39 thoughts on “Which CryptoCurrencies Are Securities? Are EOS, XRP, & TRX Doomed?”

  1. Nice video. Thank you. One question came to my mind though. What about decentralized currencies backed with an asset?

  2. Eos is a utility token; you stake bandwidth and cpu with it. One cannot transact, use dapps or vote without staking. I can tell that you are not a fan of Eos, but to date I have yet to use a coin that serves more utility than Eos out of all coins that I have used. The security features are also very good. They have pretty much solved my fear of ever losing my funds. But hey; time will tell.

    I'll leave this hear so you can know a bit more about what Eos is doing.



  3. shoo xrp sellsellsell !!! eos neo neblio domino buybuybuy !!!!, everything running with ethereum erc-20 is amazing and pretty looking , but my all time favorite for origi nality and dream vacation for pennies TITTIE COIN (TTC) , im being honest they even updated their website and a nice news for july 30 th !!!! buy and hold for TITTIE ISLANDS!

  4. ♥️ Background music
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    I’m becoming a fan of this channel!!

    If btc, eth, bch, ltc, iota etc. are very unlikely to be considered as security cryptos how about part? I was waiting for part to be mentioned hehe ?. Although part is still new compared to the mentioned cryptocurrencies but it has launched its alpha marketplace a week ago and might be beta soon. Hopefully you check it out some time…I really want to hear your view on particl projects ☺️ thank you

  5. If tokens are securities, and tokens are obtained with Ether, then Ether is money.

    Any DPoS is a security. Mark my words.

  6. Mav and Doc! Please keep doing these totally information based,visually stunning videos! I am a Logistics director and have been looking and searching for quality nonFud driven info!
    You guys have the best videos I've seen in over a year of being involved in this wild world of crypto. Great job gentalmen! Thank-you

  7. How do i contact you? You need to review more tokens!
    ENJ Security?
    Icon Secuity ?
    Nano Security ?
    zco Security?
    DBC Security?
    Ont Security ?
    Ven Security?
    SNM Security?

  8. In my opinion EOS, as it's now, is not a security. They were very cautious when blockchain lauched, since Blockone wasn't directly involved in launching blockain, it's more decentralized than ETH and BTC. They also said that current framework discourages users from using coins as an asset, since you have to make transaction (basically vote for BP) at least every 3 years otherwise they can "seize your coins and auction them to other hodlers" , thus you must actively participating in network. The last statement could be major at ruling out at not as security…

  9. What about NEO and ONT giving GAS and ONG dividends respectively passively? Does this not make them fail the Howey?

  10. ANY estimate on when the SEC and CFTC will be ready with their regulations and framework? I suspect this will be "capitulation day"

  11. they could change the accredited investor to the informed investor 10k and 2k… let them trade like penny stocks…

  12. Just wow! This is hands down one of the best most informative crypto vids I think I've ever watched. Thank you!!

  13. Your videos are great but this whole regulation thing and not to mention the taxes should be an extreme wakeup call that all US citizens are in trouble.

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