25 thoughts on “When Exchanges Run out of Bitcoin”

  1. Excellent video Phil cheers. Always a good variety of info on this channel over and above standard technical analysis.

  2. Price seems too low. Still waiting on this scarcity price hike for a while now. Haven't seen it. Should have seen it by now.

  3. Great video! Can you give us a heads up when to sell alt. coins for more BTC accumulation on next pull back . Thanks Phillip

  4. I'm interested in the Trade Genius Crypto Signal Service plan.

    It say's it includes Crypto & Binary Signals, is that the signals that you mention in your video and are they instant notifications?

  5. Philip , Great analysis ! Could you do the same for LTC , please being
    we're heading into the halving .

  6. ? cheers Phil … I've been thinking lately … at the rate the whales are buying BTC it will run out for the small players like myself! ?

  7. I think there will come a time in the next 12 months when $20,000 Bitcoin will be a bargain. Get in – before it hits $100,000

  8. really interesting video ! i think you are right, we all know its finite, but we havent begun to see how that plays out. I guess it might have some massive selloffs along the road, but in the bigger picture.. woah. like you say, we have never really seen this before.

  9. Shit is starting to get real… I'm very grateful to be involved before this thing really shoots to the Moon. I'm grateful for the video updates you give all the time and grateful for the position I have been able to accumulate. Working my ass off for my Bitcoin habit. Obviously I wish I was involved with this stuff from the early days. I'm a computer guy by trade too…. I'm surprised I wouldn't have been looking at this stuff prior to 2017. I started getting involved in the beginning of 2017 and the price just started going up from there. 2018 was the year I took advantage of as much as I could. Again very grateful for what I have already accumulated. I just keep adding small amounts to my position now

  10. It’s coming! Bitcoin mining reward halving 2020. Łitecoin August 2019…?….?

    ‘The biggest supply shock in the history of financial markets’

  11. The last few years I was swing trading. Now I don't want to lose a position and settle for a few thousand pop and miss the big swings. You're right at some point and maybe soon the average person will be out of the one BTC game. The higher the price goes the less percentage gains can be made. 80,000,000% Aprox. gains will never come again in BTC

  12. We put so much emphasis on BTC and for good reason. However people will buy what other people are using and I believe that will be the real price determination eventually.

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