What the heck is Digibyte, Digusign & Digi-ID? Full Review of DGB coin Blockchain Cryptocurrency

hey everyone it’s Py Patel here and I’m
back with another overview of a very promising project. It’s good to be back,
and to top it all off I get to talk about a project that has a lot going for it!
But in order to do that we have to jump in our time machines and fire up our
flux capacitors because we’re going back in time!
**hey Doc you better back up we
don’t have enough run to get up to 88 **we’re going we don’t need that’s right we’re going all the way
back to the far reaches of our history the history of 2014… so grab your copy of
frozen dump a bucket of ice water over your head and post a picture of your
bumbum on Twitter because today we’re breaking the internet stay tuned in terms of crypto years 2014 is
actually pretty stinkin old a lot of projects have come and gone since then
but not did you might originally launched as an experiment
did you fight hit the ground running and to this day is still very active in its
development did you fight also has one of the most compassionate communities
I’ve seen out there which says a lot there even seems to be a lot of renewed
interest in the project as digi buy continues to make its way back up the
top 100 market cap after previously taking a fall so what is it about digi
bite that has gained the respect of so many of you out there back in 2014
founder and prominent crypto figure Jared Tate had released his creation
onto the world and did so without the use of a centralized company or ICO to
help promote its adoption being very active in the blockchain community and
possessing an outward passion that few others exhibit mr. Tate wanted to create
the most decentralized blockchain out there he had felt that there was a way
to create a new blockchain that addressed the documented shortcomings
found in other prominent projects from the time and just like that some fresh
ideas in a fork off a light coin a new star was born followed by a true
grassroots movement that continues to grow over time so what is it that sets
did you buy it apart from other blockchain technologies first I’ll start
with its unique mining setup a distinction that has many talking and
many other teams implementing similar setups due to his potentially big
security improvements it’s a proof-of-work scheme that uses a
combination of five completely separate equally rated dynamically adjusting
mining algorithms each mining algorithm uses a different type of script and
mining resource this means that each mining algorithm would need to be
attacked and compromised in order to perform the dreaded 51% attack against
network hypothetically making it more difficult and cost prohibited to attack
then your typical single algorithm setup according to mr. tape this not only
creates a more secure but also much more decentralized environments and digi bite
was one of the first to ever implement this setup many don’t realize that China
the land of mining farms the size of street blocks owns over half of the
world’s Bitcoin mining power so in a sense this has made Bitcoin mining
centralized to China which opens a door to a lot of potential threats and
shortcomings that I won’t go into on this video digibytes five mining
algorithms are supposed to be a step in the right direction towards dealing with
this very obvious issue and by their account you could take all of the
world’s Bitcoin mining power and direct it at the digibytes network and you
still would not fully compromise the network many go back and forth on the
practical merits of a five mining algorithm set up but there does seem to
be some very real advantages that cannot be denied and to top it off digi bite
has yet to become victim to any form of a serious attack while many other
projects have digi bite was also the first to develop and implement digital
and then improving upon it with multi shield this form of new instant
difficulty adjustment was designed to add yet another layer of protection from
targeted attacks some may claim that digi shield isn’t perfect however no one
can deny that it has provided its key benefits to many other projects projects
that had decided to incorporate Dizzee shield into their own blockchains
projects like Bitcoin cash bitcoin gold Moana coin Z cash friendship coin and
even crowd favorite dogecoin how all implemented did you showed at one point
or another a true example of compassion for the future of blockchain is seen in
how team digi bite has gone out of their way to share digital with other projects
what else is digi by doing that sets it apart from other strong contenders for
one digit is a total max supply of 21 billion compared to bitcoins 21 million
in litecoins 84 million and the total block mining
time is 15 seconds as opposed to bitcoins 10 minutes and light coins
two and a half minutes what this means is you get much quicker transaction
speeds you can send digi bytes across the world in two minutes or faster just
check out this demonstration okay this is my phone a and I will be sending 1000
digi bytes to be and these are both iOS phones 1000 did you bite send alright
and instant it oh my god that was like in like two
seconds or like one second that’s awesome um this speed has been taken
advantage of by some thrifty arbitrage traders out there that use it to
transfer value between exchanges very quickly before prices change or for
instant cross-border remittance transactions their end game is to be the
fastest safest and most scalable blockchain out there and digibytes
code-based is actively being improved upon for example digi bite was possibly
the first to implement and activate the segways protocol long before many other
prominent projects got around to implementing it digibytes team is also
responsible for developing a product called did you sign what is did you sign
did you sign allows users to create or upload custom documents that can be
digitally signed the signed documents are stored and validated through the use
of digits blockchain and access through their official web apps and mobile apps
this is essential for making important legal documents safer and less prone to
manipulation or forgery this tech will be utilized by many industries in the
future as it is clearly a better option than file cabinets and fireproof safes
just ask these companies that are already working with did you sign did
