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hello and welcome to chappie today I'm will and I'll be going through some of the most talked about topics in crypto if you want to be kept up to date with the discussion remember to give us a like and to subscribe so it turns out that a break from the bear market was too much to ask and Bitcoin couldn't hack it so we're back below 4,000 so unless you've been actively avoiding the charts you know that yesterday brought a fair bit of bloodshed to the market the day you kicked off from the slit below 4,000 dollars down to 3 850 before a more prolonged and slightly more painful slide down to 3 570 so what happened well according to the experts the consensus seems to be the no one has a clue genuinely that's what the senior market analyst for eToro Matty Greenspan had to say maybe know in those exact words but Greenspan indicated there was no rhyme or reason for this drop saying that neither a technical or fundamental catalyst Greenspan apparently went on to say and I quote the one interesting thing about this movement is that it seems to be an exact reversal of the surge that happened on Sunday afternoon he continues at this point gains made since the start of the year have now been reversed and we're back to a neutral 2019 Thank You Matty that's that's such an amazing insight there that really puts everything in perspective so what you're saying is Bitcoin rose and then fell again mine mind-blowing that's just to be fair Matty did slightly redeem himself by drawing some lines on a chart and assuring the community that everything was properly gonna be okay but I still doesn't explain what happened so there is some speculation that it was a whale dumping there on the market but not much as materialized from now other than speculation so while it may have been a big dumping of Bitcoin it also doesn't really matter the main focus should be how and when the bear market will end well we've got a sense of how yesterday with circles ask me anything on reddit Jimmy Ellis single-handedly reassured the crypto community by certain that cryptocurrencies will continue to proliferate in all their forms subsequently listing a myriad of use cases and utilities as well as hinting towards further tokenization and eventually math adoption of Bitcoin interestingly Atalaya stated that there was room for old coins to supersede Bitcoin adding the math adopted platforms such as aetherium or card on oh man with a higher valuation than a store of value krypter while the most popular view is a pragmatic one realistically there is an infinitely higher chance that technology will evolve beyond Bitcoin with so many iterations of PTC vine to outdo the other it's almost inevitable that this will happen although the case could be made as it has by many before the Bitcoin has the potential to act like a resale currency replacing the role of gold so as to when the bear market will stop or new research from Delfy digital suggests the end may be in sight according to the results from an investigation into bitcoins price and transactions selling pressure has eased up this means a period of accumulation could be upon us furthermore with the lack of sellers price action is unlikely to go down on top of this apparently 50% of bitcoins circulating supply has been left untouched last year I further nods what researchers conclude could be a bottom for Bitcoin adding that this could be seen in q1 of 2019 bringing with it the promise of a recovery ultimately there are many bullish reasons as to why this dip doesn't really matter the imminent influx of institutional investors the upcoming launch of backed and the continued year-on-year growth in the market both technically and financially but none of that really matters because CNBC tweeted out this after the dip Bitcoin falling back to $4,000 today and Anthony Greer's is betting on more pain ahead those and the known Sun is the single most important indicator to tell us that price is going back up CNBC have been systematically wrong in about 80% of their crypto projections making them the perfect counter indicator thank you so it hasn't been a week of fantastic news but we did have the very exciting launch of the dax exchange which means a materialize from nowhere and get everyone excited pretty quickly but maybe a bit too quick because it appears the exchange wasn't quite up to scratch as one user discovered according to ours technical an anonymous trader tried to evaluate the robustness of the exchange testing out his trading facilities using the epitome of security analysis software google chrome's developed the mode ironically it turns out this is all the user needed because one test trade later and the exchange had returned a plethora of authentication tokens these tokens are typically for accessing user accounts mean the exchange was leaking important user data what's worse as some of these tokens were apparently connected to staff accounts staff accounts with admin privileges if these exploits were discovered by someone with a different agenda it could have led to a complete ransacking of the exchange the exchange subsequently fixed the issues after being notified about the problems and in a statement the DAX exchange blamed masse attention and a high volume of signups let's be honest it's not as if the website crashed because of a high volume we're talking about leaked user information a low level of interest wouldn't have changed the fact they leaked user data this stands out as a real cautionary tale for cryptocurrency businesses who don't share a proper duty of care towards the privacy and security of their users data unfortunately this kind of event gives regulators such the SEC every reason to shut down or sanction cryptocurrency related businesses and due simply to the emissions are a few outliers that being said let's hope the DAX exchange can bounce back from this learn lesson and move on but as always we'd love to hear your take on the story is discussed or your thoughts on the current market dip well we get out of the bear market soon or anything else we'd discuss today so leave a comment leave a like subscribe and we'll see you next

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