What Will Happen To Crypto During A Stock Market Crash?

hello everybody welcome back for another video hope you are doing well and having a great day something that I wanted to discuss for a little bit I think I might have mentioned it maybe one or two times before there's been a lot of talk about a potential stock market crash that could happen sometime this year it has actually been spoken about for a couple of years now a lot of people have been expecting some type of global market explosion to happen and the question that is on everyone's mind is as Bitcoin is becoming this maturing asset class what will end up happening to cryptocurrencies should the global financial system implode should it all start to melt down a common thought experiment in the crypto community is to ponder how cryptocurrencies would fare in the event of another global financial meltdown this is not an idle question this is a host of troubling developments in the global economy the threat of trade war jitters and Italian debt markets problems at Deutsche Bank and new emerging market crisis in Turkey and Argentina meanwhile central bank's led by the US Fed are tightening or signaling tighter monetary policy is putting a brake on the huge gains that low interest rates and the quantitative easing has bestowed on global markets in the eight years since the end of the last crisis with this combination of risk factors already in play there's always a good chance that some unforeseen trigger could set off another terrified rush for the exits among global investors what would the impact be on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies what the reputation as independent assets see them benefit from safe haven inflows or would the market wide reduction and risk appetite spread wide enough that crypto assets get caught up in the sell-off some crypto cutler's salivate at the idea of market panic I'm not gonna lie a half thought about it a couple of times the the potential prices that crypto would be able to hit in the event of a stock market crash especially when people are thinking about potential trillions being able to flow into the cryptocurrency market they contend that unlike the 2008/2009 collapsed when Satoshi nakamoto's newly launched cryptocurrency was essentially out of sight and unavailable to the hordes seeing seeking a haven from the Fiats world crisis Bitcoin is now widely recognized as a more versatile alternative to traditional flight to safety assets such as gold in a crisis they say Bitcoin could shine as much as might other cryptocurrencies designed as alternatives to fiat cash such as Manero and zed cash unaffected by future monetary policy responses immune from a draconian intervention such as the Cyprien bank deposit freeze of 2013 which was insane I think bitcoin actually went up in price when this happened and easily acquired they could prove their value as digital havens for the digital age in such a moment accordingly the bowls argument goes there prices would surge on the other hand if there's enough of a market wide departure from risky investment investments it's hard not to see this sector being swept up in it just as the most extreme gains encrypted prices in the latter part of 2017 were inextricably linked to the rapid risk on uptrend seen in stocks commodities and emerging market assets so to a major sell-off could easily infect these new markets cryptocurrencies at end tokens are perceived by most ordinary investors as high-risk assets you buy them with money you can afford to lose when you're feeling upbeat about market prospects when the mood sours this new class of an investment is typically the first to be retracted stumble to get cash and 300 billion dollars as the current market valuation it's still less than 1% of the 2017 end-of-the-year market cap of the S&P 500 which was fifty four point eight trillion dollars which is insane which includes most stocks from 48 different countries if risk hungry investors are panicking and looking for things to dump or for that matter if they're looking for something safe to buy it won't take much of their funds to move to the cryptocurrency markets one way or another this has been spoken about for quite some time since the 2009 financial crisis remember 2012 people were constantly talking about that the next market crash was coming in 2012 13 14 15 and we actually my saw it on CNBC it's kind of weird they were celebrating like V they were celebrating the the ten-year bull run of the traditional market but it was also like a 10 year hey we haven't had a crash since the last one a lot of people are predicting a lot of people who predicted in 2007 that there was gonna be a major crash in 2008 that one is coming very soon and it's one that's actually going to destroy finance as we know it not to scare anyone with that but if you look around you can definitely find tons of news about it they say that what what happened as last time has not been fixed and it's only going to get a lot worse because tret debt oh my gosh that's the world's debt especially from multiple countries actually in the trillions right now and that's not a good thing especially because they are predicting that a couple of countries are going to come out very soon to declare that they actually can't pay back their debt and when you can't pay back trillions of dollars