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What’s Going on with Marijuana Stocks & Cryptocurrencies? with Rich TV Live pot weed hemp cannabis to buy now 2018 canada canadian medical david moadel welcome to looking at the markets with
David Modell I’ve got my frequent guest he is rich from rich TV live.com all
right rich I hear that we’re both going to be recording today and putting it
putting out some information and also you’re back in Canada is that true that
is correct that is correct how you doing today David awesome all right so it
looked from our previous videos where you gave some amazing you know calls I
don’t want to call them predictions because we don’t tell people what to buy
or sell here at looking at the markets or at rich TV live but you you did some
amazing things over there where you recommended some stocks and some Kryptos
that have done quite nicely since you made those calls I wanted to go over
some of your successes and your outlook for the future and also on direct people
over at rich TV live.com it’s right behind you on that screen there so check
it out folks rich TV live so are you going to be recording today as well for
your channel yeah we’re actually live on rich TV live right now awesome it’s
great to get you you know and get an opportunity to speak to you about what’s
been going on and there’s so much news that is happening all the time so I
think it’s cool that you know every week we get an opportunity to just kind of
like update everything that’s been happening on a day to day basis yep
because there’s so many things and in in the cryptocurrency world and the stock
market and the economy yeah there’s so much news I think it’s cool that
sometimes we could just kind of like talk about it right
nothing wrong with that but you know let me reiterate Rich’s picks have done
quite well rich was in the Dominican Republic as we all know for the regular
viewers and he made some pics they’re rich you
didn’t get to do much trading though in the Dominican Republic now that you’re
back are you gonna be doing some more trading yeah well I’ve already been
doing trading I’ve been keeping all my favorite pics so I talked about gbtc on
the show we talked about it went from $20 it went all the way down to $9 it
went back to $20 now it’s down to 15 dollars and 75 cents now you say why is
this down well bitcoin is down right so when you’re looking at these markets you
need to really look at these markets like when the market is down those are
your opportunities to buy yeah and then when Bitcoin jumps back up to $20
there’s your opportunity to make a spread the problem is is that as human
beings we get so caught up in winning that when it goes to 20 we think it’s
gonna go to 25 and 30 and 40 it’s never gonna stop yeah we have to learn how to
do when we’re sniper in or what we’re trading is when we see it goes up 20 30
% we gotta learn to just take it yeah you know like if you’re a hunter and you
go and you travel a few kilometers to get that kill for the day you don’t just
leave it out there you take it and you bring it back home yeah yeah so for
people that want to make money day to day those 20 30 % spurts in the market
will usually be followed with some type of a retraction yeah that’s normal
trees don’t grow straight to heaven as they say and stocks and crypto
currencies they don’t go straight up every single day even during rallies
they may go up 3 4 5 days in a row or even more but it’s more like a staircase
where it’s two steps up one step backward two steps up one step backward
that is normal all right and so you want to do what rich says which is learn how
to exit it’s not just about entering at the right time just as important maybe
more important is knowing when to take your profits all right we are hunters
we’re snipers some of us and we have to be nimble in this
volatile market whether it’s blue chips which are down today the sp500 the dow
they’re down today or whether it’s Kryptos which are also down today
I remember going on Facebook earlier today seeing posts from people like Greg
Mannarino and some other well-known people mentioning oh my goodness these
things are all down today what is going on rich is there any way or is there any
need to try to explain these day to day price action movements and Kryptos or
should we just let them happen well I think it’s gonna happen
I mean crypto currencies and marijuana stocks specifically the two areas that I
believe are my expertise for investing which I’m not an expert but I have been
doing it for a while now I know how to set up accounts I have multiple accounts
I can buy and sell and trade crypto currencies and marijuana stocks all day
long yeah those are the two areas that I like and I enjoy I would not suggest
that everybody does it because crypto currencies is very risky
I believe it’s more volatile than anything else and marijuana stocks is
also very volatile however there are two industries that have huge growth
potential in the next five to ten years so if you’re willing to take a long-term
approach to your investing and your investing strategy and you accumulate
all the best companies like for example I own a lot of hip nhip NK rwf in
America hip in Canada also a big part of that company is The Tragically Hip a
huge Canadian icon a huge celebrity status
you know music industry icon silver they’re involved in that company and
they just raised ninety two million dollars I mean that’s huge
not Indy two million dollars and I’m doing these videos that I’m putting it
out there and I’m reading it and I remember last year when they were
raising five million ten million I remember when they were
raising 50 million and that was a lot yeah
how they’re raising 92 million yeah and then look at AB can ABC n another one
that I love okay and AB can they have a hundred and thirty five million dollars
in the bank David hmm and I’ll tell you one thing
about Canadian companies okay being a Canadian they are more conservative all
right okay they’re gonna just spend it right they’re not gonna just spend it
they won’t so that money will sit on the balance sheet so the more money they
accumulate the bigger balance sheet they have the more interest investors will
have in investing in these types of opportunities especially when you know
there’s a company out there that’s at a dollar ninety-nine in Canada okay it’s
even lower in America right and because of the price of the of the obviously the
difference in the dollar right but that’s the only difference it’s the same
it’s the same company yeah and you’re gonna get an opportunity to buy into a
