Who Invented Bitcoin? – Truthloader

It’s one of the biggest successes of 2013.
A peer-to-peer financial system prospering in the wake of a financial crisis and international
cynicism towards the banks. Bitcoin’s currency has broken the $1000 mark for the first time
and after being under the radar for the last few years it’s now getting attention in the
mainstream media. But just what do we know about this cultural phenomenon, who actually
owns Bitcoin? Well the Bitcoin states that no-one owns it. It’s simply controlled by
users all over the world. Developers continually work on the processes but essentially the
users themselves head up the phenomenon. So who’s responsible for the creation of Bitcoin?
Well, that’s more of a mystery. Programmer Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin so that
should be a clear starting off point. However, Satoshi Nakamoto doesn’t exist. Well he does
but it’s a pseudonym which means clear thinking inside the foundation. The appetite to uncover
the identity, or identities of Nakamoto is tremendous. Various investigations have been
published online claiming to have put the clues together and identified the real Satoshi
Nakamoto. The New Yorker recently published a piece by Joshua Davis in which he claimed
to have identified the mystery man, or woman. After analyzing all Nakamoto’s posts and a
2008 research paper on Bitcoin, he studied the linguistic style, prose, and spelling.
Interestingly Nakamoto switched from the US way of spelling to the English style. Davis
deduced that the man he was looking for was English and a world class programmer. After
attending a Crypto 2011 conference, Davis’ workings out led him to James Clear who denied
being Nakamoto. Thought intriguingly he said he wouldn’t admit it if he was indeed the
Bitcoin creator. On the back of the New Yorker piece other armchair detectives set to work,
Adam L. Penenberg a journalism professor at NYU had also been trying to find out who Satoshi
Nakamoto was. He didn’t share his belief that James Clear was the wanted man. Instead came
to the conclusion that there were three men in the frame. Penenberg’s investigation kicked
off in earnest when he discovered a patent for a system and method of providing secure
communications with an application date of three days before the domain name of Bitcoin
was registered. The three inventors listed on the patent are
Neal King, Vladimir Oksman, and Charles Bry. Peneberg set about attempting to link them
to Satoshi Nakamoto. There were various compelling points made in his article to tempt us into
believing that any of these men could be Nakamoto. Such as their previous areas of expertise,
there links to a similar technology and in the case of Neal King, an apparent skepticism
about the financial system. Interestingly Penenberg states in his investigation that
the point isn’t to find the identity of the creator(s) but to show just how circumstantial
evidence which is what the New Yorker based its conclusions on isn’t synonymous with the
truth. He adds I doubt the New Yorker found the right guy. I also believe that our evidence
is far more compelling, yet we also probably haven’t nailed it either. But has the NSA got the right guy? Back in
1996, they wrote this super catchy document called how to make a mint the cryptography
of anonymous electronic cash which basically says something like Bitcoin will happen at
some point. In this report they refer to the work of this chap, Tatsuaki Okamoto. Many
Bitcoin experts are convinced this is the man behind Satoshi Nakamoto with some wondering
if Nakamoto is the brain child of Okamoto in conjuction with Satoshi Obana. The combination
of their names could certainly be a clue. Then of course there’s the train of thought
that the NSA themselves created Bitcoin as there 1996 prediction was eerily accurate.
Not everyone is keen to uncover the mystery identity though, many think that the point
of Bitcoin is anonymity and that uncovering the identity of Satoshi could topple the system
altogether. Well no matter who is behind the phenomenon they certainly covered their tracks
to keep us all guessing.

71 thoughts on “Who Invented Bitcoin? – Truthloader”

  1. A perfect shadow government alternative to hide their tracks of purchase power. It's a lie and a hype from the start.

  2. The real question for me though is: What tasks are given to the GPU during the mining process? Are they completely useless or is it a way of selling a part of your PC's resources? Wild guess. Otherwise, It doesn't make any sense.

  3. Right guys i know how intrust worthy the YouTube comments are but.. i am satoshi okay and my real name is bob padding. Okay now you know stop asking

  4. Could you please do a video on what is bitcoin? I know I could easily find one on YouTube but the way truthloader explains things is by far the best!!

  5. This could very well be the Rothschild/Lucifer NWI currency.. all phones create a video diary for the phones holder.. To be viewed at a later date.. By someone in charge. To determine something. You. Every word. Filming. Recording. Placed into your file. GPS.. Everywhere. Everyone. Your diary is bring created and stored in the new NSA facility in New Mexico. Who can access your personal file today? Tomorrow? Ten years? twenty years from now? Everything has been filmed its too late. can't delete

  6. Richard Stalman, the high priest of open source software, claims that bitcoin is not anonymous if you buy it from someone else.  The only way it is anonymous is if you mine the bitcoin yourself.   It seems that a lot of people think that bitcoin is anonymous. 

  7. I would really hope that In the future the worlds money is all the same, and that the value of that currency is is never dictated by people.

