46 thoughts on “When should you SELL when Cryptocurrency Trading & Investing?”

  1. Hey Suppoman.
    Talk plz about Siacoin for trading & investing.
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  2. Hi Suppoman, SegWit2x canceled. What do you think about SegWit2x [Futures] price? Teoretically the price will go down now but if SegWit2x occures again then it can be a big win to buy futures? What do you think?

    BTW your videos = great show 🙂

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  3. Suppoman! I just finished you crypto course thanks for putting that together, much was learned!! Quick question, Poloniex does not allow WA state residents to have an exchange account. What should i do?? Thanks again!

  4. hey Suppoman, What's your thought on upcoming ICO for GOLDMINT ? Do you think it's going to be good investment for longterm?

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  5. Hey guys!
    While we patiently wait for the Bitcoin Hard fork.
    Check this ico out.
    Ucoin cash works the same as many other currencies in which you can trade value. The thing special is about it its its platform and the capabilities it has. A own excange, lending platform and staking your coins to gain intrest.AND your are given a Debit card as well!

    More information available in the white paper below:



  6. I've been using Qapital to save money with almost no effort. It's easy and it's free. If you sign up via this link, Qapital will give you $5 toward your first goal. http://get.qapital.com/bzAc/Ne09QX1nvF

  7. Hey could you cover Pura coin – it goes up and down all the time , pretty live coin.. and please find time for ICO review!!!!!

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  8. Howzit Suppo! Thank your for the 3 courses and all the valuable information you keep on providing! When can we expect another? What are you working on? Please have a look at Smartcash.

  9. for Cryptocurrency milling and how to make good wages on your invested funds, contact me if you are good with it and i will show you how to earn over 15% of your capital daily and also every little detail you need to know or secret there is about it. reach me via email [email protected]

  10. Hey Suppoman, the first time I read about BQX (when it was $0.04) I knew it was going to be huge considering the growth of roboinvesting firms like Betterment, Wealthfront, etc.  I went with my gut and have made very nice gains so far, haven't sold a single one yet.  Please take a look at Loopring (LRC), I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts on it.  Keep up the good work!     0x94846E4d615380a081305B8A44D396dc1C549b02

  11. Hello Suppoman, Can you pls. make a video around taxation over crypto (trading & investment) in the UK. Thanks.

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  12. I found a great Telegram chat that gives free signals everyday https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEKGjlrAUDMkMi0WzQ

  13. can you speak about Caviar? looks good to me want your opinion on it.
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  14. Hi, Suppoman. I liked your video. There are so many good avises here. I'd like you look at Verge and Vertcoin. See ya until next video.
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  15. Hi suppoman !! Can u talk about the unikoin gold and the komodo please ?
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  16. Hi Suppoman , please have a look at EXN coin and tell us do you get a lot of groupies hassling you down the pub? cheers!

  17. Hi suppoman love your videos, would like you to cover Caviar ico, mew : 0xED5b68DA0eD54eB05a998b0753f496f0Ee43Ca8E

  18. Hi suppoman, I'll like you to cover Steem. That coin has a lot of potential because of the great community, but it keeps deprecating on the crypto market.
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  19. Hey Suppuman. Just have a look at our beloved coin Ethereum Blue. You will enjoy what you see. MEW:0x12937136174c441F8661C7A907389aBF707Fe7Fd

  20. First of all, thank you Suppoman for sharing your opinions about the world of crypto! In my opinion, we are experiencing an ICO bubble right now, where tons of money gets pumped into ICOs, with people hoping to catch a big fish in its very early stage. Without spreading FUD, i believe that more than 95% of them will fail because crypto is not mainstream yet and the technology is not ready yet. However, do you think this hype around ICOs will decline within the next year and will the big & established coins benefit from this?

  21. What is the future scope of IOTA?Is it worth investing

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