company that has one hundred and thirty five million dollars in the bank is an
early stage mover in the medical marijuana industry has a license from
Health Canada 135 million dollars in the bank and two dollars can’t beat it
can’t beat it what rich is referring to just to slow down for people who may not
know the first one you referred to is called new strike resources I actually
have these on my watch list as well in Canada if you’re interested in new
strike resources the ticker symbol in Canada is h IP hip in the united states
it is n WK RF there it is new strike resources and this is a these are
marijuana related stocks here the other one rich referred to is called ab can ab
can in Canada is a b c n it is exactly two dollars a share right now in the
united states ab can is ABC CF it is a dollar 55 right
now these are two that you called a quite a
while ago actually you made those picks and they’ve gone up substantially since
then yes today they’re down but there’s so much further up since when you made
those calls so now that they are down it is is the fact that a stock is down five
or 10% in one day is that enough to make you want to buy more of it or buy it if
you don’t have a position well I have been I’ve been accumulating all of these
and I’ve been accumulating them at different levels okay when I started
talking about these last year AB Ken was at 80 cents yeah so when I look at it at
two dollars people like always down yeah short term from its 52-week highs right
like it’s down from its 52-week highs do I believe it will surpass its 52-week
eyes yes sure I believe it’s gonna surpass them right now today when
everybody wants them to know right so do I believe now is the time to buy yes I
mean I don’t know how else to say it I think that was the time to buy man and
I’m buying so and I’m gonna keep on so I own all of these I own hip I own AB cab
yeah I don’t own Chron right now I broke this to I don’t know if you’re aware of
this but mjn Khronos group just graduated to the Nasdaq I’m gonna symbol
Quran CRO n right and I broke this when I was in the Dominican Republic I broke
this news before anything else on YouTube yeah first of all I want to make
sure I want to make that clear nobody else on YouTube even mention this right
broke it before it happened then it went up 30% in the next three days now I’m
not here to tell people when to sell but that’s the time to sell right right when
you see something that goes up 30% now when it comes back down and down 1%
today that’s not even really a retraction now yeah I mean there’s
nothing that shows how strong it is right right right yep I look at hmm Jay
which is the ETF for all the top marijuana’s plays in north america right
and it’s 1.7% today so you will see red in the entire industry today
sure mainly because of this yeah yeah this is barometer right that’s a great
point that’s the horizons marijuana life sciences ETF it is a basket of some of
the most popular Canadian and a few American but mostly Canadian marijuana
companies or stocks in there on the toronto stock exchange it is hmm Jay in
the United States it is hm l SF hm l SF and you also mentioned Cronos CRO N and
that’s recently on the Nasdaq which is pretty exciting I remember you broke
that and again it went up substantially since you mentioned it yes it is down
today after going up 30% for Chronos to come down about the same amount as hmm
Jay about the same amount as the entire marijuana sector should not be
surprising or even significant that’s nothing that doesn’t even count one day
is not a huge deal folks if you’re like rich and you think long-term then you
don’t sweat over one day and you don’t get too excited if it goes up in one day
although you you certainly might consider taking your profits though
that’s a great outlook for it so again Chronos group nine dollars and
seventy four cents it’s less than ten bucks
although more expensive certainly than some of the other ones we’ve mentioned
so I the entire marijuana sector it’s interesting it went up a lot I’m talking
about over the last six months it went up substantially and then had a bit of a
mini crash it seems to be recovering not today we’re in a weird spot I don’t know
how to read this chart on hmm Jay on the marijuana sector had even read a chart
like that or how do you read the sector as a whole I predicted this before and
I’m going to predict it again this will be flat it will trade up and down like a
coaster for the next six months okay now is the time to load up on all your best
crypto currencies marijuana stocks because now the markets
are going through a transition area period where nobody really knows what’s
gonna happen with legalization of marijuana in Canada right now because
it’s all just kind of like a guessing game yeah they’re all thinking it’s
gonna happen but nobody really knows the dates so there’s a lot of like
speculation and with crypto currencies it’s similar
they’ve excited they’ve kind of come back to life a little bit even though
there’s still up enormous amounts across the border so there’s still the
opportunity for things to come back down long-term if you invest in good
companies you’re going to win so what I’ve been doing is I’ve been investing
more in cannabis Wheaton cannabis wheat and I just dropped the video guys take a
look at the video I love this company man for it to be at $1 $26 27th
is much int boggling okay they have the ability to grow 200 million grams of
marijuana a year nice nice 200 million grams of marijuana a year with a street
price average of $10 per gram is two billion dollars annually that they will
be a part of okay because they do is they invest in all the top companies
right and they are participating with companies like AB can yeah so they’re
very heavily involved and invested in about I think it’s 16 of the top license
producers that they’re involved with like their owners up they own more than
10% of these companies got it so they have an invested interest millions of
dollars in some of the largest producers so they have a very unique situation and
as those companies grow and mature you will see cannabis wheat and grow and
mature yeah this is like me that I think has enormous potential
that’s cannabis okay cannabis Wheaton in the Toronto Stock Exchange that are I’m
sorry on the cze Canada Canadian exchange that is cbw in
the United States see be WTF and as as we might expect as rich
explain the the Canadian version is a little bit more expensive because it’s
you know because the exchange rate of a you know Canadian dollars to American
