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what you are a new testing test test test as there we go and AA what
you know and add the migration
of microphone shut off here we
go we are officially live longer
b stop using stream lab stream
labs was consuming 60% CPU Power
today, I’m back onto the old
true trust EOB as a noun under
20% us and there we go so it’s always
it’s an OPS and downs of the
software turmoil the struggle of
trying to live stream when you
do j you’re stuck with what you got
solos down with OTC, today to be
used although BS because all BS
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Obie is before there’s a bug in
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back to win a seven we go back t to me any: some yeti: some OTC
that’s what I’m seeing in the
stream tonight car right so who
knows what tame chain is as well
an tell what happens when you want
attracted alum, digital asset
now we all have tried doing that
before it’s interesting it comes I think it’s into really really
of interesting so we’ll just
said once you go Mac to one the Omak with a one click button
and and all the confusion over
there so there is a tame chain
there is there is the guy I wish back with Obie S to oh , let’s let’s take and that
Starr from the top because I
think this is interesting I
think you guys are getting
kicked out of it a remember up so my bodies had
the up, was it the apple the apple two sea, before the
Mac and Macintosh remember the
apples and apple to see if apple
to see your apple to something
lik , are eight so the whole purpose
of this list are looking at
looking at fraud and theft on
black chain and then as I was
clickin on other art buns anymore,
citing all you would even axis
anything with a mouse and a
dealer click something with your
mouse and utmost of a a one click and
one hit wonder of of the right so just like
Carew said make sure you guys
hit the like on the way in which
she dies tweak this out tweedy
now r it gets a mention so wild star
what’s going on , lee went from Expedia Mac OS I
see I see what happened it all
makes sense now , I’ve got multiple things going
out of the apple mouse is like
attract and , interesting and like the mouse tie so so this is the is all
about you trying to stay comply
per room and what’s up with that
take you very much for an array
sh with all the excerpt the many
hands out on a regular basis that man that’s awesome , at the stockpile that await
two way of a fix this up and
pure scenario of a car eight toasting comply with
am now in time money laundering , tracking of terrorism you so
by digital assets, so it’s
amazing so I found up and
withdrawal of this this thought
process chain analysis change trace
crystal black chain, and then
taint chain was actually a thing
so let’s see here let’s go to
chain a , give you give us some of the
highlights, all of this of this
whole thought process and this is really organizations
or a dedicated to investigating
illicit activity and tracking
down stolen or lost digital
asset just on this into an it just a
matter of time every were also
concerned about yell to do the
wrong thing tour China protected people
stealing it’s a matter of time with a
little bit of ingenuity
everything you think about the
way everything’s out there and
in the ecosys as a methodology to the madness
the where they’re able to track
down money laundering there able
to track down terrorism financi amazing the odyssey they got you
get a peace all these things
together but once they start you
know a fitting all these of
these , digital footprints on tape of
them all together in the right
bits like is made this big
Bozell, and this is to me this
is amaz take about what prevents toll
mainstream adoption into the
black chain of the digital asset
space one investing in an
exchange t on eight of their party
organization entities that are
ensuring and get a custodial
accounts on there so many different,
things that that is needed you
up for that big mainstream
blowup, and so this is is the
methodology of the money laundering and the
terrorism financing and the
human trafficking all the things that can’t be
done if their trading in fee on
currency to what is the one thing that
that and naysayers, and the Sherman a
Tehran and all the rest of his
game was the one thing they
point out on digital as a crypto
cur I can ski would see a site for
trace reactor two programs that
use for tracking crypto awesome
that the tint weeded out reach
wh so tight, there’s deny tears
deny denies coming up to be
streaming at done at 9:00
tonight, for everybody that’s on
right now, s so we dig into it’s interesting
to because there’s you know
quite a few financial
institutions tiptoe currency
businesses odysse a neo chain announces crypto
currency investigations offer
helps law enforcement and
financial institution top bad
actors were u that are saying against digital
asset these entities these
organizations are doing exactly what’s needed
which is a spelling all the myth of of
what they’re trying to to
promote, and it’s it’s amazing
so so really you know when we think
about again the mainstream the
mainstream they come into the
space they want a feel they want
f and and somehow beckett’s hack
you know what go to this
organization and in there to
track it down quantities of big
groups get we’ve got then look at that
Steven ship with the 1589
excerpt E its 15.89 to the plan
that 1589 and now checks multiple
different crypt those are just
fantastic absolutely
outstanding, and this chain
analysis Kyi tea or comp that’s their solution and it’s
it’s so key thing about you have
to know your customer and am now
compliance all these different of it that banks and financial
institutions are worried about
and having software of Software
Solutions that will manage and
mon and really help with that is
phenomenal, so to this is key
that to me this was the one
aspect and may you know me we
can’t overl and got benchmark, we’ve talked
about them before a 0.9 tech
stars converge, funders club
digital currency group it’s
great you and Cheney mouse is a sign zero
risk score to know what are they
safe to go to dig if we go down
into the Ref ECU, how are the r and am now threshold set by top
regulatory bodies in key
jurisdiction such as the U.S.
