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news I have is Bitcoin nuclear winter doesn’t scare crypto bill crow
billionaire crypto bull James I’m gonna call him crypto bull Jim to make it easy
but he is a billionaire investor and venture capitalist and he is not scared
of what’s happening in the crypto crypto nuclear winter now I’m gonna share a bit
about his story and what we can learn from him in what makes him a successful
investor well first he has investments in aetherium V chain as well as the
crypto startup circle previously though he has big he became famously he became
famous for investing early in Facebook in 2005 now what could leave what brings
someone to invest in Facebook or let’s say Amazon back in the beginning Amazon
was a book an online book retailer that’s all it was it didn’t have the
products that it has right now Amazon started with books Jeff Bezos
thought booth ah books was the best opportunity at the time that’s why he
went to it and I’m son expanded after that well people who got into Amazon
people invest in Amazon early had to see the possibility of where it could go had
to see the direction it was heading and believe that it could get there just
like any other investment although it seems easy looking back with hindsight
that Oh Amazon was clearly gonna do well Facebook was clearly gonna do well back
then Facebook didn’t have billions of users Facebook was a fraction of what it
is today it still had a lot of risk but what he did that I think was very
interesting to see the way he talked about what makes him what convinces him
that we’re gonna be out of this a bear market suit he says that the crypto
market will rebound driven principally by increasing adoption of blockchain
technology according to him his many meetings with students entrepreneurs and
technologists all over the world is what convinces him that the downturn will be
temporary so what he did was went out and he did market research he talked to
students why because the younger generation are those who are going to
have to adopt this technology to make it mainstream so we have to talk with them
talk with them to understand what’s going on talk to them to understand
their psychology and get an idea of where the where the what they’re going
to adopt and where that generation is headed super super important when it
comes to making a very successful investment entrepreneurs and
technologists the same thing entrepreneurs where is where are the new
opportunities headed to what are the new opportunities the entrepreneurs are
looking at technology is what technology do they think will be most game-changing
so a lot of market research was done I like the fact that he went out and did
this and shared this with everyone and hopefully this does give people a little
bit more of a boost a little bit more being increased
you know bullish sentiment even though the market has been down for the last
couple of months but not everyone thinks that way we still have a new real he
comes out and he’s nasty about Bitcoin again citing a crypto funeral
approaching in the future now the reason I wanted to share this you guys will see
in just a second recent Bitcoin headlines he goes on and names too it’s
time to bury Bitcoin says you be as world a biggest world asset manager via
CNBC Bitcoin is on a death spiral opinion piece on
marketwatch oh this was an opinion piece on market watch keep that in mind he
says if it all sounds like funerals because big point and all other
cryptocurrencies are on their way on the way of funeral march are on the way of
funeral march I don’t know I’m sure he meant to say are on the way to there for
you I don’t know exactly what he’s trying to say but either way someone
would grammar like that I can’t say anything because I’m Brazilian I messed
up English all the time but still to unit sites two things one thing I wanted
to debunk already is that we’ve had so many world biggest asset managers we had
so many famous people come out say things and then turn around and buy it
clearly manipulating the market I made a video talking about this specifically if
you guys want to go back and check that out and again an opinion piece I’ll mark
your watch I’m not sure if I’m convinced because on the other side we have seen
so much money come in from Nasdaq future news from you know back to coming out
potential ETS coming out we’ve had a lot of very big name fidelity investments
and Nasdaq ventures came in and participated in a funding round I don’t
know it looks like a lot of people are getting a lot of these people are
getting into cryptocurrency scene the fact that you know JP Morgan said one
thing and then went on to buy cryptocurrency later as well we’ve seen
this happen time and time again I don’t know guys there’s a lot as a lot of
reason to believe that all these big players are getting into cryptocurrency
now who owns one percent of Bitcoin like I said spoiler it’s not me unfortunately
I wish it was grayscale so gray scale has been accumulating a Bitcoin this
whole period of time so basically what they’ve been doing is dollar cost
averaging and surprise surprise at this point they have accumulated a very very
nice portfolio with 1% of all Bitcoin they you know if they managed to
accumulate this and now when the bull run comes guess who’s gonna benefit the
most then they’ve been buying in every single month even no matter what the
price is doing they buy in every single month to grow their overall portfolio so
grayscale 1% of bigpoint circulating supply that’s a lot of Bitcoin kind of
why I wanted to share this with you guys now News on Finance as well
second decentralized preview after bine insane news they
released their second decentralized exchange preview after finance chain
news apparently by Anna’s change should be coming out soon what’s going to be
very interesting to see and again biases working on their decentralized exchange
which i think is going to be a big thing going forward as well what an update
with what’s going on now again a billion dollars of Bitcoin was moved in and
twelve hours news that a lot of people were talking about with is are these
guys going to sell is this going to dump the market what’s gonna happen well this
account was the ninth ranked on bitcoins rich list and you know they impair their
bid dormant for over four years I’ve been largely dormant for over four years
keeping the big point in their wall now if you guys were to go and see how much
it was a lot of big guys these guys have a lot a lot of bitcoins spread out into
apparently different wallets as I’m assuming for security reason might be
what was happening I know a lot of people who do go ahead and do that so
that was the ninth and one hour later the tenth ranked wallet went ahead and
did the very similar thing and then you guessed it the number eleven wallet went
under the microscope because they did the same thing as well and then later on
more and more was in total of over a billion dollars of Bitcoin was moved in
12 hours now I don’t think this is going to be moved to an exchange I don’t think
that’s going to happen I don’t thinks they’re going to be selling it on an
exchange now who exactly owns these wallets we aren’t a hundred percent sure
but again I’m not necessarily works I don’t think we’re gonna see a billion
dollars sold on an exchange I don’t think an exchange could handle a billion
dollars sold at one time I’m not sure maybe bindings could handle it but I
don’t think most exchanges could actually handle this maybe it’s gonna be
sold to you know maybe Nasdaq maybe Wall Street maybe is gonna be sold
OTC I’m not a hundred percent sure what’s happening but this long-dormant
whale has come on the move now we’re assuming it’s a long-dormant whale again
nobody knows who it is but I got a lot of questions from you guys asking
exactly what’s going on so I want to share a little bit of my thoughts on it
I don’t think it’s gonna be sold on an exchange now let’s take a look at the
overall market cap 120 just over 120 billion dollars in mark cap with a 54%
Bitcoin dominance you guessed it it’s another red day in the market
with the biggest gainer don’t worry though guys the biggest gainer is factum
up to 10% Bitcoin private is up 5.5% polymath is up mobile go wassup loop
ring is up finance coin is up and after that well we have a stable coin
iOS T and then everything else is in the red so definitely an overall red day
neck so is down to 23 almost 24 % waves is down 15% after the run it had
previously Bitcoin cash is down 12% not much we can say just another red day I
think overall people have gotten a little more used to this than previously
although we do prefer the Green Day I think everyone knows that we might still
have lower lows to hit so the red don’t scan the red doesn’t scare people as
much as it used to because at this point I think it’s a little more expected now
a theory of classic news came out leading a developer team of et Cie of
aetherium classics shuts down operations due to funding they posted this on
Twitter so it seems pretty legit doesn’t seem like fake news whatsoever it seems
legit from everything that I’ve seen at least due to funding they were not able
to continue their operation now is this something we’re gonna see happen to a
lot more hard Forex maybe the ones for Bitcoin as well let me know what you
guys think of that in the comments down below are we gonna see it funding issues
for them I don’t know if we think about the some of the Bitcoin force there’s a
lot of money involved there like we’ve seen the hash board just the money that
these guys were just burning for you know for their pissing contest they were
just burning money they don’t half a million to a million dollars every
single day just to try and win their little battle their little battle that
not too many people actually cared about also news for XRP came out that our
threes new Korda app supports payments in XRP cryptocurrency so more adoption
happening for XRP it’s actually starting with XRP so it’s not starting Bitcoin
it’s starting with X RP which again looks like good news I’m still more
bullish on x RP than I think I am on the market in the short term right now I
still think if we stay in a bear market for a longer period of time x RP is
going to do well either way but guys that’s gonna be for this video hopefully
you guys did enjoy if you did don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and leave a
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  2. I don't think we haven't hit the bottom yet. Every hour I been on market cap and see sideways movement at the high low 4.2k and at lower high 3.5k. I want to see the market lower at its finest.

