When is the right time to invest in Crypto? Q&A with Crypto Guru Teeka Tiwari

we're gonna have some fun with this just so everybody knows tikka I'm a very unpopular character in the ture family because it was his birthday and I convinced them to come out across the continent to be here for everybody here should we sing you happy birthday no no we won't do that we won't embarrass you that much look this right now is the guy in the blockchain crypto world so I'm gonna ask some tough questions God is his portfolio crushing mine and everyone knows how big my ego is so I like to be number one but I'm a distant distant distant number two to Utica right now but I but I'm gonna make my way up so take a right it's good to have dreams the blockchain dreams so TK you've seen everything okay everybody's pitching you sorts of deals I've sent you going hey Tiki I should we put money in this or you know and you're kind of my sounding board on things where are we today if we're using a nine-inning kind of analogy in the block treat or let's do kryptos first and then blockchain okay so in encrypt o's if we're if we're using a nine-inning an analogy I would say we were probably in the third or fourth inning if you we draw an analogy to where we are relative to where Internet stocks were when they became incredibly popular the Internet boom lasted from started in 1992 a little bit and then went all the way to 2000 so I would say if we look at that timeline we're probably somewhere in the 1995 to 1996 level somewhere in that right I would say more closer to 1995 so a lot of people are saying no way it can't be it's over we have to remind people that the gold bull market from 2000 to 2011 before I went from 300 bucks to $1,800 had multiple 50% Corrections that's something that people don't forget so why is why do people look at blocked er sorry kryptos is differently let's focus on Bitcoin because it's the gold of all the cryptos the average everyday person has never seen an asset class move as much as bitcoin has and the reason why is because generally speaking when a new technology is launched or a new company you as individuals do not get to participate in it when it's a penny or two pennies leave that venture capital model that's exactly what I want to get into right so so if you look at the internet era some of the biggest venture capitalists in the world were built during the internet era because they were funding companies like eBay and companies like Amazon and they were getting stock at the equivalent of a penny or or two pennies a share and so all of that economic value went to venture capitalists this time around in the cryptocurrency boom you are the venture capitalists right you are making the bet you are looking at the project and you are deciding whether you want to put your money into the project and when you're right you're getting venture capitalists types of gains so when people see that you know Bitcoin used to be a fraction of a penny and now it's trading at around you know ten or eleven thousand dollars they think oh my goodness this runs got to be over no friends I first started recommending Bitcoin at four hundred and people were telling me it was over then and then it went to seven hundred and they said Tiwari you're crazy this thing's over when it went to five thousand dollars and I was still telling people to buy Bitcoin that now they were saying you're irresponsible you're you're hurting the general public and then Bitcoin went to twenty thousand dollars so we're at around ten or eleven thousand dollars today we've had a significant pull back in the market this is par for the course in an ongoing bull market for those of you that participated in the gold market look at what gold didn't between 2007 2008 it was a horror show in the gold market but it was an amazing buying opportunity that's what we have right now in crypto we do this because we love what we're doing and there's no better feeling when someone comes up to you go hey mare and thanks for making me 50 grand on Altera and then they see oh hi tikka thanks for making me half a million dollars on this you sit there like anyways explain to the audience how the funds aren't even in this sector yet and why it's been why they've been so late because of the you know the issue of if you're shareholder or the fund the fund manager might take the key and yes never chase them okay that so in in the United States we have something called the advisors acts and the advisors Act says that if you manage money you're like a mutual fund or an institution you are not allowed to physically custody or hold the shares that you buy right and that's done to prevent people from raising money getting the shares and then running off with them so you have to have what's called a custodian so Bank of New York Mellon is the world's largest custodian they custody custody about thirty trillion dollars worth of assets in the cryptocurrency space there are no institutional custodians so if an institution wants to get involved in this market they cannot go out and buy cryptocurrency directly because they got nowhere to put it they can't hold it if they hold it themselves they're gonna break the law so what we will see this year is the rise of institutional custodians so coin based calm which is the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world just announced that they are going to be launching an institutional custodian project this year I believe that you will have major banks will also begin to offer custody for coins I actually think Goldman Sachs will do that goldman sachs is opening up a dedicated bitcoin trading desk the next evolution of that is for them to get into the custody business so what does that mean what it means is is that for the first time institutions will be able to pour not billions hundreds of billions of dollars into the cryptocurrency