dollars in the United States CB WTF is only dollar 26 right now I’ve got it at
164 on the Canadian side very interesting and yeah I’m reading the
description of cannabis Wheaton it’s a Canada based investment
investment company that seeks to provide investor returns through streams and
capital appreciation in the Canadian cannabis industry they fund a number of
things facility expansions operations initial construction and they promote
new opportunities while licensed producers maintain their brand autonomy
and gain access to scaling flexibility all right so they support license
producers and other types of Canadian pot stocks as we like to call it here a
pretty good volume I should say today the volume is about two and a half
million average daily volume around four million a coin at Google Finance market
caps six hundred twenty seven million approximately so this is not some
rinky-dink little company even even though it is low-priced
companies can be low priced and yet still be big big companies with plenty
of volume and I recommend only investing companies with plenty of volume decent
market caps you want the you want the market cap to be in the millions or
better yet hundreds of millions or even billions if possible it’s not always
possible so you know cannabis Wheaton I like it 52 week range on cannabis
Wheaton this is the Canadian one cbw 52 week range it was nine cents at one
point and then it went up to three dollars and 35 cents now it’s a dollar
sixty four somewhere in the middle so you won’t be buying at the bottom you
won’t be buying at the top do you look at a 52-week ranges I’m assuming you do
and would you agree that it’s very important not to buy anywhere near the
top of that 52-week range yeah you never want to buy anything at a 52-week high
you’d much rather be buying at a 52-week low and learn how to buy at the bottom
of your chart you know if you’re starting to buy at
the top of your chart you’re playing with suicide you need to learn to buy at
the bottom of the chart you know you need to buy in the red you need to buy
on these days when these companies are down when these companies that are huge
long-term winners are hugely grossly undervalued these are the opportunities
of a lifetime like this to me is like a penny stock range like I look at canopy
growth Corp okay it’s at $24 in America this was at $1 last year at this time
yeah yeah like older like people don’t understand you know it’s been as high as
40 plus in Canada yeah oh I know people that invested when it was at $1 right so
when I get an opportunity to see a company like this grow and I see the
same characteristics in canopy growth Corp as I see in Canada sweet right
canopy growth Corp had huge growth potential and cannabis Wheaton has huge
growth potential and as the industry grows in the next 5-10 years and all of
those companies that are investing in become profitable and start turning
these quarters and remember what I said Canadian companies are very very
conservative yeah they’ll pull their cash in the bank
okay they because of the stock to go and acquire companies which is what they
should be doing it’s the only reason why companies are public in the first place
yeah yeah if you wanted to use your cash you might as well have stayed private
make sense but want to use stock then you might as well go public because now
you can keep your cash in the bank and show good profitable quarters which
enhances credibility with shareholders yeah
yeah that’s all you girl company and as you acquire your assets which are real
businesses with your stock which is liquid because everybody’s buying it
then you’ve got a really great business and that what can it be growth corpus
done yeah and that’s why I was if you look at my videos from last year and
even the videos the together my office was calling Kennedy
growth corp them the LeBron James of medical marijuana stocks I remember that
yes said from day one I will still take say to this day there are the Brawn
genes of medical marijuana stocks they are the example that everybody else
wants to meet right they set the standard and it’s correct about it and
they have been a home run yeah they’ve been a home run but it was a long term
home run there was a lot of peaks and valleys along the way yeah there’s a lot
of times that they went up and then they came back down and then they went up I
mean I remember the run from you know from like $1 $2 to $5 then ever
retracted then it went all like two like two or three then it went all the way to
like 17 yeah it just went all the way to 17 crazy and got caught up in that and
then it went all the way back down to as low as six I believe and then it went
all the way up to 44 and now it’s back to 24-year and I think it’s at 32 in
Canada right I pulled up on the TSX it’s at 32 yep still very high yeah still I
believe it’s more than a ten bagger if you look at the historical charts over
the last year when I was telling everybody that these companies were
going to explode yeah yeah and I’m telling everybody
these companies were huge winners and they were and what happened he knows I
see the same trend I see the same pattern and it’s happening and I just
dropped a bunch of videos haiku is another one H I K you gettin that one
David yeah yeah I remember you talked about haiku
okay so canopy growth Corp for those who don’t know weed great great ticker
symbol W EE D in Canada and in the United States it is t WM
jf and these are all down today maybe not a bad day to pick some up if you
want to you have to do your own due diligence make your own decisions of
course we are not licensed or registered investment advisors and you mentioned
haiku which H I K you in Canada in the united states it is d j a CF d j
ACF that’s an interesting one that’s one I was not aware of until you mentioned
it I want to take a look at that one haiku brands Company Limited perhaps we
could just say what they do first of all haiku formerly doja cannabis company is
a candidate Canada based producer of hand crafted cannabis
I remember reading that a couple days ago when you made a video about for more
than a couple days ago when you made a video about it I’m wondering handcrafted
cannabis is that like a boutique pot shop what’s going on with that
handcrafted cannabis the company’s cannabis brands include doja tokyo smoke
van der pop it’s a licensed cannabis producer based at based in BC in British
Columbia and serves the medicinal and recreational markets so and they also
operate retail spaces selling coffee cannabis accessories and design products
