What is VIO Token Crypto Currency Details Full ICO Overview International Payment Remittance

hey everyone its bhai Patel here I know it's been a while but I'm back from vacation now and I'm ready to start bringing you out some new content so let's get started today we're going to take a look at a different part of the world a part of the world that many of us are not accustomed to I'm talking about Africa but more specifically I'm talking about these African countries this is a part of the world that is in very serious need for disruptive watching technology and new financial tech that can drastically help the people so today I'm talking about volume and its native ERC 20 token the VAIO token so stay tuned have you ever had to send money out of the country if you have then you would know that it's very costly very time-consuming and with all the requirements you're often made to feel like you're doing something shady oh and did I say costly there are very few international money transfer services which help essentially cornered the market with high prices and big overhead mm-hmm fees can be anywhere up to 18% or more over normal amount so you can imagine how quickly that can add up this creates a problem for some poorer countries where the fees associated with money transfers are really bad so much so that the people have coined the term super tax to express their discontent that is a lot of wealth that could otherwise go straight into the hands of the people that need it the most and not the people that need at the least and this is where via wants to come into play they believe that blockchain will allow financial technologies to reach these previously excluded and underdeveloped markets for the first time they want to combine their blockchain tech with Visa direct a pre-approved payment API for qualified third party members and team up with United Bank of Africa for accessibility it's their stated goal to disrupt the way the world transfers money internationally aka remittance and they want to start in parts of the world that are going to get the most out of it they are also taking advantage of the fact that despite its economic woes the young people of many African countries are adopting the use of cell phones a very quick writes the population is becoming increasingly technologically savvy in our prime to adopt these new financial apps that serve to improve their lives and reduce their dependence on cash vaio has built an app that available on both Android and iPhone platforms this app is designed to be very easy to use and incorporates every needed function in order to seamlessly transfer money from domestic peer-to-peer users and from one country to another we're not just talking crypto tokens here but from one local fiat currency to another different local fiat currency and from one visa card to another visa card and the big kicker here is that there are no additional fees at all that's right no trading fees of any kind will be collected and no additional currency exchange fees this creates the potential to save millions what's also nice to see is that this is not just some future plan of theirs but they're out there already making key partnerships the VAIO team have already been collaborating directly with visa and are officially authorized to utilize visas to proclaim an API which solves the hardest piece of the whole puzzle a component that many alternative solutions lack altogether this is direct access to your funds laia your existing visa card also via will cover the cost of all the traditional processing fees by using their own profits receive from the trading of i/o tokens on digital exchanges and in-app purchases they already have a list of 19 initial countries 240 banks and 25 million potential Visa card users so how exactly does it work there are two users in a transaction a sender and a receiver in this example we will say the sender is in the United States and the receiver is in Kenya the sender uses the via phone app to purchase via tokens with their Visa card the sender then sends the VAIO tokens to the receiver either by a wallet address or their in-app friends less the receiver then can exchange the bio tokens into the local currency and place it on their Visa card there is also a built-in feature to request money from others which will be a great solution for businesses and freelancers working in the field bio is not stopping just here they are already planning to expand into several more African countries and by the end of the year they'll be finishing their expansion into the US UK UAE and eventually across the whole globe the estimated total of cross-border remittance fees equates to roughly 30 billion USD according to a report on money in banking comm from February 18th 2018 just imagine how much of a vaio could take out and give back to the people if only adoption were to be widespread with that adoption the via token itself becomes more valuable as the inherent value is derived from the amount of people using the token further benefitting users and investors of the service with profits incurred by their tokens it does remain to be seen if this will catch on there will be a lot of hurdles to contend with including integrating with heavily regulated countries like the United States for example however on that particular concern it has been stated by the bio team that they have already built the necessary groundwork for the United States and are already working with US bank via will be in its iceo stage from June 13 to June 22nd and will be listed on cryptos exchange immediately afterwards and there's a small hard cap of only roughly 2 mil you can check out my video description or their website a bio that IO for more details thanks for checking out this overview of IO I had a lot of fun with this one I'm PI Patel and as always you can find me on Twitter and Grahame snapchats daemon and d2 at piece of the pipe if you have anything constructive to add to the conversation please comment down below hit the subscribe button to see future videos and please like my video if you found this information to be helpful tune in next time when we jump on turtle shells eat mushrooms and explore big green pipe you don't want to miss it also vaio will cover why can't be looking I said bio again no video file by using their own profits which received which they received there are two users in our transactions there are two users in a transaction a server a server a server yes a server just when it was going well being your own bank and saving money that's what it's all about come back and see me I'm just because we're gonna jump on turtle shells eat mushrooms and explore big green pipes that's why you got come back one of the most memorable thing that happened on this vacation was being able to stay in this amazing mansion in Albuquerque stayed at the gentleman's house the house was built around a pool so he told us the story that how the original owner had first built this this beautiful pool and then they built the house around it and Pedro's amazing interior design work and all of his amazing antiques that were in that house I can't wait to go back when I go back to Albuquerque Pedro's house is where I'll be staying at one of the biggest mansions in Albuquerque and the most beautiful home I have ever stayed at Thank You Pedro we enjoyed our stay a lot I want to eat a baked potato I watched stranger things who to think right here very year there's the upside down right yeah no upside down let's not think about that you should definitely watch it stranger things it's a good show I love you all come back and see me my brain is running down

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  1. omg @ the end! lmao. YESSS THIS IS EXACTLY how I felt when I was trying to do videos. I would just fuck up and do shit like that, then say 'fuck it'.

    Now I think I'm just going to do live streaming haha

  2. hi again i know this is an older video you did back in June, really good presentations, and video quality super great, just suggest is get a separate source to record your audio, even theres apps on mobile you can use , and get a mic, your sound quality will be less echo and sound amazing, otherwise your videos are super amazing, hope you can continue to do more, sincerely JR of Exciting World Cryptos

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  4. hey payal Patel I like your step in crypto but honestly try to do reviews on good potential projects pls, this all project have no good future in view, there is lots of hidden gems out there u need to find out …best of luck miss Gujarati !!!

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  6. Hi Py,

    Good to see you back. Always fun and informative. Love the bloopers.
    Great timing since I've gotten an airdrop of VIO through Eidoo. Been wondering about it.


  7. Great job as usual, Py! Glad you're back at it again.

    As you know, I was born in Tanzania, so I've got a soft spot for African cryptos, lol. Will keep an eye on this one for sure!

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