37 thoughts on “What % of Your Net Worth Should You Invest in Crypto?”

  1. I had some tough time dealing with the mental "pain" when the market crashed down double digit percent in a single day. What helped me a lot is to understand what's the technology beneath and how this stuff is going to affect the world within the next 5-10 years. Crypto is here to stay, so stay away from short term price movements and focus on the long term outcome. Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook haven't become multi billion dollar companies within a short time frame either.

  2. quality dude, quality insights, quality truth – have watched your videos since the beginning and it's been awesome watching your channel evolve. hats off to you

  3. I think the longer you're in the crypto space the more tolerant you'll become to market fluctuations from a psychological standpoint. Personally, I would say I have 80% of my assets in crypto but I believe in the technology and have done enough research to know this is a pivotal time to be getting in on the ground floor of something so revolutionary.

  4. If made the same crypto investments in early 2017 as I made in late 2017 then I could have retired…timing is everything

  5. I think about it in two ways: Liquidity ratio and net worth percentage. In liquid terms (i.e. what I could theoretically turn straight to cash with no penalties) I think 20% is enough to feel healthy and that it wasn’t too much or too little even for perma-bulls like myself. The rest should be diversified (like using Wealfront, Robinhood, investing in real estate, CDs, Savings, etc). But if you think of everything that makes up your net worth (including 401k, HSA, car worth, house worth, etc), I’d recommend shooting to top out around 10-15%. Again you’ve got a lot of skin in the game but won’t be destroyed if it collapses. With gains like 10x being a regularity in a bull market, it’s so risky that if you get too greedy you’ll end up on the street. If your 10% goes 10x you’ve doubled your net worth.

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  7. Louis Thomas…you so impressive! I am almost fifty years your senior, but find your views grounded and intelligent! Keep up the great work!!

  8. Last year, nobody believed that One Bitcoin will rose from $997 to $19,000. That's like 19 Times Returns on the BIGGEST & Number One cryptocurrency in the world. At the moment, 1 Bitcoin = $7,050+ One of the biggest names in blockchain finance is predicting a huge, imminent surge for bitcoin. Philip Nunn – CEO of Blackmore Group –believes we could see bitcoin hit $60,000 THIS year 2018.That would be an enormous 795% leap from where it sits today. This means almost ALL altcoins Under $1 – $20 per coin can go as high as 20 Times – 50 Times Returns. Do you know what that means? It means your $10,000 – $50,000 today can get you between 100 – 150 coins which could do Times 20 to Times 50 for you. This is the reason I advice you go for small altcoins and NOT the biggie bitcoin if your capital is small or you are just starting out. So if you want to dip your hands into crypto BEFORE this potential price leap – I can show you how to do so smartly and securely, NOW is the time to get started with Cryptos.

  9. Hi Louis! Started out begin 2017 with 15 % of my savings in crypto. Today I'am practically all out (I hold a very small position in BTC and Altcoin split 50/50). I will soon be invested in real estate (thanks to crypto) I'am into precious metals and of course fiat. It makes me sleep better like this. I got to know myself better in this period of time. This lesson was priceless though! If crypto kreeps to much under your skin – get out. Regards!

  10. I was 85% in January at the peak, havent sold anything since, actually added a bit. think Im down to around 20%. However I told myself in mid 2017 I wasnt going to sell any crypto for fiat unless we hit $3 trillion odd and my plan remains

  11. I live in the UK. Next year we have Brexit. I strongly believe that GBP will tank. What's the point of saving money that you believe will greatly devalue in the near future. I'm all in crypto. Any spare cash after paying bills etc, goes into crypto while the price is down. I hope I'm wrong about GBP going to tank, but either way, I believe crypto will go up in the future, so I'd rather put my wealth there.

  12. I understand people who invested 10, 20, 30 % of their savings in crypto, but I do not understand people who are all in. Also, do not understand people who know about blockchain technology and they did not inveated anything in it.

  13. The other side of the coin is that a lot of people, especially older people, have close to 100% of their net worth in fiat currencies. I've known several pensioners who thought they were rich because they had $30,000 in a savings account. Sadly, they didn't realise that the house-purchasing money they invested invested 25 years ago, now only affords them 9 months care in a nursing home. Be very careful about what you consider risky!

  14. I have about 5% of my net worth in crypto and I have moments where I worry about what to do, hats off to the people all in, mad.

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  16. If ya ain't got shit, then 100% cuz craps. If ya got 10% to invest the maybe 2% if you're a low risk person.

  17. Interesting topic I think its important to get some perspective in what constitutes being 'at a loss'; you here a lot of people say ohhh im down 80% rara and this is fine if you bought in at those price levels but for people who rode the way up and didnt sell or didnt sell enough (like me) I try to look at the bright side and compare my exposure to my cost price. If im to compare net worth then yeah shit im 70% exposed to crypto but my initial investment – what this venture has actually cost me vs my net worth then its under 40% exposure which makes me sleep much better 🙂

  18. now is the time to grow some balls and load up….most importantly have the courage to sell when you make real profit. nobody ever lost taking profit. keep it simple stupid

  19. Hi Louis
    Thanks for your statement.
    My investition plan from december 2017 is excellent (by investing the same amount every months as long as the market is going down or moving sideways) & if the currency market will moving more & more downside I invest more & more money into it…& then "hodl" ~60% of thes investments for 3 -8 years & the other 40% are investing shorter term, say going out by every "parabolic" or "exponential function" which demonstrate a market price situation hype, ..maybe in 2019, maybe in 2020 or 21…who knows!
    Kindest regards

  20. Bought in fairly high @Jan2018.

    I'm Dollar Cost Averaging now and moving 10% of my earnings per month to crypto to buy regardless of the price.
    (unless I'm thinking of dumping)

    Price goes up, i get less crypto, price goes down i get more crypto

    If only I could automate this…

  21. I’m a student studying Economics in the US, I’m currently sitting at 85% of my net worth in BTC, ETH and LTC. $CA every month with my savings. I don’t really need any money right now, I’ve already paid for my schooling and my food via a school program. I’m living on campus as well.

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