When XRP moons , it will be like winning the lottery

what’s up my galactic warriors it is XRP
Rainmaker we are coming to you live from the Cryptoverse cruising down the crib
diverse flying through the sky acts up he’s about to moon and I am grabbing my
piece of the pie all right so nothing crap we definitely
do policing in for one day um I really wanted to talk to you guys right now
because I’m channeling my inner like you know astrological person you know and
it’s like the number at the bottom call call Stacy moon child at 1-800 read your
palm today so yeah so basically why I’m talking to you like this is because
something dawned on me what we are being given right now and again I’m not a
financial adviser do your own research but basically to me the opportunity have
right now and the fact that we are like the pioneer investors of this whole
thing is like basically being given the winning lottery numbers we just don’t
know when to when they’re going to play but whatever right so yeah so with that
said because I wanted to share a couple of things because I think that the life
of people because I’ve said this before but when you look at people who have won
the lottery they say something like eighty percent actually end up going
into bankruptcy or becoming more depressed than what they were before
they won the money and the reason why I believe this and why I want to help by
sharing this story is because I read I really believe the reason why so many
people who win the lottery end up losing all their money being coming bankrupt
and becoming more depressed is because a lot of people who win the lottery
they’re never told about how to handle financial
like financial gains which is exactly what you know people and XRP and people
in the crip diverse and in any type of crypto most kryptos I’m not talking
about any scam coins but let’s just stick with X RP for this thing right is
that most people they spend pretty much all of their life spending more time and
concern and energy planning their vacation than they do their actual life
you know they’ll put more time and energy in planning a wedding that will
last one day then you know the rest of their life there’s a lot of people who
would rather invest you know a hundred dollars on a pair of running shoes but
not like a hundred dollars on a couple of books and the biggest difference that
I have learned because I have been studying wealth I’ve been studying
wealth for the past two years obsessively and there’s something that I
realized that is a common denominator between all people who achieve wealth is
that first of all is that they work very hard towards it and they learn and learn
and learn because money is like a language and you need to be able to
speak it to understand it and so that it’ll come to you you know it’s just
like say for instance if I go to Mexico or something and say something say like
money is like somebody who is Mexican if I don’t know how to speak Mexican then
I’m not going to get whatever it is that you know or vice versa the money is not
going to to get for me because I won’t have any idea what money’s saying so one
thing that I believe is really important is that we all have to get our mind
right and by getting your mind right is learning right now like this calm before
the storm this you know this time because I forget where I read it but
it’s something like I don’t know if it’s God or life or Buddha or whoever said
this quote but basically is is that life tests you by
having nothing happened to you and then you know having everything happens you
all all at once and I think that the person who when there is nothing going
on like we are in the calm of the storm right now but it’s what you’re doing
with this time that is quiet that it’s going to I believe really determine the
outcome of how this will end for you or continue or whatever do you not I mean
because just like people who win the lottery people who don’t put any thought
process into it you know then they like just say for example right so people who
don’t put any thought process into winning the lottery and who actually win
the lottery you know the first thing that they’ll do is oh yeah I want to
pick up my check in person and you know blah blah blah blah blah and then you
know lights cameras action and then after that point then forget about it
then like until you choose to move out of the out of the the country or
whatever you have people calling you non-stop 24/7 and if that’s if that’s
what you like and that’s cool but you have to kind of you know you have to
kind of put it all into perspective because say for instance there’s lots of
different things I want to open up my own charity and I already have I’ve
created a website it’s XRP love and you know there’s already lots of different
endeavors that I’m putting into place and there’s other huge endeavors that I
want to take on once I do have more of a cash flow to do so but if you just you
know if you just I think it’s better right because I think that it’s better
to kind of teach someone how to how to fish instead of just giving people
constantly constantly fish to eat you know because if you give somebody a fish
they’ll be able to eat for one day and this is somebody wise who said this this
is not for me but you know they say give him an official eat for a day but teach
a man how to fish and he’ll be able to feed himself for the rest of his life so
for instance I’ve already I’ve decided and written down you know what
say for instance when the price of x RP gets to certain points and when I choose
to you know take some out because this is not financial advice but I am
definitely not taking over or taking out all of my x RP
for a very very very very long time and even then I’m still going to keep it
invested in the bank or whatever platform or service will be available at
that time but no I’m going to I wrote a book on Amazon is called a driven your
spiritual and financial roadmap or handbook for success and when when it
comes to that time I’m going to send every person in my family that book on
