What's Next for Litecoin? BAT Listed On Coinbase Pro! – How Charlie Lee Began Crypto

what's going on YouTube heading back making another brand new crypto TV episode in today's video I will be reviewing litecoin Bitcoin aetherium as well as basic attention token to US dollar as always if you guys are new to the channel make sure to subscribe turn on post notification leave a giant thumbs up if you like the content and want to see more this way I know to keep pumping out videos and otherwise it will be let's discuss what we will be looking at in today's episode so I do have a few articles basically talking about why basic attention token has soared like 20% in the past day and then I have an article basically talking about Charlie Lee and his discovery into cryptocurrency and his kind of little story about that so I think they're both pretty cool articles a bunch of stuff I do want to you know refer to and talk about I do just want to start off like I said with the coin market cap then jump into the technical analysis and then we'll wrap things up but otherwise we're looking at the coin market cap right now and as you guys can see that is a live refresh we are currently at 206 market cap 24 hour volume 10.7 Bitcoin dominance 53.3 so we are seeing a drop in the Bitcoin dominance which means alt coins are not dropping as heavy as Bitcoin was or we are seeing Bitcoin you know fall a little bit heavier than the other coins or they're just you know keeping stable while Bitcoin Falls a little more otherwise you guys can see ten point seven twenty four-hour volume slightly down you can see how Marquis cap is only two point two zero six which I actually think is slightly up from yesterday but furthermore let's just scroll down as you guys can see we're looking at the top ten cryptos and it seems like only three out of the ten seemed to be doing well stellar up 4% Bitcoin cash up 2.7 and then we see tether up 1.1 otherwise the rest seem to be down but not even by a percent just a small fair move in the downwards direction a small correction at best I just think we're you know stable in stabilizing out consolidating out and this is pretty much just averaging out from what yesterday's price was so to furthermore explain things I do want to show you guys a basic attention token and as you guys can see right now we are only up by 7.3 3% but if you notice we were up quite a bit in the past and there is a reason for the sudden rise and I do want to shed some light on that by showing you guys this article right here that was a little sneak peak to what I will be looking at in a second but it says coinbase launches support for basic attention token that is huge and I do want to get into some detail as to what that means and it says major u.s. crypto currency exchange coinbase announced it is accepting inbound transfers from be 80 at coin based pro according to a blog post November 2nd so I believe that was yesterday last night coin base added support for B 80 tokens on its coin based probe platform while it it it will enable trading on bi T order book only when sufficient liquidity is established coinbase notes that the 80 trading will be available in most jurisdictions except for residents of the state of New York so unfortunately I will be able to show you guys what that looks like but if any of you have lived outside of New York which I'm sure a lot of you do if you wanted to just screenshot that it popped up when it does when they add that on when they get enough liquidity and you know send it over to my email business email I'd really appreciate that but pretty much what it's saying is it's now accepting inbound transfers so they're accepting this currency they are now opening up their doors they are buying b8e getting a sufficient amount of that coin and then they will be listing it on coin base and I believe coin coin based Pro and coin base and then they will open trading in there will open their doors and you will be allowed to buy and sell that that is huge for coin based Pro and for you know basic attention token and for people who own that you can see what the drop the the massive drive in the price is basically people buy the rumor sell the news this is the rumor that they're going to add it it is not like official you know nothing's official until it's set you know it's it's happened so we're waiting until that and we may see a little dip one thing when it's actually you know on the exchange people might sell off in profit on the rumor but otherwise very good news you can see the battle trading will go through four stages transfer only where users will be able to transfer back into coin based Pro accounts post only which will allow them to post their limit orders and then they'll have limit only and then full trading so you can see their steps your Latta traded into your accounts they will build this liquidity up and then they will open doors to trading it between you know customers and consumers of this sort so very very very cool it is up 20% on the day reaching point three one five all claims market cap is around three hundred and five million while it's daily trading volume is more than forty two million so very awesome awesome stuff to see that was added you can see in October coinbase launched a trading for ZRX making an e rc token available for the trade on the platform in the same month the exchange launched the first US dollar stable coin on the platform USD c in partnership with blockchain powered payment technology company circle so it's huge news hopefully some of you guys have had that in your portfolio I know I have not recommended that or said but that doesn't mean it's a negative it's just not my top coin so that's definitely good news in my you know in my book and I think hopefully a lot of you guys profited off that we'll be checking out in a second and then furthermore let's discuss to this light coin article and then we'll do some technical analysis obviously you could skip forward if you don't want to here but basically it says light coin creator was introduced to Bitcoin by Silk Road no I think this is actually quite funny and I feel like majority of people who have been encrypted currency for quite some time got you know involved in crypto because of the Silk Road and I know that's you know kind of shady but even if you didn't partake in the Silk Road just the fact that you knew what the Silk Road was or you knew of somebody that uses Hill crowed and they've mentioned Bitcoin in the past that's usually how its stemmed from I actually knew about Bitcoin because of the same reason and then I heard about Doge their a friend and that's how I kind of got introduced to cryptocurrency and then slowly took it forward and have progressed ever since so I'm assuming a lot of you guys did the same thing if you're new if you aren't new to the market and you didn't just get involved within the past year since it's gotten its hype but he says to do as I scroll up Charlie Lee the creator of litecoin the seventh biggest crypto in the market spoke about Bitcoin and how he was introduced to the crypto space during a podcast with Lauren he said I guess it's just been surprised that it has been so many years already it feels like yesterday I found out about Bitcoin first read about it in 2011 yeah it's just amazing that it's been nearly 10 years or 10 years he further spoke about how he was introduced to Bitcoin he revealed he got to know about the coin in an article regarding Silk Road yeah that's what I said you don't have to actually partake in Silk Road to hear about it but people were talking about it because I know the guy who created Silk Road was arrested and