Whats Your Reason For Investing in Cryptocurrency?

what's going on everybody this Jeff thorn buzz yeah so if we just take a look at the three-month chart you can see that we've now crossed that four hundred and twenty billion dollar market cap threshold previous resistance we haven't seen this kind of price since December ninth back then the price what are the market capitalization was 367 billion dollars so we will be keeping an eye on our next support line broke that at four hundred and twenty eight billion which was on January 17th which says that we're reaching even lower points here so we don't know where the bottom of this thing is is basically what I'm saying and I'll do I'll just tell you what I'm the way I'm approaching it because I came into the market with the sound advice of being in this for the long haul so taking a long-term investment strategy me even though I've watched my account might my portfolio balance dip too close to December levels right so I'm back in early December levels here and yeah I mean it feels like I'm back in early December again as far as the way it felt with my portfolio which feels no different my life is still the same I still wake up at the same time I still go through the morning routines still in the same person no matter what my portfolio is so because of that it doesn't affect me it affects me in the sense that I'm like wow how low is this thing going to go what's gonna happen to my money is it gonna go up is there gonna take some time to go up how long is that gonna take but then again I'm like well I knew that when I was into that this that this was money that it's not necesarily money that I could afford to lose because no one likes to lose money but because I didn't over commit myself right if we over commit ourselves then this really hurts but from what I understand about most of you many of you have not sold your home and are living in an RV right now because you sold all your everything you own and put it in any cryptocurrency and if you did I think there's always hope to start over again you know I certainly never advocated for anyone to sell their life savings and put it in a cryptocurrency but some people may have done that I heard stories on the news about that as you know my my points that I always like to say is never invest more than 10% of your your your net worth you know and we used to talk about don't the money that you were gonna spend on beer and cigarettes and coffee maybe save that money and put it into cryptocurrency so if you're feeling overextended maybe now you would take a moving forward you'll have less exposure but there's always that chance that if this market because this market moves really quickly it can it can crash down you know since we reached our all-time highs on January 6th it's already back to January 9th levels I mean the market swings big it's a big swing it's almost lost 50% of its value here it's only ten billion dollars away from losing half of its value when it hit oh actually five billion because it was 832 so a 4 billion way let's see I don't know now one thing I want to show you for those of you are looking to kind of track the markets behavior go to G Dax so here on G Dax you can see these red candles you can even change these candles around it's five minutes 15 minutes one hour six hours you can even do it by day so you can see this was a strong period right here we would look like we were getting ready to you know come up but short-lived so yeah Bitcoin as far as Bitcoin goes in terms of technical analysis and we're focusing on technical analysis but this is not the only thing that you focus on because there are other variables at play like news product development etc and unpredictable whales let's be real as far as Bitcoin goes we just look at the three-month chart yeah we're at late November numbers here and we're Bitcoin wool ok so right now we're at support level for Bitcoin in the 8,000 range so remember that magic number of 8,000 for Bitcoin but then again as we know and everyone everyone knows this no one can accurately project this the only one who really knows is the people who are but if there's anyone out there or any group of people who are manipulating the market they're the only ones who really know and I don't even think anyone really knows so no one really knows and typically what we're seeing is whenever someone makes a prediction it's usually not accurate so I try to stay away from predictions that's why I use the word projection so if we're anticipating growth we'll project right so that that's why it's important to not predict what project projections yeah it's hard to project where bitcoins bottom will be you could even say that it's in the 7000 range right 6000 range maybe for me most of my Bitcoin what yeah at that the five thousand at the three to four or five thousand dollar range is where most of my initial investment well not it not most some of it this is my personal take but because I have a long-term outlook on the