on PDF ebook and I’m going to actually send another book that I’m in the middle
of writing with you know the certain percentage points because I think that
it’s important when you do give to people you do give with because I’ve
been I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to study wealth for the past two
years which is you know not that long in comparison to many other people but it’s
been an intensive so the things that I’ve learnt along the way is it’s so
important and this ties into I was saying the people who won the lottery
who end up bankrupt or more depressed just because they don’t know about
investments you know so one of the most important things I would say I’m not
gonna suggest because I’m not gonna tell you what to do but one of the things
that I am going to be doing is investing any type of games from XRP into other
endeavors whether it’s continuing to build the charity that I’m working on my
repeal up or the different businesses that I’m setting up a ledger and NFC
comm bear market calm and now I’m working on a social social network
because of the whole fiasco what happened with them I am
so that’s also in the works but you know it’s funny
this is just not side note but I realized that you know a lot of people
when you ask them questions and I’ll ask you to the same thing right like with
all the different gains from XRP because it’s basically like going to be winning
the lottery right but what do you want to do what will you do you know have you
thought about it yet because I would strongly suggest that you do start to
think about it but one thing that I found those really hilarious to me
anyways is I know throughout the years like I’ve asked people you know like
what would you do if you win the lottery you know not because I’m motivated by
money but it was always a question that fascinated me because I thought you know
it really is telling about what the person should be doing in life so I
would always ask that question to somebody that I would see at work or you
know somebody who I noticed that they weren’t really happy and what they were
doing to get them to think about it so that you know say for instance a couple
times and be like seeing somebody who looks sad and down and really not into
their job and just be like hey just you know sure to win them if you were to win
the lotto what would you choose to do and about 80 percent of the time
actually 95 percent of the time people always say like oh man I’d retire like
they wouldn’t work after that period zip zilch zero and that’d be likely all
right a couple of people who have answered you know they’d be like oh well
I would be like a chef or I would you know I don’t know do this or that and
you know I’d always tell them and follow it up by you know well maybe you should
start taking steps to do that nouns don’t have to wait for the lottery right
and then I was thinking about it and I actually you know this is just in my own
terms but the way that I know that I’m on the right track is because I love so
much what I’m doing right now with crypto and building websites to further
the future of crypto blockchain that even with any of the
gains from XRP or whatever else is that that’s only gonna make me want to work
harder and longer you know I wouldn’t plan on taking it slower I would
actually go more full force so I mean that was kind of like a nice thing that
okay I finally found what it is that I’m like meant to do in life so with that
said you got the list of two columns so far so the first column is what are you
going to what do you want to accomplish in 2019 the second column is how are you
going to kind of distribute your XRP gains are you going to you know write
down for instance like write down all the list of people that you plan on or
not you know whatever you plan on doing but to mark it out like say it out of a
hundred percent you know okay well this person gets whatever percent whatever
percent but this portion that’s going into savings or investing or whatever
but just to kind of have like a rough draft already done and then third thing
third thing I would write down because I’m going to be doing the same thing but
to write down where you want to be in like five ten years like one column
where you want to be in five years and what in one the other column where
you want to be in ten years and this is just for pure you know whatever but just
to keep it and you know you can keep it can we keep it folded up in your wallet
you can keep it somewhere and the thing but just so you write it down because
you know I don’t I really really really have a strong feeling that all of the
reasons why we’re in XRP right now is you know for synchronicity it’s it’s
just like just really a higher power anyways in my case
um kind of guiding towards this so whether you know some people think it’s
like serendipitous or whatever it is but I think that we’re all in this right now
because we’re here to make a difference and we’re here to just change the world
and help change the world and help kind of bridge that gap from where we’ve been
to where we’re going because you know not a lot of people understand where we
are right now and they’re going to need help you know so on that note all the
xoa makers I hope you have a wonderful night and don’t forget to smash that
like button and hit the subscribe and leave a comment leave a comment about
what it is that what it is that you’d like to to actually know what keep it
non no no don’t share anything that you’ve written on the paper that’s yours
that’s personal but I know I’m looking for an idea for the social network site
I already have a couple and you guys can let me know in the comments if you think
they’re good names or something else but so I had Crypt tube as one or face flow
kind of like you know nobody’s flow it’s getting cut anyway sound off in the
comments you know what do you think would be a cool or whatever name for a
social network for crypto Oh craw to them I hope you have a magnificent night
I hope this time that the microphone was okay all right cheerio what’s the red button where do I even

