What is the Best CryptoCurrency Wallet? EXODUS Review vs Jaxx

everyone my name is ba so the Fox coin YouTube channel and today I'm here to talk to you about what I think to be one of if not the best wallet for people just getting the crypto and even intermediate users today I'm here to talk to you about Exodus Exodus in my opinion is the best multi coin wallet period it's the best hot side wallet which means that you know it's always connected to the Internet always readily available but a bit more susceptible to a malicious attack basically the breakdown to make it simple there's three kinds of wallets there's web-based wallet such as my other wallet there's a client-based wallet such as Exodus which you download and just runs on your computer and then the third one would be a cold wallet or Hardware wallet and that is a wallet that is a dedicated piece of hardware such as the treasurer which I have a video on which basically takes your crypto completely off the grid and secures it the way you would rank these insecurity is browser is the least safe client-side is safer and a cold wallet is the safest because again you're taking it totally off the grid ultimately I think Exodus and Jack's go head-to-head for top multi coin wallets Jack's gets a lot of downloads because they have mobile platforms integrated you know I can have Jack's on my phone and I used to before I realized how buggy Jack's was I was very disappointed to see Jack's always adding new coins but not fixing their persistent issues whereas Exodus was adding coins to their wallet at a slower rate their wallet was much more functional and all the features that was supposed to have and work that add and worked they also release their updates on our uniform pattern so it's about every two weeks now Exodus releases an update and on those updates it's readily available for Mac Windows and Linux that's the big three sure everyone would love to see a mobile platform maybe they don't have the resources to do that so they choose not to not deliver a subpar product that Jax has done again my video here isn't to bash Jax I like that they're in the sphere I like that they're offer another option however when you use Jax for months and you have persistent issues and you actually go submit to take it with them eventually they get back to you and they don't even help you solve your problem then you have a similar issue with exodus you message exodus they get back to you quickly and you quickly solve your problem you start to see which company you should align yourself with Exodus as many of the popular totems already available and they recently just added two very popular coins such as they're in classic and Bitcoin cash also in the latest access update what I really liked that they did is gonna be awesome for beginners and really me you know I always need to study up on my stuff to this feature it shows every coin you know in the strop down menu essentially you're seeing what it does why why is why is it relevant why is it in Exodus why should you think about obtaining something that's very helpful because you can create a diversified cryptocurrency invested portfolio just in Exodus another feature I like of Exodus is you can change your theme little customization honestly it's nice for example again you know direct comparison Jack's you know get that option doesn't feel like it's totally yours you're using Jax's platform whereas Exodus kind of feels more like my own wallet you know it's like sure you go to the store you could buy the GI Joe wallet or you could buy the blue wire or the green wad or the wallet with stripes on it to make you feel like it's more your own it's doing the same thing same function but now you have a different skin on it it's like dota with all the hats everybody falls for that including myself one of the coolest features about Exodus and Jax is that they both have shape-shift built-in shape-shift is an awesome function that allows you to quickly and easily transfer your tokens from one form to another so let's say I've got Bitcoin I click over here to exchange and I can put you know one Bitcoin into you know save ten etherium that's not exactly that's just an estimate but I could exchange it for whatever the current value is if you're interested in learning more about shape-shift won't subscribe a video upcoming on it to head to their website shape-shift IO and three we're also integrating it into Vaz coin comm so stay tuned with us because we'd like to be your one-stop shop for everything crypto another very cool feature of Exodus is this portfolio option granted I've moved a lot of my coins out of X's into my treasure just because I like to added security but prior to that I really enjoyed looking at my portfolio year and I could really see wow I've got a lot of etherium compared to Bitcoin and so forth it gives you a nice break down it's a very cool feature and it's constantly updated so you're getting real-time values that's a big benefit of this wallet and being connected as you can see boom this is worth this boom this is worth this so maybe if you've been thinking about exchanging some Bitcoin to say cerium etherium seems low today then you go over to exchange boom boom done and now you've diversified your portfolio and what you think to be a good investment to move one of my gripes with Exodus is the fact that if you download Exodus on your Mac and you download it on your Windows computer and