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started with some news so major auction house Christie’s going to integrate
blockchain technology for its art sales now we know that cryptocurrency has
actually found a so it’s found a place at least right now before we get you
know the developments that could bring us easier day-to-day use we found people
using crypto currency to purchase art to purchase you know expensive cars to
purchase expensive properties that’s because it facilitates that process now
this isn’t a particular cryptocurrency this is the blockchain technology of
course which we constantly see more adoption form or dodging for blockchain
ankertill courtesy and I try and highlight at least some of the big ones
every day in some videos this one is a major auction house that is going to
integrate the blockchain technology for art sales and again it’s a small small
piece of a very big puzzle that we’ve seen
in so many big companies so many you know so many big companies dealership
car dealerships or you know real estate sellers or major auction houses so many
people are adopting both the technology the blockchain technology and
cryptocurrency it’s a great way it’s a great thing to see and I love starting
the day off with some positive news also Nasdaq it may launch a security token
platform for regulated I CEOs now we remember the ICO boom that happened at
the end of 2017 part of what brought the market to air was was the ICO boom or
the all coin boom whatever it is you guys want to call it both of those we’re
seeing a huge influx and money and still to this day i seals are raking in a ton
of money even though a lot of them are bad and those have been exposed people
are still flooding even bad I SEOs with a lot of money in hopes of finding that
one hundred one thousand ten thousand X ICO where if they put a hundred dollars
they’re gonna come in with a million dollars so that’s kind of what they’re
hoping to find again is very the the likelihood of that happening versus you
losing all your money in the market today is very small I SEOs like I said
are very very risky but Nasdaq the second largest Stock Exchange in the
world by total capitalization is reportedly exploring a possible security
token platform to support regulated initial coin offering so this is
according to a recent report by the block that cites
insiders familiar with the matter Nasdaq is interested in developing a platform
for companies to stage security token offerings to issue tokens and raise
funding so sort of a safer way for the investors I guess is in order to keep
everything everything’s safer for everyone with IC o—- is now some
people gonna like that because some people you know like the safety factor
some people don’t like the regulation side of it and think that it should just
be a free decentralized market where if you if you put your money in a
randomized CEO because you don’t know what you’re doing then that’s your
problem and I sort of fall somewhere in the middle I agree with both sides but I
think getting new people in and gave give me the confidence for new people to
come in I think in an ideal world we wouldn’t have any regulations with
cryptocurrency of course as well but I’ve stated
times that I think cryptocurrency regulation is going to be one of the
first steps that are going to bring more people in more money in and going to
spread a lot of adoption at least in the short run right now I think that’s going
to be a key driving factor and this as well to give people more confidence and
to separate the bad I SEOs for the bad companies the bad projects from the good
companies and the good projects Nasdaq wants to make it easier for companies to
have now this isn’t in necessarily I say they want to state security token
offerings which is something with it in which is something that a lot of people
have been talking about I started to pick up a lot more traction a lot more
hype rather than and ICL but still very cool to see Nasdaq just being involved
with cryptocurrency seeing the potential there and again if they’re doing it it’s
going to spread more conference for everyone else to get involved now before
we move on to talk about the stock market crash I had a question for you
guys because I saw this article now Jimmy song might be a little bit biased
because he is a Bitcoin developer but he said that Bitcoin cash has no value to
everyone he says this then you get people like Roger Vere on the other side
who is a Bitcoin cash supporter and if highly involved the project right he
says the opposite he says that bitcoin is useless and bitcoin is not what
bitcoin used to be and he wants to make Bitcoin cash the real Bitcoin which is a
great marketing move but I can see what you’re doing there you’re trying to milk
off the name Bitcoin which was it which you didn’t create you’re trying to use
the name to grow success a great marketing move so depends on how you’re
looking at that but I wanted to ask you guys what do you think between Bitcoin
and Bitcoin cash do we have any Bitcoin cash supporters on the channel which of
course everyone’s in times of their own opinion I personally prefer bigpoint but
hey beautiful part about crypto currencies we can all have different
opinions for you know depends on just experience what we want to see what
whatever it is we might have different appear so I want to know what you guys
think leave a comment down below right now say either Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash
leave that in the comments down below and I can’t wait to see how many of you
guys pick Bitcoin and how many of you guys pick Bitcoin cash now moving on to
