Where to Buy Ripple XRP in Australia (exchanges compared)

crypto Finder. Today we’re going to show you how to buy XP in Australia, the crypto currency, the cryptocurrency associated with ripple. And so the first thing I want you to do is just go down into the description of this video, and open up the link to find out which is a guide on how to buy and trade Rico X up, hey, now the reason I want you to go here is it actually shows you a list of different exchanges, which you can use to buy XRP in Australia. So I’ve actually got quite a big list here. But I’m just going to pick one of these to show as a demonstration. Lots of great exchanges. And if you want, you can load more down the bottom. And if you’d like to learn more about XRP, the rest of the guide has a bit more information on it. So let’s get started buying I’m going to use coin spot as an example because it offers two different ways of purchasing XRP. One super basic and super easy way. And one way that it’s I wouldn’t call it complicated, but it just gives you more control over the price that you choose to pay. Okay, so once you’ve made an account with coin spot, and you’ve gone through the KYC, which is the know your customer process, that’s just where you have to give you an ID to prove who you are, you’ll be greeted with a dashboard, a web page like this. And so as you can see, there’s a bit going on lots of different stuff. But what we want by XRP is either buy and sell or markets. So the first one I’m going to show you is the really super simple way, where you just click on buy and sell. And what you’re going to do here is click on ripple by XRP. And the way that this works is coin spot themselves are going to actually give you a price for XRP. So this is sort of like the right that they’ve come up with on the day or on the hour. And it just gives you a really easy way of purchasing. So put in how much you want to buy, you know, $100, what XRP, so you put in the amount of Australian dollars you want to spend. And then it just shows you how much XRP you’ll get in return. And you can go ahead and click Buy. So it’s really easy, just shows you the price of XRP per unit there, you put in how much Australian dollars you want to spend there. And then it will give you the total amount that you can buy with that. So that’s really basic and straightforward. But again, this is a price that they are giving you you’re not actually entering the market and you know, looking at the charts and finding a price that you want to pay or that someone else is offering. So to do that, we want to go over the markets. And this is where we can offer our own price for what we want to pay for XRP. So we’ve gone over the markets and we go view XRP market. Just give it a moment for the charts to load control in a moment, but a chart that shows the historical price. There we go. And we can see right now that it’s up to 46 646 cents. So that’s pretty similar to what we had on the immediate by itself. Let me just say what that was, except a stable also offering 46 cents. You know, the decimal is a little bit off. But it really it’s pretty good the immediate price that they’ve offered you there. But let’s say that we’ve been looking at the charts and we see that the the price recently was down at 45 cents. And it was even as low as 44 cents a few days ago. So we want to get in on that that lower price. And we want to capitalize on that volatility, which is what you generally like to do with crypto currency or any forex market. So we want to put a bid in for 45 cents per XRP. So with that, it’s really easy to set your price down here in a second box, let’s go with zero point four, five, we won’t put any other numbers after that. So it means 45 cents in Australian dollars. And that’s put in how much we’d like to buy. So if before we were happy to spend about $100 and XRP, and the price is 45 cents, we’re going to try and buy about 220 units of XRP. There you go, my math was nearly spot on. But it costs us 99 Australian dollars. So once you happy with the amount of XRP that you’d like to purchase, and the amount that you’re paying per unit in AD, you just go ahead and click on by XRP, you get a chance to review your order. And now you get to go to confirm by now Alternatively, you can only hear switched to a UD and you can just put in the amount of XRP that you’d like to buy for the amount that you’re willing to spend. So let’s put in $100. And it’ll tell you how much of that you can buy, it will give you $100 worth when the price is 45 sense. So again, you can change prices, change it to 42. And you put in the price again, and now it will automatically calculate for you how much that is. And so you can see here to be 238 XRP, at a cost of 42 cents per XRP, spending a total of $100. And it even breaks down the fees for you there. So that’s really all there is to it. Really simple. Once you purchased that XRP you can go over the wallets. And this is where you actually see the different cryptocurrencies that you’ve got. And if we scroll down to X up, hey, there we go XRP ripple. So we can see that the amount that we have would be there and it will calculate using this right here what the value of our holdings were in Australian dollars. So let’s say that we bought $100 worth of XRP. And we pay the price of 45 cents, we’d see here that the price is now 46. And we see that affected over here by the amount of XRP that we earned being worth a little bit more than $100 because the price would have gone up. So that’s really all there is to it. It’s super easy, super straightforward. If there’s any other exchanges or coins you’d like us to provide a guide on, on how to buy let us know below in the comments. There’s any other currencies you’d like her view on that as snow And if you did find this helpful, please make sure to subscribe and give us a like, as it lets us know what you’re interested in. And it helps us keep creating more great content.

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