What Vice Industry Token Means for Crypto and Media Investors

what vice industry token means for cribs oh and media investors click Oh technologies and the blockchain are making disruptive changes in virtually every industry imaginable between facilitating new modes of payment to enabling data to be transmitted and stored more reliably than ever before we're at the beginning of a technological revolution that will have effects all throughout the business world in media specifically these technologies are causing some very notable changes to include the way that money moves between parties vice industry token is making a key change by enabling any participant in the creation or use of video content to get paid simply for participating this includes content producers curators and even viewers our technology reward fuels by paying them in our proprietary crypt o currency simply for watching videos this is the most important part of the Weisse business model as it takes the unique angle of recognizing the value of the scarce commodity that is human attention what is different about the online video ecosystem today is that there are so many options to view free content however there is only so much human attention to go around we acknowledge that in order to maximize engagement of all stakeholders there has to be an equal incentive for everybody to participate actively both in the delivery and the consumption of content by fairly compensating content creators and curators and for the first time offering compensation to viewers we will strike the perfect balance of participation as a platform that fosters engagement not read so what does this mean for investors it means that a significant change is on the horizon if you're an investor in media why should be on your aguar because its functionality will attract new users on both sides of the equation that is content producers will benefit from an attention based compensation model and fuels will benefit from getting paid just to watch if that sounds attractive that's because it is having the ability to do what other media platforms can't vice will disrupt a decades-old model of free viewing and stands to displace content producers and viewers alike from their current preferred platforms as this technology comes to the market this week now is the time to become part of the revolution another way to look at this is this given the choice why would content producers give away their content in exchange for just to share a possible Act revenue when they can get paid simply based on viewership with no conditions additionally why would viewers choose to watch content for free when they have an option to get paid to watch with the shift toward better content being available and feels having a tangible incentive to watch it it creates a unique set of disadvantages for traditional watch for free media platforms vais industry token is pioneering the newest disruption in blockchain technologies in this early stage it is your time to become part of the new media have a look around our west side to see how you can get involved ww-why stoke and calm

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