What’s better to invest than crypto currency and bitcoin

want to know what's a better investment other than Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency will first check out this intro what's a better investment other than Bitcoin okay the answer to this course you may actually surprise you yeah is it it's Bitcoin the best one is aetherium ripple um is it real estate is that what about stocks or or you know buying like investing into your 401k okay do you want to know what the best investment actually is that's actually going to take off in the near future and I can guarantee you this okay it's not any of these it's not any cryptocurrency it's not real estate surprisingly it's not you know your 401k or any stocks and things like that okay the number one investment that you guys can make right now in your life and business if you're up for it right it's not for everyone but if you're up for it believe it or not it's attention okay I know that's what I said its attention day trading other people's attention okay if you study people's attention and you you study time hate crime and attention time and attention essentially the same thing they're like cousins right um when you have someone's attention essentially what you have is you have their time okay notice when you talk on the phone when those salespeople call you they're like eh do you have a minute or do you have five minutes for me to explain this this this really they had they're asking for your attention which is what your time right tonight connects can I um have like five minutes of your time okay so maybe just explain to you guys how powerful this is and why you guys have actually capitalize on okay this cast me outside girl okay um bad Barbie or something like that you can see right up there she's literally started with nothing and then through that she was able to get what she was able to get well what is it a lot of attention right she got all of this attention this massive amount of attention and and now she's you know a famous singer or whatever right I don't know what she actually does or even how she's famous but that's literally what she did okay because she had all that attention President Trump how did he win the election without even being a politician he wasn't they were a politician he still beat all the politicians you know I'm getting votes because he's good at getting your attention okay when Hillary started bashing on on Trump and getting all this stuff going all she really did was boost Trump's attention that he was getting from everyone else which ultimately led to him who on winning the election okay same with all these protesters that are protest they're giving him all this attention right um attention right now it's a better commodity than even like your 401k or your real estate yeah people that understand this like um Gary Vaynerchuk here they get why they get they understand that in order to really become really successful in a near future you have to invest a lot into your Instagram okay right now Instagram is really under priced attention okay you pay Instagram like X amount of money you can really achieve CP ends like $10 CPMs $15 CPMs $5 CPM especially on the story okay you get a lot of people's attention through Instagram right now and it's really really cheap he's even advised people to say let's say your business doing like a hundred thousand dollars a year and instead of putting that one hundred thousand dollars a year in your bank account when to ripple or into anything like that throw all that money back into Instagram and just generate much more attention to insert and grow your Instagram accounts over your Facebook account grow your YouTube account okay uh attention right now is really under priced right and is something that needs to it needs to be addressed that it needs to be looked at more as a commodity is the best and most um it's pretty much the best commodity right now you guys can look this up okay look up Gary Vaynerchuk and type in like attention is the best commodity she goes on and on and on about it okay right now getting other people's attention is is one of the most important things that you guys can be doing for your personal brand as well as for your business okay keep that in mind your Twitter accounts your Instagram account your social media accounts being able to get in front of people being able to influence people being able to get other people's time so that they pay attention to you and not to other people okay we have already entered the attention age the information age is long past okay well in the attention age right now so that's just my two cents on this commodity hopefully you guys learned a thing or two if you have money a Bitcoin and Replace suggest you guys pull it out throw it more into growing your business and your attention okay I'm just kidding about that okay um really guys I'm just letting you guys know if you want to grow your businesses moving forward 2099 2020 2021 really look to start growing out your social media because that's really where everything is everything is gonna be on Facebook everything is gonna be able snapchat Instagram Twitter YouTube and things like okay so that's it for this video if you enjoyed more content like this and you want more information about what it is that I do click on the links in the description below you can follow me on Instagram Facebook snapchat I answer all my messages I'll be more than happy to answer yours click on the subscribe button over there if you want to subscribe to my channel and check out more incredible videos just like this one if you want more help on marketing e-commerce and their marketing funnels emails things like that click on the button over there and subscribe to my channel and I'll see you guys in the next video

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