What Nipsey Hussle Did For His Kids Before His Death

Before his tragic death, Grammy-nominated
rapper Nipsey Hussle took steps to care for his children and their futures. In the wake of Hussle’s killing, several people,
including former NFL star Reggie Bush, began fundraising efforts to provide financially
for Hussle’s two kids: His daughter Emani Asghedom and his son Kross Asghedom. According to TMZ, Bush himself reportedly
paid $10,000 to the GoFundMe campaign he set up, with the goal of reaching $100,000. But apparently Hussle’s children don’t need
any monetary help from their father’s fans and famous friends. Hussle, whose real name was Ermias Asghedom,
reportedly made sure they were taken care of before his untimely passing. TMZ reports Hussle’s family has appreciated
the support they’ve received since the artist’s death, but they don’t need any money from
others, because they aren’t struggling financially. As such, Bush’s GoFundMe has reportedly been
taken down. In response to the fundraising efforts, a
source told the New York Daily News: “The family did not ask anybody to create
anything. Things were created as we were burying him. No one asked his partner for permission.” Page Six reports Hussle had quite a financial
portfolio. He reportedly owned all of his recording masters
and his Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles. TMZ noted that Hussle was involved in a total
of 14 different businesses. He reportedly set up multiple trust funds
for his children, presumably with the money he earned from these business endeavors. But Hussle’s children evidently weren’t the
only kids he wanted to take care of. According to TMZ, Hussle was working on a
foundation to benefit young people in Los Angeles’ Crenshaw neighborhood before he passed. He reportedly wanted to reconstruct school
playgrounds, build better parks in the area, and kickstart STEM programs for Crenshaw students. While he may not have achieved that vision
before his death, he did start contributing to the area, repaving the basketball courts
at 59th Street Elementary School. “Backboards was a little ate up, y’know, there’s
no color on the floor.” Quite a transformation: “It just brings some color, you know, to a
place where the kids are gonna be everyday. You know, surrounded by art… I think it’s good for the brain; I think it’s
good for the spirit.” TMZ reports that Hussle’s family will be,
quote, “making the foundation their top priority.” One of the first things they’ll tackle is
naming the foundation. Nipsey Hussle’s family and loved ones said
their goodbyes to the artist during a “Celebration of Life” memorial service at Los Angeles’
Staples Center on April 11, 2019, an event that was live-streamed. According to BET, over 20,000 guests attended
the two-hour ceremony. At one point, Hussle’s children took the stage. So did Hussle’s nephew, Hussle’s girlfriend
Lauren London, her sister Samantha Smith, and Kameron Carter, her son with rapper Lil
Wayne. Carter gave a speech to guests about Hussle,
who he clearly considered a father figure, but Hussle’s daughter Emani would not. After she declined to speak, London told the
crowd: “Give the kids some love. They’re a little nervous.” Nipsey Hussle, 33, was shot multiple times
in a parking lot outside of Marathon Clothing on the afternoon of March 31, 2019, as reported
by NBC News. Two other men were also reportedly shot, too. According to TMZ, Hussle was rushed to the
hospital after the shooting and succumbed to his injuries 35 minutes later. 29-year-old Eric Holder is believed to have
shot Hussle and allegedly fled the scene afterwards. The shooting was reportedly captured on surveillance
footage. On April 4, 2019, the Los Angeles County District
Attorney’s Office reported that Holder had been charged with “one count of murder, two
counts of attempted murder and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon.” He’s since hired attorney Christopher Darden
to represent him, the same man who once tried to put away O.J. Simpson in the former athlete’s
infamous murder trial, as reported by CBS Los Angeles; obviously Darden works on the
defense side now. Holder has since pleaded not guilty to the
charges against him. Since news of Hussle’s killing broke, stars
have taken to social media to express their grief. Singer Rihanna tweeted: “This doesn’t make any sense! My spirit is shaken by this! Dear God may His spirit Rest In Peace…” In his own tweet, artist Pharrell Williams
wrote: “You were about something..positive and for
your community in every chance you had to speak..and because of that You inspired millions…
rest amongst the stars.”

