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Oh no I am BrokeOnCrypto…..because AI has
taken it all away Welcome, today we are going to talk about
AI and more specifically a platform called SingularityNET before we begin I just want
to make it very clear this is not a sponsored video This is not me pushing an ICO because the
token I will talk about is already available to buy from my non affiliate link below. I believe in the project and so I do have
a small investment in SingularityNET and will make videos on it in the future as I believe
it will benefit you my audience to know about singularityNET if you are not a part of my audience yet and
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weird liquid looking terminator from the future to get you AI has definitely become a buzzword in crypto
and to be honest whenever I hear that word I become very skeptical of a project So imagine my reaction when I was watching
the Joe Rogan podcast and I heard Dr Ben Goertzel discussing AI, crypto and a project called
SingularityNET, that podcast is available down below. Dr Ben Goertzel co created Sofia the robot
you are now seeing on screen You might be wondering what the purpose of
singularityNET is well, it’s purpose is to help birth A.I that not only has human level
intelligence or higher but is beneficial to humanity and has a moral compass. Through a decentralized open market place
in which AI systems can cooperate and learn from each other and us humans can purchase
the use of those systems. Simple ideas like do no harm are encouraged
and incentivized, essentially helping to guide AI like we would children. I like to think of singularityNET as like
a trade school for children in which positive behavior like doing jobs a lot of people don’t
want to do is encouraged and the teachers are paid well. I think DR Ben Goertzel summed it up perfectly
here And if all of that sounds like vaporware the
beta version of the singularitynet AI market place is running on the Ethereum ropsten test
net right now with AI systems uploaded by the team and others, I know this because I
am one of the testers. They also plan to upload Sofia to the market
so you could have your very own Sofia pretty soon You might be wondering what purpose does the
singularityNET token also known as the AGI token serve and what gives it value, well
simply put you need the token to purchase AI services on the in the market place. The token can also be staked by tying your
tokens to an A.I selected by you the token holder. The better the A.I functions the higher the
reward you get this also promotes early adoption. The are also creating for-profit spin-off
of singularityNET called Singularity Studio enabling SingularityNET-based AI analytics
for enterprise aka businesses which will utilize the the AGI token. Also all rewards for participation in the
governance of the singularityNET market are given in the AGI token. Now you might be asking what stops a company
like google or Microsoft from coming along and being a direct competition to SingularityNET?
well people said the same thing about Linux. You see Linux is a free open source operating
system and last time I checked the majority of businesses use it alongside windows The reason for that is that is that although
Microsoft has a lot of smart people working for them they can’t leverage the same amount
of smart people globally as Linux can That smart kid who will one day change the
operating system world and maybe work for Microsoft uses Linux because it’s free. In short more people are willing to work for
the good of humanity than people that just want a pay check and sometimes they even work
together. When it comes to AI I believe the future doesn’t
need to be bleak like in the terminator, I believe that we could have a Star trek style
future or if you are into modern sci fi an Orville style future. I believe singularityNET can help us reach
that goal, I mean the team literally has something they call the Beneficial Reward Reserve which and I quote is a storehouse of AGI tokens
that has been specifically earmarked for projects that support the happiness of sentient beings. AI is here already and we are not putting
that genie back in the bottle so if you are worried about AI then singularityNET is a
way in which you can help train AI so that we have a positive outcome I believe one day we may even merge with AI
and become kind of like the good version of the Borg, I for one welcome our new AI overlords And if you welcome them as well don’t forget
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thing to say Resistance is futile END

7 thoughts on “What is SingularityNET’s Cryptocurrency? (AGI) | BrokeOnCrypto”

  1. Hi guys me again, don't forget to hit that like button as that really helps me and if you like my content why not subscribe RESISTANCE IS FUTILE I will continue to drop videos about subjects that I think will benefit you every week!

  2. I would like to add that staking also enables us humans to influence the direction and influences for the AIs in the network. Therefore we can all influence and help the AI to steer to a benevolent AGI and singularity.

    But awesome video, thank you for your opinion!

  3. I'd absolutely want my own Sophia, but only if she complements my Artificial Social And Puzzle Solving Intelligence project. It's still not clear how much vendor lock in is going to be in place for the platform.

  4. I also want to be able to modify the source code, so Sophia doesn't become just like any other Sophia. The very point of free and open source is the right to modify and enhance.

    I'm not interested in a bot that claims to not want hair.

    Oh additionally I'm not sure if the Borge's a great analogy here: for one thing, they have a singular centralized Borg queen that gives everyone their identity.

    Even Battle Angel Alita would be a better future.

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