what is going on guys magic here
bringing you a brand new video today we got another killer video for you guys
full of information today’s main topic is why are coins and we’re gonna use
Tron and eggs and as an example today but why are all coins falling basically
why is Tron falling when there was so much news coming out we’re gonna cover
all that in this video as well as having some light-hearted joke since it is
April Fool’s Day the crypto world has been making jokes left right and center
so this should be a very entertaining episode for you guys so hopefully you
guys enjoy before we get started though guys at the end of the video I’m going
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see from me on this channel so I know a lot of you guys are enjoying these type
of videos these sit down daily recap videos every single day and I plan on
continuing with that but I’m looking to do something unique that other
cryptocurrency youtubers aren’t doing to provide a unique experience for us as a
community so what do you guys think would be a good idea now I’ve had some
thoughts I might share them in the facebook group I want to hear what you
guys think what style videos you know what just something unique that I can do
on this channel that would you know entertain a lot of you guys or make a
lot of you guys happy so without further ado let’s jump right into this guys with
a few news articles so number one this is pretty cool so the crypto wallet is
consumers Xmas favourite in Nevada according to research so here’s a map of
the United States and what the most popular Christmas gift was if I buy
state and you guys can see Nevada right here was the ledger nano cryptocurrency
Hardware wallet now Nevada is actually one of the more accepting states when it
comes to a lot of different things and their tax and crypto friendly
basically they have these policies and that included writing you guys can see
the policies include a 2017 ban on local blockchain taxes and recognition for
smart contracts and and some digital signatures okay so again they’re very
open and very accepting in a lot of aspects taxes included so it’s awesome
to see that it’s AMA honestly not surprised that out of every state we see
Nevada as the one with the ledger nano crypto Hardware wallet as their most
favorite X Christmas present hey guys can see other um some other states have
like the fire seven tablet some have glue you know some have cat food but to
each their own if a lot of people want to get glue for Christmas cool but
anyways that was the rundown that’s that’s pretty cool again showing some of
them were accepting states are starting to get on that bandwagon joining the
cryptocurrency bandwagon and hopefully again other states are going to follow
suit I’m excited to see depending on how 2018 goes I’m actually excited to see
what happens with you know if any more states do that and we see you know this
change may be a few states are gonna have cryptocurrency hardware wallets as
the number one Christmas gift which would be cool now here’s the most the
more lighthearted thing I know the markets are following today again it
they’ve been following for a while though so all we can do is try and
spread positivity during this time so April’s fool day rundown basically all
cryptocurrency pranks there have been a lot of pranks about or jokes about
Vitalik who you guys know is the co-founder of aetherium there you know
Jesus coin joked that he has now joined Jesus coin right Vitalik is now on Jesus
coin also another joke we see is the cryptocurrency market cap the coin
market cap now has a lambo price so this is pretty cool right we can see how much
each cryptocurrency is worth in terms of lambo pretty cool we’re all looking for
the lambo right so there we go now another joke was on reddit someone made
a sub subreddit saying that tether finally released their long-awaited full
audit following with just kidding they wouldn’t do that happy
April Fool’s so really really funny and then by will panda on Twitter the real
April Fool’s Day joke today is the Bitcoin price because it is falling now
on coin mark cap you guys go in there you can see there is actually a lambo
price and this is priced at roughly $200,000 I believe for a Lambo which if
you buy a used Huracan that’s pretty much $200,000 how do I know because I’ve
been looking at him um and yet so it’s roughly two hundred thousand dollars and
you guys can see one Bitcoin is there 4.03 Lambos so 3% of a Lamborghini and
it adds up at the current price of like 6,000 something dollars if we go over
here we can see six thousand eight hundred dollars now let’s just give a
refresh and see where the mark is at right now so a 256 billion dollar market
cap Bitcoin dominants back up at 45% I’m gonna go back and use dollars and not
Lambos just because I think it’s gonna be easier for a lot of us you know first
we started with dollars now some people like to look at Satoshi’s for all coins
which is good but now for bringing Lambos I’m afraid it might be a little
difficult and some of us won’t be able to keep up with what’s going on so I’m
gonna stick to dollars now again a lot of things are falling today how Bitcoin
went down as low as 6500 I think it was when I woke up maybe even a little lower
Bitcoin cash I didn’t notice was down this much actually at 650 dollars the
other day it just broke under a thousand so neo
at where’s neo at $48 it was at 45 this morning I believe so again a little bit
of a recovery in the last hour we can see not much to be excited about though
in terms of actual you know gains not much to be excited for but again it’s
I’ve seen people all that I can’t tell you guys how many people are telling me
man it’s April now and where’s the price increase like dude it’s been like well
it’s to 2 o’clock it’s been 14 hours in April let’s give it some time let’s
judge April in the end of April how does that sound
all right we’re gonna judge April at the end of April so in like 30 days then we
are going to judge April and see what the month look like and then we can jump
to conclusions it’s a little early right now it’s incredible many people have
actually like already start talking about it’s April where the where’s the
moon chill chill now what I want to talk to you guys
about today is why coins and alt coins with you know events and stuff coming up
why they aren’t making the gains that people want to see and particularly I
want to use Tron as an example because a lot of you guys are invested Tron law do
you guys like Tron and I want to kind of share my opinion on this matter so
what’s going on right now is the market is we’re in a bearish market we’re in a
bearish market now in a bearish market a Tron did have a nice little run leading
up to the event to the test net and everything it did have a nice 2x game
but people wanted to see Tron you know 10 cents 20 cents and that’s
not gonna happen in a bearish market that’s something you know you guys have
to be you have to understand Tron’s not gonna act differently than the market
all right at this level China’s not going to act differently from the market