sounds like a boutique shop with fancy pot am i right you’re you’re you’re
you’re smart guy definitely this is this is a company I’m telling you that will
explode okay Tokyo smoke I just I don’t know what
else to tell you man I just these companies are just like it’s like one
winner after another winner after another winner after winner and I’m
telling you guys right now man it’s hard to say it because I can’t tell people
what to do but you gotta pay attention to what’s going on here because I mean
there’s not enough money I don’t have enough money to invest in all these
companies I want to write you know it’s my goal to get all of these companies
right because just so many great companies and this is just another one
yeah I find it interesting haiku is up today pretty significantly about 4% you
know when the entire industry is down haiku was down earlier today and it’s
coming up like a rocket right now so today might not be the ideal day to to
buy because as rich always says you want to buy in the red sell on the green but
on the other hand if your outlook as long-term 4% this way or that way is not
even that significant because you’re looking you’re looking for a you know to
double your money or get a 2 5 or 10 bagger eventually just like when rich
called out canopy growth Corp a long time ago and now look where it is much
higher and and if you want to check out what rich is up to don’t forget to go to
WWE TV live.com if you’re on his channel right now or if you’re on my channel hit
you know go to his channel hit that subscribe button on my channel I’ll put
links to all these below the video in the description make it easy for you
just to click on those and don’t forget to subscribe to Rich’s channel for all
these picks I’m and rich dude you don’t only do marijuana stocks you also do a
cryptocurrency is I know that you do sports you do travel I mean you you also
do the latest breaking news just generally speaking would that be
accurate as far as what you tend to focus on with your videos yeah I think
our channel is just the place for us to talk about what’s the most trending
topics and a place for us to share ideas as entrepreneurs okay serial
entrepreneurs someone that has my hands involved a lot of different things like
stocks cryptocurrency real estate I love to travel I think that you know life is
fun you know you got into it and you’ve got to enjoy those beautiful moments and
it could be little things like winning a little trade it could be a vacation it
could be going to your kids hockey game mm-hm those it could be you know those
moments with your significant other it’s just that’s what life’s about so I think
you know I just I see I see YouTube as just one of the greatest platforms on
earth and it allows us to express ourselves in a lot of ways and I I’m
just interested in what’s happening global scale and on what’s happening on
YouTube and I’m excited to contribute to bringing new information yeah and
rigging it in an educational and an entertaining way that’s an a unique way
I see that there’s so many things to talk about so you know I I it’s hard for
me personally to put myself into one niche and I know there’s a lot of
youtubers that do that but I find it difficult because there’s just so many
things to talk about and I love cryptocurrencies but like when you look
at the cryptocurrencies like let’s be honest let’s take a look you know like
let’s look at Bitcoin you know like where’s Bitcoin right now like bitcoins
you know because kind of you know it’s been doing what it’s been doing right
it’s kind of range-bound I remember it went up to about almost
20,000 let’s say nineteen and a half thousand US dollars per Bitcoin then it
crashed down to 7,000 something now it’s up almost 10,000 it’s kind I mean I know
it’s down today it’s down about 9% today all the Kryptos are down again I saw
people on Facebook freaking out oh my lord it’s down 10% 9% today
when when kryptos go down 10% in a day does do you lose sleep at night does
that bother you or do you just already just look at it as like hey this is part
of the game that we play well I mean you have to look at it as this is part of
the game that we play yeah first of all because that’s what we signed up for
yeah and we knew getting into cryptocurrencies that was very risky
because you hear about it every day yeah so I believe these opportunities of
volatility are simply just opportunities to make money yeah as its trader as an
investor that’s how I look at it I don’t get emotional about it I know that we
people get emotional about it I don’t because I’ve been investing for so long
that I just do not get emotional about it
right and when I see red I see opportunity when I see green I think so
there’s I don’t buy when I see Green right you know people see green
they think by I’m like no no no no no you know that’s what I’m thinking so so
I’m just grateful that I’m in the game right now yeah so I’m doing is I’ve been
accumulated you know since I’ve been back I’ve been buying ripple okay and
I’m gonna continue to buy ripple so you know and ain’t no ripples going down
even more so I’m gonna buy more and you say why you know I have you know just
I’m like nine thousand nine hundred sixty-five ripple right you know it’s my
favorite crypto there know that fine buying it you know I believe long-term
it has the most potential I might be wrong I might lose on it you know but
I’m willing to take that that bet because of their history their history
just in the last year I mean let’s look at the church oh yeah since you first
called it out it’s up huge even if it’s down nine percent today so what when you
called it it was way way WAY lower much much much lower than it is now that’s
for sure alright it was around when I got in it was
around yeah round may/june is what got it when
it was about 21 cents 21 cents now it’s 82 cents so videos I was actually
talking about it since it was at around like 10 12 14 16 18 I started talking
about it yeah I got around 20 but I have bought some at higher prices I’m not
gonna lie I’ve been accumulating it right just because I really like it and
I’m impatient and I’m impatient but I believe long-term these coins are gonna
be worth more so that’s why I’m accumulating Ripple
but you could see how it exploded and went as high as like it went as high as
I remember you’re going as high as three dollars and 60 cents okay
this chart shows that as high as 280 but let’s just imagine what here and it’s
come all the way back down and it’s come down even lower than where it is today
where it sound like 82 cents and then it just came back up and it’s come back