market and I just want to take this one step further there is a narrative and circulating around Wall Street now that it's finally pro Bitcoin and it's pro Bitcoin because researchers have found out that if you have a normal equity allocation in your portfolio you know stocks bonds your traditional assets if you add a 5% allocation to your portfolio to Bitcoin because bitcoin is not correlated to gold it's not correlated to stock it's not correlated to interest rates you will actually have less volatility in your portfolio now last year I attended an exclusive conference just for institutions and and and this theory of the non correlation of Bitcoin to other assets is starting to gain traction and I believe it will be the new narrative later this year and it will be the cause for institutional money coming into the space once we have custody so TK and I are in San Francisco were hanging out back in November he's like Marin what's wrong I god I've just stressed on this project it's a five hundred million dollar deal it's one of the biggest gold deals I'm investing in and it's just frustrating and he comes in and goes oh I just made a recommendation and the fuses on the exchange broke down and I moved it by five hundred million dollars the market cavern I'm going who is this guy so anyways it's a really exciting sector but to expand more on new money flow something that's a problem in the resource sector there's no new capital coming in to fund all the big funds you know now those family offices are coming to me directly and going hey what do you do and like all those fund managers stuff now they're realizing they're going they've cut out the middleman and they're going straight to the companies almost in the fashion that has happened to the cryptos where the venture capital managers are gone but the exchanges now whose tried to set up an exchange an account with an exchange in the Kryptos in the last seven days and what are they saying we're not taking new clients so so think about this right think about the demand is so large right now that by Nance which is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world opened up their doors for eight hours and got a hundred thousand new applicants bit tracks the probably the largest crypto currency exchange other than coin base in the United States same thing opened up their doors in eight hours a hundred thousand people tried to open up an account they had to shut down new accounts they said look we don't have enough staff to process all the paperwork on these accounts so their self here to see consolidation like remember the company I brought a company down to the San Fran show they actually were coming to this show and they said Marin I got to pull out and I'm one of the large shareholders of it it was started in June they go do you think you could get a couple of thousand accounts from your thing I think we get about ten thousand so they came down they had about a thousand at the November show they got ten thousand by Christmas they have 40,000 now and they are not taking applicants that's here in Vancouver called the Einstein exchange and they just they don't have the physical capabilities to take anymore on to process it and so as we see the crypto currency market down right now I will tell you unequivocally it is a phenomenal buying opportunity if all you do today is just go buy a little bit of Bitcoin you will be ahead of just about anybody else in this room I'm gonna make a call Bitcoin hits this year forty to fifty thousand dollars a Bitcoin and today you can buy it for about 10k it is a screaming deal right now you have no idea how much money is going to come into this space later this year it is unbelievable so interestingly enough a buddy of mine Marcel de Groot who's the chairman of sorry a director of Equinox gold we had this I love bringing great minds together right that's what we do with these shows we have these little private dinners after the show and the whole our whole group frank holmes the sitting beside me goes oh my god this is the most stimulating dinner I've ever had in ten years and I guess Marcel wanted to show how how much of a supporter he is of equinox gold and antique is like I don't know why you smart guys are in mining look what we're doing we're making all this money and then Marcel stands up and goes I will bet you $10,000 that Equinox outperforms Bitcoin in the first two weeks you were up a hundred percent and he was down ten percent and I think right now though he's up like three or four percent about even yeah you have any fear that you're gonna lose ten absolutely not no absolutely I'm going to crush him in this bet so as a very large shareholder of Equinox maybe buy both help us out I'm just kidding so let's we talked about this a bit earlier for people starting out I love the energy by $400 of stock and I want or $400 of a company where we can't do that in the mining world because these stockbrokers take 129 dollars of that 400 yeah okay so let's talk about this in the late 90s I was in my late 20s and I had started working on Wall Street from the time of 18 and I had made an enormous amount of money from the age of 18 to my late 20s and in my late 20s I lost every single penny I had earned over the previous 10 years all of it and more and two years later I was compelled to file for personal bankruptcy I remember that night when I had lost everything and I had to go home and tell my wife about it and I'm standing on the subway platform and I'm doing the math in my head well if I kill myself my wife will get the two million dollar policy and maybe that will be you know maybe maybe maybe that's a good idea and I remember literally doing the math on the value of my own life I mean it was horrific the good news is I came back from that now you can relate with us resource investors so the good news is I came