79 thoughts on “When XRP moons , it will be like winning the lottery”

  1. BG123 gave us in the UK the winning lottery numbers – just that no one realised they were the numbers. 5, 8, 9, 31, 12 just needed 49 (Some say it was the 49th Week). You are also right about winning the lottery and then losing it too. It's real and there are some very famous winners on YouTube who have lost it all cause their mindset is not right. Stay grounded Rainmaker.

  2. XRP Theory or Truth

    Throughout history the Banksters have made sure they come out on top. You look at recent times such as 2008 financial crisis seeing the Banksters get bailed out using Tax payer money while the Bankster executives gave each other bonuses. Or you can go further back in time such as the 1970s when the USA defaulted on the USD by going off the gold standard. The Bankster always win. Banksters then were able to change laws to leverage items beyond what anyone could possibly dream.

    I give this theory…

    Investors in #XRP are again just a pawn in the ecosystem of @Ripple / #XRP . Once they get the ecosystem online and working, they will somehow take our #XRP from us by force such as the gold taken from the people in the 1930s for a low price. Then after it was illegal to own gold, the price was adjusted higher. I suggest the same will happen to #XRP holders.

    For those people who believe they will be millionaires owning #XRP may find themselves no wealthier at the end of this journey. Buyer Beware!

  3. You and i are vibrating in the same dimention. Ill share some of my kung fu with you. Im finished with part two. Tell me what you think
    I got a project im developing that i would like to see of you can make it even better. Join telogram @getFIwithus you would be a good mentor

  4. Awesome video, XRP love ? the best, for a lot of us XRP investors, we have prepared ourselves over the yr , for what is about to become a new generation of wealth. Well done Rainmaker, loved it again ,

  5. Evolution solution or globalization even distribution ..redistributing wealth. Fairness for humanity. For giving.. Giving uP meaning optimistically..forward giving…The evolution of Payment solution. When do i buy xrp?

  6. Thanks sister…I love the spirituality in U..am spirituality too and can't get enough of the outerspace and the imagination it holds…and am Xrp family

  7. You are so beautiful and love listening to your voice ! I forgot for a second of what you talking about looking at your face and listening to your voice

  8. Girl your lucky your young with this opportunity. Me at 56 NEVER seen such an opprtunity in my life. For the first time ive had this confidence in a investment ever.

  9. Hello again

    One question for you
    Bitcoin//Lightcoin are in the process of speeding up their transactions and reducing the cost with the lightning network

    What if the lightning network finds a way to make Bitcoin and Lightcoin just as fast and cheep as XRP???
    What would happen then???

  10. XRP will never Moon. It will never be any overnight jump for a 1000 different reasons. Always remember 2 things. Investments ALWAYS go up on a staircase and go down on an elevator. This is will inevitably bleed out all the "lottery winners" far, far, far before the top. Bulls make money, Bears make money, Pigs get slaughtered. Full disclosure I own a lot of XRP, and will probably own it for a VERY long time.

  11. I agree with teaching people how to deal with the money….and I also think a good charity would be to not just throw money or presents at disadvantaged people but to also teach them how to create wealth in today's markets. This is going to be a time of prosperity for God's people so It should also be a time of helping poor, sick, disadvantaged without being forced to do so by the government. Blessings to all….XRP will change lives.

  12. since you are so established now… I recommend you get a proper microphone and a camera so we don't have to hear you finger fucking the mic…

  13. If one has a structured sell off plan that spans many digits, like 2-5, in 3 to 5 digit territory is like winning anything feom scratch tickets to mini lotteries with each sell off point

    Even selling 20-30 XRP in 5 digit territory is like grabbing equivalents of annualtive salaries with each sell point

    It took Bitcoin 9 years live, to hit 5 digit territory. Let's revisit XRP price in 10/01/27

  14. somtimes beople looose it all because deep dwon they dont vibrate with wealty so they loose it or damage themselves. afferations are needed so you can feel you deserve it. Lead the feild is a good one to listen to I am uploading one more BG 123 it just blew me away this morning. So check it out. You will understand itt

  15. ….i will prepare….that i will be free & independend in my physical body the next 360 years ????????….to get some serious shit done on that prison-planet… break the cube….LOVE will set u freeeee❤️

  16. Where you attention goes energy flows… is that how it goes?? Good points you make, its time, its just time for various people to get much more $$$$, the universe has ordained it.

  17. In my later years (not too later) I'd like to go to a 3rd world country and do my engineering and educated best to make a MAJOR difference. Begin and build a western community that allows them to thrive and grow. With the funds available how could one sit by cruising around in Lambo's etc etc. when there are darlin' innocent little children in different parts of the world literally dying because they have no clean water??? I mean seriously, my heart breaks everytime I think of this. It's just not right. We were lucky to be born in a western civilization, many are unfortunately not so lucky. Done right a !!!STRONG!!! difference can be made. And I don't mean donate and feel better, I mean bloody well go there with purpose and conviction and achieve a dominant difference! How easy is it for us to make water clean with minimal equipment? Bloody easy really, yet we still see and hear of these sad things going on in other parts of the world. In my lifetime I'd love to become the powerful person that rocked up with the necessary tools and backing that laid the foundation and changed the lives of millions in such a way that helped them help each other out of the far below poverty conditions they currently endure on a daily basis!!! XRP, LET IT BE! BRING IT!!!!

  18. What do you mean "what happened with SamIAm"? Obviously he covered the Ripple Riddler and BG123, but what does that have to do with starting a social network?

  19. If I won the recent 1.6B lottery I'd give $1,000,000 to each person that filed taxes which qualified their income at the poverty level. The funds would be put into Bitcoin and XRP, half and half, in escrow for 1 year to avoid heavy taxes.

  20. the first book you have written (recommended in your video here) please put a link here because I couldn´t find it, thank you!

  21. can you talk about will bank create their own coin and not having to use xrp, or stable coin? is there any posibility that will happen? thank you.

  22. Rainmarker,

    I believe alot of us have similar thoughts with our new found wealth to assist for the people (children/elderly group) in the world without hopes or can't fend for themselves………………

    Like you have mentioned, i will not retire…but more drive to work on the dreams……….
    most of us are brain washed to do the RAT RACE into the society life to have career, house, car & etc = unhappy life

    Sincerely this hope of XRP community will grow into a tree……………………..

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