as part of their wealth preservation strategy it's understanding that so when people come along they can get educated from a number of really smart people people much smarter than I am that can help people unravel what's going on but we've also got a number of ASX listed gold companies okay because there's welcome what can people learn from those like you know that's that's unusual right so what why would they a six gold company come along well there's different ways to preserve your wealth one of them is to buy physical gold like the gold I have around my neck right now which actually comes from Kalgoorlie out in the West it's a gold nugget that was found on the ground I absolutely love it but there's not there's many ways to don't buy gold to preserve your wealth one of those is to buy ASX listed gold companies now I don't recommend that anybody just flicks open a book and says I'll pick that one you really need to find out who is managing the company go and talk to them well this is your opportunity to come and meet some of the managing directors of the gold companies ask them the relevant questions check out whether you like them or not and whether you want to put your hard-earned money into an ASX listed gold cup okay now now some of the reasons so there's a lot of experts you had a lot of different days coming up you can check out the agenda guys check out the website have a look at the link below right now check it out you can check out more information we've got a few other things but some interesting expansions now with the conference this year it's been it's obviously you know it's been going for 10 years it's an incredible conference but you've got an expansion now we've noticed you've got alternative assets such as cryptocurrency tell us about that why have you included that well historically gold has been a way to preserve your wealth and obviously we we now live in a digital age and a digital age allows people to to buy and sell gold on a platform for example the Perth Mint I've got the gold pass which is a way for you to buy and sell gold online basically because people you know I guess the young my son for example wouldn't go and walk into a place and buy physical gold but there are other ways that you can buy it but also cryptocurrency isn't going away and if we look at Bitcoin you can't you know there are I think it's 17 million bitcoins is that right 21 okay but you can't increase the number of bitcoins so again there's a there's a store of value within the Bitcoin it's not like paper money that you can just print and print and print and governments across the world are printing more and more money that's why we're in a low interest rate environment that's why places like Venezuela are having challenges but that's why people are looking more and more towards the cryptocurrency space but here's the thing friend if you don't understand it what the hell are you doing investing it mm-hmm and I'm really delighted that we're going to be working with you guys to help understand it because you know over a certain age that I don't really get this space and there's a lot about people out there that could potentially get themselves into trouble okay so for me it was a logical expansion of protecting and preserving your wealth yes because it ain't going away would you agree I agree yeah it's great stuff and in terms of preserving your wealth we've obviously got Bitcoin and things like that and there's a lot of different things you can learn about on the day and there's there's three different days it's an incredible conference yeah you know how do people come along how do you get tickets really really easy I know you've got the link below it's symposium depth are you and the crazy stupid thing is right now my accountant is like get those prices off there was a song : on the phone before and literally banging on the door there's a super early bird rate it's $49 a day you can pick one day two days or three days so combination of whatever you want and that's all you can you can eat or as much today there's afternoon tea there's lunch there's drinks there is a there is a special dinner on the Thursday night but we'll talk about that separately but at $49 where can you get that value yeah talents on holidays guys get in right now yeah the price will go up but right now and especially for the people that are listening right now I would suggest because I don't know maybe I'll change my mind and maybe the accountant will give me out okay so we got an early bird tickets on right now check out the link below guys now where can people I guess go to to learn more about the conference it's is there a place of a best place to go our website is the easiest place to go symposium net au there's if they've got questions they can send me an email to info at symposium net Donna you always answer those emails don't send me too many guys but we are getting a lot of interest and right now Fred the gold price is a it's at all-time highs it's over 2000 us sorry over 2000 Australian dollars I personally believe that we are just at the start of a bull market in gold and that's why it's really important that people get educated get along and seriously it's a Thursday Friday and Saturday okay so even if you've got a full time job on the Saturday you'll still be able to talk to those mining companies that will be there because we have a big exhibition so the mining companies will still be there so on the Thursday and the Friday is the gold and the bullion and the Saturday we're doing the alternative investments so that's the crypto currencies and the different ways that you can buy gold online so it's all that technology stuff okay guys check it out there's a link below thanks so much Kerry for coming in and telling us all about the gold and alternative investments conference and we'll see you guys there

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