When Is A Good Time To Buy Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrency?

hey everyone this is Cameron from crypto
cam hope everybody’s having a fabulous day today now we’re going to talk about
the best times to buy Bitcoin because I know a lot of people out there still
want a whole Bitcoin wanna buy Bitcoin store it for the long term but they’re
always wondering well when should I get in should I buy now or should I buy wait
for a few weeks and see if it takes a dip and by then well there’s no real
accurate time to buy it there’s no real like okay you got a bite on this day at
this time because the market is just going to fluctuate he’s going to give
and it’s going to take so just for instance we just had a little bit of a
drop down probably a like a mini type of sell-off back last night where we
actually dip down to $3,600 so if you take the peak at about close to 4500 and
you’re talking about a nice dip and excellent buying opportunity
so you have to look at this and you have to make an assessment well is it is it
going to drop any further from here when it drops to 4,000 should that be a good
entry point or should you just wait and see if it goes any lower well the
chances are you’re not going to get in the absolute laws and you’re not going
to buy it at the absolute pirate or whole thing you’re not going to play at
it the absolute high you’re going to wait for it to drop a little so when it
dropped down to around the 4000 level I did pick them up and then I did kick
some up at 3900 and then it proceeded to drop down even further and further so
the best thing to do in this situation is is not to throw all your money and if
you do have capital to buy and you do want to say buy $500 worth for instance
you know pick up a couple 100-year wait to see if it goes down any further if it
doesn’t go any further down and then starts going back up well that’s great
but if you get another dip say a couple of hundred more dollars down you buy a
little more and then it goes down even further by a little more because as you
can see as soon as we hit $3,600 it just did briefly below 3,600 and touch the
high 3,500 we had it just a very severe bounce-back
I mean the buyers just came in in droves and just bought their heck out of it and
brought it all the way back up to about 41 39 we’re currently trading about four
thousand and seven dollars and fifty cents so yeah you can never time the
market you’re never going to get in the absolute bottom sometimes you might
catch you get lucky but the chances are you’re probably going to get in it
somewhere in between but we’re going to have these sell offs it’s going to
happen that’s what we’re in it for when cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency is
very highly volatile right now and it’s going to have the dips and the swings
and the same with the Bitcoin cash – that’s been going up pretty steadily it
just peaked at around 9 over 900 now it’s drop back down to 600 but well
above the $300 it was the other day monaro is doing pretty good I had some
Korean exchanges are listed in it now so I got a huge boost
litecoin hasn’t really done much hopefully it will it’s probably a good
long-term haul if it had a bit of a bounce
looks like 328 I think it hit a little bit higher than that the other day but
yeah but Bitcoin is still above 4,000 nice bounce back but yeah you can never
time the market it’s just like buying stocks you know if you could time the
market you’d be a you know a millionaire maybe even a billionaire but you just
have to buy on the dips and for the long-term holding strategy so yeah I
hope that helps everybody and you know we appreciate any new subscribers and
we’ll try to get the best and most up-to-date information but just a little
few little pointers there for you on the way to trade of course this is not
investment advice everyone should always do their own due diligence and this
should be treated for only for entertainment purposes only all right
well thanks for listening and you’ll have a wonderful day bye for now hi
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