simply because it’s it’s an everything’s following Bitcoin right now right Tron
is a 2 billion dollar market cap it depends on Bitcoin doing well and all
all coins do for all points to do well now obviously you’re gonna see you know
once in awhile you’re gonna see a huge gain here and there and Shaun had it
it’s like a fair share of decent days leading up again to the test net but
it’s not going to do anything spectacular it’s not going to moon if
Bitcoin is down you know 20% in the month and in the week we’re not gonna
see Tron moon so you know 200 300 400 % it’s just not going to happen we’re not
gonna see you go to 20 cents so at this point at this stage in the
cryptocurrency market you should not be looking at you know buying into
something that’s going to moon while everything is down when everything is
down the crypto Kurt in the cryptocurrency market what you should be
doing is again I’m not a financial adviser I’m not telling you guys what to
do I’m just saying like what I’m doing basically is just building my positions
in a lot of different all coins for when the market recovers it’s then you know
if the market is if the market markets bullish and we start seeing like price
gains all the time and you know and Tron were to have its test net I guarantee
you it would have done better than it did right now simply because we’re in a
bearish market so that’s something to keep in mind that that the time period
we are in has a huge effect on how how things
actually work now I also want to answer question a lot of you guys have been
asking is where do I you know how do I track my portfolio and obviously guys
I’m not looking at it too much right now because it’s just bleeding everyday so
I’m not gonna bother looking at my portfolio much but if you guys are
interested this right here is the app I use it’s called bit universe I know a
lot of people use black folio personally I’ve been using this and I’ve been
enjoying this better than I like black folio because you can transfer
everything onto you can get you know it you can attach it to your by minutes and
all your exchanges accounts and then you can have all the data synced pretty
easily so that’s why I’m using this so if you guys are interested go ahead and
download it in the App Store and in the Android store and then you guys can and
then just tell me what you think honestly tell me what you think let me
know what you guys thoughts are on this but I wanted to cover this and you guys
can see this again we’ve seen this with a lot of different altcoins people have
been expecting huge huge huge pumps and that’s not going to happen if the market
doesn’t allow it to happen and currently if Bitcoin isn’t increasing in price we
are not going to see anything else increase in price that’s just not going
to happen now what you can see is that a lot of coins are on sale now where are
they like how long are they on sale for let’s take a look at the technical
analysis and see kind of where it looks like we’re heading so first things first
again we broke down under the support line we’re heading down closer towards
this support line right here so maybe we are gonna touch it now what I’m looking
at right now is this candlestick right here if this candlestick can end in the
green right if we have this huge wick down here and this ends in the green
that could be a sign of a reversal and a potential you know bounce upwards to
make a little bit of game now that’s gonna depend a lot on that candlestick
and we’re gonna see there’s still plenty of time in the day it could continue to
drop but it could also turn green and again that type of Candlestick would
represent a bullish signal and again not that the market is gonna shoot up all of
a sudden but it is a bullish signal that we might start seeing
a few green days in a row and then we’re gonna do you know take this one step at
a time first we’re gonna see a few green days in a row and then we’ll see where
the markets go from there but I’m gonna keep an eye on this candle again I’m
gonna update you guys tomorrow we’re gonna see where the candles at how the
candle end of the day but overall you know I’m not worried again like I see a
lot of people I see a lot of people actually to come and say like oh why are
you so positive right now this is a terrible time like man okay but I can’t
control the market I can’t control the market all I can do is kind of you know
help you guys come up with a game plan for this market and my game plan is just
to invest the money I can again not more than I’m willing to lose but invest the
money I can into these all coins because if neo goes to $500 at the end of the
year which if we enter bullish market is not hard to imagine it’s you know it
could 3x and be pretty much at its all-time high if it three X’s so if I
put $10,000 into it and it’s in it ten X’s I can make $100,000 in that and that
is what I’m looking at right now I’m not looking at putting ten thousand dollars
in now and tomorrow coming out with a hundred million dollars that’s not what
I’m looking at so that’s kind of my strategy for the market I’ve told you
guys to I know a lot of you guys know this I repeat it every time but this is
just for the new guys this is my strategy in this market and I’m positive
because I’m looking at this in the long term in the long run if I was looking to
take my money out tomorrow I would be very I would be dreading this too but
I’m not I’m looking at putting and keeping my money in here and putting
more money in at these prices and building the perfect portfolio in my
opinion the perfect portfolio for when the market recovers and we start seeing
a bullish trend and we start you know trending upwards again which is all
we’ve all been waiting for and hopefully we see it happen pretty soon so guys now
I’m gonna go ahead and pick the video we’re gonna do a random comment pic and
we’re gonna see who win who want the giveaway so I’m gonna go with the video
from yesterday and the simple reason I’m gonna do that is because I drop so much
value in this video I was so proud of this video honestly making it it felt
great and if you guys haven’t checked it out yet I highly recommend you guys go
watch that one it was super super awesome and aren’t like I said it felt
great making it and so I’m gonna pick that
a lot of you guys at honestly in the comments to said like wow this is
probably one of your best videos and that’s what I love to hear so I’m gonna
pick a comment winner from here let’s start the raffle and see who wins let’s
see let’s see let’s see a for tour okay I have a feeling this is not necessarily
a good comment so let’s go again why not I have to keep moving my head let’s go
and the winner is alright round May perfect time to stock up yes it is so if
you’re watching this video make sure to leave a comment down below claiming your
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watching hope you guys enjoyed this video have a good April Fool let’s go
play pranks on everyone that you guys know have a good day have a good rest of
your day guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow for
another video


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