down let’s come back up now it’s coming back down so what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna just keep accumulating it and the more it goes down the more I’m gonna buy
and I’m gonna wait for the next pump right right and then the next pump that
happens and I admitted it to Mike entire community
when he got here I should’ve sold right and I did and I knew what I did wrong
but I admitted it you know I said hey guys I made a mistake you know write
this and up I got emotional and I didn’t sell should’ve sold right some people
got angry at me and some people rich you shouldn’t admit when you’re wrong
some people like man you know yeah you should have sold and everyone you know
it takes their jobs whatever yeah she’s a traitor I have to admit I was wrong so
that the next time it happens before my eyes I will sell yeah yeah
know what I mean so I’ve been there before Reza has been to me so many times
so this will eventually go back here and it will surpass this the key will be
will I be able to have the discipline to sell yeah I’m sure you will I’m sure be
drinking the kool-aid thinking oh it’s gonna go to ten cuz remember I got ten
thousand coins right right so if we go ten dollars that’s 100 grand right and
I’m a happy camper right cuz you sure as hell know I didn’t spend a hundred grand
to get that hundred grand so for me that’s the way I like to treat to find
those diamonds in the rough and if I have to go and identify that one diamond
it for me it’s Ripple amongst all the others then that’s the way I like to
trade now but I have a theory of Miss I have aetherium do I have Bitcoin yes I
have Bitcoin do I have stellar lumens yes I have Stella lumens do I have RDD
do I have men I have lots of other coins I don’t want to talk about all them
right now but I have a lot so you know they may like I accumulate them like
squirrel cumulates nuts mint you know like I don’t know how to
explain it and same with the marijuana starts I accumulate the best ones that I
like sure you know don’t ever buy something cuz I told you I bought it
right that would silly you know I’m not investing in anything because someone
else told me they bought it that’s right I’m in singing Ripple because I see all
the banks want to work with ripple yeah so long-term I believe
well could one day go to $10 I believe in my heart it might even go to a
hundred one day it might take five or ten years but if he does I’ll make a
million dollars so as an investor that’s kind of the way I think right and that’s
the way a Warren Buffett would do his investing because he looks 20 years down
the road yeah and I’ll get him as my mentor I study him as an investor I
follow his principles and I look at ripple as a revolutionary technology and
that’s why all the banks are using Ripple
yeah yeah otherwise the banks would be using Bitcoin cash or they would using
meal or they would be using some other technology other than ripple so the way
my mind works is we’ll rip will be here in 20 years and in my mind it’s yes will
can it be growth core be here in 20 years in my mind yes will Aurora
cannabis AC be AC BFF in in America it will it be here in 20 years yes they
will be some of the biggest companies in the world in 20 years this is why I’m
investing in them now make sense right I mean you know short-term it’s gonna go
up and down but I really don’t get concerned with that that’s when I just
more right that that makes sense Warren Buffett’s favorite holding period
is forever and that doesn’t mean you have to hold forever I I believe rich is
doing a modified version of that because he’s also he’s not holding forever he’s
selling when it goes when it spikes way way way up and that’s where the
discipline comes in so we’re somewhere between forever and you know we’re not
day traders we’re not you know we’re not all that concerned about day to day
price movements we’re concerned about the bigger picture and we’re concerned
about whether these companies or currencies have a future ripple I
remember when ripple wasn’t even in the top 10 on world coin index or coin
market cap calm which are two good websites by the way to you know to look
up the the most popular crypto currencies now
ripple is number four believe it or not it’s in the top five in terms of market
cap of cryptocurrencies not that long ago most people have never heard of
ripple but then banks started talking about it started having a positive view
on it and that gives it some real potential because that means there’s
there’s buy-in okay this is not just some obscure cryptocurrency that could
easily fall out of the top ten okay it has a lot of potential there and also
yeah there it is ripple and and again you gave a price target right now it’s
82 cents you’re thinking what maybe even ten dollars one day man that would be
great ten dollars without a doubt will it stay there I don’t know if it goes to
ten dollars right now I have myself a hundred thousand dollars so yeah as an
investor that’s the way I have to think if I think it’s gonna go down why am i
buying it right I mean call me a dreamer but you know right I just think it’s a
technology that’s going to be around that’s why the banks are using it if the
banks had the opportunity to test every single cryptocurrency and they chose to
choose ripple yeah 150 banks worldwide are using ripple right right I mean free
as a good indicator that it has some groundbreaking technology you know you
might you might hear here first that they might be taking over Swift code
right it might take over the entire wire process because it’s faster it’s cheaper
than the business for the banks to do a swift code wire transaction so it’s
gonna reduce the banks wire cost by 50% it’s going to reduce the time it takes
for them to execute a wire because it’ll be four seconds versus being right now
hours sometimes days for them to execute execute a transaction so this is the
reason why the banks are utilizing Ripple
so for me it’s a long-term approach I don’t know how long it’s gonna take for
people to clue into what’s going on yeah but once people realize hey this isn’t
the cheapest cryptocurrency and it’s the best right
I mean for me I think at that point it’s gonna be a free-for-all it is kind of
the it is one it is one of the cheapest ones out there I was just looking at the
at the new is trying to figure out why cryptocurrencies went down so much today
it says here on cnet.com Bitcoin well it says Bitcoin plunges but we all
know that if Bitcoin plunges all the other coins tend to go down as well