worth of debt it causes a huge sell-off in dk in the traditional markets and it's kind of like what's going to end up happening to our mark is this is literally the I think this will be the not the saving factor but it's what we how how do I say this if crypto can survive the world financial meltdown of people's had to dump their money into crypto currencies this will be the finding moment for crypto currencies it'll literally be the moment where we can say this happened this happened crypto survived and we're all better for it as far as I can tell like I said no one knows when the next stock market crash is going to happen but if you've realized the pattern if you've watched my last couple of videos at least last month you may have noticed tons of news about bankers getting into crypto currencies countries getting into cryptocurrencies financial institutions hedge funds blah blah blah they're trying to form ETFs into crypto specifically this is what is the kind of the craze is part for me that is not that they're trying to form them into other asset classes that they're specifically going for cryptocurrencies and part of the it's not a red flag what is it called part of the reason why I think about that's why I made this video is because if you notice the pattern there's a lot of talk about bankers getting into crypto a lot of very very high net hedge fund managers and/or bankers who are the heads of other major banks who have left within the last two or three months and they've now announced that they're getting into crypto they're starting these funds you're starting you know so and so a lot of the people who like I said there were people who forecasted that 2008 was going to be a very difficult year and they started leaving the banking sector around 2007 as well would be kind of interesting to see if these people who are now leaving can see the cracks in the walls when no one else can or no one else really wants to see them and they're trying to make a rush for crypto so that they get into it early and this is why the prices are the way that we are I'm pretty sure this all correlates together when it comes to the prices going down like we know it's manipulated that's been spoken about ten bajillion times but manipulated for what why would the price it needs to go down especially if you know all this is kind of going on it could be like I still think I firmly believe that all rich people all billionaires know each other they have like a tight-knit rich community where they sleep in gold beds but they talk to each other they know exactly what's going on in the markets they see that the debt it's kind of out of control they see that everything is not you know you can't have a bull market for ten years it just doesn't logically make any sense even mathematically so it seems like a lot of people could be leaving the banking sector because they know that eventually this is going to collapse but it you know do they know that crypto is also going to go up a lot of funds that have been started we've had news that um central banks this was this was at the end of 2017 at the beginning of 2018 and until the ground journey for every March somewhere around there that banks would eventually start buying up crypto currencies why would they start buying up crypto currencies unless they kind of get what I'm saying I don't want to have to like literally spell it out even I'm pretty sure I did like five times but it's all kind of interesting exactly what is going to happen but we know that banks are definitely getting into crypto and it'll be incredibly interesting to see if or when this next stock market crash it has been predicted since 2012 eventually ends up happening if it's as big as 2008 if its worst in 2008 if it ends up causing some global complete panic and fear and if everyone is looking for a safe relatively liquid place to put their money and then it ends up being in crypto wouldn't it this last thought last thought wouldn't it be weird if a stock market crash happens in 2019 and it's like one of the worst that we've ever seen in all of history and people start dumping their money into crypto and this is what ends up pushing Bitcoin to 1 million dollars because bankers and financial institutions tell people that this is the safest place for them to put their money wouldn't that be a kicker all right everyone just something for thought we know that this is going to happen it's a matter of when not if it can't happen because if we end up having a bull market and the stock exchange for 20 to 25 years I will take my hat off to them but that's never going to happen so it's going to happen just a matter of how will we as crypto enthusiasts be affected by all of this thank you once again for watching everyone I appreciate all of your support hope you guys enjoyed hope you guys have a great day wherever you are wherever you might be tell me what you think below because everyone has their own idea as to what exactly will happen with crypto I've noticed a lot of sentiment in the crypto community has grown quite sour over the last couple of weeks because of the prices but literally we live in one of the craziest markets that I think I've ever seen in my entire life no one knows what's going to happen so is all based on speculation right now thank you once again and I will talk to you all soon see you