market I flashback on why I got into cryptocurrency and if I was to kind of peel back all the fluff and really just say Jeff why did you get involved in cryptocurrency and being that I I mentioned this numerous times but being that I've traveled around to a lot of different countries I was just in Malaysia Thailand Taiwan Hong Kong and I've been all around the world I've never been to Africa which I hope to go to I've been to Central America but in these countries I've come across people that don't even have bank accounts and there's a lot of people who do not have bank accounts and when I heard that the notion or I got the idea that cryptocurrency could be used as a trade medium or currency for these people who have smartphones but don't have bank accounts like I was I would go to the Philippines and I'd say what you PayPal they say I don't have PayPal they didn't know what PayPal is say when you're just hooking it with your bank account oh I don't have a bank account so how do you do how do you get paid oh they get paid in cash but they have a smartphone that that's just one country right but there's many countries like this so the the inclusion that it will give to people so I overall I said this has to be a good thing if it can create new wealth and opportunities for people who do not have inclusion into the marketplace but have talent and are just not able to have the American Dream so to speak or the be able to reach that potential because they don't have inclusion with you know finance and I saw crypto currencies as a meat as a way for them to get paid outside of the Fiat way it's not that I was trying to circumnavigate or go around the Fiat I wasn't I didn't have a problem with Fiat I was just saying well these people aren't getting paid they don't have any inclusion most of them don't have a bank account but they can do great work whether it be make music or whatever I mean they're human beings right just like the rest of us they're people too and look I'm not saying that I'm this great philanthropist or anything but at the end of the day that was where I really was like man this is actually a good thing and that's when I because you know once you get over the hype the Lambos I'm gonna build me a house and this and that and you kind of have to humble yourself and say well why did I really get involved in this and then when you can decide why you really got involved in it then you can feel a lot better about going through these hard times with whatever you're committed in the market because then it's not all about just are you gonna get a Lambo are you gonna buy a yacht a Bentley a Tesla you know what I mean cuz then you have something that you're it's not that you're fighting for it cuz I don't want you guys to think that you gotta fight for this it's yet it's just like your whole you're in here you're going through the thick and thin the trials and the tribulations and we know life doesn't just work in one big giant uptrend right there's always peaks and valleys what goes up comes down so it doesn't we don't always stay in these storms right we'll come out of them too but think to yourself why did you get involved in cryptocurrency it doesn't have to be the same reason that I have in fact I would challenge you to think about the real reason you did get involved in cryptocurrency it could be the same reason why I did is because you saw that opportunity with inclusion around the world yes I'm an American but I'm also I'm also someone who's gone into many foreign countries and been treated with a great deal of grace and care I mean people every country I mean there's been countries where I had a few too many to drink and someone helped me go to my hotel room and I say they could have taken all my money they could have done whatever they wanted to me and I'm in their country or it might even be that you know I was without a rod and they offered me a rider they just gave me free food or whatever so they unconditionally cared about me so III think that just because I'm an American doesn't mean that I only should worry about America doesn't make me a liberal or anything any ain't named like that just means like hey these are people too and I'm the people you know I'm a person I'm a people person well I talk at a computer when I do these videos not to people at a bar or anything right now so but the point is if you can reflect on why you got involved in cryptocurrency then you can kind of have a little bit more stamina it's like what Steve Jobs said you just read up on Steve Jobs he said always pick a career or a job that you have passion for because if you don't have passion for it when it gets tough you won't have enough stamina enough in the tank to overcome it it will fatigue you it will burn you out but if you're passionate about it you'll be able to overcome the adversities and we're definitely facing adversities right now especially for the people who got involved back in December January as I posted here on Twitter even on my