Bitcoin plunges after sec that’s the United States Security and Exchange
Commission warns about crypto currency exchanges virtual currencies may be a
bold new technology frontier but marketplaces where you can buy and sell
them are not exempt from fraud the US SEC warned of quote potentially unlawful
exchanges where you can buy and sell the virtual crypto currencies now to you and
me rich this is this is old news yeah there there has been you know
malfeasance in some of the exchanges it’s true it’s I just think it’s funny
how people would panic sell their Bitcoin because the SEC announced that
yes there has there has been fraud there has been hacking or whatever they claim
yeah we knew that already doesn’t it rich does it drive you crazy
when people panic sell based on quote-unquote news like this no because
those are the opportunities for me to buy you know up let’s say it over and
over again people are gonna you know don’t take this the wrong way guys this
is this is just for entertainment and education purposes okay right when I say
this when people cry i buy hmm okay so when they beat their chests and say how
great they are i sell okay and trust me I’ve done it I
beat my chest and oh my goodness I’m up so much and then it goes down and then
I’m holding the bank and I’m doing that with ripple you know and I admitted it
so the only way for me to justify it in my mind is to accumulate more because I
believe in it and I was right the first time but instead of beating my chest
like I did the fur time this time when it goes up to $3 or
$4 or $5 I’m gonna sell you’re gonna sell yeah I’m gonna pull the trigger and
I’m gonna pull that money out and I’m gonna put it into my marijuana stocks
because long-term I believe nothing can stop them like nothing because they
already government licensed through Health Canada they’ve got the green
light to grow so they’re good to go so for the marijuana stocks for me that is
my bread and butter right now I’m not gonna lie okay yeah I love the
cryptocurrencies am i fascinated by them do I love icos
do am I gonna continue to do reviews am I going to continue to do interviews yes
I love educating myself I love educating the public I love
learning about new technology but I also understand that there is a serious
concern with hacking there’s a serious concern with fraud there’s a serious
concern with people’s money there’s been lots of cases of different companies
that have gone sideways and people have lost money I lost money on multiple
different investment platforms in 2017 I was willing to take those risks so in
2018 I’m no longer willing to take those risks I’m going to be protecting
everybody’s money and the way I’m going to do that the best way I know how is by
investing in these safest and the best investments that I know yeah now the
safest and best investments that I know that I’m investing in are still
investments like gbtc which are very volatile right but long-term if you
believe in Bitcoin gbtc might be one of the best stocks to own yeah right for
those I don’t know yeah that’s a the Bitcoin investment trust gbtc if you if
you have a stock brokerage account and you don’t have a coin base account or
banants or anything like that you can you can buy gbtc and gbtc actually owns
Bitcoin quite a bit of it so that’s one way to get in just through your etrade
account or or Schwab or fidelity whatever you might TD Ameritrade
I know that they all will allow you to buy and sell gbtc which used to be
expensive by the way now gbtc is what fifteen sixteen bucks
let me see gbtc nowadays is yeah fifteen dollars and sixty six cents a share
pretty affordable i would say for most people today it is down about the same
amount as Bitcoin itself it’s down about nine percent and Bitcoin itself is down
I believe about the same thing yeah about nine percent so it follows Bitcoin
it’s not totally flexible where you can you know buy ripple or light coin or
something like that it’s just Bitcoin but if you believe in Bitcoin that’s one
way to get in and rich talked about that quite a while ago and it continues to
mention it today and as a possible way to get in if you’re willing to ride that
rollercoaster not not such an easy roller coaster though furred for
emotional people would you agree rich for people with a weak heart
not so easy and listen the markets are not for the faint of heart they never
have been they never will be these markets are difficult you know I seem
cool calm and collected but I don’t like it when I lose I don’t like it when the
markets go down nobody does yeah but long-term when you look at the
chart of any company that is up on the markets the companies that grow their
revenues that grow their acquisitions that grow and build a good strong
management team that have good products those companies price appreciation in
the markets will also grow historically yeah there is historical evidence to
prove this so when you know that you have the historical evidence of all time
investing history backing you that long-term when you invest in good
companies like canopy growth quarter right if you believe in the marijuana
industry canopy growth Corp trading today at $24 I thought I would never see
this last year yeah like I thought I would see it but I never really
I would be here you know going in a time warp and saying what guys I told you so
right yeah but I got all the videos saying that I believe this would happen
and it’s happened now has it happened with all the companies no have most of
the companies that I talked about especially the ones in the hmm J ETF
gone up yes yes every single one went up in 2017 except for one and the one that
didn’t go up I think it was in Beck invictus MD it went down like 3% it’s
not even substantial and the other ones all were up like hundreds some of them
thousands of percent c BW is up three thousand two hundred percent in the last
year alone hmm Wow unbelievable unbelievable incredible
and and you know people can’t argue you can’t argue with winners like that and
so even if you can afford to take a few small losses or even a couple of sizable
losses if you have that many winners to more than make up for it rich is not
claiming to be perfect and neither am i if you’re looking for a guru who is
perfect you know that that’s not a good goal that’s not a recipe for success
anybody who goes online and claims 100% success is probably a fraud okay so rich
TV live is the place to be rich TV live.com head on over there if you want
to find in exchange where you can trade these crypto currencies he’s got a bunch
of them over there on rich TV live.com he’s also got you know ICO opportunities