talk about the stock market crash soaked in calm he is an Internet
they’re actually very verified on Twitter yes and see he is actually a
pretty big name and he is predicting like he has in the past that we are
getting close to a big big financial crash so he tweeted saying fasten your
seatbelt this was tweeted yesterday fasten your seatbelts by crypto and gold
US Empire is drowning in debt with no way out when the borrowed and newly
printed money for the current boom runs out markets and currencies will crash
bigger than ever sell stocks and hedge into crypto and gold now trust me now he
didn’t say anywhere that he’s not a financial adviser so you know maybe he
is a financial adviser and this is financial advice just kidding guys don’t
take this as financial advice nothing in this videos financial advice even if
kim.com said it but either way I think a lot of people speculate and are trying
to figure out the correlation between the stock market or the US dollar and
the and cryptocurrency France cryptocurrency a lot of people are
expecting when there is a financial crash that we’re gonna see a lot more
money enter crypto because of the eye opening that they’re gonna see that wait
a second the system I was in isn’t working the system I was in is a
short-term circuit and it’s a short-term system and like I’ve been saying about
cryptocurrency when you look at the long run things always are easier to see it’s
always easier to predict directions and stuff when you zoom out you take a step
back and what we have seen and this guy emphasizes it really well here is that
consistently throughout the entire recorded history of the world money in
the form of precious metals because of their intrinsic value has stood the test
of time when fiea will when fiat currency inflates and collapses that’s
true fiat currency hasn’t been around for that long
if you zoom out it hasn’t been around for that long and people people seem to
forget that because ever since we’ve been alive everyone knows fiat currency
so to them in terms of what’s going on with my life
fiat currency has been around forever right but doing some research reading a
bit about history and how this stuff plays on that’s not really the case and
only you know in the 1970s is when fiat currency they used to be
my gold that’s I got broken down that tie got split that’s how I got broken so
it’s no longer backed by gold meaning that now it’s literally just a piece of
paper like a piece of paper that I have right here right it’s there’s nothing to
hold its value up other than what the government tells you it is or what the
world’s telling you with that it is but the moment that world consensus changes
then we’re in for some trouble because that the value instantly goes away now
we see people in the comments some people are saying gold yes crypto no so
a lot of people still aren’t you know convinced in crypto I think gold if we
didn’t have the whole ecommerce in the whole you know the whole on online space
right now I would say the same that gold is probably where you know we you would
want to be but giving back then we have gold obviously for the longest time we
were using gold in in exchange for goods but what’s happening now is a lot of
things are shifting online a lot of things are shifting to the digital space
and it gets hard to you know buy something on Amazon with gold so what’s
what’s next what you could have the same intrinsic value that gold has because of
its you know the fact that it can’t be inflated the those beautiful parts that
we love about cryptocurrency it opens up a space where again like I said
previously gold had it right if we didn’t have the internet gold would have
had it but with everything shifting online everything being done online
transactions being done online econ purchases and everything being done
online if i zoom out and look at the direction I think the world is heading
in cryptocurrency to me really I cannot see another way around and that’s why
I’m such a big supporter and I’m sure that’s why you guys are as well want to
go on this little bit of a rant about the stock market or the financial
markets and cryptocurrency so you guys can have some something to back you up
when you’re trying to talk to someone about cryptocurrency when you’re trying
to because it’s something I’ve had a long time and I’ve actually called
people out on this num numerous times when they try to tell me that fiat
currency is is the real money and I was telling them just because you’ve only
been alive for 40 years and in those 40 years you used fiha
doesn’t mean Fiats the only currency it’s a very selfish thing to think that
the only thing that that’s been around is ever since you’ve been alive no
that’s the only thing you understood and that’s because you never took the time
to read about history you never took the time to actually educate yourself on the
financial market how things have evolved and therefore be able to create an
educated opinion on what’s going on in the future that beautiful about this the
beautiful part about this technology what’s going on right now is that it
doesn’t matter how old you are if you’ve done your homework if you’ve done your
research and you know what’s going on it doesn’t matter how old you are you will
be more educated than a majority of people in the world so guys if you ever
try to talk to family friends some random person in the bar about
cryptocurrency and they try and argue with you bring up the points I just
mentioned right now and watch them be shook because there’s no real answer to
the fact that the world doesn’t revolve around how long they’ve been alive for