and Europe so there you saying
that that this is how you’re going to
assign based on the government
body the jurisdiction as is how
their assessing risk that’s
another j , and then we get into , missy then they then you’ve
got site for trees on my
thinking, did you bring up
Seifert recent think you brought
it up so let’ to you one of 2019 10 and am now and into a money
laundering report it just unbelievable so check
this out so in queue one of this
year and now let’s see your of
the queue two Seifert raisins
and a check this out queue one
crypto currency that’s scans and
fraud, Talley to more than 1.2 telly and dollars and the first
quarter 2019 so it’s a it’s an amazing report
te of criminal stall more than
$356,000,000 from exchanges and
infrastructure during the first , you have the implosion of a
quandary to see axes and there,
they so users were robbed of
around $195,000,000 and on top of these numbers and
ayanna tse of the New York Atty.
general’s office revealed today
alleges a fraud involving the l it connects, a it’s it’s amazing
so let’s see say you have 47%
increase in number cross border
payments from us cryptic crypto currency
exchanges over the last two
years, that’s interesting is all
based on the site for trace
researc and you think that rebel net is
responsible for its huge part of
that on obviously you know and
obviously there’s a lot more to that is amazing so you’ve got an increase of 47%
increase in the last two years that’s
gonna keep going up and open up
you know so tally of your let’s say it just
interesting information on site
for trees , an analysis of 164,000,000 PDC
transactions all 164,000,000
transactions a big point revealed that cross
border payments from U.S.
exchanges the offshore exchange
increased from 45%, from the 12
months to 66% in the 12 months and in
queue one of 2019 to mays and, let’s say this is a
Cygnus is significant because
according to the international consortium of
investigative journalist and $8.7 trillion or a lemon 0.5% of the world’s
wealth is hitting off shore of offshore somewhere and it’s
the world’s wealth, what is me
like on the Moon or something
offshore from the world , but this is his really really
impressive all when you see this
ramp up in cross border payments
a percentage wise all but this , amazing the news is a JE so much happening in the
space and we’re just seeing the
ramp up so obviously with their ramp up of cross
border payments are ramp up of
utility of digital asset and the inclusion into
mainstream of your always gonna
have a bad element, and the
government’s always gonna try to
paint everyt and it just a bunch of BS,
there’s always gonna be bad
actors terminals are to commit
crimes it doesn’t matter you
know you know you know taken away firearms
from from citizens to bad actors are
always going to commit fraud are going to steal
their body use be a currency
your digital asset for Brea
listen to Peres and a criminal
always g , we we have to be aware of it
so the fact that we know that
that the crime is evolve in an
expanding, it’s amazing so and IE and they really did that
again for mainstream we really have to think about
what’s going to be increased at
comfort zone off for the mainstream tell
what’s going to be important for
mainstream adoption tell it
doesn’t tell a good because the
now her to the real world and that means
that there’s ransom so check
this out as just one example
kidnappers in Norway demanded
nine mi in Mo narrow a privacy: to oh
this is interesting how these
these on trackers need to be
able to find a mechanism to then track
these privacy points and all
billionaires wife, was held for
ransom according to this and I
know to normal what back to see the
previous years of crime, so a
crypto crime sri was dominated
by major external exchanges act
arou so it’s the according to this to
billionaires white hasn’t been
returned yet and Norway, I know
what’s at all about, there are a and many a bit thin acts, and so
amazing but it’s so key that
their tracking all of this and
there’s organizations they can
then , it’s amazing to oh lets see
again some of the highlights
here the sense can restore more
than 356,000,000 from exchanges and users
costumers in Canada suffer up
lost 195,000,000, and then we