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  1. I’ve never really heard of him before his death. Unlike other rappers who got killed I have heard nothing but good things about this man. He sounded like a good member of the community. He’s an example to other artists. God bless his soul and his family..

  2. This man knew he was going to be murdered and it made his Children be taken care of and have no struggles growing up!! God bless him!! May he be at PEACE!!

  3. I’ll be honest I have never heard of this rapper before his death, but since his passing I have heard nothing but amazing things about him. He was obviously an amazing man the didn’t deserve to be taken from this world ? Everything I’ve heard about him is that he was a man that cared for his community and family. Obviously a man takin before his time who did amazing things while he was on this planet and it’s obvious that his legacy will be felt for a long time to come. I think this world would be better off with more people like Nipsey Hussle.

  4. Love and hate has been since the beginning of time. If we can look within our self and find love and than give Love ❤️?♥️ then we all will find peace ?….

  5. He provided for his children…..he provided for them before his untimely death…because he wanted to make sure they did not suffer needlessly as a father would….he made sure they were financially taken care of… and that tells me a lot about who he was.

    My father was sad that he was never going to leave his children a legacy, an inheritance….my mother told me….if I would have heard my dad say it….it would've broken my heart. 15 years after his death….his inherited wells from his father….well it was a miracle…..what was maybe 5000 to 8000 a month for him and my mom…..became 174,000 a month for his 4 children. I asked God to bring my dad to Him….and tell my father that he had left his children the most beautiful gift….his love for the Lord. That is all I needed…but to know he left his children very well off…..we never, ever thought this would be our future. I think God rewarded us through my dad, because he loved the Lord and lived his life in that Love. I would give it all up to have my parents back….

  6. I too did not know him, but anytime we hear of artists passing, especially at such a young age. Always a terrible thing to happen to anyone. God bless him and his family. Sorry for the loss of Nipsey.

  7. 200 and ten million dollars in assets why would they need hand outs.. Reggie fall back.. You children maybe asking his for a gofund..

  8. You dont know a good human being till he's gone R.I.HEAVEN I can't imagine how his daughter feels and his little boy will feel knowing in the future when they get married or graduate high school that dad won't be there to see them in their most important moments so sad, that murderer will burn in hell one day, all the young elite artist get taken away to soon by senseless violence Tupac, biggie, Selena, xxxtentacion, now nipsey let's not forget none of these artist. ??

  9. How did he have enough money to buy a good lawyer? Like what was he doing? I thought eric Holden has just got out of jail. I don’t understand

  10. That was nice thought to raise $ for a dead celebrity’s kids. Put that $ toward his foundation. Build some rec centers, parks, community gardens & libraries

  11. Like the word says…a good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children, thats how deep that is to the creator..a man who doesn't take care of his household is worst than an infidel so sayers the Lord

  12. This info is hardly surprising ? Mr Hussle family/friends/bizness partners & his supporters/fans knew he was very intelligent, always tried to stay 10 steps ahead in every aspect of his life and by all accounts in addition to his multiple accomplishments he ABSOLUTELY did stay ahead ?. So it baffles me why some celebrities would take it upon themselves to set up accounts for Mr Hussle children ? imo it seems more like said ppl did it for their image/benefit. Bc if the intent/gesture was sincere then the family would've been contacted and asked period ?. Its obvious Mr Hussle loved his children/family and wasn't all about himself pertaining to his community and knowledge (which he shared happily with others/whomever wanted to learn & better themselves) so common sense dictates he been made sure his children/family were set up for life. A person with his mindset & ambitions/goals will automatically put in place safety nets for his loved ones, especially his children who are his Legacy ?% Facts. Also Mr Hussle was a man with pride/dignity & integrity and imo he would not like ppl viewing him as a man who didn't have his priorities in line and again I say altho some ppls intent may be genuine their actions can be looked upon negatively, implying they think Mr Hussle didn't handle his bizness properly as it pertains to his children future's. And thats not the case at all ❤?✊??✌.