that sparked a really big thing and then people knew about Bitcoin and stuff of that nature so very cool he says I guess I've been into the space did it it where'd it go I guess I've been into this space just having kept track of how much time has passed and I think it will replace Fiat as money that everyone will hear so that's a really big statement and I want to know what you guys think about that he added at the end goal is for it to become money which can be used for everyone on a daily basis and I think it will replace Fiat as money that everyone will use so like right now Bitcoin and crypto is still just a speculative asset and no it's been around for ten years we haven't really scratched the surface like the whole becoming real money this is I guess you could say in its beta form so like fortnight it's at its beta it's not released yet for those who are a little younger you know what that is and then surely it may get mass adopted and you know countries if you think really big you know it'd just be a little more optimistic countries could have their own crypto the u.s. crypto currency you know you could have the you know the euro crypto currency and those could then be traded throughout everybody you know and it would be something very difficult to obtain and you would hold on to them like that it might make things a little bit more interesting Bitcoin and all those could you know be like the gold and silver but the actual less volatile coins like the u.s. coin the you know all the you know what I'm saying like US coin you could have the euro coin and all those things treating it different you know Peaks but the more you hold the more you can trade with and it would kind of take away the US dollar there would it be a physical that you could you know that you could hold fiat currency it would all be electronic which are pretty much going in that way I haven't really held US currency or had currency you know a my wallet for quite some time everybody just uses credit cards now and so much and so forth moving on let's look at the technicals you can see here that like coin as projected yesterday's video is moving in a very called-out way you can see that we did dip quite a bit we retraced right back up to support the high-low MMA like I stated and then I said that's where resistance is going to be we were nearing overbought you can see we did a slight pullback we retraced down we're at around $50 right now we're back above $50 like I said the past two days we were going to go back up I think like I said we're gonna consolidate out as per say due to Bitcoin trading sideways and nearing its symmetrical strong triangle and completing it so we are looking for some sideways movement obviously till November 14th that's a little under two weeks that sideways movement once we see completion we should then anticipate a more positive reaction with a light coin and potentially see a nicer run we have been seeing a lot of Corrections or you know down trends of the sort so we are anticipating a reversal period where we're going to see the currency break upwards and move upwards instead of just falling down you know nothing is just going to keep going downwards eventually it's gonna hit bottom and then you know bounce off pretty hard and move back up so that's what we're looking at with Bitcoin I don't know why I just did that and eventually that will flow into litecoin and we'll see this you know trade out but right now we're coming very close to hitting some sort of resistance right here this white the yellow downtrend that I have so we're gonna see what happens there I think it's gonna act negative I do think there's gonna be some negative downtrend due to the fact that we have yet to be broken the high-low Mme these are a lot of resistances that are kind of lining up for for litecoin too so I would hold off on that but just to give you guys that daily you know update Bitcoin trading out sideways like I said we are going to see a battle our mm eh for quite some time on this for our graph you know we look fairly well on the relative strength index at around 47 now 49 you can see the price of Bitcoin is at six thousand three thirty we're gonna trade out sideways I do think we're going to battle the resistance at around sixty 350 360 360 and we're going to use this bottom support as a up the bottom uptrend as the support as you can see we've had in the past I do think we're gonna battle that high low MMA as we consolidate sideways and then eventually we're gonna hit this downtrend and we're gonna see some resistance but you're gonna see some interesting funneling down into here very very very soon to wrap things up with a theory um you guys can see very similar action is taking place one thing to note is we did break above a support at around 198 81 98 43 you can see we're gonna trade out sideways on that for short battling this sa support battling this sa resistance that high low MMA you can see its retraced in the past prior we have a very strong support at 193 that it hasn't yet seemed to have closed a candle below it you can see every time we've you know attempted it we retraced back up so that's a good thing we're not that far off from it I do think we're going to consolidate out further similar to Bitcoin and then eventually we could pop in either direction very soon lastly to look at basic attention token an interesting thing took place fairly quick you can see we did have a run basically we were trading and trending below our 0.183 which is a very huge jump if you bought it at 18 and sold it at 34 that's practically doubling your money in you know for 22 to literally a week you can double your money in a week let's just say a week and a half to be conservative but very beautiful moves right your resistance at the top finally broke through retested our high low MMA broke their green used it as a support to bounce up faced more resistance at the top support I mean top resistance here at 28 cents we then fell and then beautifully used that and sa support popped up off of that somehow formed a unsustainable uptrend and then you can see we're taking off ever so more an interesting thing to note is the fact that when we were up here we were overbought you can see that's why the correction took place the price that we're at right now we are in a better you know neutral territory so it's still a buying opportunity it's still available we are not you know way way WAY overbought still potential right there but I do think we're gonna consolidate further and to show you guys what that would most likely be is something along the lines of this and then you know hitting it up like that so hopefully that guys helps you with some sort of trade but otherwise that's going to sum up the episode for today guys if you're new to the channel make sure to subscribe turn on post notifications leave a giant thumbs up if you like the content and want to see more and I'll see you guys in tomorrow's episode peace

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  1. Litecoin Digibyte and Vertcoin have been undervalued for long enough now most of the infrastructure.. (Vertbase, New core wallets, Partnerships) have been made. We should be full bore ahead for next year..

  2. I believe that Litecoin is a monster coin and will soon explode. Wherever crypto concerned, Litecoin is already there.

  3. Why don't you do XRP? It is after all in the top 3… I have litecoin but I find it unusual to not give it the attention it deserves.

  4. Interesting video – looking forward to Facebook and Litecoin 'swinging into action' – Charlie Lee must be pleased!

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