What is VSYS Coin and How to Obtain Your Own

Hello everyone in this video I’m going to be showing you various usages of V coins and also demonstrate how to obtain your very own coins to participate in the SPOS system This slide shows the various transactions that we support and I’ll briefly go over the coin flow corresponding to these transactions So as you can see Minters obtain block rewards Which are then distributed to the people Leasing to the Minter’s through a payment transaction where 0.1 V coins are destroyed as a transaction fee This image shows the rest of the coin flow for the rest of the transactions which are mostly straightforward one thing to note is that leased coins never change ownership and Simply are used to increase the minting average balance Next I’m going to show you how to obtain V coins from an exchange The two exchanges I’m about to show are Kucoin and Bitfinex I’m not actually going to buy any V coins at the moment but I’ll just briefly show you how you would do it. So here in the exchange. Once you make an account. You can look at your assets on the top right hand corner. You can first click deposit and Select the cryptocurrency you would like to deposit It will show you the wallet address associated with your account for that particular coin Then to withdraw you simply click withdrawal over here and withdraw into your V wallet So over here on the exchange We search the ticker VSYS You can enter the amount of V coins you would like to buy and Then enter the amount of Bitcoin you’re willing to pay for it The process are very similar on Bitfinex. So I’ll just quickly show you now Again search the ticker VSYS The demo here shows exactly how it would look with an accounts so here you can enter the amount of V coins you would like to buy and the price in Bitcoin that you’re willing to pay for it, so That’s it for obtaining coins from exchanges. Thanks a lot for watching and I hope it was helpful

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