  13. People supported Nipsey and his family because they love that brother. He was a sincere dude and that's what did it. Sincerity and solidarity

  14. Fucking Eric holder has a lot to answer for he taken so much away from the youth of today and tomorrow nipsey hussle killers needs to rot

  15. So reggie Bush sets up a fund for kids who’s father made millions before he died but nobody does nothing for kids that lose parents and gave nothing it makes no sense how these celebrities get free stuff all the time and foundations to get them money but poor kids get nothing how backwards can it get. Reggie Bush tryed to do something good but do something for people that really need help

  16. Nipsey was smart and he did things for the community u didn’t think he was going to make sure his children and his family was set for life .When he first came in the game u herd him he said he want assets land wealth .He love his people .And I think Reggie bush didn’t do that out the kindness of his heart because if he did he would have contact the family .

  17. See what happens when you got real love in your heart and want to spread it in this fukt up world……. lets see who will make the vision become a reality…..i can think of 3 inďividuals alone that could make it happened single handed..

  18. If my heart is hurting still , I can’t imagine how his family feels ? I still can’t believe this , he was such a positive spirited MAN !

  19. Real men do real men things as for he’s kids there more then bless and had a great dad he will be greatly miss

  20. Nipsey Hussle was my inspiration in life as I was growing up I listen to all his lyrics to his music he had positive messages out there for the Young Generation to listen to his legacy you going to live forever , the family will be stronger for one another , his legacy is going to live forever in people Hearts who knew this greatest person NIPSEY HUSSLE, his foundation is going to live forever just like his music is going to live forever and everybody hearts this wonderful person inside and out he focuses a lot on his community he give back love for his community he gets so much for his community that was his focus in life he had a lot of potential in life he had a lot of goal in life that he wanted to achieve every night before I go to sleep I always save a prayer for Nipsey Hussle and he family I'm still kind of I am still upset that he is gone before I go see I do cry a lot about Nipsey Hussle because he was a positive person he was an inspiration for the Young Generation and this is what I honor him for his kindness because he put education out there technology he put jobs out there what is Young Generati and help the homeless. The main thing is always remember the good times you had with NIPSEY HUSSLE , rest in peace we always will love you forever. ????????????????

  21. Beautiful man God Bless your family KING NIPSEY may you REST IN PARADISE?????????the marathon will continue. Your looking down on everyone and I know you gotta be proud of all these beautiful King’s and Queen’s coming together in your Honor. I will forever be your fan. Great man a wise man a beautiful man lost wayyyyy too soon!?? ????????????????????????????

  22. why in the hell would reggie bush start a gofundme page without reaching out to the family for their permission…that's kinda crazy to me

  23. Damn my heart just hurts more and more when i find out how awesome this man really was wow! We gotta stop y'all, what a loss!!??????????

  24. He was good. Kids good he own his masters. Stock in Crypto Money. Had weed dispenser in L.A. His clothing store. Property in LA. Invested in new Casino Resort in Vegas. Plus life insurances they good.

  25. Positive energy The great I must add and it’s a blessing to witness so much love from the world it’s so sad La Cali feels so weird it’s not the same around here but we must continue to be great and always keep Nipsey visions and positive energy alive rest well Nipsey

  26. I love his Entrepreneur Spirit and his calm approach when dealing with those who knew him prior to his successful journey. He never forgot his challenging past which motivated him to changes & to become a community of change!

  27. From a father too another father let’s keep this going. Taking care of our generations too come. As I have been and shall continue to do.

  28. I never knew that he died honestly but rest in peace okay and I hope the kids are okay with the dad being gone and I hope they feel better but right now and Nipsey is in a better place and this video taught me well and sometimes your family members or relatives died but you just got to you no pick up the pace it's going to be really hard because my mom's mother dies and guess what I even cried but guess what I am happy now so yeah rest in peace Nipsey.

  29. We’ll all find out what really happened on shitty cuz’s court date if they find any trouble putting him with 1st degree murder and give him life.. because the marathon clothing store captured what happened that day and yet haven’t released it which could be a reason that maybe it is to graphic and they wouldn’t want to show this to his fans but.. the cctv TMZ releases was not enough to identify and be used to testify against shitty

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