47 thoughts on “What Will Happen To Crypto During A Stock Market Crash?”

  1. When economic collapse comes, crypto will not save you. People withdraw back to their basic needs which are TANGIBLE. Plus, the whales will be trying to convert their crypto into spendable cash which will cause the value of crypto to nose dive overnight.

    Think about the chaos that would occur. Do you think people who are looking for their next meal are going to give a damn about digital currency? Use common sense because that is what people will be using during tough times.

    You might as well invest in bubble wrap to protect you from an asteroid impact on your home.

  2. what if the banks want to get into cryptos, just to crush them?

    I mean why would they want a bunch of no names have billions of assets in cryptos?

    Then when they crush the altcoin market, they create their own coin, so that everybody has to start from 0 again

  3. i think crypto will go up, same for gold and silver, but im more concerned with the question: "will i be able to spend it?"

    what does it benefit me to be a crypto millionaire, if i cant spend my cryptos?

    its a tough choice between physical assets such as gold and crypto

  4. So why measure bitcoin in dollars if the dollars gonna become irrelevant if everyone moves to crypto, so bitcon can be 1 millon dollars but 1 million dollars can be worth nothing…

  5. I want to punch the stock market guy on the adds I'm so sick of these guys. Remind me of the old craig grant bit connect adds.

  6. hey man remember to breathe every now and then…I don't want you dying on me here…take it easy…relaaaaaaax

  7. The next crash is coming from the revolving and unsecured debt. This also includes student loans here in the US. Its at its all time high and the current income doesnt support the lending.

  8. Hello, very nice video ! What do you think could happen for XRP (Ripple) If there's a market crash? Thank you Again

  9. If a stock market crash happens, rich people gonna wanna put their money in more stable and more trustworthy crypto. DigiX comes to my mind after bitcoin, bitcoin may not be the most stable but definitely most trustworthy of them all.

  10. Saw a JEDx talk in Toronto tonight. The premise was tech within the Jewish community and maintaining values.
    No mention of AI, VR, Cryptos, Blockchain. I bought 7.5 LTC during the show.

  11. Crypto only delays the inevitable reset from the global debt crisis. All my crypto gains will eventually be going into more precious metals

  12. The Economic Collapse is commencing and it will be WORSE than the Recession

    When that happens where will institutional investors safe haven be in(other than precious metals)?

    The Crypto Market of course by the end of 2018 we can see a Market Cap over $1 Trillion

  13. I don't buy it…For months, every video, wales coming in, institutional money coming in, banks getting into crypto, yet the price goes down, down, down, down, down. If this was the case, then the price would be going up, up, up, up! So no, none of this is happening…yet.

  14. I'm surprised no news on ETN. I actually just bought some shockingly enough LOL. They have a fully functioning, patented product they just released. Instant crypto transactions, for multiple crypto currency's. They just made TPS, completely irrelevant!

  15. I don't think so… as you and I understand it would be wise to actually put our money into something like bitcoin if there was a crash, about 95% of the planet is clueless on crypto currency. When there is a crash people want as much money in their hands as possible, not where it's at risk being invested in something.
    Unfortunately, they just don't understand. And when they do this, they will learn the hardest lesson, they have ever learned in their life. Because the cash they are holding, will become more useless than ever!

  16. coinbase is trash adding ETC….lol…, it is the exchange of the scam coins…lol…, idiots!!!!! fuck you coinbase! haha

  17. this has been my biggest motivation since 2014 when i joined the crypto space. financial crises in 2008 is the reason we're all here talking about this unstoppable technology. the next one will change the world for ever. we're ready

  18. Whatever is good for the elite.
    Which means a trading range..pump up, and crash down, repeat. They make tons both ways. The rest of humanity can go down the drain, in their view. But everyone can learn to play the game.

  19. The cryptocurrency market has been on a bull run for 9 years now. Therefore, using the stock market crash logic, is it going to crash soon?

  20. The parallels with early tech investing (late 1990's) are relevant here. Crypto is the new tech and it's here to stay. Think of it, everyone who dumped in 2000, 2001 regretted it later. Apple, Amazon, Google — all single digits in those days. Check it now. I'm not saying HODL through this hell if you can't afford to go the distance; I'm saying Crypto will go the distance.

  21. The stock market is completely fake, it will never crash, ever. When it looks like crashing they just type in fake buying and push it back far enough to gain market confidence. No one wants it to crash so if they can stop it why wouldn't they, it costs nothing.

  22. Ultra rich manipulate the crypto market so when the stock market crashes, the crypto market will be ripe for the picking. Crypto will go up or plateau, when the stock markets go way, way down

  23. I'm curious to see what would happen to btc myself. People call it "digital gold." If gold goes up when the market crashes then bitcoin should go up.


  25. I think it's still going Bearish till August. Sell while it's still worth to sell and get your money out. I sold all my XRP and leaving me only passive income coin/token to keep in the long run, sell all non passive income coin.

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