Whats the blockchain? A decentralized public general ledger

What’s the blockchain? The blockchain is a decentralized public ledger
system which is a whole lot of words to say what
exactly does that mean. It means taking the transformation of the
financial systems down to the general public’s level. Now, there can be numerous blockchains so
a blockchain. You can have more than one? Yes, you can which is the beauty of it. It goes industry specific, it can go company specific. And, it is the safest, most secure general
ledger system known today on the planet which is why the big Fortune 500 companies,
big banks, financial institutions are all chasing it right now because it is transforming
the financial systems as we know it. How is it transforming? This is a ledger that can’t be erased or manipulated,
correct? It cannot. Once a transaction is established on that
blockchain, remember it’s public which simply means computers
around the globe are all in link and they stay in link. So, once you record a transaction, you can’t
change it. And people can check in. This brings a greater authority to due diligence
and double checking or knowing what’s really going on. That is the beauty of it. You talk about the reduction of fraud, the
removal of risk, the savings of so much expense of protection it controls. That’s why, you do your homework behind the
scenes, hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent on the blockchain at a very base
level that the common person like me, can start to learn about it and how it’s going
to change my business. It’s Doug Fish, right in front of you, talking
to you about what the blockchain is. You’ve seen this face, now go listen to
his voice. All about the blockchain, digital currency
for Episode 86, of “Wait What Really OK”.

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