33 thoughts on “WHY $20,000 BITCOIN is CONSERVATIVE! The ONE Chart EVERYONE NEEDS to SEE! Time Traveller?!”

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  2. I know what is going on. Somebody prints tether and buys bitcoin by that tether. And now their tether backed by bitcoin, so they print even more tether and buy even more bitcoin.

  3. I'd love if you did a deep dive into IOTA with these new developments. I'd like to see both arguments for and against. If you could host a debate between developers who know the tech and know what they're talking about, I think it would really help everyone understand and decide for themselves whether DAG tech can replace blockchains or not.

  4. You have my sub second channel
    You should collaborate with crypto daily you could just have his face pop up and throw in one liners 😛

  5. Only started investing early 2018 and after a year of hell 2019 is starting to pay off. I'm well over and above my investments. Don't have a lot in it but I'll settle for an average house in 2 to 3 years time 🙂

  6. I get what you’re doin and you doin a great job of keeping us in the loop. Your very transparent. Thank you

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