you sign is such a step forward with this potential used cases that it was
given an award at a Citibank sponsored event called City t4i Challenge that
recognizes strong emerging FinTech but wait what is this I thought did you
bytes were just another cryptocurrency use for value holdings and payments and
Lambos and rocket moons in a speech given by mr. tape when he was invited to
speak at MIT he expressed that currency is not digibytes primary area of focus
because mr. tape knows that blockchain will be the primary tech that disrupts
the way we store data handle cybersecurity and
run the internet blockchain will break the Internet
hashtag break the internet but this time do it for reals mr. Tate believes that
the right blockchain consult 95% of the world’s online security vulnerabilities
and prevent pervasive data breaches and held truly secure and decentralize the
internet for future generations moving services to the blockchain could prevent
catastrophic failures that more traditional centralized hosts are prone
to this move will happen it’s not if but when so this brings us to the next team
digi bytes creation this one’s called digi ID the G ID is
yet another product launched by the talented team that utilizes the
blockchain this time for user authentication purposes check out this
quick introduction digi ID is a fast and secure way for you to log into websites
applications or even building security such as swipe cards using the same
uncrackable encryption technology that keeps digi bite or Bitcoin safe you can
now authenticate with a variety of services without having to remember a
username or password anywhere a website ask you to log in with a username email
or phone number can potentially use digi ID you simply scan the QR code on the
screen using your phone you are logging in using your cell phone just tap the QR
code on your screen and it will launch your digi by wall –it simply enter your
wallet pin or scan your fingerprint and the digit byte wallet will do the rest
and sign you in perfect cryptographic security without the hassle of passwords
using their blockchain to create these practical applications is just another
example of how they are truly innovating their space just ask anthem the
third-largest online identity verification company in the world that
has announced their adoption of digi ID a huge deal that gives real-world value
in validation to digi bytes on top of digi sign and VG ID there’s also word of
a possible real estate centered app on the horizon
digi byte will also support smart contracts indie apps to further its
possible use cases and there’s already a true SPV wallet available in app stores
that can also be used as identity authentications for websites in other
applications along with fully featured apps available for did you sign in digi
ID some of the criticisms come in the forms of tweets from competing
blockchains most notably from the infamous charlie lee a.k.a Satoshi light
in his friends over in the litecoin camp claims like having two large blocks in
digi bytes case can cause a form of note centralization after time in upscale or
the multi she’ll doesn’t actually protect against all forms of 51% attack
that it may still be vulnerable against attacks that are performed off chain
another remark comes directly from Satoshi Lite himself making the claim
that Jared tape may have miscalculated a specific point about digi bytes security
that is being used to promote its strengths unfortunately the only way to
truly test these claims would be to actually perform a set attack which is
just now feasible in real life scenarios unless one could produce unrealistic
amounts of hash power hmmmmm there seems to be a very strong competitive spirit
between the litecoin and did you buy camps for some very enjoyable reading I
recommend checking out their back-and-forth Twitter drama and don’t
forget the popcorn regardless of any claims one thing is for sure the digi by
blockchain is extremely secure more so than most projects out there so the
bottom line is this digi bite has a lot going for it there are even many claims
out there that digi bite could one day take over Bitcoin as a preferred payment
currency Bitcoin currently is not a currency and I think that there are the
block chains and other applications that have characteristics that are much more
suitable to be a currency to character well for one digi Bart for example cares
every 15 seconds but that has yet to be proven
that’s all for me today because we’re out of time as usual you can find me on
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make friends with sloth and hunt for it one-eyed Willy secret treasure we’re in deep shit now Francis you don’t
want to miss it so how else is did you by doing things
that it sets that apart a distinction that has many talking and many other
teams implement implementing I can’t speak apparently all the sudden I have
lost the ability to speak unless one could produce
he had felt that there was a way to create a new blog chain that addressed
the documented shortcomings founded in the founded okay I can do this he had
felt he had felt that there was a way move okay Musa first I’ll start with
this unique mining setup Oh foods done both my necklaces like
falling apart oops wardrobe malfunction losing my
necklace and everything else Chicka Chicka Boom Chicka triple bump up I
gotta get a drink because mr. Tate knows that blockchain
will be the primary primary I like that song it’s a good song have you heard of
it Dave where did you come from where did
you go where did you come from cotton-eye Joe dddd dddd
I’m a Mary long tango over did you come from where did you go where did you come
from cotton-eye Joe my parents always saying you don’t know nothing
you don’t know hardship we had a hardship I had to walk all the way 20
kilometers and then I had to ride a bike uh-huh I even saw a ghost I’m like well
I don’t know what ghost has anything to do with the hardship but it is really
bugged out all parents have some kind of weird story about how their hot is so
bad and how we have it so much easier I might not see ghosts in the wilderness
but just goes as usual you can find me on Twitter
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that’s all for me today because we’re out of here I am funny laugh at my jokes hey you did it you made it to the end of
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