What the EOS fine means for Bitcoin, Elizabeth Warren makes me like Libra, Ron Paul & Litecoin? Q&A!

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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Sunday before Rosh Hashanah so I hey if you’re in a chat you type in a
bitcoinmeister I’ll answer your questions yeah we’re doing questions
here tonight late on the East Coast and conviction baby it is all about
conviction a new show every day I that’s what I’m bringing it to you guys and
someone in the chat beforehand said they bought a Tesla I don’t know if they were
joking or not but we were joking we were saying one
Bitcoin equals one Tesla because in the future one Bitcoin will equal one Tesla
but how about this I say one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin and a lot of people
get that but if you don’t get that why don’t you think of it this way if you
own a Bitcoin say put it in your head right now one Bitcoin equals one Tesla
so why the heck would you want to get rid of your Bitcoin for $8,000 when you
could use it to buy a Tesla in 2022 or whatever it may be okay so there’s your
deferral of gratification $8,000 now Tet or Tesla later that’s your that’s your
marshmallow test pound that like button so maybe we should have that should be a
new saying here one Bitcoin he goes one Tesla I think you guys get that pound it
guys pound that like button so let’s get to our first link here there is a nice
chart and it shows between September 20th and September 29th Bitcoin I just
charted of the Bitcoin that sold and how much people paid for that Bitcoin the
previous time so there was a big but there was a lot of Bitcoin being sold
obviously the price was going down in terms of fiat and a big hunk of that
Bitcoin was Bitcoin that had been purchased between 10,000 and 12,000
dollars now it said heavy selling observed from Bitcoin that last moved
between ten and twelve thousand dollars these are from shorter term traders that
have weak long term conviction and are protecting their positions long her long
term holders and and high price okay so people who have been holding on for long
term for low prices like guys who have bought at $700 or $6,000 and people who
had paid a lot of money for it 14,000 and above that those were hardly selling
so this is a very interesting observation very interesting chart
it does a better job explaining it than I just did so it’s it’s linked to below
but if you were wonderful who the heck was selling oh it was a bunch bunch of
traders they were protecting their positions they had bought between 10 and
12 K and then they decide that we cans they didn’t have the stomach for it
that’s unfortunate that that’s a loss right there dudes if they just had some
conviction they they would not lose in terms of fiat it it returns to its
all-time high always you just have to be patient people pound that like but let
me see what we got in the chat here we have some just learned Bitcoin calm says
strong hand thank you man strong hand indeed I see
vention is in there tonight now Andreas Antonopoulos had a very
interesting video a short one for all you dudes who like to do complicated
things with your Bitcoin how about time locks do you want to do time blocks with
your Bitcoin set your Bitcoin up in our contract where you can’t move it until a
certain day so you know you don’t trust your own you don’t trust yourself just
to have it on your trésor like for some reason you’re tempted and you’re like oh
I got it I gotta sell it now I gotta get all my treasures or no you need
something called a time lock apparently so the video was about how do you hold
your Bitcoin how do you make sure you don’t sell your big point and Andreas
was asked about time blocks and even though address is a master technically
skilled dude he says he doesn’t use time locks in fear of messing them up he
doesn’t want to use them okay because you could set up a time lock and say
well here I’m programming this thing not to I’m not going to be able to move my
Bitcoin until 2020 but you can mess up and turn that into 2120 and you can’t
undo it so hey guys sometimes you got to keep it simple and even andreas conveyed
that even a master like him does not feel he fears messing up on something
like that and he’s a freaking genius so for all you dudes who asked me
about complicated technical things you want to do with your Bitcoin don’t do it
just put on your Tresor watch that video and you’ll get a better a better sense
of what I mean here and roaming true says my chain analysis says that people
who sold were the people who follow the magic charts yep
found that like button that’s a better chain analysis than the jail analysis
chart that I provide should’ve just had you know this yeah yeah
speaking of having you on the show Gaston Cruz who was on the show a few
weeks ago out in Long Beach he says yeah in the chat someone says to come to beit
knesset in Tarzana Ron Beck inviting me to go to synagogue in 10 – Tarzana next
time I’m in LA well thank you dude I like to go awful a bria
south of Santa Monica Boulevard is Tarzana in the valley I don’t even know
