Who is Dhruv Rathee? | Q&A | Indian Journalism and Climate Change

Hello Friends ! Welcome to my first question and answer session. Last week I did an AMA where you asked me your questions in the comments. And I will try to answer them all in this video. Let’s begin ! Most asked question was “Where do I live, what is my educational qualification and what is my family background” I would like to tell you that I am 100% Haryanvi Jaat. I was born in Haryana and I did my schooling there. I can’t speak Haryanvi well enough Hindi is much better I did bachelors in mechanical engineering from Germany. And then I did masters in renewable energy engineering, which I’m currently pursuing. I don’t think it is necessary to say where I live exactly, it is not an important question. But I can tell you, I neither live in Germany nor India. Sonu Raj asks ” Which news channel do you trust” Very good question Nowadays, it is difficult to identify who is right or who is spreading fake news. In fact I would say that all the news channels have , at least, once spread fake news. So question becomes that which news channel is the more trust able. In my personal opinion, I think Mr. Ravish Kumar Ji’s show is the most trust able show among all the news channels on television. I can state 3 reasons for it. One Whenever Ravish Kumar Ji commits a mistake, he accepts it and corrects it the next time. For example, he also once read fake news and told it on his show. But, in his next episode, he corrected himself that what he said was wrong. I have never seen any journalist doing this. Specially those people, who were shouting that there is a GPS chip, nano chip in Rs.2000 notes, have you ever seen them? Did they apologize for their mistakes? They never did! Second reason is that that Ravish Kumar Ji talks politely and calmly Unlike other journalists who shout and yell to add sensation and TRP to their show. Spewing rubbish for it. I have never seen him doing this. Third reason is that Ravish Kumar Ji discusses those critical issues which other journalists don’t. Finance bill is one example. None of the journalist talked about it, such a critical and important issue, corruption was legalized. Crazy So because of these reasons, I think Mr. Ravish Kumar Ji is the best journalist among all the TV channels.. Talking about the print media, Hindustan Times, Indian Express and The Hindu are good. Talking about online websites, in my opinion, which I have previously mentioned in my videos, Logical Indian, Wire.in , Newslaundry are trustable blogs. They usually verify their facts. What do you think about the republic TV news channel, And someone asked my views on Arnab Goswami too. Republic TV It is not a news channel… It is a noise channel. India’s #1 propaganda channel I have never seen such a biased channel. I would say that even Kim Jong-un, the dictator of North Korea would applaud this news channel And regret why he couldnt make a news channel like this in his country to brainwash people” What they do is not journalism, I will make a video on republic TV And prove how biased it is, with proofs. Arnab Goswami is also what his TV channel is. Before 2014, Arnab Goswami was just a noisy journalist who worked for TRP. And a little bit neutral, but after 2014, I can’t comment how biased he has become. What is your height? Around 185 or 186 cms Who is your favourite boolywood actor? In my opinion, Amir Khan produces the best movies. The lesson we learn from his movies. Has no competition. 3 Idiots, PK, Dangal Are the all time best movies of bollywood But as a person, I think Akshay Kumar is the best His style, body language, his way of conversation, the charisma he has It feels awesome! The way he maintains his health. So, as a person, he seems the best to me. And And among all the new actors coming out, I like Varun Dhawan Sahil Sinha asks me, “What do you think about the effects of climate changes in India?” Climate change, not only for India, but for the whole world, is the #1 problem. And you can see the effects already how he seasons have shifted We can see a change in weather pattern. This time, you saw how hot it was in the month of March. And unfortunately, the effects of climate changes will be According to the prediction of experts, faced most intensely by countries like India and Bangladesh. In fact, due to sea level rise, Bangladesh will lose most of it’s land. Which will give rise to a lot of refugees. Climate refugees Who will come towards India. So there will be numerous problems due to climate change. And I will be making videos on it in near future. As an Individual, what we can do easily to fight climate change is that we reduce meat consumption. Become vegetarian. Because there is around 40% contribution of meat industry in climate change. And here is one more thing Government is doing an excellent work in renewable energy policy. India and China are two countries that are working great here There are a lot of failures of Modi Government, But this is an exceptionally good thing by Modi Government praiseworthy You are the PM of India, what steps would you take to fight against the problems of India. This a very broad question A 10 minute video can be made as an answer But in short, focusing on education, healthcare and environment If we educate people, The population will decrease, And if the population decreases, half of the problems of India will be solved by itself Will you do an AMA on Reddit India? I would surely do it, if someone invited me. One of the most asked question was that who funds me? Which political party pays me so that I can make these videos. The answer is… P-A-R P-A-R party funds me. which means, my parents! It wasn’t that difficult to think. Because it doesn’t cost much to create videos I record on iPhone and edit it on computer. You just need passion for this. There was another question related to this Will l join any political party in future? I can’t say about far future, but for next 10 years, I can guarantee that I have no interest in joining politics. I love to make videos. And I love to educate people. So I will keep doing this in near future at least! What is your take on patriotic Indians who blame others for their failures. I would just like to say one line here Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Divya Sharma asks me, would you like to have dinner with me sometime? Why not? Sure! But the food should be of my choice, Otherwise you may put beef in my food and your Gau-raksha agents hid there and start beating me afterwards. And Faizal asks Divya whether she is going to pay the bill? Very good question The should be split into halves, then it is fine. Do you know about the EVM hackathon organised by Election Commission? This news is rumored from the past one month. It is a fake news. Election Commission neither planned to organize hackathon nor they are doing it now. But there is a South African country, can’t remember it’s name. which has organized a hackathon, which uses EVMs from India. Let’s see what are the results there Can you review movies also, i think you can be a part time movie critic. This a very good idea!! I like to watch movies, so I will try to do it. Dhruv, do you have a girlfriend? Do you plan to marry soon? In fact, Soumya has this only question, “Will you marry me?” *Grumbles* Yaar, I’m only 22 It will be better if we leave it for later. And I think we had enough questions for today! So let’s meet next time. Thank You 🙂

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  3. I have seen you many times sometimes agree with you and sometimes not..now a days media has made this kind of atmosphere..we look at every person in suspicious way.. If the person doesn't belong to some other party that's saying things against this government…I have seen Ravish Kumar praising Modi Government sometimes but you and Vinod Dua looks always cursing present govt… But leave it if you are really self made engineering boy doing such a fine journalism…then we are proud of you..Jai Hind Jai Bharat

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  6. Hi Dhruv- I just saw you commenting on meat eating. Could you please let me know how does eating meat contribute to climate changes? A small educational video would be nice. Thanks in advance ?

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  13. Some day i would like to meet you 🙂 you are such an inspiration to the younger generation of India. I feel the same way as you about how much bullshit is going on there and how the new government is damaging the whole country. for women its not even easy to breath free there yet cows are more safer then women. A country where you are not even free to eat whatever you like or wear whatever you like 🙁 . the caste barrier is still so high in rural as well as big cities. Doctors are getting beaten up to death cause they want help . poor people are treated like their lives do not even mean anything at all. Farmers are killing themselves because they are so helpless yet we are trying to reach the moon at the same time. What are we even doing ?

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