What’s Happening With Bitcoin & Ethereum?

– G’day guys, it’s been a while
since you’ve seen this mug. Um, yeah, back in the office for the first time in quite some time and I thought I’d just run through and have a quick look at the top ten. Sorry I wasn’t around last week guys, I was in London and
then Perth and it’s been a pretty full-on period of time only a few days off. I’m probably not going to be doing a full day today because it’s a beautiful day outside and I’m still feeling quite jaded. Well, across the board
looking at the markets obviously we are strongly down. We’ve got five minutes
until this market closes for the day so I wanted to do a video to show you where we’re likely to close Course bitcoin now in a downtrend here. We got a lower low coming
in breaking this low. Looking at the monthly there like what’s going on here? Let’s have a look. Uh first things first. Track this in. Boom. Here to here. We’re
approaching that 61. Sorry 61.8% fib zone. Now that’s also inside
of the cradles on the cradle zone. The bottom
of the, well the bottom of the 20, not necessarily the “zone” It’s bang on 7,000. Okay. So if I just take the endings all 7,002 obviously that moves around. I’d been speaking a while
back of the potential floor move to 7,000. It could actually come a bit deeper. Uh but now of course
for the moving average having caught up with ya
know now three candles having closed berish on the monthly uh it’ll be interesting to see how it act in and around this region. I was hoping to see it consolidate a little bit longer push on but of course hoping’s not a strategy and what I have to do now
is act upon what I’m seeing and what I’m seeing is uh is
going to be looking for shorts. The two markets that I like right now are the XBT and the
therium ah let me show you this big while there is
strong divergence here on this daily it doesn’t mean that there won’t be opportunity available. I’d move the lower time frame. So the thing is the fact of the matter is for those of you who have my courses you know that you can shorten for those who haven’t been into the members area in quite some time please do uh there’s a number of videos in there additional content as well as showing you how to use the platform
big makes big for next finance and three comments. Go have a look at those cause they’re a step by step walk through of how to use absolutely everything. You’ll also see a range
of different videos in that additional content area which’ll show you how to shord, it’ll show you how to trade, it’ll show you the
journey of the apprentice and a whole bunch of new uh content in there um that uh wasn’t not new content it’s just relates in a certain structure that’ll make it very easy for you to understand and you
can obviously go back and watch it whenever you like. So for me on the four out here you can see look we’ve just sort of fallen very hard. A
lot of it is lower here even when I move a lot
there’s no real sign of pullback if I do see a nice pullback I could be happy to take trades to the short side. I’ve got a wait though. There’s nothing even on the one hour. Theory looking a little better here. Uh, let me show you why. We’ve had this downtrend in motion for quite some time and the daily does look a lot more barish.
Lower high lower low. Lower high lower low. Looks really nice and the twelve out here you can see that cyclicity beautifully flying through. Now I’m not suggesting there was any short so I took three here cause I haven’t tried it for quite some
time it’s been too busy for me to be uh focused
the way I need to be. If we look down here we found a little bit of support maybe round this 151 or 152 region. I have to wait and see how that goes but I am all more than happy to be looking at this on the lower
time frames here on the two hour nice convergency coming back into that cradle. So I look at the four hour as well. Our moving averages are
in the correct order. Would I go to the one? Well I was kind of expose-
oh sorry no expecting I was kind of happy to be looking at the smaller on the lower time frames to see if there was any
consolidation through here but we just didn’t have anything it’s obviously something
to move a little bit higher here and regain
a little bit um uh quite well it’s regained quite a lot in the last week considering where we were big spikes as well so not the greatest chart structure in
those lower time frames. Across the rest the top ten it’s very very similar
guys there’s not too much dissimilar there. Uh
there again looking at this on the four and pulling back up into this region and
uh back into the 167 you can see some strong support there. The fact of the matter is
the way I’ll be trading is I’ll be looking at support
and resistance levels, Them onachy boosters when if the market needs to continue to dip fast that is a fantastic trading strategy there for uh fast moving fast paced markets. So I’ll be looking for
cradles semonatchy boosters and if I am to look for breakouts it’ll be on the lower time frames. Guys like I said if you
haven’t been back in the members area for quite some time and you have done the
courses go and have a look there’s a whole bunch of stuff there. We want to make the journey
a lot easier for you. Today it’s about being patient and waiting for those short trades. Don’t forget have a great day. Manage your risk and I shall speak to you again very very soon. See you guys. Good to
be back in the office. Bye for now.

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  2. Hi mate – Great to see you met with the creator in London. Long live Australian Inventor; #DrCraigSWright. Amen.

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