back from that now here's here's my point I have made it my mission to teach people how to be rational speculators speculation is amazing it's created millions of dollars in wealth for me and for my my subscribers but we speculate rationally now what I focus on what I call asymmetric risks ideas that have these dramatic moves higher and if but also have the ability to go to zero but that's okay so long as you manage your position sighs so what I say to my folks that come into my service I say look if you're a small player just put four or five hundred dollars into an idea if you're a bigger player you can go up to a thousand now you might be thinking what am I gonna do with four or five hundred bucks okay last year if you put a thousand dollars in my best performing pick last year you'd be up 1.4 million dollars repeat that if you put a thousand dollars in my best pick last year you'd be up 1.4 million dollars today okay if you just just my average performance last year was 3000 percent and that's published it's all published I have the most transparent and the longest running track record of anyone in this space I will tell you that I probably made more millionaires than anyone else in the newsletter business ever it works and we've done it using rational positions we had a resource bull market yeah but let me just say this friends it's easy to get caught up in the history of these markets but I will tell you you never want to put your current standard of living at risk ever it's just not worth it right so what I suggest take 5 or 10% of your liquid net worth not your total net worth your liquid net so what he's saying is if you've got a hundred grand to speculate on junior resource speculations take ten percent of that screw around with 10 grand right and have a broad portfolio of ideas because we are still so early in the space the whole cryptocurrency markets just about six hundred billion dollars large by time it's all done right before we have our you know our end of bull market 2011 gold you know kind of a period will probably be at about twenty trillion okay I want to leave the last few minutes for questions for tika he's here there's a microphone right there or I can keep asking questions David Smith as a subscriber to your letters starting the second year very soon I can tell you that your approach gives a personal level of quietude that's hard to imagine especially it's the most volatile sector it makes the mine stocks look like watching the grass grow right my question is when what are you looking for that will launch the next major leg of the sector will it be Bitcoin above 20 or will be 17 to 20 range or what are you looking for on that so or institutions yeah it's it's a great question and what I what I think will be the next I don't want coming through here what I think will be the next catalyst will be the launch of the Lightning Network now you're not going to hear much about this but two days ago there was a successful trade done on the Lightning Network and what the Lightning network does it's a protocol that's gonna sit on top of Bitcoin that will bring transaction costs down to virtually zero right now transaction costs are insane 40 50 bucks so and the other thing it will do it will allow you to have thousands of transactions per second so when you see the Lightning Network launch you will see Bitcoin prices go crazy and of course the other catalyst that I've talked about which is custody and of course once a bit tracks and by Nance can open up their doors and let these millions of people that want to come in come in that's phenomenal hi just comments on XRP ripple yeah so we recommended ripple which is a remittance coin which allows banks to easily send money anywhere in the world we recommended it at 20 cents it went to 3 dollars and 30 cents we took 50% of the money off the table and rotated it into Bitcoin now ripple started to come in with the whole market it's dropped about 66 percent we still like it we're gonna stay with it I can tell you this every single one of my biggest winners I've had to sit through 85 percent drawdowns the valley of darkness 85 percent when I bought neo at 12 cents and it went to 15 and then to four thousands of people took to Twitter you're an idiot why didn't we sell you know where Neil was two weeks ago a hundred and ninety two and it's a hundred and thirty one hundred and forty today now if you had taken and put you know you holding that worth in there of course you're gonna you're freaking out with every move but if you only have five hundred almost or a thousand who cares about the volatility it doesn't matter and that's the beauty of small positions they give you staying power that you would never ever have ordinarily so I coined the phrase for a sacrifice of vacation to make vacations for a lifetime or sacrifice a dinner to make dinners for a lifetime correct last question can you talk about your newsletter service sir right now we're closed to new members but we'll be opening it in March and if you are interested in getting on our waiting list you can go to join big t-dot-com so that's Jo I n bi T comm and I'm big t nice to be over 300 pounds so guys I don't think there's ever in the history of a newsletter that says yeah we have too many subscribers right so I just want to say you skipped out on your birthday you know guys just to understand I've met a lot of guys in our industry who become worth hundreds of millions or billionaires and they forget their values or where they come from they become assholes they're arrogant teeka's made a lot of money and he's down to earth because what he's gone through he's a special character he's great he's here and guys ask him questions he's walking around he's here because he loves this and that's why he's here teeka thank you so much thank you

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