personal Twitter blog change I said the newbies who came into the market in December and January are having a real test of wits here if they hold on through this they will have sure they've truly earned their stripes Sam I mean if you if you came into the market in December in January and you might have came in a little bit overexposed or whatever and you're feeling like wow like this happened why did I do this this and that you know the thing is it's testing your wits and I could see how I don't know how much of you guys I don't I don't know everybody's individual financial forecast right like I don't know much you many of you guys personally so I never have taken the time to get to know you personally to give you personal financial you know whatever the case is but I know that it's not easy to lose money and you know watch money pour out of an account or all that and I think it's it's tough and it's life right I mean I've gone into business where I had to take out a loan instantly right out of the right out of the gates when you take out a loan you're in the hole it's like college people pay sixty thousand dollars go straight into the hole with college and then still get stuck with that debt and can't even find a job that pays or mark fifteen dollars an hour so it's life right you have to figure out a way to pay off that debt I've gotten into debt myself it's all learning experience that's another thing what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger is the way that you can also look at it right and because your outlook is evaluating why you really got into this if you're like well I honestly just got into it for Lambos right well does that make you a bad person no it just means that maybe next time when you're confronted with an opportunity like this you won't say well I just want to get my lambo out of it maybe you'll say well what else is there going on here that makes me compelled to believe in this this project not just because your best friend over in Biloxi or whatever Mississippi State or wherever you go to call it said hey this is the real deal I'm making tons of money right here and then you say well how do I jump in he says it's gone coin base you know it's because you actually took the time to understand what you were getting committed to and even if because it is kind of technical you might not have known run off the bat but over time you took time to watch videos hmm across the internet you you studied the internet blogs and you educated yourself and now you're more equipped than you were before hopefully I didn't more than a college education coffee in the United States these days some people have $100,000 in student loans did you imagine that and the lesson that you learn here is a valuable life lesson that life isn't all about Lambos right it's about more than Lambos it's about what what is the what is the deliverable what are we doing what's the mission right so anyways guys hang in there I know it's not easy everything will be fine no matter what that's for sure it's just having coming from me and someone who's been through it started over a couple times already I know it's not easy to start over but you always build back up again you never stay pinned down unless you defeat yourself or let yourself become defeated you will not become defeated no matter what that's that that's the mentality when you have that mentality that if you get knocked down no matter how much it hurts you're still gonna wake up in the morning and you're a roll out of bed you do the work that you got to do and you're a soldier about it and you know you hope for the best but prepare for the worst and in this case hope for the best but be prepared you know for whatever it's like some of you guys even on this channel you guys are in the army and I know when you're in the army when you go out when the when the soldiers when they got dropped off in Iraq or wherever they are having to confront very realistically they they could lose all okay not just their money but everything or an arm or a finger or something but what do they have to do they have to they have to go they go they sign up for that and a shout out to all the American soldiers out there and all soldiers all across the world who stand up for what they believe in you know because that's that takes a bravery no matter what your political stance is for someone to be willing to put their life on the line for something greater than them that's when you really that's lose it all but losing some money here and there it's happened to many look at Elon Musk he lost a lot of money one time on he almost lost all of his money that he made from PayPal when he started up SpaceX and Tesla look at Trump Trump's gone bankrupt before and he's the President of the United States now good you know even President Obama had dead before he got to the position that he's in so you know some of it's gonna come down to your outlook and I hope a lot of you guys are able to hang in there all right see you later