  3. Yeh I agree Patrick, personally I think the institutions have been made aware of some early investors or whales and they are buying direct or dealing with them directly. Although anyone with any investing savvy would surely wait and not sell at these prices???

  4. withdrawn my money from other markets.. thinking we will be seeing a black monday this month.. but who knows ! ……i don't……… just got a feeling… will buy up some more crypto just waiting

  5. Many are saying Bitcoin has to bottom out, it must get down to $1,000, $500, that idiot Trevon said $10, but why does it have to go down or bottom out? what they are saying is this has to happen so the rich and banks can prosper, Truly that’s the reason? Guys rise up, have a voice against this garbage, don’t let them win, even $50 to $100 a week in crypto in 12 months you will be smiling.

  6. I can see a bull stampede in our future and who knows XRP might start it!! At this point, I don't really care who starts it bullish movement as long as it starts moving!!

  7. 1 billion? Wow ? That’s one big whale. ? I’m more the size of plankton. ? Gotta keep buying so I don’t become lunch! ?

  8. In spite of the havoc in the crypto market, blockchain technology has gotten mainstream recognition and adoption. While the crypto market is undergoing serious turmoil, Breyer said he is not moved, as he believes it will rebound.

  9. Nice "BRAND! NEW! VIDEO!" Does anyone know what's happening with the XRP and the fact that it could be consider as securities by the American SEC ? i haven't heard anything new about it for a long time.

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