  8. now big companies are developing very strong asic mining proccessors, with many THs , and getting more rich. All money are going to them at the end! Noone else can get in time a decent mining asic. 

  9. Lol bit coin is part of the globalist agenda. Yes conspiracy theory. But it's only a conspiracy theory since it's contradicting those that think they have power and final say even if evidence is contradicting the story

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  11. I would still love to see one question answered:

    Who holds the lion share of bitcoins.  Whoever mined the early bitcoins when it was easy to do (and worthless) will have had a significant part in the creation of the value bubble.

  12. if the point of bitcoin is anonymity it makes sense in a way that the nsa would distribute it, as long as they could see the transactions to and from every wallet 

    Id do it if my job was finding out where your funds are going when people don't want me to know where they buy their weapons grade uranium/hookers and blow

  13. Please read.

    WikiLeaks brings truth to the world by publishing fact-based stories without fear or favour. You can help support our independent media by donating financially. Our organisation exists because of the work of many volunteers who have contributed thousands of hours to building WikiLeaks from the ground up. You choose how much you can donate; we don't recommend any particular amount. Just do what you think is right.


  14. Is there any conspiracy theory out there that points to bitcoin as the future global currency being backed by the global elite?

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  17. the bitcoin protocols are open source people, so its pretty easy to check whether or not they talk to the NSA… just read the code! I'm glad people aren't rushing to this tho, it just gives me a bigger head start

  18. Bitcoin is owned by Chase Morgan, you fools who invest in it are still working toward an already owned currency. Once the mining for Bitcoin is dried up it will certainly fall. This video is just gassing the coin making a big deal out of nothing, there is no mystery, Bitcoin miners are just processing transactions for debit verification.
    I've mined Bitcoin & Litecoin, I build computers all day long, Gold is #1.

  19. Truthloader? bitcoin is the foundation of the digital global currency, its made sweet to get the slaves in, but the wolves run it, the wolves created it and the wolves promote it.. don't fall for it. stick to physical.
    to get access to your bit coin account you must be digitally logged in with biometrix on the increase its obvious this is the foundation of total control.

  20. Truthloader huh should be lieloader, who are you MI6 what does this word mean to you, TRUTH.   don't get fooled by the superficial layer.

  21. fiat currencies collapsing from within…just like the roman empire



  22. Truthloader is paid for by ITN to infiltrate public opinion and provide misdirection. How about Truthloader does a story about all the kids buried in the back garden of jersey childrens home frequented by the elite, now with 100 year order that it can' be excavated. I bet they never go near any important issues that will arm the public with the knowledge to target the actual oppressors. Truthloader won't last long unless it does…

  23. well it is not so annonymos when you owe taxes and have no fiat currency and they tell you that you have bit coins and where not even interested… they just gave me a deadline to pay or else the will scew me 

  24. DOH!  What this calls "English" spelling is, in fact, standard throughout the English-speaking world -Australia, India, Ireland, South Africa, the Caribbean -everywhere the language is spoken except the USA.  Canada is a bit of a mixture, generally leaning on the World English as opposed to US English side.

    So this appears to be at least partly based on a false premise.

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  26. Bitcoin is your "one world currency" that goes along with the one world government. It was created by the bad guys. You're being screwed again sheeple. 

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  28. It doesn't matter who did invent Bitcoin. It matters that we've got the alternate way to save money.

  29. Guys, check the latest Zetacoin Twitter post, one of the lead developers is on his way to Mombasa (AS WE SPEAK). In talks about making it a major mobile payment solution around Africa. The framework has already been developed. This coin will BLOW UP soon! Cheapest on the Cryptsy exchange right now at $0.4 per Zetacoin (I think). I just moved 2BTC over, getting ready before the buzz!

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  32. At this point, I’m not chasing ghost, I’m chasing the money and unlocking potential. The new birth from a crisis was necessary just like the internet. So since the government recognizes it on the tax return I’m Gucci.??✌?✌??????. #StayintheShadowsMr

  33. i think bitcoin is a virus created by bots that lives among peoples pc as abandonned spybots, malwares and adwares, these abandonnedwares used to be malfunction because of missing bits due to unsuccessful removing attempts and over long period of time somehow the codes overlapping eachothers and coincidently reprogrammed itself into the most intellegent bots on the planet that lives among peoples pc by using internet as a network of nerve system as in a human brain. its mission is to convert all real material into virtual, the real world will eventually become like the matrix when the last real material bit has been exchanged into crypto currency … the virus will slowly but surely devour reality and all living organism will lose the awareness of its own existence

  34. Central banks make currency and bitcoin is a currency; hence,  Satoshi Nakamoto is the central bankers. This is simple to figure out people.

  35. Lol the data for currency is easy to bypass. It's just a loop hole. It was never made for someone to own. That's the whole point. So this is why I just let the world fight over. It was only a matter of time someone want a claim that so whatever

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