have here, on March 26 New York
Atty. gener , not in a NAZI and ran announce
the imminent launch it of its
long rumored crypto rial, as
states table:, and ordered
overcome and the Russian Dumas approved
on international use of
domestically developed as PF as
as a swift alternative or cross border pain to get to
avoid political sanction some of
the things that the idea Nuys
been talking about a view and
publ rush of you a beer on you had
North Korea you have bad actor
states and bad bad actors within
those states of their committee
an and bad actors states attempting
to circumvent and and go beyond a, the rules
of the , of the land you know so to
speak up and just amazing does
really really amazing, and then
the next one here that done and I wanted to pull a purely
see if I can get to it, is necessary cookies only the
right and sit this is interesting , always as one are still clear crypto
compliance, so it’s more crystal
analytics enhances due diligence
and emelle compliance procedures
forwar and here’s another one, you get
crystal you know the different
products that they have it’s
called crystal block chain so it’s really interesting you
know you’ve got, different supported a crypto
currencies depending which one
web service in API on hosted on premises and a much big point that
PointCast a theory and of the
RCA 20 and the receipt 721
tokens, up the mall for use by a
crypto exchange services a financial
organizations family offices,
just on and on anything he’s Kyi
see am LC Tia procedures, and it
sa are star to see more and more
the exchange is taking on
banking type a role on and then
get the protective shell the
protective , missy here are the only get
back, and C and mean to wall to ignore everybody over here so
its C , David the Ira, this is
critical and FA FA ATF guy lines
have a travel will rule which
the exchange’s than light and
are billed time exchange to exchange if I
think you know of party that’s
gonna be key on in the
mainstream adoption in
regulatory clarity i off we want the regulatory
clarity we want to ever meant to
really yelled move in a kind of
late getting to you know in this
ste so, see: linked to look like a
perfect like professor acts and
I appreciate that offer that
before some of its funny and a
steal to a a toe car a that’s of let’s move
on to the next one is as good
stuff , it said this was up to some I
like this 1:00 AM , this was MIT’s of technology
review and highlight this
article this came out back in
January, so as I was digging
into it to y cop of a and gray alaris, we’re
getting close so to this on MIT
this was 167 months ago when
ever, interesting so take the
title or getting closer to being able
to track stolen big points to OK
let’s let them focus on just big
point lead a move to other dig because you can allow hundreds
of millions of dollars to go to
get stolen and I’m not be able to monitor attract and hold those
that commit this type of crime
accountable, so here you have
cyber security experts have
never be a new algorithm could change
that by reveal revealing him
patterns that are hit it in patterns up big point of
money laundering analyze every
sense chip Pearson said
anonymity of all these other
words seem to , and this if this is so
important I mean it’s amazing,
you obviously there’s there’s a
lot going on you know there’s a
lot of t on it and it said that’s really
you know it’s it’s again it’s
all telling because we’re seeing more and
more of focus in this space now
if we move out of MIT, and then
we get to a this was also in
Janua stolen day: crypto currency can
now be tracked in a new way
researchers Todd determined to O
on what is a scrap and a real
eye t as is where get school to te
Ching a team are researchers all
reportedly found a new way to
track stolen day: the program is
cal even after it’s been laundered
saw a big part of it is , you holding digital asset are
you all the big point in this
case us do you know if your tape:
that you’re holding has ever
been stolen so ogden’s key
that’s a layers, I deftly needed
us got to and it’s funny because it is just as of walking out and
I walked right by the cabinet
and I was about to pour some
whistle paid and you guys don’t
know if you wanna get something in
the 80 S dollar price range toll