the world revolves around how long it’s been around for right now anyways after
the head rant let’s take a look at the cryptocurrency market so the market cap
said two hundred two billion dollars with a fifty three point nine percent
Bitcoin dominance everything had that huge sell-off just a few days ago where
we made twenty percent in the trade alert group by the way just saying but
it did have that big song I believe Bitcoin lost roughly four hundred
dollars in the span of you know a few short minutes or hours now things are
trading sideways again Bitcoin back to that really really boring zone where
nothing is happening I much rather look at the charts like we saw previously
where it was just like ups and downs ups and downs all the time it’s beautiful
it’s easy to trade it’s easy to predict it’s easy to do technical analysis we’re
always fluctuating in levels entering different levels exiting different
levels here we’re just moving sideways and that is that is not that much fun
but even then you guys can see the small changes in percentage for a majority of
crypto currencies except for a few we have futures here coming up almost 50
percent up and a on is up as well we’re gonna talk about why in just a little
bit a few other crypto currencies doing fairly well and then shortly after we
reach the long list of small percentage gains it looks like we might actually
have fifty five forty five percent green either way it’s pretty much
split 50-50 between green and red in a majority like I said are some very very
small gains if we look at some of the biggest losers we have made in safe coin
and then 0x which I’m going to cover in just a little bit as well y is 0 X down
we have nano down as well drop those down a lot of good cryptocurrency as
well are down which is providing a good opportunity to pick up some
cryptocurrencies that you may have missed out on previously now why is a on
up well a on is well more the token swap the main Atoka swap for a on will be
supported by finance at a lot of times when this happens we see the price go up
by net supporting it usually does cost the cost the price to it does have a
positive effect on the price and that looks like what we are seeing right now
one thing about this market is there’s very low volume in terms of Bitcoin and
a lot of all coins as well have very very low volume so any small thing in a
need addressing could shift the market greatly we see a on up 11.4% what we saw
with that big sell-off for Bitcoin was the fact that one person sold a lot of
Bitcoin and since the volume was so low his big sell had a huge impact on the
market like we saw meanwhile if you were to do that in a bigger market he that
wouldn’t have had nearly the same effect and that again shows how young
cryptocurrency is how new it is and how much it still has to grow before it
stabilizes at a higher level where this type of price action doesn’t happen and
like I said for that to happen where there’s still a lot of money that needs
to come into the market which means prices are gonna be higher and overall
we’re all gonna be happier because we are in from the start this is still the
start you might not have been in with Bitcoin was that you know point zero one
or one cent when it was that 2 cents but you’re here now and that’s still going
to be an early investor in the future 0x also down 6.6 8% not also down 0x is
down Aon is up the reason for that well obviously coinbase did announce that it
was going to be adding a to coinbase Pro price shot up and
yeah it starts shoot up before they even announced it who knows why maybe insider
trading maybe not who knows but either way now the price is correcting back
down because there’s nothing else to sustain the price up the market is
trading sideways low volume everywhere there’s nothing really there to sustain
the price upwards now BC and I actually got removed from bias you guys remember
BC n got D listed it seemed to have managed to break out from the daily
signal from the multiple D listing effect it’s having a three point six one
percent gain in the in less than 24 hours you get nothing crazy but in this
sideways market that is actually some gain and now one of my favorite crypto
currencies as you guys know one that I’m holding on to for the long run it has
announced on Twitter Nano let it’s a unique new nano wallet unlike other
wallets there is no central server making a deep most decentralized nano
wallet available today so cool to see that right there more development from
nano that I’m gonna share with you guys because like I said one of my long-term
holds is a cryptocurrency I believe in so I wanted to share that with you guys
but guys that’s gonna be for this video hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did
don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and leave a comment down below and order
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  2. Prefer BTC over BCH. Also, I am going to qoute you to my History class that history doesn't depend on how they have been around, but how long the world had been around. As always, thanks for this video!

  3. Great stuff Patrick. More adoption more market cap potential. We need to keep expanding blockchains potential and it will keep growing.

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    Lots happening in bitcoin and crypto – particularly here in the US. It's certainly something we are watching.

    We are thinking the existing cryptos have an advantage that newer crypto doesn't because of the regulatory hurtles.

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