Who is the intended audience for Marlowe in Cardano?

I’m getting in the zone now so I
might be getting more excited as these videos release so one of
the important things that I saw on the one-pager and something that I saw
repeated throughout PlutusFest and something that I wanted to be
answered was who is the audience who is who is Cardano going after and directly
with Plutus and with Marlowe and directly on the one page where it says
that Marlowe is a simple way created by very smart team for people who aren’t programmers to code smart contracts for financial transactions, so this whole
idea is that Marlowe is going after the big banks these startups and the
Business & Son I don’t know if that’s a European Way of saying mom-and-pop, but I think that’s that means that they’re going after small, medium, and large
enterprises and why do I think that this is important it’s because this idea of
airplane code was repeated a couple times during the conference the
idea that they’re building code they’re building smart contracts that are at the
same rigor as the code that codes your airplane from getting from position
A to position B you know Boeing is not going to use Ethereum to build their code base to get your plane from airport A to airport B because there’s
probably a 60 percent chance that it doesn’t get there and Cardano is
creating that airplane level rigger code where nothing can go wrong so regardless if your plane is flying through inclement weather gets hit by lightning
it’s going to land at destination B with 99.99% accuracy or almost a hundred percent no and nothing can all ever be a hundred percent but this is the idea in the idea that big banks is highlighted a couple times in this one
pager this is going to be one of the clients that Cardano’s going to be going
after because at the end of the day your bank is going to want to work with a
blockchain to build their smart contracts like Cardano, not Ethereum because you know at the end of the day you need to make sure that you’re
handling millions, billions, you know if not trillions of dollars of assets
Things can’t go wrong when they code their ATM machine, if someone
withdraws $40 it has to be $40 it can’t be $80 because by the time the evening is up all the money in the ATM machine will be gone because people will
find loopholes and people will exploit those loopholes as they
should as they should so you know people are gonna be saying oh you know like
Marlowe is being released now or Marlowe is being talked about now to be released
at the end of 2019 and I think this is brilliant I think their whole marketing
plan is brilliant because you know it’s getting these companies ready to figure
out what they’re going to do as far as their smart contracts on blockchain
in the future and people may see that big bank and you know there are not a
lot of cryptocurrencies that are going after big banks you know one that comes
up to the top of my head is XRP I know XRP is more working the use case of XRP
is more on financial transactions intra Bank so it’s like you know cross-border
payments Bank A is sending money to bank B decreasing the time that it’s
that happens and decreasing you know the increasing the liquidity of
that bank or that provider or whatever that company
is working with XRP is going to be able to send money quicker and in a more
efficient way but Cardano’s not going after that
Cardano is going after the smart contracts so Bank a is going to be building smart
contract, they’re going to be building smart contracts for all their
users within their database you know think about it in a previous video I
compared to like an app you know they’re going to be using Cardano they’re not going to be using Ethereum or any any blockchain that doesn’t meet
its standards and think about a very large bank let’s say you know
just the largest bank that you can think of you know they want to build a
smart contract solution for their customers they’re gonna build it on top
of Cardano, they may have to lock ADA within an escrow and at the same time
that escrowed ADA is going to be staking as well that smart contract will be
staking the funds within that smart contract will be staking so Bank A or
Bank B is going to be earning interest on their smart contracts that they’ve deployed for that particular that
particular use case and they could either spread that back to
their customers or keep the profits themselves and banks are going to be
privy to this more and more smart contracts are going to be released
increasing the throughput of the transactions throughout this ecosystem, and ultimately increasing the staking rewards that’s going to affect the
everyday people that are invested within this ecosystem.

29 thoughts on “Who is the intended audience for Marlowe in Cardano?”

  1. Caitlin talked about the state of Wyoming starting a banking system for the unbanked companies in the US. There are several industries that banks can not or will not touch. The biggest is the legal marijuana industry.

  2. Philipa, the airplane thing is not referring to code at all. It is referring to the concept of six sigma where there can be millions of airplane parts created without flaw. Look up the concept "Six sigma" and it aligns with cardanos methodology.

  3. Hey Philpa, you made me realize why IOHK being a developer is so strategically brilliant. Companies could find that platforms like Daedalus can add efficiencies to their business so it could be more efficient to just hire the company that built the platform. Yet still making an effort to making the technology available to anyone.

  4. Hi! Are you 100% secure that companies that build smart contracts on top of carrdano would be able to stack their ADA locked in the smart contract?

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