for the whistle pay 10 year all
ride absolutely fantastic you’ll whistle big casa log and the
boss audit will we’ll just knock
you over that 140099 dollars for
a bottle tell you my one away a little
bit on that one was so thick
absolutely fantastic so Ira let’s see here , comet CA me let me look as I
can and should read this will , to eight it ain’t it ain’t tainted BT Sea
to a its arrival of newly mined BT
see because you’ll want to be
tainted annual audit think that
all my BT seek a man was no held
and so that’s kind of silly but any
of , and am and a meal watts of Edward a legacy one to we are in that
ain’t so this is interesting to
because of so so the way they
they take creative this obtain chain
was actually created by
researchers from the University
of Cambridge and it’s based on
19th cent , Mitzi to ON Magid out OK,
vomit see this article is
interesting, though distribute a
leisure’s allow for all
transactions to b com that says Lawton has become
one of most common ways of
hiding sewing crypto currency , according to the research team which is comprised of Ross
Anderson and ilia show mall
opened manse or off med con Ed
of teaching is based on the half
IFO princ car and I know this is odyssey
that an algorithm on and it
makes a lot of sense, and
they’ve obviously been able to
use it up , tse of over th and see a
section of a dozen OK so does
the article the article, NS
there interesting interesting
what their th , but tang chain if you look it
up if you look at that and take
the taint chain of what is tame
chain that’s why we wanna know s amazing and they say are
mechanism is not only the proper
way to track stolen crypto
currency according to law but
it’s extremel , and there and in this mentions
saying so their methodology was
peer reviewed was presented the
security protocol workshop and than a paper called making big
point legal, and it just do I
think it’s pretty amazing onto
their website find out and then now this is where he
gets interesting too because
when can I finally trace their
heritage and your point of
people want so if you wanna go to get up you
can already do it using a rust
program publicly available and
gate of toady go there it says
he and find out where it came from
so that’s the wide and then the
when not available yet, so stay
tuned in that stain chain so thi weenie privacy of what we’re
buying and selling there has to be law surrounding
it best to be a process around it,
maybe you know some of the encrypted software is probably
should be available to just
everybody but then again you put it into
the Anza government we don’t
know exactly how they’re
planning on using it as a lot
involved in t tainted A attain Getty:, the
Getty: , the lead in ski what does the
one billion dollars have traces
of , see a light BT see like blood
diamonds and although you don’t
know where comes from, most fee
of $20.00 bills contain trace
amounts it’s a probably true , see a KNX think this is important,
and if I’m gonna spend some
money on whiskey it’s gonna be
from Scotland and you know what
there’ you’ll be happy to be a chip the
next time you’re the house all
will pour little bit was
something about that , from IE like that , Johnny tame the skid marks , honest to god I know the guys
ever denied as Renato why I
remember this will I know one
because of the name there was a
band o and never forget that name never
greasy feces and you like that
of me a liver that the rest the
life toe any out so that was awesome,
Nellis 30 minutes I promised
this of this round I wanted to
stick to 30 minutes of comedy
keep very focused on one thing glad I
did if you guys say anybody
nears new almonds recon as
everyone chatting if your new
make sure that has a subscribe yet make
sure you keep open on and let another thing to need to
subscribe and of course if
you’re in here on any of a given
a thumbs up yet make sure you
give to know anyhow publish ickes’s
knew a man I know, we talked
about all sorts of things that
you might not be interesting of
all so yeah you might not die you
might not find it stimulating
are interesting to a a so anyhow that’s awesome all we
have let me let me of one note
before we sign off because then
it’s gonna turn over to Dion I
wa , odier

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