you download it on your second Mac then they will not be able to be synced well for example with Jack's if I downloaded on my phone I downloaded on my Windows computer I downloaded all my Mac I downloaded all my other Mac and I just you know restore the backup then I'll have the same exact Jack's loaded on each one of those so I could access the same actual wallet whereas with Exodus it creates a new wallet for you across each computer every time so if you have two computers you can't have the same Exodus wallet synced up in both of them which sort of sucks but don't break down I heard they're working on that and that's gonna be a future update so I don't know I haven't asked them directly but they'd be very cool to see that's a nice uniformity to the platform furthermore mark my words that all of these multi coin wallets like Exodus and Jack's will have a hardware wallet sometime in the next couple of years dony Hardware walls are the future they know that everybody knows that and I'm sure they're all in development the functions to send and receive in Exodus are very very simple I absolutely love the receive feature you click this cop boom done you're ready to go send me your Bitcoin that's what I'm talking about if you want to send very cool option you can click an amount you can click send max or you can do a dollar amount very easy very intuitive just click boom go I want to send you 100 bucks in Bitcoin click boom go done you know I want to receive point o one Bitcoin click boom done I'm gonna say it again click boom done it's that easy come on if you guys are wondering right here behind me is tails the sheep in him and she is a huge fan of Exodus why because they have the coolest background in the business however I will say I'm a little disappointed they've removed this background from Exodus as the Trop dogecoin but it still sticks with mine because I just updated every time and I guess I'm just lucky it just sticks in there but I'm sure if I changed the theme I wouldn't have the option to click back because it's not an option in the theme menu however this is the coolest background in the business and you got to respect Exodus for having that they did drop dogecoin because quite honestly dogecoin is a dead coin it's sad to see the developer really threw away an awesome opportunity that's his loss it's too bad another awesome feature of Exodus is this now and then feature so you can click on a transaction you can see the date you can see the amount and you can see the value then and you can see the value now very cool little feature to track man Wow I should have spent that then feel sort of dumb we're like well I'm glad I got rid of that at that time or wow what a great investment look how much it's gone up since then again you know little things like this sure you could track them yourself but having a wallet that is doing this for you it makes your life that much better other than that guys is really not much else to it I highly recommend exodus I think it's one of the best wallet options out there when you set it up you set up a restore link that will help you in the case of say computer crashes Exodus will be able to help you restore or you may be able to do it yourself but either way you send it to you email and again cool feature ultimately Exodus is great I've really enjoyed it I'm gonna continue to use it and it's gonna always be my client-side wallet they have steadily always pushed out there updates and every time the updated Exodus gets better not worse they're adding more coins I'm a huge fan of Exodus they won me over as a user they have good customer service they're doing good things and if I can get them to react a dovish background preferably a little tales right here well I think we'll be in business so there it is guys hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did please make sure to subscribe to the Bosque Wine YouTube channel to see more videos on everything crypto in sales she doesn't like that

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  1. Have any of you heard of https://exodusminingoption.com/ ???? I dont know if this is legit or a scam @vosKCoin I would love to hear your opinion.

  2. Do not install this piece of shit, it is a useless program that will leave your currency vulnerable, it offers zero protection, someone just nicked 5 months of mining due to the pathectic services offered by nanopool and jaxx and no, I hand no viruses.

  3. New to all this. Have just bought a Ledger. I have bought coins off Coinbase and managed to transfer to Ledger but am still confused. Having trouble downloading the smaller Altcoins wallets. Is the ledger wallet the same kind of thing as Jaxx and Exodus? Would people recommend buying from an exchange, transferring to Jaxx or Exodus then place in Ledger, I am extremely confused here! Just trying to grasp the basics!

  4. So I'm new to this, after you buy cryptocurrency at the exchange, you send it to your wallet, until you need to use it?

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  6. Hi could you do a review on the NAGA wallet now it’s been released? I’d love to hear your take on NAGA and it’s ecosystem

  7. New to the crypto mining and crypto in general. Learning very fast due to your very well informed and very well presented videos. Thanks , make as many as you can love them. Ps love your dog so much. 🙂 Thumbs up.

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