What needs to happen before cryptocurrencies get mainstream adoption with Jamie Skella ⚡️

What do you feel is key this year for the
crypto space to become more attractive to mainstream buyers and just the
mainstream world in general? There’s a lot of talk sort of within the community
and the industry right now about this term of mass adoption but you have to
think carefully about what you’re talking about in reference to mass
adoption we’re talking about blockchain products and services are we talking
about blockchain technology so far as what underpins those services and
products are we talking about mass adoption for crypto currency there’s
lots of different facets to this I think in terms of mass adoption for investment
it’s it’s sort of I feel like it’s sort of already there it’s it’s gone
mainstream and people who want to put some money at risk or who were already
investors probably playing in crypto already I would like to see throughout
the course of 2018 we start to see some more practical applications for a lot of
these and and that will happen as a byproduct of some of these blockchain
businesses maturing and their utility tokens coming into real use and I think
it will also happen because we’re starting to see some some really
high-quality blockchain solutions and coins that actually have the opportunity
for high transaction volumes and fast settlements and so hopefully we start to
see the currencies being actually used as transactional currencies exchanges
rather than just stores of value

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