I know does Ben Shapiro go to your go to your Beit Knesset I know he goes to one
in I know he gives the one in the valley because I know he lives in the valley
and I know there’s a lot of worth of Docs I’ve only been through the valley a
couple times I was shocked like the suburban sprawl then I all of a sudden I
like encounter these Orthodox synagogues and Orthodox Jews walking around really
surreal the stuff you see in LA in the LA area man but hey thanks for the
comment there Ron I’ve been obviously if I’m in Baltimore
I’m going to synagogue in it bought award for this short period of time here
I’ll be in Sydney though Sydney starting the 17th of October so I’m only gonna be
in Baltimore for two more weeks well that’s going by fast rot let’s talk
about Ron Paul and litecoin of all things I get an email from litecoin
foundation they’re uh they’re like coin summit that’s coming up Ron Paul joins
the 2019 litecoin summit in the past Paul has said I’m all for crypto
currencies and blockchain technology because I like competing currencies I’m
for copper Titian and we’ll have to see with the
market decides do you guys really think he knows like the difference between
like coin a Bitcoin I wonder why he’s really did he get paid to do this what
but hey gotta give the litecoin boys some credit here they they got a big
name there some people will like freak out and be like I want to see Ron Paul
at the delight point summit I’m gonna go a little pay money go to like point
something to see Ron Paul okay this is where the big boys play I guess that’s
good and so but I do wonder I I like that quote for Ron Paul
I great that he likes competing currencies and that he’s not a there
should be more you know he’s not a senator anymore or congressman hopefully
the more congressmen will be like him and allow Libra to do what it’s good
US dollar this was a big boys play competed up compete with the
cryptocurrencies but I do wonder what he really knows about great was he he had
he had to here to put blockchain technology into that quote which again
that leads me down a path wondering is he just saying stuff but he does
understand a Bitcoin in general is a competing currency that’s that’s a good
base right there but does he really get like coin then alright Johnny and n wah
hey Johnny Johnny NY said he sent five bucks thank you nice to hear about your
grandmother on the behind Bitcoin show value wealth in Bitcoin a pound that
like button finally great to see you live yeah it’s great to see you live –
it’s great to be back live it was great to see my grandmother live yeah the
other day of course she’s doing well here in the
in the Baltimore area and I will see her soon hopefully when I mean I talked to
her we talked to her every day obviously uh what do we have here
the verge oh here now we’re going to talk about Elizabeth Warren we
talking about politicians today oh my god this is like a Saturday night show
isn’t it this is like beyond Bitcoin show by the way check out the beyond
Bitcoin show it was a it was a good one this Saturday everything’s linked to
below again I haven’t obviously haven’t been on Twitter the last two days
because it’s been rushed Hashanah but I’ll be back there Tech ball tch be alt
all right so the verge they thought they were really cool because they they
published leaked audios audio of Zuckerberg that he has Facebook meetings
and he was ripping on a Elizabeth Warren rightfully so and he’s not hiding from
it either he’s saying that yeah and this was the quote on the potential breakup
of Facebook you have someone like Elizabeth Warren who thinks that the
right answer is to break up the companies if she gets elected president
that or she gets elected president then I would bet that we will have a legal
challenge and I would bet that we will win the legal challenge and does that
still suck for us yeah I mean I don’t want to have a major lawsuit against our
home government but look at the end of the day if someone’s going to try and
threaten something that’s act that extra sense that existential you’ve got to go
to the mat and you fight so dude I think Elizabeth Warren trying to break up
she’s got this break up big tech hashtag I think it’s disgusting I think it’s
it’s so statist trying to to basically take over a private business I mean that
that’s straight out of Russia okay I mean the Soviet Union is uncalled
for but people in 80 percenters get behind
it all Facebook’s so evil no evil is when you’re a government and use force
against a private corporation but hey dude this makes me like Libre even more
that he’s bad-mouthing this woman rightfully so he’s defending himself
against this woman and III I wouldn’t be surprised if she well obviously she
doesn’t like Libre but if she gets in the power she probably try to do some
against Bitcoin to just to get these populist 80 percenters behind her is
she’s she has found quite a niche among the 80
percenters its Bosch the rich at all cost vilify the wealthy vilify the
successful what has she produced in her life what does she produced it illicit
