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  1. Mike: share your favorite apps in the coments.
    Linus tech tips: obviously honey! A free chrome extencion that saves you money.

  2. The intro looked like an intro I’ve seen before (Mr. Beast I think)
    Edit: or I just have watched this vid many times

  3. While mike is riding a rentable bike, I have those electric scooters (If that is what they are called) they are everywhere and some of them are parked in the middle of the road

  4. U could have just ignored the msg asking u to marry the girl..and not write no I don't know u…tht was kinda harsh… And u came across as an asshole…
    And girls…plz don't send random guys marriage proposals… It is weird…

  5. Hi Dr Mike,

    I’m contemplating sending an email asking for some medical advise, this will take some time because you will need some history. I have seen 2 specialists who could not agree on tx including an Internal Medicine Dr and his wife my OBGYN, who also could not agree on tx for maintenance. With all the mail you receive will you even see this email and respond? I respect you are an extremely busy man. I have done quite a bit of research, but there are few Doctors including hematologists who really understand, plus I know from experience that sometimes tests are incorrect and in an emergency situation more than once Ive had to advocate HARD for further testing and exploratory measures. I have Factors 3 a genetic mutation resulting in hyper coagulation of my blood. I will email you and see if you can offer new information and recommend documentation I can look into. I am serious about this…I live with a certain amount of fear and uncertainty. Just not knowing what’s going on in my body, I’m not being currently monitored with regular INR and I feel I should be.

    Hope tp hear from you. My email address is [email protected] if it comes across your inbox. I know this is crazy there are so many questions and sooo much history but I’m desperate for help and info. I see your sharp and passionate, these are qualities I have not found in any doctor I’ve discussed this with. If they don’t care then who do I go to for help?

    Plus Dan needs a shout out, and I would like to see this talented guy, maybe you have already done this in which case, my apologies.

    Brenda Neeb.

  6. Ik I’m a pretty late to this but I’ll tell you a game app I’ve recently gotten and I love so much. I’m a fan of Harry Potter okay, and this game app is called Wizards 🧙‍♂️Unite. FYI, It’s like the Harry Potter version of the Pokémon Go game.

  7. One of my favorite apps is: FOCUS TO DO it was really helpful to organize my study schedule, if anyone has a group there can give me his group code so we can work together.
    Here's my group code: RDN28

  8. https://youtu.be/UWkqRsXSfuo
    ادخلوا اتفرجوا علي محتوي القناه دي يا جماعة وقولوا ايه رايكم

  9. Doc i actually use duolingo as well im learning japanese . Yo hablo español y soy de trinidad y tobago . You should come visit its a nice beachy island. Not ad fancy as others but defunetly and original experience. Not gonna lie 🤣🤣 but yh its sad that you dont check social media id really love go have a once in a while chat . Itd be pretty darn cool too 💯 anyways keep up yuh work and keep dat vybe going ah loving it 👊

  10. LMFAO .. you said "where is your cat with pants?" not too bad! More practice and you'll be ready for a full conversation. "Por favor calma chica" BAHAHA THE BESSST!!!!!

  11. My current favorite apps is:

    Deepstash it's a self improvement motivation and care app with interesting articles.

    Tody: A chores app with a meter of what needs to get done urgently.

    Fitbit: Helps me track my active minutes and quench my competitive side and try to out walk others.

    A work out app called fitness 22 or something like that.: To switch up my workouts.

    Just Rain: Rain sounds to help me sleep.

    Fitment cook: A app I use to make healthy meals with a lot.

    Logical defense.

    Tactical breather : For when I am stressed and having a panic attack.

    Idoser: this weird app with different sound frequency that sometimes give me trippy feels from listening. (When I am bored.)

    Also Amazon kindle app.

    You use some cool apps though.

  12. my eating disorder was greatly spurred on by mfp.. I understand that that is not everyone's experience, but i do think it can be dangerous/ a slippery slope and obsessive

  13. Favorite apps right now . 1) FreeRice: For every question the user answers correctly, 10 grains of rice are donated via the World Food Programme. 2) PodCoin: You’ll earn 1 coin for every 10 minutes of listening to podcasts. Coins can be used for self rewarded prizes or given to charities!

  14. Calm!! It’s an app with soothing sounds to help you sleep but it also has other categories such as meditation!! Check it out!

  15. Hablas muy bien español. La practica hace la perfección. Yo hablo español, inglés y alemán como tú 😉 (Escribí en español para que puedas practicar)

  16. What your friends have to say about you is that you have mad energy, and you're goofy! And, your dad only loves you up to a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, and that just kills you inside. 😅

  17. Seeing this years later, buuuut interested in what books you’re listening to? I recommend Dr. Jordan Peterson’s 12 rules for life. Also, it would be so awesome to watch a collab with Dr. Ken Jeong 😁

  18. Hey Dr Mike I just watched your video with Phil de Franco and it was awesome! Just want to say though that in Sri Lanka where I'm from we have free healthcare and stuff, which means you don't need to have insurance and stuff to get health care at a public hospitals and also eye checkups and stuff are free:)

  19. My favorite app is YouTube !!off course😂😂😂😂
    Those apps epocrates
    Essential anatomy
    MD on call are very useful for my work 😵
    Thanks for the info

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