34 thoughts on “When money isn’t real: the $10,000 experiment | Adam Carroll | TEDxLondonBusinessSchool”

  1. There is a important detail he missed out on why students are in dept, certainly in the UK and US and that is because of the expensive education. Which shouldn't be at such high rate. And with our current system to be able to get a well paid job unfortunately you need to have a lengthy education so expensive education. This can be very risky to invest into an education where you might not even come out with a well paid job. But it is still a very interesting video on how youngsters, just like me, should learn how to be of good judgement when it comes to spending money. I would also like to add that 96 % of the money that was said to be digital, is actually dept in it self. Created by private banks. But that is another subject to go into.

  2. Banks lend out money they dont have (or exists) and still earn interest on this illusion, this interest is paid with sweat blood and environmental destruction. So the kids were right to "float" their siblings and break the bank!

  3. Paper currency, Digital currency is debt

    Search “why the American dollar have value” or something close.

    Aka petro dollar

    You’ll learn why we go to war all the time

    If we didn’t our dollar would tank.
    So we are just mercenaries

    Fighting to preserve our freedom is a lie

    We war for treasure

  4. He said all this in prospective "save kids with education", "learn to be humble and save money" , …etc
    And that's nice …. BUT! I have to say USA is huge industry because of that. They push people spend here, spend there,… 20-30$ ( is really not a lot for regular job in america) per mo. for new iPhone, 499$ per mo. for new car,… and it's go on.
    From economy point of view, more demand > more supply > more money
    For the end I share thoughts with this guy, but everyone see that this model of capitalism is so wrong and the human is not point of that model.
    Cheers! 🙂

  5. Wow, I'm really happy to know this. At least, I'm not the only person thing about let childen experience with real money. Thanks, Adam.

  6. There is one thing banks have not got an angle on, Stable coins. Very large banks accounts will soon be emptied and turned in Stable coins.The banks are finished and it's going to happen fast and very soon. Stable coins are going to be frighteningly disruptive.

  7. Honestly a 100k salary isn't a lot, nearly a third of it would be taken by taxes leaving you with around 60k-70k

  8. 12 to 15% more likely to overspend with credit cards compared to cash, I see that is a great underestimate.

  9. I always compare what I'm going to buy to the number of hours I have to work. Always keeps me away from the bimbos.

  10. Poor kids know the value of money – they learned the hard way, by watching their parents struggle constantly and never having money in their hands, only wishing. Their parents don't have $10,000 to play games with. Poor people living paycheck to paycheck make up 62% percent of America.

  11. I just watched the video again with my wife, who also enjoyed the video, BTW. However, we agreed that a different game would have similar benefits. Our plan is to start the game with $100.00, starting each player with $15.00. The prices in the game are all reduced by 99%. Divide all values in the game by 100. A $200.00 railroad now sells for $2.00. Obviously. Then, we run the game for a fixed amount of time. 2 hours, 3 hours, whatever is desired to allow multiple winners. Not a 1 winner takes all. And they keep the cash money at the end of that time, and property can optionally be sold back to the bank, either for face value/100, or an even smaller percentage, depending on the message you’re trying to teach. If you want to highlight the value of liquid assets, diminish the value of the fixed assets at game end. All ideas expressed in this post are hereby copyrighted, 2019. All rights reserved, wherever it’s possible and legal to do so. However, if anyone wants to try this at home, you can. You just can’t make any money off these ideas. 🙂 Not without my explicit permission, anyway. But, since people have to put their own money in to do this, there’s not really any money to be made with this. But if you do, I want my cut. Ha-ha. And likely, so does Adam. OK, that went on far too long. Sorry. Back to the video. Again, great idea, great video. Cheers!

  12. Great video. I agree 100% with the concepts shown. I do have a question. Was $10,000.00 really enough to play the game? I wouldn’t think so. Doesn’t the Monopoly bank comes with significantly more and even playing strictly by the official rules, my experience playing the game leads me to believe that that’s just not enough cash. Hmmm, of course, we a;ways had a larger number of players. We usually had 5-8 players at one time. Perhaps with only three, it’s sufficient. Again, great video. Thanks!

  13. I never ever bought an app or online movie..i always go to theators or play free games..that way i save a lot of money..i get $50 a month and i have to manage my spendings and i never waste them on apps

  14. Can't focus on this right now. We have an epidemic of trans people becoming toasters we must address.
    Mental stability, then finances.

  15. I'm 22 in $20k of debt, including 1 semester of student loans and 2 maxed out, delinquent credit cards and a debit card in the negatives. all money that i have never seen physically in my hand. simply gone by signing a contract, paying a bill over the phone and going above and beyond with applepay "micro" purchases. yeah i fell for it and i'm screwed.

  16. My child has type 1 diabetes.
    I would be really interested to see how people treat these variables when the death of their child is on the line. I don't buy most luxuries. People who don't live this life have a privilige that the weakest do not – and international experiences regarding healthcare suggest that healthcare of the whole population would be better off without this monopoly mindset overall.

  17. In germany we mostly use cash , i am going on an exchange to the USA in this year and i have already been prepared to never see cash there

  18. Bring back allowances. Start with 10 bucks a week, and increase it to 20 if the kid(s) do their chores. When they get good grades, bump it up again. If they get detention, deduct money.
    Then, when they're older, ask them if they'd like to invest the money into their future. When their allowance is given, they can opt to let you keep 5-10 bucks to put into a college or rainy day fund. In about a year, they'll have hundreds of dollars. Ask them if they want it, or if they'd like to save it for next year.
    This teaches children that money is earned, and the value of investment into their future. It's such a simple way to convey such a complicated matter.
    The big issue though is that most parents cannot afford to do such experiments anymore. 40-80 bucks a month just to prove a point isn't worth not paying the gas bill.

  19. 6:30 its more than that, the cheap seats are right after payday, when players landing on them will automatically have on average $200 more. While boardwalk and park place are at the end of the run when players are more likely to not have the cash to pay. So the top tier properties are more likely to put players out of the game, but with reduced reward and higher investment requirements.

  20. You are one of the many people who are unwittingly what's wrong with the western world. Please stop teaching your children how to manage there addiction teache them to overcome it.

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