seriously you might not like Zuckerberg you might not like Facebook they don’t
use Facebook that’s where the big boys play I hardly use it although now you
can go to facebook.com slash disrupt meister if you want to see my bitcoin
meister page there I was I did that for you people that are on there it’s still
in its beta stage to say the least said the test version of my page I’m not
working on it very hard there but yeah if you don’t like him if you don’t like
Zuckerberg and Facebook they just don’t use them but she she’s she’s got a plan
that’s her thing but I what is she produced and what does Mark Zuckerberg
produced in life she wants to take away what he has produced take away his
wealth because she she wants to win an election she’s but yeah break up big
tech that’s her hashtag ultimate Envy it’s just the ultimate envy and again I
don’t lie I like Bitcoin but this makes me what
again like Libra and won’t because I know Libra will get people in the
Bitcoin yeah it’s a centralized coin I understand exactly what it is but it’s
if it’s it’s it’s clearly got a guy behind it that’s willing to fight
Elizabeth Warren so yeah he probably willing the fight I for again this this
makes me think for all the people who are saying that Libra is not is going to
fail this man can fight he’s not scared and he didn’t he didn’t back down from
the statements there’s were private statements he made he could have said
well this was you know made some excuses about it no he said they were true and
good fight her well first of all let’s hope she doesn’t become president United
States so he doesn’t have to fight her but if he if he does great and so we’ll
move on to EOS here speaking about where the big boys play first of all like
mentioned just send five dollars in the super check I Thank You vention I’d like
to use Bitcoin time-lock option if it’s available
dude it would be awesome for giving gifts to volunteers like nephews as such
yes yes okay the good point you make there if you’re gonna give a small gift
then cool experiment with the time-lock but don’t experiment with more than you
can afford to lose I mean if Andreas is afraid to use it I
would I would definitely hesitate playing around with time-lock until you
master it with a small amount all right so yeah it sounds it does sound cool for
something like that that you described you give it to your 12 year old nephew
and say dude you can’t have this till you’re 18 it’s locked
here’s how it works that that would be cool but you don’t want you don’t worry
mess up and like have it not unlock until he’s a hundred and eighteen roma
choo said how long before Warren tries to break a Bitcoin exactly dude exactly
I would hate to be the Bitcoin foundation when she does know so
obviously she can’t do that but once when’s she gonna say that who
knows was she gonna have the Bitcoin to break up Bitcoin hashtag if she becomes
president she probably will have something like that exactly bro meet you
just because it’s impossible doesn’t mean she won’t say she’s gonna try to do
it just to get the masses riled up and get get the Envy going hey but this is
where the big boys play and she will fail but she’s no big boy she will fail
with Bitcoin at the very least she if she dares to try to control Bitcoin but
she she won’t be able to do that she can she can skate try to scare these tech
companies and stuff but let Libra compete with the US Dollar Baby let it
happen so a lot of people eeo settled with the SEC for offering and legal
securities for 24 but so they paid twenty four million dollar fine okay
they had an IC o—- awhile ago that’s how they sold the EOC and then es was an
altcoin flavor of the month I’m not a fan of Eos clearly I’m not a fan
of you so I’m a fan of Bitcoin but all these people are like oh the sec only
find them 24 million dollar are you a status I mean that’s just like Elizabeth
Warren Singh there’s no difference from Elizabeth Warren wanting to break up a
private company like Facebook and and you saying Yost should be fined even
more money this should be fine Dean Ian should lose even more they should even
lose more why because the EOS bag holders want to get bailed out these
people were foolish enough to think Yost was the next Bitcoin that’s not he owes
his fault that’s the the information was out there dudes the information this is
where the big boys play if you bought yo sis your own darn fault now there’s some
people that did aren’t us bag holders that just are haters of Yeo’s dude my
you want the government to interfere with a cryptocurrency okay just be proud
of your own cryptocurrency in by your okra who cares what happens over it oh
so you want the government done to kill us I mean that’s what you’re basically
saying what why are you scared you shouldn’t be scared this is where the
big boys play so I hope though bitcoiners are going in that direction
but Erik Voorhees has a very interesting tweet and I wrote I like it really sad
to see so many in the crypto world upset that Yost wasn’t fine even more by the
