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let’s get started with this video and at the end I’m also going to be talking
more when we go over the technical analysis a Bitcoin as to why I think the
market is falling and when I when I expect us to see the actual start of the
big bull run so first piece of adoption news is Argentina seems ready to install
4,000 to 5,000 crypto ATMs across the country now you a lot of guys probably
know Argentina’s it’s in South America borders of my home country Brazil we’re
rivals in soccer but that doesn’t matter anyways they’re planning on adding 4,000
to 5,000 crypto ATMs and I think that’s a pretty good sign for adoption I don’t
spend too much time on each news article because there is quite a lot of stuff to
cover but this is and like I said it’s a pretty awesome sign for adoption for
both cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and I hope to see more
countries start doing this moving on into the future and moving on in the
coming months aiex not only do I want to but I’d also expect to see several
countries doing this as well now the second piece of news Arco is also a
piece of adoption news and this is Japan Japan finance giant SPI Holdings to
launch a crypto exchange in the summer you guys know I talked about crypto
exchange as being one of the most profitable business you can start right
now if you do it correctly and one that I think whichever one stands out and is
number one currently my opinion finance is number one coin bases up there too
for beginners but I think there is still room to improve and that’s what a
Japan’s financial service giant SBI holding plans to do this summer so I’m
very excited to see how this turns out they are a very big player you know
companies already establish a financial service giant that’s already established
not a random new company so they already have a certain user database and they
also have a certain credibility about them now I’m excited to see what’s going
to happen when it comes to them launching the exchange how the exchange
is gonna look how the exchange is going to how many people are gonna transfer
over to the exchange you guys know Japan is actually one of the most adopted Nam
countries when it comes to cryptocurrency in my opinion there’s
there obviously there’s a few but Japan is definitely one of them and this is a
very good sign I think they’re going to I think this exchange I’m not sure what
the exchange is gonna be called and maybe it’ll just be called SPI Holdings
but I think the exchange has potential to do very well and gain a pretty fast
adoption given like I said Japan is so technology forward that I think a lot of
people there are going to adopt into this exchange so I’m excited to see what
happens but another very positive sign for adoption now this one I kind of
opened up because I thought it was well it was kind of funny and I wanted to get
your guy’s opinion on this so apparently you guys remember that the country
Venezuela started its own oil backed crypto called petrol right now
apparently they’re offering countries certain offers they’re making country
certain offers and India got the offer of if you pay in petrol you get 30
percent discount on Venezuelan crude oil I’m still not buying the whole petrol
thing I’m still not a fan um honestly and I mean this is the nicest way it’s
mainly because it’s Venezuelan and the government there does have a few issues
for those of you who don’t know obviously no government is perfect but
they do have their share of issues and I don’t believe in their cryptocurrency I
don’t know how long it’s gonna last I’m interested to see if a country will
take them up on this offer though cuz 30 percent is a very big is a very big
discount now like I said I’m curious to see if they actually take them up on the
offer so I’m gonna keep you guys updated with that information but I’m still
buying it yet I think countries would actually need it to take them up on the
offer in order to see some nice returns from petrol first of all because demand
will actually be there and then we can actually see some valid use case for it
which is Venezuela selling its crude oil for cryptocurrency which at that case
would be pretty interesting it would just it depends on if people if
countries actually choose to use this offer that they gave them so very
interesting to look at now quick note before we go into market cap is um hash
flare actually ran out of mining contracts but they are back they’ve
actually added more contracts out right now
so guys if you are interested in cloud mining with hash flare all you guys have
to do is check out the link in the description I will sent and send you
guys there you guys can buy some mining power now obviously I’m not a financial
adviser I’m not telling you what to do do this at your own risk
I do mine with hash flood I do mind with Genesis mining as well
Genesis mining has been out of contracts for a long time hash flare has added
more contracts and so they’re pretty much the go-to for mining right now
now let’s take a look at Quinn market cap yes coin market cap does look a
little different you might be asking the simple changed like the website feels
different it looks different and that’s correct so they had their 5th year
anniversary and they decide to do a little bit of rebranding not necessarily
rebranding but new branding and design and that’s what you guys can see from
the local they also have the coin market cap application so I highly recommend
going to get this it looks very clean the one that they had I don’t know if
they have someone else had before didn’t doesn’t look nearly as good as this so I
definitely am going to be downloading this application right now after I
finished the video not to mention you can now add things to your watch list
upgraded API and in the future they say they they are paying attention to what
people say in feedback and they’re going to continue to grow and add more
features to corn market gap so that’s just something I love I want to mention
about the application to help you guys out but overall 410 billion dollar
market cap big-boy diamonds actually went up a little bit to 37.1% now that’s
because everything is falling today and that’s why I wanted to talk
about at the end of this video with the technical analysis after we talked about
rippln AOS sort of why certain things are falling is this expected is this the
end of the world let’s kind of cover all that but a lot of basically every
cryptocurrency except for verge is down all you Virg holders are probably happy
to see that other than that basic attention tokens up 5% and yet not too