yep there they are whole bunch of them as well as informational resources over
there in places where you could just trade stocks as well so if you’re into
the marijuana stocks because you have to find a broker that will allow that type
of trading there it is okay a whole bunch of them plus some resources I see
investing.com over there some great stuff bar chart calm because you want to
do your own research do your own due diligence learn about these companies
yourself don’t buy it just because rich or I might be buying it okay that’s
that’s something you can look at but you have to make your own decision
at the end of the day wow what a great day to be in the markets and most people
don’t think like that because it’s red but you know what Aurora great company
it was the red 150 this is a company that I’ve been talking about last year
since it was at $2 obviously now it’s around 10 bucks in Canada you can see
right here this is why I love it yeah over the last year it’s up five hundred
and thirty four percent hmm Aurora’s me a lot of money then yeah and
you know what I’ll be honest with you I love any company that makes me money and
I remember sitting here talking about Aurora last year at the exact same time
when it wasn’t going up and people really going rich it’s not going up
you’re wrong you’re wrong and now I don’t see anybody saying that right so I
just know that we’re going to see history repeat itself and I don’t
anticipate the markets to go explode any time soon I don’t expect it to happen
until September I think between now and September my prediction is you will see
it go up and down up and down up and down
we may see not another good run in the marijuana stocks it will be short-lived
it won’t be real it would be a pump fake okay this is my prediction okay you hurt
you here first it’ll be a pump fake it will go good and it’ll come back down
like it is now and in the summertime it’ll do the same thing it’ll it’ll
trick you a few times the thinking it’s gonna be a good run and then it’s gonna
go into a graveyard effect again and then in September it’ll be a
resurrection and then September until January is when you will see a huge
explosion in the marijuana stock market and you will see my pics come to
fruition you heard it first that’s why I’m gonna take the next six months to
give you guys all the best picks that I’m watching all the best picks that I’m
buying because I know right now they’re not high I know right now is a good time
to buy I can’t tell people when to buy buy when it’s in the red guys okay don’t
buy one they’re up please don’t ever buy when they’re up always buy when they’re
in the red but right now I am accumulating I will continue to
accumulate the biggest and the best companies that are undervalued and when
I make the position in a company I’ll let you guys know because I just want to
be honest with people about everything that I do
yep that’s Aurora cannabis the one you just mentioned ACB in Canada ACB FF on
the United States over-the-counter markets but available on most you know e
trade TD Ameritrade fidelity Schwab all those company the aurora cannabis is a
monster I mean it Lego I see a day call me Richard ominous all the rich all
except their no I see a day or or cannabis trading at 100 bucks men well
I’m crazy you know I’m gonna be buying and selling all the way up like you
asked you mentioned one thing and you said you know when is a good time to
sell you know I’m gonna tell you guys I saw whenever I see a problem that’s
that’s the best way to answer that question you know I’m in and out of the
market all the time when am i out when I see a profit right now when am i holding
when I’m down it’s pretty simple and then when it’s up I’m selling yeah I
mean that’s how I treat and then when it goes back down I buy again and then I
wait until it runs and then when it runs I sell and it’s just like same thing
taking profits all the way through yeah I’m always in the game the office you
know so for me it’s like learning how to read that chart and learning how to buy
at the bottom of the chart and learning how to be a sniper learning how to be a
ninja and learning how to be patient because I’m still so impatient you know
I’m still realizing myself when I’m training I’m so impatient and I have to
get so much better but when you invest in good companies they’re very forgiving
that’s right you can you can be wrong for a while you can be down ten twenty
percent or even more for a while and you’ll you can make that money back if
it’s a great company or cryptocurrency or whatever with longevity Socrates once
said know thyself and so if if you have a problem with patience or whatever just
know that be aware of it and fix it get over it learn to play the game because
the market is going to give you profits when it’s good and ready maybe it’s not
ready right now that’s okay today most of these that
we’ve met haiku is up the rest of the ones we’ve mentioned are all down today
does that mean buy it you have to make the decision but I’m certainly looking
at them that’s for sure all right and don’t forget to join Rich’s whatsapp
group just go to whatsapp download it on your phone it costs you nothing and that
way you can communicate with rich and his team his group on a daily basis he’s
on there regularly so even when he was on vacation he spent a lot of his time
on vacation watching the markets believe it or not so he sees the eyes and ears
for all of us even though you have to make your own decisions of course wow
rich what a what a great day to be in the markets and most people don’t say
things like that when the markets are down so much but I view it as an
opportunity because I’m listening to your your ideas and your concepts which
I think are winners this has been really amazing did I miss anything rich yeah
guys rich TV live is strictly for education and entertainment purposes I
am NOT a licensed advisor please do not buy anything that you heard on my show
ever that I ever talk about ever ever ever always do your own due diligence
buy a stock or cryptocurrency or a piece of real estate because you love it yeah
that’s what I do so that when I make an investment I can’t blame anybody else I
can’t pass judgment on anybody else I don’t want you to be honest with you I
don’t wanna play blame or pass judgment on anybody else I want to be able to
live with myself knowing that I bought the best investment that money could buy
right that’s it okay there’s something that happened here guys please guys if
you haven’t go and subscribe to David Modell he does an amazing job of what he
