49 thoughts on “WHEN WILL BITCOIN REACH 20K (btc crypto live new market price today 2019 technical analysis)”

  1. Thanks Steve for the Video and also sharing your past.. I love your integrity and despite some jealous YOUTUBERS negative comments, you show that there is nothing for you to react to..One important message I came away from your story is, although we learn from our mistake, you course offers the ability not to have to go through all the hardship and emotions you went through when you first started to learn about trading. Personally, I wish I had your course and strategy in Oct 2017 when I started. I would have been a lot better off. I can’t speak for others but I’m soooo pleased your courses have shown me a way not to loose my money.
    Best wishes to you and your family.

  2. Hi, I'm new to your channel;) Thanks for posting these videos>>> I've noticed the bottom right square showing your face blocks the current charts info-PLEASE could you move your face to top left

  3. Steve, I've started a facebook page called Simply Bitcoin I'd like to share your videos on my wall. The whole page is about bitcoin and other cryptos. I think your chart analyst is spot on.

  4. Steve, we're about to have a weekly close above the 50! Does that mean it's time to FOMO in? I don't want to get caught with my pants down if the market blasts off without me.

  5. try as I might I cant get my chart on BLX to look like yours so both 2014 and now both fit showing detail like around the 14 minute mark. The current seems to leave the previous as almost flat. Great work again.

  6. But btc changed when segwit was applied. It now has changed forever and hamstrung .
    Btc will never reach $20k as it has no utility.

  7. ALT COINS CAN KISS MY Ask who is a tuber pump an dump. simple give me some cred buushyt.. bitcoin is the safe haven. hold!!!

  8. Hi Steve, thanks for all the shared info and knowledge I so appreciate it. BUT I want to know how is the little Prague coming along? Please share an update

  9. I came to know about your channel few weeks back through Sunny Decree, whereby quoting u as a scammer. I m extremely surprised to watch your valuable videos and the quality content u r providing. In my opinion, your haters are ultimately favoring u, by chipping in more of your followers. Plz keep up the same good work. Best regards

  10. "Failure is your biggest teacher in life"…So true Steve..entered Crypto 2017 and made a lot of $$$, then lost all the profits plus more ? Not anymore tho, I learned a huge lesson ??

  11. I want to thank you for sharing such excellent analysis for free. I look forward to your videos every week. Many of us cannot afford your classes. I would definitely consider it if it were less expensive. Thank you again Steve. Your incite is appreciated.

  12. when you call for a legendary rally what number are we talking?

    I'm in Australia so id appreciate a 1300 number….if possible.
    love your work Steve.

    …. and if I did call who should I expect to answer? Hehe

  13. 2017: Big Bull
    2018: Big Bear
    2019: Small Bear
    2020: Small Bull
    2021: Big Bull

    New ATHs…in my opinion not this year.
    Maybe in 2020. But most likely in 2021.

  14. Steve, I am one of your students and looking forward to your views and updates with the BLX indicator. This video was "smokin' hot" my friend and again I wish I had heard of you before BCW over a year ago and I could have saved a lot and made a lot of money. Now I am in your court and on your side. Thanks much!!!!

  15. You are not a fool if you make a mistake – unless you make the same mistake over and over again. Live, Learn and move forward. I try to keep my mistakes in any particular area to being one-offs.
    Seeing a portfolio de-value whilst sitting helplessly was to me, a terribly costly mistake. Joining Crypto Crew University was my way to learn the charts, to learn a strategy and to learn to be disciplined. I now feel empowered and am ready to move forward. Onwards and upwards.

  16. Always a pleasure and always a treat, thanks for all you do and share in this cut throat world filled with haters!! Cheers to you sir!! 🙂

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