SEC they had 24 million dollars taken from them some of you all are more like
Elizabeth Warren than satoshi nakamoto pound that like button dude that’s a
great so think about that tweet guys it’s linked up below read it again and I
mean I’m no fan of Yost at all it was a flavor of the month I warn people about
although all coin flavor the of flavors a month don’t follow on all coins
bitcoin is the next Bitcoin that people thought Yost was the next Bitcoin so
they bought it they lost money they they bought it directly from Yost from
I see oh who cares look the ico SBIC OSI you his personal responsibilities new
counterculture 90% of them are scams we already know that if they want to if
they want it do if people want to risk there’s so many people have to learn the
hard way 80% you’re gonna do what they’re gonna
do I don’t feel you know anyone can do the research anyone can understand no
one has to throw their lives life savings in this stuff right away so I
it’s not not much sympathy coming from me clearly clearly and that for the
government to interfere it’s just it’s it’s a bad precedent and it’s more like
Elizabeth Warren than satoshi nakamoto and I think I I performed to be more
like a satoshi nakamoto alrighty so yeah what are we oh here’s a tweet from jeet
and he’s he he talks about coffee like I do a five dollar coffee 365 days a year
is a thousand one thousand eight hundred dollars at eight thousand dollars for
one Bitcoin your caffeine addiction is costing you point two three Bitcoin per
year great way of looking at it it’s funny people in that that thread were
like you don’t understand coffee is a social experience you have to live a
little if for a year for a year dude you can’t like save up eighteen hundred
dollars to buy 0.23 Bitcoin to not use for like ten years and then in ten years
you’ll be able to have plenty of social experiences town that like button with
with that Bitcoin the furrow gratification it’s not that great I’m
glad sheets on the same page I am no wonder I have him on this show he’s been
on that this week at Bitcoin show before check it out this rotmeister calm a
great guest the most underrated man in in social media cryptocurrency right now
is Jeep you got to follow him on Twitter he’s linked to below and finally this is
from Scott Melkor and I’m gonna check the chat in a
second if you truly believe that bitcoin is going to zero then you should sell
everything and move on if you think it will break its all-time high at some
point in the future then start buying really simple yeah I agree I agree if
you think it’s going to zero then to sell why are you even in this if you
think it’s going to the all time I get Ian Allen dudes yeah get in now and that
this reminds me of something scott adams just said he said it’s the direction
that matters I said I wasn’t talking about Bitcoin but it is the direction
that matters for for everything I said ever
so what direction is Bitcoin going in well some unusual dates it’s going down
this last week that’s short-term thinking there long
term what is bitcoins direction what is bitcoins Direction long term it
always is regained its all-time high in times terms of Fiat also long term one
Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin note long-term one Bitcoin equals actually
more than one Bitcoin because you’re getting your crypto dividends also
you’re getting your your if you hold your Bitcoin you can claim your airdrops
and your Forks so one Bitcoin over the long term is
actually worth more than one because you turn those airdrops and forks or scrip
the dividends into more Bitcoin so it’s the direction that matters and the
long-term direction of Bitcoin it’s a positive direction it’s a positive
direction but it takes some with a long-term view to see that direction a
lot of people are short term people and they they’re eight they see go in a
negative direction and perhaps you know and last week of course it’s dropped in
terms of Fiat but you gotta look beyond the short term here all right let me Oh
venture said I’ll consider a coffee edition after we exceed the all-time
high okay and I just skipped something here
mention said that there was somebody else that said no there was a heck a
Rome and I already read that all right dudes that’s it oh we’re on week you
said one more thing hold on to that point two three Bitcoin can buy a coffee
plantation okay yes hold on to that point two three a Bitcoin until you can
buy a coffee plantation how about that okay one Bitcoin he goes one Tesla i’m
adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister oh I had the worst
thumbnails in the space that should be a saying of my two worst thumbnails in the
space and the best guests in the space no fancy sensitive graphics I’m a device
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  2. Yes, Tarzana is in the "Valley"! I grew up there and my mom still lives there. There are lots of orthodox Jews that live there (especially at the Encino/Tarzana border). I see them walking to temple on Shabbat all of the time when visiting Mom.

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