does he’s the most honest guy on YouTube best guy to work with
I love David Modell guys subscribe to David Modell please and go to all of his
channels and all of the social media and he is an amazing guy to work with and
thank you David for everything you do and as far as what’s going on on YouTube
did you get a chance to look into the boxing thing yeah I did it’s it’s a big
it’s really blowing up now it’s a big day right yeah ok so the next thing
that’s happened is Vitali and Foods phousi went on this trip with Vitaly to
Brazil they go on this trip these guys are buddies their two big youtubers they
both got like 10 million subscribers each Vitaly did a bunch of stuff in
Brazil and now phousi four years later is coming out and essentially coming out
and and and and and saying he’s done some really bad things like publicly on
YouTube and it’s become really bad and now they’re the next big fight Vitaly
vs. phousi and they’re gonna box but it’s not it really personal yeah it’s
bad later Wow I couldn’t believe it that
another person would go on YouTube to make those allegations which if you’re
going to make those allegations to me as a man go to the police station
yeah don’t go up on YouTube and and criminate somebody on YouTube through
YouTube four years later without any evidence right and without the ability
for for you to even go to the police so it’s crazy and now he wants to use the
boxing ring to settle it and I just think the vitaly is gonna if he gets his
hands on woozi he’s gonna smash him I can’t wait yeah unbelievable things are
taking an ugly turn but we’re gonna watch it though I won’t lie to you but a
really personal David like too far I believe for YouTube I think if you are
going to make an accusation with someone you need to go to the police for you to
go to youtube and make those types of accusations that he assaulted women man
it’s bad it’s too much for me to see but you know this is what’s happening this
is where it’s going gay so yeah I think it’s refreshing that we can just come
out here we can talk about the news talk about what’s happening keep people
updated right and and that’s what I want to use this platform for and hopefully
we don’t have to get into the ring you and me too you
know and if we do we got to be like you know tag-team meeting you on the same
street right and we’ll take on the haters that’s right and not in a violent
way well you know we’ll I’ll tell you what we’ll do a different type of
competition whatever it is okay just yes we are we are a non-violent group over
here we’re friendly and yeah we’re not all about the the fighting all right
heck I love my haters and I invite them to comment on you know comment on the
videos if you got a problem with something we’re doing let us know we’re
open we’re listening and we’re not here to fight alright we’re here to we’re
here to make money and to help people build their lives and that’s what it’s
all about I know that rich is doing some some good work in the Dominican Republic
some charitable he’s involved with charity type
organizations he doesn’t like to talk about it and boast about it but I’ll
brag for him he’s doing it okay so the money’s going to a good use and plus we
all you know we have families that were taken care of some of us and so this is
you know where we pride ourselves on our ethics as well as our profits and that’s
what it’s all about so as it says right over there
stay tuned and you know stay tuned looking at the markets stay tuned to
rich TV live we’re gonna bring you the latest and the best rich do you have any
outro music for us to take us out today yeah I think I can find something let’s
see there you go rich he’s got the the rich theme music which I always enjoy
listening to so I want to thank everybody for watching and listening
this is going out on both of our channels and I’m telling you we’re
taking over YouTube one video at a time and it’s thanks to you guys alright alright looking at the markets in rich
TV life thanks a lot rich for everything you do I really
appreciate it check out his channel check out his whatsapp group check out
his rich TV live.com website thanks a lot everybody

11 thoughts on “What’s Going on with Marijuana Stocks & Cryptocurrencies? with Rich TV Live // cannabis hemp 2018”

  1. I actually see bitcoin crashing down to about 1'000 $ – then it's a perfect opportunity of course to get in big time again!

  2. Good video, Im not really invested in any of the mj stocks Rich talks about, but i enjoy hearing his enthusiasm, and i cant really say too many bad things about the mj stocks he chooses. Im heavy in mari, snn, isol, n, tgif, so got no room for the big dogs like canopy,acb, but there in the game. Canopy is the lebron james.

  3. Keep hearing about CBW having some of the largest producers, but I never hear which ones… One referenced Aphria but it was not clear, so it did not even sound sure about Aphria… so which largest producers do they back?

  4. buy on the red agreed! Should have bought more mari at $1.84 last week when fear took over the company. I dont know anybody else on youtube that has as much insight on the marijuana industry as you do Rich , when you talk on the industry, not saying I agree with everyone you say, or your picks,but i love hearing your insight on what the future industry is going to be like, as I tend to think a lot, but hear a lot of pessimism around from people that have no idea, and get clouded from the reality, but good to remind and think more on future trends.

  5. Can you David or Rich do a video on Maricann please. It's one of the stocks that's going to be a big winner in later 2018-2019 imho, why do you ask? They have enough land to grow 1.8million square feet and grow 190000kgs, they are funded for phase 3 for 95000kgs on 942000 square feet, plus they have rockwell automation to make them if not the cheapest cost per gram to grow with robotics on growing marijuana, as well as deal with Mckesson that isn't publicly disclosed. Why aren't they publicly disclosed like Constellation Brands is? Good ? They are a USA company in the pharmaceutical market, and don't want to promote it in the states since there a USA company and usa is federally illegal. Mckesson is the #5 on the fortune 500 in 2017 in north america. Only companies that make more $ then Mckesson is exxon mobil, walmart, apple, berkshire hathaway. It's definetely worth a look for the investors in the marijuana space. They have two sales licenses atm, one cult license.

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