What is the Guppys.IO IFRY/FRY Div Token?

CryptoSlo with more crypto gains what’s
going on guys so it’s a doubleheader for me tonight just because I had this crazy
FOMO stuff going on with this whole Guppies dot IO thing and the question is
what is this Guppies i FRA dot io FOMO all about well so first of all not
financial advice so if your iOS T I was into iOS T for a while and the price
kind of crashed down and there weren’t any nude apps for a while and I don’t
know I just kind of lost interest because I was focused on my TRX well I
came across this today and it’s pretty darn sweet so a lot of you are probably
familiar with the whole energy token the the deflationary token project that
recently failed there was all kinds of mishaps with it
there was a backup fund that ended up getting liquidated and there was a lot
of people that lost a lot of TRX so not a good thing
so basically Guppies is doing sort of it’s different though what energy was
trying to do in is that they are collecting dividend tokens from
decentralized apps and they’re paying out dividends to the holders of their
token so in this case it’s called the fright Oken there’s I fry and there’s
fry so it’s a little confusing round one and there’s round two so basically this
round one is this I fry and there’s 10,000 of them and there’s 1600 left
they’re around 1100 TRX or mm I owe esti to purchase after you purchase you click
on steak and then you’re staking assets it pays dividends immediately every day
so couple questions number one how do I get an iOS T account
okay well you’re gonna need an iOS T account and to do that you go to iOS
TABC wallet create account and I’ll leave a link down below there’s also a
tutorial on there if you are out of the loop okay that’s number one number two
I’m gonna go to iOS T play.com so if you’re watching this you’re probably a
TRX head already so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna hit deposit and you’re
going to deposit tron and then what will pop out is I TRX I TRX is actually a
wrapped version of TRX which is representative of Iowa’s T but it’s
pegged to one Tron okay so you basically let’s say you had a thousand Tron you
would convert those Tron into ITR X and then you’ll hit withdrawal you’ll put
your iOS t account name down here now with that being said everyone iOS T
works on account name so it’s a name it’s not a alphanumeric per se thing
like Tron is address so you would throw all those then you come over here to
Guppies and you’re going to select ITR X and then you’re gonna put in if I put in
11,000 ITR X I would receive one point one two I fry so it’s it’s pretty simple
there’s really not too much magic then after you’re done with that you’re gonna
click on steak and then you stake it and then boom you start receiving dividends
so other questions how many of these fry tokens are
in existence right now well there’s about 8,000 300 so if you look at
tonight’s 55,000 ITR X they it’s gonna be about six to eight ITR x per share of
fry that you have i fry so you multiply that six to eight times the number of
our fry that you have and then you have that there is a rich list i guess
they’re coming out with a whole new UI and then also this is another spin they
take ten percent of the proceeds and they reinvest to get more dividend
tokens so it’s complete genius honestly in the whole scheme of things now you
won’t be able to sell any of these tokens until the second round of ten
thousand is done so the total supply will be twenty thousand total there will
be a 20-some percent bump on the next round so the next round will actually be
more expensive to get into this if this is something that you want to do now you
ask well what do what are the what do they have what are they doing well and
they have a little of everything so you can also join the telegram and there’s
all kinds of bots and stuff but you can see they have four hundred million I
play they have win and wink tokens Toronto Pia IDT and rocket game so
basically they’re just looking for solid apps and then they’re getting shares of
those DAPs and they’re giving out those dividends to the fry holders now with
that being said what’s my trust level on this site well
I know MC has been around for a really really long time ever since really I
play started so my trust levels pretty high with these guys what did I do
I threw a little at it and I missed out on the whole topia diamond thing but
almost think of it as a rake to the holders and the supply will never change
it will be twenty thousand and it will only keep rowing
so the interesting part about this is projects like this will probably become
more common and dominant because it’s going to keep growing right whereas it
will make it harder for some of the other dividend type people to keep up
with the growth rate of something like this so I did not want to miss out on
this and you know it’s a cool concept and they are delivering and like I said
there’s supposedly a new UI coming out that’s going to be super tight so I’ll
leave the links down below check it out and not financial advice as always you
know go into these things don’t go too hard it’s kind of a second way to get
some dividends on the side outside of the TRX realm so hope you enjoyed
tonight’s video like subscribe this is crypto slo, ifyour not talking gains
then we’re not talking

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