much more happening Bitcoin private up 22.1% not too much going on the last 24
hours other than a lot of red but if we open
up the week it’s sort of the same but it’s a little more mix so we have e OS
up a ton card on o of stellar of Tron up a ton we have V chained up and not buy
too much we have verged up and everything else is in the red so this
week has been looking a little rough compared to the weeks we had before am i
concerned about this yet no and I’m gonna explain this when we get to the
technical analysis part first I wanted to talk about ripples so piece of news
article that came out it says ripple could surge after teaming up with
massive firms and implementing X rapid and X via so I did talk about in a
previous video about ripple and there are five new customers that being fair
FX exchange for free rational effects uni pay and money match now that is all
using ripple X via they also have um they also have received good feedback
for X rapid by a company called Mercury FX so it’s pretty much the pretty much
they use ripples liquidity solution that allows financial institutions and
payment providers to minimize the liquidity cost and to enhance the
customer experience for cross-border payments and they actually tweeted
saying that in q1 along with other X rapid pilot customers we have provided
we approved the X traffic and lower liquidity cost and increased payment
speed and transparency using hashtag XRP we are looking forward to continued
success testing and going into production so this is a very good sign
for people who are invested in ripple and also coin X launch ripple
based trading it was actually tweeted out right here so ripple exstrophy has
always been a crypto crowd favorite because of its high liquidity and ease
to constant of to constitute transact damn that was hard for the first time in
credit crypto world coin X proudly presents XRP based trading marked with
8x RP pairs going live tonight so if you guys don’t know what that is basically
when we go here and we see here you go to BTC /bt see that’s a BTC pair so now
we’re gonna see on that exchange /x RP is gonna be what we see and people are
gonna be able to trade relative to rippled but now ripple hasn’t seen too
much gained from that obviously the news is fairly new but I think that’s a step
in the right direction from ripple as we’re seeing actual implementation of
the technology people praising it to work so we’re gonna obviously hopefully
get if you’re a ripple holder at least you’re hoping to get more people into
more customers into those X rapid xvs type and into those projects and it
helped to grow that and help you know get more adoption into your
cryptocurrency and it’s definitely possible given the fact that it is
apparently working relatively well now ripples been stuff last few days at the
roughly that 0.82 cent mark and that is because that is sort of the support for
a ripple in this cryptocurrency market moving up and down last week
now you guys gonna see the technical analysis we are correcting back down to
a support so this seems like the support point roughly for ripple maybe like the
80 cent mark but at a 32 billion dollar market cap that’s not much to be
concerned about it is ranked third in market cap size and I think ripples
going to have its fair share of success now you guys asked me why I’m not
personally invested in Ripple that’s because I like to diversify my portfolio
in some bigger holdings and some smaller market cap holdings that’s kind of how I
split it up some bigger market cap so for more safety and some smaller market
cap coins and you guys know some of my favorites I’m invested in one chain
which is kind of in the middle actually now I’m invested in wahby substrate them
those are lower market cap coins requests net worth lower market cap coin
and then I’m invested in neo which is a little
bit of a bigger one obviously I have a good amount of Bitcoin which is my you
know my biggest holding and that’s kind of how I structure and now ripple it’s a
third biggest so it’s a big market cap coin
I would rather at this point invest more money into let’s say Mia which is so so
much lower of a market cap or an undervalued like an a small market cap
all coin I’d rather vest that because the the
return potential for that it can multiply faster that’s just based on
market cap the ten million dollar market can’t go into a twenty will double the
price of the token while ripple would need to go to a sixty four billion
dollar market cap in order to double its price now by no means is this a bad
thing if you are invested in ripple guys I’m also invested in some bigger market
cap market cap all points I’m just saying ripples not one of them because
I’m already invested in some other ones however I do think ripple is going to
have its fair share of success I think ripples gonna be fine I think we’re it’s
gonna be around the top ten for sometime probably even the top five will stay
ranked number third for now I believe it doesn’t have too much competition a
Bitcoin cache is ten billion dollars lower and I’m not too big a fan of
Bitcoin cash wouldn’t be too worried so it looks like ripple might be in the
third place market cap size for some time and as the market grows guys I have
no doubt in my mind that ripple will continue to grow and as these
partnerships and more you know good news comes out for people praising their
technology they’re gonna get more adoption in the price is going to go up
now talking a little bit about iOS cos has been going crazy
cos went up all the way to twenty dollars and twenty four cents basically
reaching a almost seventeen billion dollar market cap that’s insane it’s
ranked number five right now guys iOS was going crazy look at the volume that
you see here at this run up new all-time high pretty much one of the only the
only cryptocurrency in the top who knows how how much to reach its
all-time high already so many of them are down so much cos has actually hit an
all-time high which is absolutely insane butts it’s down eight percent and that’s
um a news article that came out on medium
so I wanted to share with you guys I’m not gonna go over the whole thing but it
does bring the bad side of Eos for example obviously everything has some
pros and cons to every investment every investment has some better things and
some worse things and that’s kind of the bad the game you have to play if to find
the one that you like most and that you think is the best one trust me nothing
in the world is perfect and you’re never gonna not find a flaw with anything now
they they do say in the beginning that they have a lot of their investments in
