22 thoughts on “Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto? – "How Many Wrongs Make A Wright?"”

  1. You have no idea ladies and gentlemen. I am going to tell you right now that what ever you perceive to be the state of the art blockchain technology, any blockchain technology, in secret ladies and gentlemen Craig Wright is at least a very bare minimum fifty to a hundred years ahead beyond what you can even imagine.

  2. Kindly help signing this petition to remove Craig's White name from Block chain white paper. http://chng.it/BM7qkQGZVw

  3. A better question than, "Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?" Is "Who the fuck cares who he really is?" Seriously he has NO power anymore even if he did surface. No one would give a shit. I know I certainly wouldn't.

  4. Quite possibly the biggest cunt in the world. Everyone should make it their business to expose that fraud.

  5. If he claims to be Satoshi, then he should be sent to prison for all the early bitcoin problems back during silk road and Mt. Gox incidents. Also the government should nab him for all the back profits on taxes. That would teach him to want to be somebody who he is not!

  6. It's obvious that he knew if he filed this registration that there would be a quick pump in SV, but the registration means nothing at this point.

  7. It feels as though CW is the Nickelback of crypto. Everyone seems to just want something to hate and join the bandwagon that’s prominent. Why do so many spend so much time on something they dislike instead of focusing on what they like? Seems like a lot of Jungian shadow work to me.

  8. that Craig Wright may have earned himself a beatdown.

    I sold 50% of my sh*tty BSV holdings at $115 (it never hit more than $150 on Robinhood). Not a bad day.

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