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  2. I know when I started way back on November, it's all about gains, eyes on the price and want to make my first million but as time or months passed by, buying altcoins through YouTube had a realization that it's all about freedom, financial freedom. Eyes open now, I'm into this for long term, educating myself, coz I know this is our leverage of getting out the rat race at the same time and just have financial freedom and pursue other meaningful endeavors. So yes, this is long term for me.

  3. My reason was i had palmed off the oppurtunity to get into crypto several times in the past and enough was enough. Specifically i remember listening to a podcast midway through last year in which they brought up ethereum….if only id jumped in then

  4. My old Boss always told me if you fall 7 times, you stand up 8 and keep your head up.

    @Jeff: Min 7:17 Electroneum’s project is actually that, to help countries and areas that are unbanked, so people can trade via crypto 🤙🏾

  5. I am in it to fight the system and for a better future. I know they will try to stop it, they will tax, they will manipulate, they will regulate. They will try to get the entire cookie and leave us crumbs. The financial intitutions want the people to stay poor, this is how they get richer and this is how they control us. Buying cryptos and holding feels better and more efficient then marching down the street and protesting. I will hodl, I have invested money I am ready to lose and, although nothing is guaranteed, I do believe in the technology behind this and the ideology.

  6. Lambo? that holds great value, buy drive it off the lot loose $30,000 freedom from govenment is way more value or working at walmart at any age.

  7. But Jeff, even if you do nothing BTC will bounce back.. it's all a discount right now, nuff said there. How about showing your users about contributing to the bitcoin blockchain like trying to set up full node wallets.. maybe help with the mem pool if required, show them how they can use segwit. Benefits of it, downsides of it.. explain that 99% of the Alts are unproven and can't actually do anything for the token holders, they are only ideas being sold.. anyone can sell an idea… how alt coin ideas compare to what btc can actually do in comparison to altcoins not doing anything but exisiting… how nothing out there comes close to the immense hashing power that btc has… what having the hashing power means… a video on how you feel about blockstream? And who they are? I dunno, maybe do a video on asking your followers to look these things up?

  8. Jeff.. come on, and you know it.. your followers only found you because they were only looking for Lambos.. do a little research and make a mini documentary about MT gox, give you spoilt followers a real taste of when things go bad.. this is nothing.. do yourself and you followers a favour.. come on..

  9. I got into crypto just like the rest of you guys thinking about the dot com boom and thought wow this tech is too great to not make a dent in the world

  10. "We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful."
    "Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."
    "Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing."
    "It's only when the tide goes out that you discover who's been swimming naked."
    "It's far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price."
    "Our favorite holding period is forever."

    Great stuff Jeff. Thanks for all you are doing to help the space.

  11. Jeff everything you said here is true, most of us don't have bank accounts in 3rd world countries. Thanks for the encouragement, now I don't feel alone in this market, I am actually excited!!!

  12. i don't want to be taxed without my own choice. i don't want the gov having total access to my financial info.

  13. my reason changed from the beginning at first it was just collecting cool coins now its about making a steady income and becoming financially free

  14. December 22nd I first turned on my miner. Just my gaming PC GPUs. I'm convinced I'm cursed. But I am in it for the long haul. Blockchain is impressive stuff and I'm an IT guy. Hey, I'm still making money because I bought these GPUs to game on and I've already had them for 2 years and have gotten lots of value out of them already. The GPU market is actually making me more money than mining right now, buying from sellers and flipping for profits. I can't complain really.

  15. Supporting projects I firmly believe will make a difference in the world along with building long term wealth.

  16. spare the bullshit dude, you know we are all in this for the lambo, the dirty hoes, and mansions. that was it…

  17. Thanks Jeff @altcoinbuzz for the words of encouragement. I’ve been following the crypto game about a year and got invested in the last 3 months. I’ve taken my lumps lately financially for sure but that’s not uncommon with investing. I’ve watched all your vids keep doing your thing man! It’s been helpful having someone passionate about what they do and it’s important to have people like you in this trade.

  18. Jeff nailed it on the head.. we almost think identical all the time.. but I got into this a couple weeks ago cuz this might provide opportunity to reach my potential cuz I never had a option, now I do.. I know I have the talent. It’s just at this time I really don’t have the money, but am I dedicated? 100% am I giving up on crypto? Not a chance. Will I loose if I get in now and later make bad choices? Yes I probably will.. but I will never lose and it will not bring any of us down.. pay your fees and keep things on hush and invest more into the portfolios that make consistent gains and passive income will come to all of us!

  19. Doubled up on ADA, REQ, OST, QSP, XLM, XRP, LINK…
    Also acquire new coins such as POWR & APPC

    anyone care to share the thoughts on these coins?? Good and bad and please include REAL reasons
    THANKS, I'm pretty new to crypto

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