aetherium and they don’t have any EOS so that’s going to bring some form of bias
but it does talk about the remarkable run that iOS had going up to almost 17
billion dollars competing up especially compared to the rise in etherium and
Bitcoin iOS has been killing it’s actually been one of the best growing
all coins of this of last week for example in the last few weeks now it
goes into some issues that that iOS faces so I highly recommend if you guys
are interested check out this medium article it’s very long as you guys can
tell and I don’t want to read through the whole thing for you guys they do
bring up some pretty solid points however I do think that um I do think us
still gonna continue to do well I personally am still bullish on the OS
and I think it’s going to do fine in the long run it is how it did just have a
very huge run-up so when news like this catches wave it is very normal for us to
see a corrections actually down like I said it’s down a good amount all the way
from $20 – where was it all the way $20 – like $17.25 right now that’s $3 down
that’s a pretty significant date obviously it’s down 8% the last 24 hours
– but I’m personally I would without if you’re looking to get into us I would
personally wait until we see when the correction bottom is going to hit and
then once we see the market reverse as well we start gaining more traction in
the market then I think Els will continue to go up because it is a soft
project and I think it is very good it’s still very fairly new the argument one
of the arguments the articles making is that iOS has such a high market cap
without really having a that launched it and it took a theory
I’m with a main net like several months to reach on the market cap that us is
that it’s a bitcoin nine years to do it so that’s kind of the argument they’re
giving they say it’s happening too soon is it happening too soon maybe but I do
think us gonna be a project which once everything is out especially it’s going
to continue to grow more and more now the part you guys are probably
interested in is you saw by the title of the video why is the market down today
and that is because we are dropping down back to the support you guys remember
yesterday we were seeing this candle had a long wick and it was kind of pretty
much the same size as the green candle next to it just in the red and I was
telling you guys that that still doesn’t confirm anything we need a confirm
movement I thought it was gonna happen yesterday did not it actually sort of
did yesterday and towards the end after I posted my video but we saw a web drop
back down and then today it continued all the way down to the support of the
$1,800 mark now it’s the eighth now we’re at eight thousand eight hundred
and ninety dollars for Bitcoin and honestly I think it is perfectly fine
for us to trade sideways a little bit over here leading up to consensus which
is mid-may that’s kind of what I’m looking at as one of the big indicators
I think a lot it’s gonna – it’s going to expose not exposing a bad move like it’s
going to expose more people to cryptocurrency and it’s going to form a
lot of partnerships for other crypto currencies which are going to lead into
future development future growth and faster growth not to mention guys
everyone’s still speculating that there should be a lot of money entering the
market at any moment now if you guys go to some private crypto events or just
crypto events in general you’re gonna tell that a lot of experts are expecting
a lot of money to come into the market relatively soon when that’s going to
happen obviously we don’t know this news has been going on for several months now
but I would not want to be the guy that missed out if that type of money does
come in because the money they’re talking about I don’t remember
specifically how much it was so I don’t want to actually comment specifically on
an actual number just to not be correct just to make sure I don’t give out any
false information but from what I remember it was something that is going
to make a big change in the market so definitely excited about that we saw
basically the last week what’s been going on is we tried to break up and
break up above the support couldn’t hold corrected straight back down did that
another time then we tried breaking out again on the
third time seemed like we were gonna be able to if this candle could you know
continue its run couldn’t do it next day drop back down and now we’re back to the
support so nothing to panic about right now I know everything looks bad because
it’s down 8% honestly that’s just because it was up 8% before couldn’t
hold without any support and drop back down now guys you guys know we are
waiting to comfortably break the $8,800 this is something that we can kind of
look at what happened down here the $7000 was a support line we have now
what we saw is it took a solid one and a half weeks before we had that huge
breakout up to test the eight thousand dollar mark and then we traded sideways
here and then we had another huge run-up to the eight thousand eight hundred
dollar mark and now it looks like we’re trading sideways waiting to make our
move to D to the twelve thousand dollar mark so definitely not anything to panic
about if anything this is an exciting time in crypto currency where every day
we look at the technical now so if we look at the market graph and kind of try
and see where the market is headed I love to see us try to break out and when
we don’t break out we come back down I’m always like damn is so close but there’s
going to be other opportunities in the future so guys don’t worry about that I
know a lot of people are gonna wake up today look at the 8% down on everything
and to be like oh my god is cryptocurrency falling we’re good now
guys no one claimed to give away yesterday – so I’m gonna be picking
another giveaway winner from yesterday’s video and good news for those who
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what we usually get from meeting your chance of winning some Bitcoin is
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the free the free Bitcoin winner is animal Tana
I might have completely butchered that name hopefully I did great analysis
thank you I’m glad you enjoyed the technical
as part of the video if you um in order to claim your free Bitcoin all you have
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be the random Bitcoin giveaway winner but guys hopefully you enjoyed this
video I know it’s full of information hopefully it wasn’t too much but I’ll
see you guys tomorrow for another video


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